Friday, October 31, 2008

Copper and Jasper...Autumn Fun!

Copper and Jasper enjoyed Apple Picking too!

Natalie~ Apple picking

Natalie had a busy day apple picking. Empire apples are her favorite!

Copper and Jasper~ Illinois

Jasper (Dukey) and Copper (Timmy) have settled into their new home with lots of love and care...
Andrea and Bob

More of Natalie's Vacation 2008

A new destination for Kim, Mike and Natalie this summer was the Northshore of Massachusetts- Gloucester and Rockport.

Gracie Rose and Baby Sophie~ Connecticut

Gracie Rose is pondering this new puppy in her household~

"Just who might this new puppy be??? Is she trying to get me going? Well, she is NOT taking MY tennis ball! Catch me if you can!!!!
Whew....that tuckered us both out....I guess this new puppy isn't so bad. Nap time for both of us. Maybe I'll let her borrow my tennis ball tomorrow. Just one time~"

Copper and Jasper~ Illinois

From Andrea and Bob:

Here are pictures of the puppies for which you "will have a special place in (your) heart always and forever."

Natalie with "Daddy"~

From Kim and Mike in Massachusetts~
Here's "Natalie" again~ :")

Lounging in the chair with Daddy is a favorite part of her day!

Baby Sophie in Connecticut~

Got this cute picture from a family in CT who already had one of our black puppies from last year. They loved "Gracie Rose" so much, they decided to adopt a buff puppy this year. "Baby Sophie" is very happy with her tennis ball. LOL

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Natalie's Vacation in Massachusetts!

Hi, Sue! Here are some new photos for Natalie's web page. Natalie likes swimming. She has her own boogie board for floating! We always have on her PFD for safety-we've seen her do some things! A new destination for her this summer was the Northshore of MA- Gloucester and Rockport.
Love to All,
Mike, Kimmy & Natalie

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bailey and her friend, Rusty~

Bailey has made a new friend of Rusty the Yorkie and was such a good girl with all the other contestants of the Best Costume Contest.

Hope this finds you well.

Love Bailey, Julie and Nick

Bailey~ Halloween!

Hi Sue,

Thought I'd share some Halloween pics with you :-) We enrolled Bailey in a puppy training course at Petsmart and it's been loads of fun. Last Tuesday we had the class Howl-O-Ween Party (yippee Doggie Bags for everyone that dressed up)

Leilani~ October 2008

This picture and post was sent by Neil Thompson, President of Hill's Pet Nutrition, makers of the Science Diet and the Prescription Diet.
High Calling Cockers is very pleased to have placed a puppy in this wonderful home!


Sitting on a plane about to depart for San Diego!

Leilani is great - such a sweet temperament and getting on well with her new doggy family!

She is already a big hit at work having visited many times.

Take care


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gracie LaM~ NY State


Hello! I just wanted to tell you what a blessing Gracie has been for
us. I can't remember when I've laughed so much as we have the past
few months! We just had her spayed, and she sailed through the
operation and recovery without missing a beat. She has brought us so
much joy that we would like to be added to the notification list for
Rosie and Cubby's litter. Gracie is wonderful, but it would be so
nice for her to have a friend to play with. There are no dogs around
us, so she only gets to play at her training classes and the odd
moments we meet someone compatible on our walks. We are interested
in a male puppy, since Gracie's trainer said that Gracie would most
likely get along better with a male.

Thank you,
Terry L.
Here are some recent pictures of Gracie with the kids.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Angel with Chet and Carol~

I love this picture!
When I delivered "Angel" to her new "forever" home, I witnessed real joy! Carol and Chet had recently lost their beloved cocker, but as you can see, little Angel brought them new hope and happiness. May the good Lord always keep them smiling as they enjoy their new little baby girl. :")

Tanner and his Wonderful Family~

High Calling Cockers was so very pleased to place one of our cockers with our Middle School Principal and his beautiful family!
Hi Sue,
I couldn't resist sending you this email. I just wanted to let you know how much I love my dog, and how happy I am that we have him. Tanner is the greatest little guy. I truly believe it was meant to be, you having the computer problems and us contacting you around that time. He really is a "High Calling Cocker"! Thank you for helping us find just the right dog for our family. May God Bless You, Sue & Pete R.

Princess Mirabella with her new mommy, Linda~

Dear Susan,
Princess Mirabella is so precious and an absolute joy! Here are the photos I promised when we met. She adapted very quickly to her new home and her family and boyfriend.
She has a maltese friend, Theo, on one side of us, and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bentley,on the other to play with regularly. She loves everyone she's met and they are crazy about her temperament and how beautiful she is. Dr. Albert is very pleased with her and says she is a fine example of the breed. (He seems very nice and so dedicated!) Tomorrow, in fact, Mirabella will be spayed at All Creatures. She is everything I hoped she'd be, and my life is richer for bonding with her. I thank you for breeding her with such care and love.
Love in Him,

Linda G.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Shelby...lounging in sunny Florida with her new daddy~

Here's a great picture of Sue R.'s hubby, Mike, who looks very happy with their new puppy, Shelby. :")
Hi Sue,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you. I have been so busy at work. I just wanted to tell you that seeing Katie was wonderful and sad at the same time. Though it is very sad not to have her anymore, I know that she is in a wonderful place without any illness to deal with. Having Shelby and Maggie makes me happy. If I didn’t have them, I would still be terribly sad. Isn’t it funny how we grieve so badly when we lose our baby, but we go and get more, knowing that the day will come again and it starts all over. But my girls bring me so much joy and I love them to pieces. They have to go tomorrow for their haircuts. Shelby really needs it. Her hair grows so fast and she looks like a really fluffy dog. Maggie doesn’t seem to grow out as fast.

I got to look at the changes you made to your website. I just love looking at it. You do such a great job and it makes it so fun to go on it. You are really a special person and I am so glad that we got to know each other. All of your puppies are just so beautiful. Most of all thank you for Shelby. We love it when she walks all over our heads at night. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon and Love ya!

Sue R.

Princess Bella...4 month birthday!

Hi Mama Sue,

Guess what? I'm four months old today!! My Mom fixed me something very special...I had chicken for my birthday! It was sooooooo good and I even had a small section of a warm pumpkin muffin! was great!

Then Mom took my picture (well, actually it was several). I posed just perfect...and I didn't even move once. I hope they turn our well. Mom said that she's not the best photographer (I don't know exactly what that means) but I think it has something to do with that funny flashing thing she's always pointing at me and snapping. Next, we played with my fox and skunk toys. I played so hard that I almost forgot to run to the door to go out. I made it and even rang my bell. Mom took me on a long walk and when we came back inside I ran to my special spot and took a long nap.

This has really been a busy day and there's still lots of other things to do. But I just wanted you to know that I'm trying to be a really good girl and learn all the things that I'm supposed to know. It's hard sometimes but I'm really trying so you'll be extra proud of me along with my Mom and Grammy.

That's all for now. I've got to hurry and see what's going on in the family room. I don't want to miss anything!

Puppy kisses,
Princess Bella

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bella with her best friend, Emma~

These photos of Bella and Emma were taken last Sunday warm and sunny weather around 75. Hard to believe that today it's only 50! Bella is feeling FRISKY!! She played in the leaves running around in circles as fast as she could go!

More pictures will follow in the next week or so.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Cherrie' and Bella

Shelby at home, with her "best buds"~

What a sweet "group photo" of "Shelby", her best friend "Maggie" on the top of the chair, and their kitty-kat buddy. (whose name escapes me at the moment) They are lounging after an afternoon of romping. Looks like they are alllllllllllll tuckered out. LOL Too cute~!!

Shelby~ Florida

Oh my gosh, Shelby's page is just so beautiful. And the pictures that you included of Katie brought tears to my eyes. She was such a sweet dog. You could see it in her face so much. I do miss her so very much, but having Shelby and Maggie has helped so much. Shelby's personality reminds me a lot of Katie. Please know how very special she is to us and we love her to pieces. Thank you so much for creating such a special page for our baby. It really means so much to both Mike and I. You are the greatest. We will be sending you some up to date pictures of Shelby soon so you can see how much she has grown and what a pretty girl she is. Thank you again. Sue & Mike R.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sparky from Illinois~

Hello Sue,

I saw the beautiful angel box Cherrie` and Bella sent you, I hope you are doing well after the fall. Thank also for all the new things on your site...blogs, slideshows and etc.
Sparky is doing very well, he went to the vet. this Wednesday for his booster. I thought they were only giving him a rabies shot, but they gave him another puppy booster, and are waiting another three weeks for his rabies. The Doctor thought it would be safer to divide up the shots since he was a little puppy. He weighs 10.4 pounds, and is growing fast, and is very active. They want to neuter him before he forms any bad habits that his male hormones may cause. I wanted to wait until six months, but may not if it would be better to do it sooner.
He was tearing up his pretty bed so I had to take that away, but has a nice fluffy throw to use. I guess the foam in the bed was too much fun to leave alone. Sparky is really starting to show his independence, and is wanting to be boss, but we disagree with this. He also disagrees with having his face trimmed, but he is getting more use to it, I bribe with treats. We work on at it just a little at a time. I always get so amazed at how wonderful he is with new people. He walks into the vet's exam room thrilled to see Dr. Stacy. I am so glad he is not afraid of people. My nephew from Australia came for a visit, and Sparky was thrilled to see him, like he had known him forever. I just know he will be a wonderful, loving dog after his puppyhood, he is loving now, but is busy being an active puppy.
I noticed in the slideshows you had a group pictures of Sophie's puppies, and was wondering if you had one of Daisy's puppies. If you do, could you please E-mail me one for Sparky's memory book? My little GEM, Sparky is just perfect for me!

God Bless you and your entire family, and the High Calling Cockers.

Spencer from Connecticut~

Hi Mama Sue, Mama Daisy, Papa Cubby and all my siblings,
I am having a great time and getting my first haircut today. I had to wait for all my shots before going to the groomer. My eyebrows are bigger then my head! I will send photos when I have my new stylish haircut. I hope Mary the groomer likes me because I hate to be brushed.
I weigh 13.8 lbs and Mom and Dad say I am growing like a weed (whatever that means). Anyway, I learned to climb up and down the stairs, and I am trying to figure out what all these things are that are dropping from the trees outside. They are fun to run around with in my mouth. I also learned how to sit for a treat.
I already met Grandma and Grandpa who live in town. They put my picture in a frame in their living room. Now I am going to meet my other Grandma, my Aunt and Uncle, who live out of town on Sunday. They are coming to visit me.
I love you and miss all of you :)
All my love & sloppy kisses, Spencer

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Spencer from Montana~

Hi Sue,
Spencer discovered snow last weekend when our area got 2 feet of snow. He loved it - rolled in it, ate it, and just thought it was wonderful. While shoveling the sidewalk I looked back to see him trying to walk toward me, and all I could see was his head! However, when we went back inside, his feathers on his legs and tummy were caked with snowballs. I had to put him in the tub and rinse his fur to get it to melt. I guess we'll try to stay on shoveled sidewalks from now on! He also attended his first "Manners" class last night. As one of the youngest dogs there, he shined with his quick "sit" and handshake. It's been such fun having Spencer! He has the best personality and is so loving. Thanks for breeding such a great dog! Susan D.


Thinking about some special friends I made through this special puppy, Natalie, a few years ago. This picture was taken on one of my new puppy deliveries, when Natalie's new mommy, Kim, arranged to meet me so I could see Natalie again being that I was going to be near her home.
Even though years and miles separate us, we are never apart through the love of Christ. Natalie, Kim and her husband Mike, will always be in my heart. :")

Bonny~ Who's this?

Who is this with a big grin on his face??? Someone got a new woodsplitter a while back. And from what I hear, he has been really hitting those logs with a vengeance. They don't stand a chance with Pastor Syd around! Just think of what Pa Ingalls could have done with one of those contraptions back in "Little House" days. I bet Pastor Syd could give him a run for his money with his 22-ton Tessie!! :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bonny after her Grooming Session~

Hi to you Momma Sue,
I just got back from that nice lady Joyce who gives me a bath and then cuts my hair and nails. Guess what Momma Sue, she gived me a boodeful thingy to wear around my neck for something called a Halloween. She said I were a perfect angel today...what's a angel, uh? I guess I had me a good time and Daddy Syd gave to me 3 cookies when we gots home. And guess what Momma Sue, I am goin on a long trip in the car and I will get to see my old home were I came to when I was a wee baby. Momma Sharon tells me I can send you a postcard, and she has promised we will stop in and see my old friend Doctor Tim...I can't wait and waggle all over with anticipation. Now I'm gonna see what Momma Sharon left me in my bowl for lunch...bye bye, I love you. Your wee Bon Bon

Bailey~ "I'm too big for this!" LOL

I had to share this little pumpkin with everyone this morning. Is she too cute, or what??? LOL

Glorious Morning!~

Good morning!

As I was driving the kids to school this morning, the sunrise was indeed breathtaking. The sun was breaking over the horizon, giving off shining beams across the heavy cloud cover above. Hues of golds, purples, peach, oranges, corals, absolutely glorious! I could go on and on with all the color variations, rippling across the rows of clouds which seemed to be in scalloped edges, like the bottom of a palace tapestry. It brings to mind the scripture of the Lord's robes filling the temple, as He sits upon His throne. How glorious heaven must also be! We can only imagine~
Now, a mere half hour later, the sky is dreary and bleak, as the sun has risen up behind the heavy cloud cover. The sunrise reminded me of a hymn I learned as a child. I was surprised upon refreshing my mind with those verses a short while ago, how accurate they portrayed my morning experience.

Christ, whose glory fills the skies, Thou, the true, the only Light.
Sun of Righteousness, arise, Triumph o'er the shades of night.
DaySpring from on high, be near; DayStar, in my heart appear.

Dark and cheerless is the morn, Unaccompanied by Thee.
Joyless is the day's return Till Thy mercy's beams I see,
Till they inward light impart, Glad my eyes, and warm my heart.

Visit, then, this soul of mine, Pierce the gloom of sin and grief.
Fill me, Radiancy Divine, Scatter all my unbelief.
More and more Thyself display, Shining to the perfect day. Amen

This hymn certainly shows that no matter how bleak the matter how bleak our lives, if we hold the love of the Lord in our hearts, He will bring those colors of majesty to the forefront of our minds, and we will remember that we exist for His glory. May we show forth His love and joy, no matter how dreary the day, to those around us, to honor Him in all we say and do.
In Jesus' Name, Amen.

Monday, October 13, 2008


This is Maia, who used to be called "Starlight" when she lived at High Calling Cockers. Her new mommy and daddy, Eleni and Chris, sent me some lovely pictures of her from Massachusetts where she now lives. She loves playing with her new little friends, Daphne and Melina. I think she is all tuckered out from all that fun, and it's time for a nap. Nite nite, Maia~ :")

Bella~Butterflies & Grasshoppers

Hi Mama Sue,Can you tell my Mom that it's okay if I chase the grasshoppers, butterflies and rabbits? I get to watch them and Mom even lets me nose the grasshoppers but they don't want to play! They keep hopping away, and the pretty butterfly flew away before I could even say hello! As for the rabbit, I just get to watch it from the house, the walkway or the driveway!I love my new home even if I can't do everything that I want to do. Mom told me it's called boundaries and limitations! Those are really scary sounding words but I must be doing a good job because I get lots of belly rubs and really good treats!I'm sleeping though the night and I even have a new soft pink pillow mat that fits in my kennel. It's so soft and warm. It's starting to get cold here at night. I wanted to crawl into my Mom's bed but she said No and placed me gentle into my kennel. Just wait.......I might have a plan but I'll have to get a little bigger.I went to the groomer's yesterday and I really like them. I met lots of friendly dogs and that made me a little sad because I miss my real Mom and all my brothers and sisters. I also miss you and all the other Martins. But they made me feel so good! I gave kisses to everyone and they even called me a Princess. When we got home I pranced around the house just to make certain that everyone knows that I'm a true Princess (although I don't really know what that means but it sounds important).Mom said that Brittany, Emma and Charlie are coming for a visit on Monday. I hope we get to play together for a little while. Mom takes lots of photos and I hope she sends you some soon. Just wait until you see me!It's time for my nap. I'm soooooo sleepy!Puppy kisses,Bella

Bailey~Where are the bubbles???

Hi Sue,

I hope this finds you well.. Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and Bailey and I recuperating from yesterdays family function and are having a mother daughter day :-) Yesterday she met her cousin Lily (three month old Shepherd mix) for the first time and through the entire visit was a perfect hostess. (We had removed her favorite toys in advance of the visitors arriving so she was quite content to share her Kongs and various other squeaky toys)

Several weeks ago she had a spa day with her new groomer followed with lunch with her favorite friend Bear-Bear. What a good girl...I can't believe she's already 16 weeks old and at last weigh-in (Sept 22) she was 8.2 lbs. Wow already she's spent half of her life with us. She sleeps through the night now, knows how to sit and stay, tells us when she needs to go o-u-t and loves going for w-a-l-k's (and is smart enough to understand the words too...hence my spelling them out ;-))

Love what you're doing with your site. Thanks for all of your hard work. You've provided us with the light of our lives.


Julie, Nick and Bailey


Hi Sue,I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that the groomers couldn't believe their eyes! They said that Bella is the best looking cocker spaniel they've seen in some time. She meets the breed standards, holds her head high and has such a wonderful personality! They couldn't stop talking about her! Now they call her Princess.When we got home she pranced around the house just like hot stuff, head high and her tail going a mile a minute.The credit goes to you as a breeder and to God for giving you a special gift with his creatures.Blessing to you and your family!Cherrie' and Bella (Now, Princess Bella)


Hi, "Mommy Sue", This is Sparky, from Astoria, IL. I am sending you some pictures, so you can put them on my webpage. I hope you like them. My "Mommy", Linda, took me for a check up at the vet office yesterday, Thursday. All of the people thought I was SUPER! I gave Dr. Stacey kisses and she really made over me. I visited with everyone in the clinic. Dr.Stacey said my new Mommy got a real GEM. She believes that also! Guess what? I even got a puppy starter kit! Chew toy, Frontline Heartworm pill, Science Diet Small Puppy Bites food, booklet and DVD on how to train me. Mommy says she may need to crate train me. I hope that will be ok. I got all of these things "free" because, I am a new puppy! I am doing GREAT here. I go outside and play in the yard. You should see how fast I can run! I have seen thing I have never seen before...butterflies, birds and TV. Everything is so new to me. Mommy says I'll see many new things and learn something everyday. I know she loves me and everything will be wonderful here. Mommy Sue, I really want to thank you and GOD for helping me when I was so little. God bless you and the entire High Calling Cocker Family. Enjoy my pictures!Love, Sparky

Lani's Vet Visit~

Sue, Lani met her new veterinarian today, and she got her second shot. She reacted a little to the shot, but she was still very good. Our doctor gave her a perfect bill of health, and he wanted to take her home with him. She is SO sweet and loveable, she steals the hearts of everyone she meets! Lani also met her groomer today, and we made an appointment for her next week. She really needs a bath, because she has way too much fun outside in the yard, and she finds a lot of dirt in the process of doing so! We'll be sure to send you the link to some pictures after her grooming next week. Oh yeah, the groomer wanted to keep her too! We took some great pictures of her with her new doctor! We hope everything is going well for you and yours. May God Bless you all! ...Ken & Pam

Lani Angelette~ Storm

Hi, Mommy Sue! This is Lani, and I am three months old today! Mommy and Daddy helped me celebrate with lots of puppy treats and toys. Today wasn't all good though. I had to go to see the vet again, and he stuck me with something that hurt my butt! He was pretty nice otherwise though. He said I weighed 7 lbs. 12 oz., and that I am a very healthy little girl. At least I don't have to go back to the vet for three more weeks now. I hope he doesn't stick me with that sharp thing again.... Mommy Sue, I have to tell you about something called "wind" last week, I was outside going potty, and that wind nearly knocked me over! I ran over to Daddy to have him protect me! Mommy and Daddy said it was the worst wind they had ever seen since they left Florida. (where ever that is....) Anyway, we lost something called"electricity" and it was awfully quiet around here for a few days. It was dark at night too! The electricity came back on, and everything is back to normal now. Well, I gotta run now. It is time to chew something up that I am not supposed to! Tee hee hee.... Love, Lani

Sue, Pam and I were just thinking about you, and we were wondering how you were doing after that nasty spill you had. We are hoping and praying you are recovering well. Don't be stubborn - if you NEED to go to the doctor - GO! Lani is doing great! She still takes up most of our waking moments, but she brings such love and joy into our lives, we can't imagine our lives without her. We let her have the "run of the house" more all the time, but we still have to keep a close eye on her. I swear, she can get into something she shouldn't faster than you can blink an eye! We are heads over heels in love with that puppy! Well, actually, we loved her long before we ever touched her, but even so, we grow to love her more every day! When we get her groomed again (next Saturday), we'll try to get some more pictures. She is getting bigger and cuter all the time! God Bless you, Sue! ..Ken & Pam

Lani Angelette's Trip to her "Forever Home"~

Hi, Mommy Sue! This is Lani. My new mommy and daddy are great! They have lots of fun things to play with, and lots of new things for me to learn about. They said I was SUCH a good girl on the long trip home, and I never pottied anywhere that I wasn't supposed to! I got puppy treats just because I went potty in the grass! That is a pretty sweet deal for me, because I can do that every day! Mommy and daddy said they certainly hope so..... We stopped off for a visit with Shelby and Todd in Columbus, and they gave me lots more presents and treats to take home with me. So, I REALLY like them too! They had two grown up dogs, but I couldn't meet them yet. They were afraid I might hurt the big dogs, because I had too much "in-ur-gy"or something like that. Anyway, I get to meet them when I get bigger. Most of the ride home I slept in my new crate in the minivan. I REALLY LIKED sleeping in my crate! Every once in a while, daddy hit something called a "bump" & and it would wake me up. I would raise my head up to tell him I didn't like that. Then I would lay my head back down, and go back to sleep. Anyway, we got home about 7:30. Since I had lots of sleep and rest on the way home, mommy and daddy said I hit something called "high gear" when I got to my "Forever Home". I don't know what that means, but I don't have time to think about that right now, cause Mommy and Daddy are busy looking for something called my "Off Switch". They haven't been able to find it! Do you know where it is, Mommy Sue?? Give Daisy, Cubby, and all the other High Calling Cockers lots of wet, sloppy kisses from me, and tell them that I miss them very much, and that I will never forget them. I think I will love my new home too. Thank you, Mommy Sue for taking such good care of me, and for finding me such a wonderful Forever Home. My new mommy and daddy said to thank you for them too! They say I am SUCH a sweetheart. I think that will help me get lots of treats, toys, and LOVE! Hugs and Kisses! ...Lani Angelette

Bonny's Autumn Ride

It's me Momma Sue, peeking in to say Happy Fall to you. I hope you are proud of me, cause I am growed up now! I weigh 23 pounds and I am a good doggie. Doctor Gregg says I am the best Cocker he's ever knowed, and I guess that's sumpin! I ride like a big girl in the car and wave hi to all the kids, cause they all like me...tee, hee. My favorite ice cream is banilla, and I can twirl in the air like the leaves I like catchin, cause I don't wanna let em fall on my grass. I hold em high and run to Daddy Syd with my treasures. Doctor Gregg says all doggie ladies like you should get a star...what's a star Momma Sue...if I knowed I would get you one, cause you helped me start out good, and Momma Sharon says you should be blessed because of your High Calling. I wanna be blessed too Momma Sue, cause I think it must be sumpin good.
Daddy Syd is callin me from up them stairs, I gotta go get in my soft bed now...bye...I love you. This is your peanut, Bonny

Bonny and her new Daddy, Pastor Syd~

Note from Sue~ I am going to post some cute emails I received from some of my wonderful new families over the past few months~ My Daddy Syd takes me for a long walk says it is a mile...what is a mile anyway?We go to the post office and then even further down the thing called a road. I get to see Trixie the Beagle puppy that lives down our road and we sniff noses...then when we get to the village I see lots of human-beans. They all love me and talk to me baby-talk...tee-hee. We couldn't take our walk today because Momma & Daddy said it was -16* and I would freeze my tail off...I bet that would hurt. But I sure let Daddy Syd know that I was unhappy when he left without me...I put my two lips together and went woooo-woooo real loud! Guess he'd better take me next time!Momma Sharon says I weigh 13 1/2 pounds now...whatever pounds is...and she says I am all legs and big feet and assures me that I will grow into my feet real soon. I just lick her chin and cheeks and cuddle down beside her in the rockin' chair, cause I know she thinks I am pretty no matter how big my feet are!I just got in from going outside and I brought in a treasure! It is long and icy-cold and Momma Sharon calls it a ice-cycle...I just love to chew on these when I find them, and sometimes my folks get what they call an ice-cube out of the freezer for me to chew on and play ice-cube tag with. I have so much fun and can run around and around the circle of furniture in our house until I get dizzy! Then I grab one of Daddy's slippers and get him to chase me until he gets dizzy! Boy he can't even catch me, ha ha ha.Daddy Syd is calling me for my home-schooling, so I gotta go now...see ya Momma Sue...I love you.Bonny Wee-Lass

Bonny's Mommy and Daddy~

Just a note from me...(known to some of you as "Momma Sue". LOL)
I wanted to share this adorable picture of Pastor Syd and Sharon, who are Bonny's mommy and daddy. They are soooo sweet, and have become such dear friends of mine. :") I treasure their friendship! I thank the Lord above for bringing them into my life by the means of one little cocker puppy. I have enjoyed their postings on Bonny's webpage so much. To read them, you can find the link on the Testimonial's page on my website. Pastor Syd and Sharon...may the Lord always shine His love on you! With much love, Sue

Bonny Moving Day~

My mom is finally back on-line and I am sending you a picture of me and dad by the great big truck that moved me and my folks from the UP of Michigan to and dad call this place Martin. I don't care what they call it as long as I have my stuff. Guess what Momma Sue...I gotta new dish that is pink with roses all over it, but my food tastes just the same...tee, hee. I never sleep in that dumb ole crate anymore, I have a fleecy white bed right next to the big ole bed they won't let me in! I sleep good all night.Well, that is all for now, cause daddy Syd wants me to go outside with him for a potty visit before bed...night...I love you,Bonny Wee-Lass


Hi Momma Sue....Remember me? I used ter live at your house when I were a I'm all growed up...well Momma Sharon says not quite all the way, but I'm getting a big girl I am. Daddy Syd says I will be 9 months old in a couple of days...and guess what I can do...I can be trusted now...what's trusted Momma Sue? Any ways, my folks can go to church or lunch or dinner away from home and I get to stay out of my dumb ole crate all by myself! I don't chew the furniture or notin! Momma Sharon still gets my help takin stuff out of the big warm thing called a dryer, and I drop my ball in there and then steal daddy Syd's socks so's they'll chase me. I carry my ball all over the house and never drop it. How is my doggie mom Sophie? Momma Sharon says I am going to have some half brothers and sisters come? I ain't never seen a half dog before. Oh, and I am sending you my 9 month picture...see me?I weigh 20 pounds...whatever that means! I can shake hands, sit pretty and beg, rollover, sit and stay and bring my ball to dad when he throws it down the yard.You tell all them people out there I am a good dog and they would love one just like me...cause I am sweet (most times)tee, hee. I like to give kisses, and snuggle on laps. I am sittin on Momma Sharon's lap right now, and want to get down...bye...I love you. Bonny

Bonny Wee Lass- That's MY pen!

Dear Momma Sue, Poor little ole me...I'm gonna run away from home. I was gonna write you a letter with Daddy Syd's ole pen, and sneaked up on his chair, grabbed it and then Momma Sharon busted me!

Daddy Syd and Momma Sharon keep takin' all my treasures away!! Dad took a clothes pin out of my mouth just the other day, and Momma found me with a cookie cutter just yesterday...and won't you just know it...they take em' away just when I get to chewin' real good! Why is it Momma Sue, that everything I love...they tell me it's bad for me??? What's bad anyway? I just love havin' fun...I have chewed Daddy Syd's galoshes, his mittens, his new knit cap, Momma's socks (I always help take things out of the dryer)'s so much fun to get them to chase me all over the house.write and tell you to come get me....then they'll be sorry! Then I can help you with your you'd let me chew on your clothes pins! Momma Sharon says if I don't behave she will pack me in a box and mail me back to you...but she always says that with a grin on her face, so I guess she doesn't really mean it! I love you...bye Bonny Wee-Lass

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leilani...Owned by Neil Thompson, President Hill's Pet Nutrition, Makers of Science Diet and Prescription Diet~

Leilani is absolutely gorgeous. We are all thrilled! Incredibly, Leilani is clean at night and is very close to being fully house trained. I don't agree with crating dogs overnight so she has the run of her pen, and despite this shows remarkable control!! She spent 15 mins at the office yesterday and naturally everyone fell in love with her. I will refer anyone interested to you. As you might expect, we are all animal lovers here. Best wishes, Neil