Friday, December 30, 2011

Mitzi from Henrietta, New York~

Dear Momma Sue,

Wishing you and yours a Blessed New Year !

I had a great Christmas and Birthday. Wow two holidays on one day!

My Mom and Dad were looking at all my past baby pix and they think I look like my Cocker Daddy, "Cubby".

BUT! check out my eyelashes. I am definitely a girl, maybe I got them from my Cocker Mom, "Rosie". The human girls get real jealous when they see them.

I am a little vain and love the attention. I wanted you to see these better pics of your baby girl cause I was too tired the last time I sent pix.

Kiss my Mom & Dad for me and tell them how happy I am and that I have a great family that love me so very much.


Mia Rose from Long Island, New York~

Dear Susan,

I hope you Christmas was blessed. I wanted to send you some pictures of our beautiful Mia. the most amazing loving girl. I could not have asked for a better fit for our family. I cannot believe she will be a year old this February. Have a happy new year!
Love from Long Island

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mr. Watson and Mr. Wyatt from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hello Sue,
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wish for you and your family a healthy New year. Dennis is doing well with his recovery from surgery and will be coming home on Saturday. Watson and Wyatt sure do miss there daddy. It was a very quiet Christmas here. Thank -you for my wonderful guys. I was not alone on Christmas , they were here and gave me a lot of kisses. I have enclosed some pics of them with there new teddy. They do like it , but still go back to the old one. I think of you a lot when they do there nightly chase around the hallway. I still can see you laughing at the 2 of them. They do it during the day sometimes but always in the evening they go round and round for at least 10 laps. Wyatt wasn't sure on how he liked the white stuff. It took awhile for him to do his business in it. I love reading your blog and seeing all the wonderful cockers from the past and the new ones. You breed such wonderful family pets and I will be forever grateful for my guys.

Dot, Dennis, Watson and Wyatt

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday, December 26, 2011

Natalie and Chloe from Monson, Massachusetts~

Just found these great pictures on my computer...didn't get them on the blog when they came in...but we can certainly enjoy them now!  I think I must have been really busy with puppy deliveries when these came in, and they just got lost in the shuffle...So sorry Kimmy and Mike! 

Natalie and Chloe from Monson, Massachusetts~

Hello, Sue!

Hope you and the family have had a nice Christmas. Mike and I, Chloe and Natalie are in Tennessee with my parents and Sophie (name was "Chloe" at High Calling Cockers)! We are enjoying a "Tennessee Christmas". It's been 45-57 degrees and nice and quiet. We take all 3 girls for a walks a couple times a day which they love. Turkeys and deer are common sights. They have been getting along pretty well.  Sophie  ("Chloe")seems to enjoy having company again! She is so lovely, Sue! Her color is beautiful and a temperament to match! We love her! Today is our Chloe's 2nd birthday. Can you believe it?! That little one has really stolen my heart!

Hugs and Love,


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Molly (Raegan) from Rockville Centre, New York~

Hello!!! Merry Christmas!

I have been meaning to write you for a while now and send you some pictures of Molly (aka Raegan). Yes, Dad won the naming war. So, Molly as she is now called, is just the most amazing little thing. She is the perfect fit to our family. She adjusted to our home quite well. We have been doing a lot of training and she is up to about five tricks. She sits, gives paw, jumps (my sister taught her that one), lays down and in the morning she brings in the newspaper. LOL . She cracks us up everyday with that one! I wanted to enroll her in a puppy kindergarten because she is so active but because of that flu going around, I decided against it. She LOVES to run. LOVES LOVES LOVES to run and play fetch. When she does finally wind down she is a total mush. She loves to cuddle and lay in my lap whenever she can. She is definitely my shadow.

Thank you again for our little munchkin! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year!

PS...I love your slideshow!

Biscuit from Harriman, Tennessee~

Dear Sue:

Baby Biscuit wishes you and your entire family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. He has indeed been a true blessing and a wonderful joy to our family!


John, Kay, Cocker Clancy, and Biscuit

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

From our home church at First Assembly, we wish the High Calling blog family
a special
Merry Christmas!!
Dear Mrs. Sue,

It was so wonderful to finally get to talk to you on the phone while we were in the hospital with Clay again this week. I love your accent and it's so different from mine down here in the South!!LOL!! I guess my favorite word is YAW!! Like sweet Paula Deen, ha. Thank you for all your prayers, we actually had a wonderful report from Clays biopsy, so far they can't find any infection in his body, that could cause him a shunt infection. Praise God!! We already had been down that road two yrs. ago, and I'm so happy he's not in any pain anymore and we stayed there till wed. and was able to be released. God is such a mighty Healer, and I know he can restore Sylvia, the highcalling cocker too, bless her heart!! I hope you and the blog family enjoy these pics. Cosby, is such a wonderful highcalling cocker, who the precious Lord lined everything up for us to adopt him, and become a part of our family. I praise God for the joy that He brings with us through Cosby, who lifts our spirits every day, and greets us at home with our family members coming home from the hospital as many times as we do with Clay. We are so blessed to have Christmas at home with Cosby and the kids, thank you Jesus for a complete healing in my sweet, humble husband, Clay. I love yaw to the highcalling cocker family blog and to the Martin Family. May we all worship Jesus and praise Him not just on Christmas Day, but everyday. Love and kisses to everyone....LOVE YAW!!!

Saviour blessings to all,

Sherry, Clay, Caleb, Carly, and COSBY!!!

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

Look what Caleb found under the church's Christmas tree!!

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

Our new associate pastor...woofing about Jesus!!  Woofman! Lol

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

Little drummer girl... Pum...pum..

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

These christmas lights make me sleepy..zzz..zzz

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

Merry (Christ)mas!

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

Santa says... ho,ho,ho!!! Yaw

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

I wonder what new toys santa will bring me?

Bonny and Betsy from L'Anse, Michigan~

Merry Christmas Mama's almost here! We have been awful good girls, and Daddy Syd says Santa Paws is coming tonight and will leave presents for us under our Christmas tree. Was you a good girl Mama Sue? Will Santa leave some presents for you too? Ain't you just excited? We are.

We helped Mama Sharon decorate Christmas cookies today, but she wouldn't let us have one, that wasn't very nice was it Mama Sue? Yous would have let us have one, uh?

Well, Mama Sharon says it's almost time for bed, and we have to go outside and do our "thing". We ain't got no snow to play you? We sure wish we had some snow, cause we likes playin' in that stuff!
Bye, bye Mama Sue.......give that guy Mike a super lick from us two.

We loves ya,

Bonny Wee Lass & Betsy Mauvorneen Hawthorne

Merry Christmas...

So sorry to be behind on these posts....I was sooooooo busy at church with all the music, and hosting my family of 39 people for dinner...that I just didn't have time to catch up with all your beautiful pictures and postings.   I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed holy day!


Merry Christmas from High Calling Cockers~!!!

I want to take a moment this morning to wish you all a very Blessed Christmas!  Today, as Christians, we celebrate our Savior's birth, Jesus Christ, our Lord.  We are truly thankful that He entered our world as a little baby in Bethlehem to live a sinless life and to die for our sins.  Because of His sacrifice, we have the assurance of a home in heaven when our life here is over.  Praise God for that to look forward to!

Thank you all for being part of our High Calling Cocker Family!  I hope 2012 will be a wonderful year for each one of you.  God bless you today and everyday!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

With much love in Him,


Friday, December 23, 2011

Myla (Morgan) from Clifton Park, New York~

Mr. Bojangles from Ware, Massachusetts~

Gabriel and Zoe from Lockport, New York~

Mitzi from Henrietta, New York~

Dear Sue,

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Christmas with abundant wishes for a New Year filled with joy, health and happiness!

It is hard to believe that Mitzt will be 2 years on Christmas Day! Where has the time gone?

She continues to be the light of our life. She is a people doggie for sure and all who meet her just fall in love.

No behaviors just a little foray to get some bathroom paper once in awhile when the temptation to unroll it gets too much.

As you can see she looks very tired, its tough waiting for Santa to get here and she likes her sleep.

A Daddy's girl she is, loves to play and talks back when it doesn't go her way sometimes. Funny to see the two of them interact.

She was the Christmas miracle that healed two very heavy hearts two years ago. She still uses her blankie you sent home with her and balls it up into a pillow to lay her head on every night. You will always be with her and again we thank you for this precious girl and all the hard work you do to bring this joy to so many.
Peace and joy to you!

Fondly, Mary Jane & Nate and Mitzi too!

Lachlan and his friend, Leland from California~

Hello Sue!

I hope these come through in form you can use - I compressed them since the files were too big. My apologies again for lack of photo quality (my camera was stolen a year ago and I've never gotten around to replacing so these are from my blackberry -but getting new camera tomorrow since I want to get better photos of the babies!) -also sorry for some of the repetitive photos and that most are of Lachlan sleeping! I was having hard time getting him to sit still long enough for a good photo but we are working on it! :-)

We've been in puppy kindergarten and he is the youngest puppy but already knows all the basic commands and hand signals and was housebroken very quickly- he is so smart and sweet and social and everyone who has met him, including his vet and his teacher, say he has the most wonderful temperament and such a sweet disposition! I wanted to pass along since I have no doubt this is all due to you and your wonderful work with all of your cocker spaniels and their babies! I truly can't thank you enough for Lachlan--he and Leland are two precious miracles and blessings in my life and I love them so very much!

Thank you again for everything from the bottom of my heart...and sorry its taken me so long to send you an update on Lachlan! I will keep you posted more regularly about our little family and how well Lachlan is doing...I can't take my eyes off him or Leland - especially when they are playing together or curling up next to each other once they get sleepy!

Merry Christmas to you and your family (including all the "babies"!)
Warmest Christmas wishes,

Davina (and Leland and Lachlan!)