Wednesday, April 22, 2015

"Miss Emily" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

Today is April 20th and I am 5 years old today. I want to
wish my sister Gracie and my brothers Dusty and Bojangles a
very Happy Birthday!

My family gave me a beautiful new doggie bed and three new
toys. Guess who was the first to try out my new bed - and it wasn't
me; you guessed it Mama Sue, it was Cooper. He also thought all
the new toys were his - - I was lucky to get one of them. Boy, it sure
is a good thing I love my baby brother!!

We hope you and Papa Mike are well and enjoying this nice Spring
weather. Thank you Mama Sue from my family and especially from
me for letting me come and live here. I am very happy and loved a