Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bonny from Michigan on Thanksgiving Day~

Hey, do I look like Miles Standish to you?
Gee, what a girl will do to get a little turkey!!!
Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving anyway...
Bonny Wee Lass

Sparky from Illinois~

Hello "Mommy", Sue

This is "Sweet", Sparky from Astoria, Illinois. I know it has be a long time since I have written so I thought I should write so you would not forget me. First, I want to wish everyone......A Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Now, I want to tell you everything I have been doing since coming to my "forever home". It has been taking sometime, but I am getting use to all the new things here. There are these big things called tractors, semis, grain bin, and combines that make a lot of noise and I was really scared of them. Don't worry I am not scared anymore. I bark at them now! I am also not scare anymore of the Beagle who lives near by, I visit him every day and bark at him.
I really love it when people come to see me. We had people from Australia, England, and California to visit. That was pretty sweet they came so far to visit me.
I am learning many new things.....sitting, down, stay, and shaking hands. I am also learning how to ride in the car, as my "Mommy, Linda said I need to know this so when I go to the doctor I can sit in the seat, as I will not fit in my little kennel any more.
I have been getting new teeth, and also my "Mommy" wants to brush my teeth, she also is trying to groom me herself. I do not care for the grooming lessons, but "Mommy says it is good bonding experience for me. I do not know about that.
They really do love me here because sometimes I do some things that are not good, but "Mommy" says, "No", but tells me that I am learning and knows that I will grow-up to be a SUPER NICE BOY. She tells me she loves me so much.
This will be my first Thanksgiving here in my new home and I am so thankful you let me come here to live as I know many puppies are not as fortunate to have a wonderful home, and be so loved and taken care of. I am truly a blessed little puppy. Thank you, "Mommy", Sue for entrusting my "Mommy", Linda with me.
Blessings to all the Martin family and all the High Calling Cockers.

Love, Sparky

P.S. My "Mommy", says she does not how it will work sending these pictures because she has never done this. She said they may be really messed up. Her photography taking is not very good.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pilgrim Bonny from Michigan~

Dear Momma Sue,
It's me...Bonny and I want to tell you to have a good Thanksgiving, Momma Sharon made me wear this stupid costume just for Daddy Mike and you to see my lopsided smile...see....

I doesn't care, I am watching Momma Sharon cookin' pies and turkey stuff and I can't wait until tomorrow cause shes promised me some! I smell sompun good right now and I'm gonna find it...bye, bye
Your bestest peanut, Bonny

Monday, November 24, 2008

Molly...Jane's baby from NY State

Attached are some recent pictures of our little angel. She definitely is a real cutie. Hope you enjoy the pictures. She really is beautiful- her coloring is great. Those big brown eyes can talk to you without her even making a sound.
She is truly loved by all!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bailey & Cubby Jr. from Florida~

Susan and George just sent me pictures of their two little boys just back from the groomers. Aren't they gorgeous?

Dove from Pennsylvania~

Mary from Stonebroke Gardens Cockers and Quilts sent me this picture of "Dove". She is one year old now. It's hard to believe the time has passed by so quickly!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bonny Wee Lass - Michigan

Sharon says this is how much help she gets when she tries to clean house. LOL
Personally, I think Wee Bon-Bon is having dreams of dancing sugarplum fairies. Christmas is coming, don'tcha know? LOL

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bella from North Carolina~

Tumbling, rolling, running and jumping. Whirlwind I see with leaves twirling upward. Bouncing and hopping bunnies are running, why don't they wait for a fun play date? I see you and you see me, quick as a flash I'm bound for the couch. Jumping I fly, high in the sky only to land right smack on the table. Manners are fleeting, while I'm having fun, don't forget, I'm still learning. Silly things happen that make you laugh, remember these days I'm growing up fast. Now we can snuggle, warm head in your lap. My days work is done at last. Puppy snores drift in comforting dreams, tomorrow's a new day and I'll try my best to remember my manners.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Riley~ 5 months :")

Here is a recent photo of Riley....he is quite a charmer.

Tristan~ 5 months-

Danny, my husband says he is the best behaved dog out of the three that we have and he's still a puppy! He responds to hand gestures for sit, stay and so on without even a spoken word. Love to you and all of your new little charges with more to come. I marvel at you every time I look at your site. It is more beautiful each time I look at it. PS I have also voted for your site about a hundred times--you sure deserve it as your site is the most beautiful. Have a blessed Thanksgiving NANCY

Tristan 5 months~ :")

Sue, Just a couple of pictures of the little guy. He is 17 pounds now. It's his second grooming session, just a trim. The first time he was so busy, the groomer had a hard time keeping him from kissing her face, lol. So this time she said he was sooo good, he got a big "doggie ghost cookie" which he gobbled down (after sharing with his brother and sister of course). He is also so good in the car. He sits so nice in the front passenger side, straight up looking out the window at squirrels, birds, clouds, people, just everything. He doesn't try to drive or interfere with my driving. Then he lies down on the seat and sleeps. What a treasure we have found. Thanks again for him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bella from North Carolina~

Hi Mama Sue,

It's me, Bella! Guess What? I've learned how to JUMP! I can jump on the couches, my Mom's bed, in Grammy's lap and even in this big thing called a bathtub! Boy, my Mom said that I'd gone into hyperdrive! I don't know what that is? But, if it means I can run super fast then jump on and off everything in the house then I guess this little girl may have some new boundaries and limitations. My Mom always tells me there are house rules and off means off! I know, I know but it's sooooooo much fun!

I lost a tooth last night when Mom was brushing my teeth! She was so surprised! She got the tooth and put it in a special box. She told me that she'd keep it forever, just like Sydney's baby teeth. Sydney was my Mom's cocker spaniel before me. She went across the Rainbow Bridge and will be waiting there to meet Mom. Until then I'm taking care of Mom and Grammy and trying to be a great companion.

I've learned lots of new things, like sit, down, wait and best of all I know when and how to ring my doggie bell to go outside! I love to ride in the car, I don't get sick at all. I can walk on my leash, well most of the time and I'm learning to shake paws (that's a little hard, cause I get too excited)! Now I'm learning not to jump on people and off means off (maybe when Mom isn't looking I'll sneak in and get on the bed).

I go next week to the vet for my last shot and they're going to set up my surgery! That sounds really scary! Mom tells me that it's something that has to be done but not to worry because the Vets are great and everything will be fine.

Puppy kisses and Tail wagging happy thoughts,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heidi from NY State~

Dear Susan,What a beautiful day for us! Heidi is truly heaven sent and you were the person who cooperated with God to make it possible. Words cannot express our gratitude and joy at such a beautiful and remarkable puppy. Of course we think she is the most beautiful puppy ever and the smartest by far. All has gone much better than all our imaginings. Her big brother, "Woody" loves her and she adores him. She wants to know where he is at every instant and cries for him if he leaves the room, even when Debra and I are sitting right there. HaHa.We got Woody as a rescue dog in April and he will be two in November. He is the sweetest cocker. While they said he was a pure bred, he seems to look a bit like a Britany to me. Anyway we have invested much in him and he is apparently quite healthy now. I thought he would have his nose bent out of shape at first, but thankfully that didn't happen. He instinctively knew he was to be her protector and big brother. She plays with him constantly and he is so patient and gentle. We, of course, never leave them unsupervised. Heidi has been doing her BM's mostly in the gated exercise pen that aunt Debra purchased. While our backyard is totally fenced, we saw areas that a tiny dog could sqeeze through. The biggest help has been our very large deck. We can all sit outside and watch them play. There are railings all around and a gate to the stairs. Today I did my morning prayer and devotions with the dogs playing at my feet and it was a time of praise to be certain. More later.Love, Sharynne

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Molly from NY State~

I was checking out your website like I always do - have to keep track of all your puppies. Wanted to let you know that Molly is doing just great. She's just so cute!!!! When I read your poem I chuckled because last week my husband let Molly out to play in the yard for a while. Lo and behold didn't she discovered a couple of mole holes and decided to start digging. When I got home from work I noticed that her eyes looked a little dirty, and that she had some mud stuck to the hair on her legs. When I start cleaning her up I noticed that it looked a lot like dirt. That's when Pete had to come clean and tell me that she had been out there playing and got digging in the yard. She certainly loves to give lots of kisses and play a lot. She and my daughters puppy, Maggie, just love to run and play with each other.

She loves to run fast through the family room to the kitchen and back again, over and over again. She's just such a joy. She bounces across the family room and jumps up on my husband's lap while he's reading the paper. She just loves to jump up and lay on us. She's a very loving dog. I'm so glad that I have her.

Thanks for taking the time and patience to have such wonderful puppies for all of us. I just love my little Molly!!!!

Election Day!!!!

Today is a very special day in our country. I consider it a sacred honor to exercise the privilege of casting my ballot for President of the United States today. I hope everyone reading this message feels the same way I do. Say a prayer when you walk into that voting booth that you please the Lord Jesus Christ today.
Pray for forgiveness and ask God to have mercy on our country. Vote for righteousness.
God bless you, and God Bless America!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Lani Angelette~ Update and Halloween Picture

Lani is now 12 lbs. 4 oz., and she doing great! She knows what she is allowed to do, what she isn't allowed to do, and she is becoming more trustworthy all the time. She has NEVER seen a stranger - Lani loves EVERYONE! In fact, we worry a little that she is SO friendly and lovable, anyone could probably pick her up and carry her away. She would probably be so busy licking them, she wouldn't even make a sound! We ALWAYS stay outside with her when she goes out, and we watch her closely to prevent something like that..... We love Lani so MUCH, and we want to do EVERYTHING we can to protect her!

Ken and Pam

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sylvia from Sunny California~!

Kelley from California says~ "I love the new blog you have up. It's fun to see some dogs that Sylvia is related to..."

Bonny Wee Lass~ First Anniversary of going to her "forever home".

Happy Anniversary Momma Sue...
it's me your peanut Bonny Wee Lass! I were your puppy when I wast teeny-weeny... member? This is my 'one year anniversary with my new folks' celebration picture.
Does you member putting me in my new Momma's arms? Yous and Mike took me to that nice vet, then yous and the vet carried me out to my new folks. My new Momma cried when you gave me to her...member? Then I chewed her nose, chin and fingers and made her laugh. Well, I slept and cried a little in Daddy Syd's arms all the way back home to Michigan's UP. It sure has been a x-citin' year and I sure am glad you let me come live with my new people. I try and try to be a good girl, but sometimes I can't cause Momma Sharon says I am a "Nosey Parker", funny I thought my name is Bonny. I got a special ride in the car today, and guess what Momma Sue, I got a part of a McGriddle cake for me special day.
I am getting' sleepy cause I had a big time this morning, so's I guess I will snuggle into a ball in my favorite sunshine spot and snooze,,,yawn.
Bye, bye Momma Sue...give that guy Mike a hug too,
I love you,

Bonny Wee Lass~ Close friend, "Timmy"

Timmy fools everyone who comes to the house who doesn't know him...hee, hee. Bonny's' not fooled, but she likes him. Sharon says, "Timmy sits in my dad's highchair, which became my highchair, which became my son's highchair."

I don't know about you...but Timmy certainly fooled ME! LOL (Sue)

Sylvia from California~

I have a few new photos of our little Miss Priss Sylvia!

Have a wonderful Sunday, Kelley~

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lani Angelette's Halloween~

Hello Sue!

We saw Bailey's Halloween pictures, and we really enjoyed them. We thought we would take a few pictures of Lani with some Halloween decorations on her 1st Halloween. I have attached a few of them to this email.

Ken, Pam and Lani