Friday, September 30, 2011

Libby from Lewiston, New York~

Hi Momma Sue,

Its my 2nd birthday and I wanted to send you a picture of me. Everything is going great and I am a very busy little girl. My mom retired this year and is home now to play with me all day. Life is good. Please give my mom Starr a hug from me and kisses to you and Mike. Happy 2nd Birthday to my litter mates!!!

Love Libby =

"Abby" from Chesapeake, Virginia~

Hi Sue. Just wanted to take the time to write to you on the occasion of Abby's first birthday.
On the day after Thanksgiving 2010, I flew up to Buffalo. You met me in the airport with Abby wrapped in a fleece blanket, all four pounds of her. After a few minutes doing paperwork, I carried her right back through security and boarded the next plane home. I was gone less than four hours. When I arrived home with a new puppy, my boys were overjoyed. We had recently lost our 12 year old Cocker Betsy and now there was a fill in the void.
In the months since, we've focused on training, discipline, learning good behaviors and LOTS of playing. I highly recommend reading every dog training book you can get your hands on and I strongly suggest crate taining. "Abs" picked it all up very quickly and has been a pleasure from that first day. She LOVES to play fetch, cuddle and run around with other dogs. She'd just as soon play rough with a rope toy as she would sit in a lap (any lap will do) and enjoy having her ears scratched. Her big, brown eyes melt me, and her boundless energy and enthusiasm keep me going no matter how my day has been.

There's been quite a bit of loss in my family this year and Abby has been through it all with me. She's listened to my secrets, her fur has soaked up my tears and she forces me to smile every day. Every minute with her has been a pleasure so far. Her sweet, playful disposition and the mere fact that she's so cute make people stop and notice her and compliment me on how wonderful my puppy is. She's also been the catalyst for a few of the good things that have happened to me recently, and as corny as it may sound, I love sharing the experiences with her.
I wish I could take ten more Cockers just like Abs, but besides the impracticality of it, I just don't think I could love another puppy quite like I love her. I honestly believe that everything happens for a reason. I'm glad Keri found you, and I'm glad you gave us the sweetest puppy in the litter. Best wishes to you and your family.

Taffy from Westbury, New York~

Dear Susan,

Hope all is well with you and your family.

I wanted to send you a picture of Taffy just back from the groomer. Such a pretty girl! I almost didn't recognize her when I picked her up. No more looking like a baby lion.

The groomer spent almost 5 hours with her giving her time to adjust to all the new sights and sounds. She even went home with a new squeaky toy.

She is also my cleaning buddy as she follows me and the vacuum cleaner wherever we go and occasionally gets into mischief.

She loves giving kisses and hugs as she wraps her paws around your neck.

We enrolled her in a dog training class to help with commands, socialization, and confidence.

Needless to say, she is loved very much.

We wish you much joy in the up-coming holidays!


Beth (and Rick and Taffy)

Goldie from Pearland, Texas~

Hi Susan,

Here are some pictures for you to view of our 4 year old Magnificent Goldie, Just wanted you to see her, she is still and will always be our joy. you may know it by now, but when she was first introduced to the family the kids called her Magnificent Goldie so she has the nickname of Maggie and she loves it.

Enjoy the pics of her and her friend!

Watson and Wyatt from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hello Sue,
Well it will be a month since Wyatt came to live with us on Sunday. He turned 3 months old yesterday. I was finally able to get a picture of them sitting together. It took alot , but I finally did it. they are either romping and playing so much or sleeping.What 2 wonderful pups I have from you. They are so sweet and gentle. You know our other cocker was a female and I always thought I would want another female but these 2 boys are so great. I have had no problems with marking and the toilet training has been great. I find the male dogs are more playful than my female was and they are a joy to watch when they play together or with Dennis and I. Watson was groomed today so he looks so handsome in the pics of him sitting. Hope all is well at the Martin Household. Love to all.
Dot, Dennis, Wyatt and Watson

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thunder from Shinnston, West Virginia~


         I just wanted to write you and share a few pictures of Thunder... Thunder is going on 4 months old and is doing GREAT, I Love Thunder So so Much & he's is so Lovable to Everyone.. I can go on & on about how Great he is.... Thunder has NOT Bark Yet lol.... I been with him 24/7 maybe that’s why.... I look at your website everyday I love looking at all your cocker spaniel pups.. I want to Thank You again for bringing Thunder to WV and giving me the love of my life & my pride & joy... Thanks & God Bless You & your Family

Saturday, September 24, 2011

God bless this wonderful man!

This is my pick for the Presidency.  Herman Cain has won the straw poll in Florida.  He honors God and honors his fellow man.   God bless him!   Herman Cain


Friday, September 23, 2011

My support goes to.....

High Calling Cockers supports the Wounded Warrior Project.
Won't you consider supporting them too?

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Chelsea" from Belleville, Ontario~

Hi Mama Sue

This is Miss Vim, Vigor and Vitality saying hello to you. I really love my new parents and I am sure that they love me - I now do all the stairs in this place and I am going through the silly stage - still like to tear up paper and try to escape with my Daddy’s shoes. He always changes out of his outside shoes when he comes in and I run off with the other before he can get his foot into his “inside” shoes.

We are having so much fun! I went with my parents the last week in August to meet my big sister Sherry, Doug and two human cousins - then suddenly two furry creatures came out to meet me at the car! Wow what a weekend - it poured rain on the way up to Collingwood then the sun came out in the late afternoon and we all went out in Sherry’s beautiful garden. Down at the back end the boys leave two big soccer balls that they kick for Daphne and Olive to chase - well I competed and when I won I just leaned over the ball and waited for the applause! They shared their toys with me in the house and let me run around in the family room - till I started bothering the two furry gals. Sherry had an X pen set up across the far end of the kitchen for me and I slept beside Mom and Dad in my wire crate so I can see them in bed - which is what I do at my house. I sleep till about 7:30 and Daddy walks me out in the subdivision - it was great till after Labor Day weekend and all the kids were out waiting for the school buses - and poor Daddy has to stop at every driveway! When I get back Mommy has my water dish and food bowl filled on my place mat on the floor.

(Seriously Sue, Chelsea has been just what the doctor ordered ~we are both in 7th heaven) My first shower took place one day when I dug up some of mom’s petunias (after a big thunderstorm overnight) while Daddy was picking up windfall apples - because the bees really go after them. I was a brown muddy mess. Later, more apples fell and I ran down and put my paw on one and got stung by a bee.
  Gosh the neighborhood knew we had a new puppy - the squealing was so pitiful - we knew it was her foot as she held it up, so we did what the book said and dipped her leg in a bowl of white vinegar to take the stinger out. Our vet told us to get some children’s Benedral and give her a quarter teaspoon - a couple of hours later you’d never know it happened. She was her old self again playing with her little ball in the kitchen again.

This past weekend we were on the Installing Board at New Market Eastern Star Chapter, 3 hours from us. We took a hotel room as the affair was at 7:00 pm and the ceremony is about 2 hours. Most of the men being installed wore their Scottish tartans of various clans and it was most impressive. Our group from the year that Stu was Grand Marshal of Ontario wore our OES attire from that year. The men in their white jackets, blue vests and tux pants, the female officers had beautiful blue gowns and we female escorts had lavender skirts with lavender sequin tops and the male escorts black tux and a similar blue vest. (The escorts are the spouses). Any how our girl was in a room off the hall in her crate and slept the whole time. After everything was over there was a super social time with a scrumptious attractive lunch , tea coffee, juice and open bar downstairs - that’s where Chelsea shone! She was the Belle of the Ball.

Chelsea I am sure will become the mascot of District 12. We always took Penny in the car to all the hospital presentations in the good weather - otherwise we drove away up to Sherry’s and worked from her house in the cold weather. Stu was on the Hospital Committee for Grand Chapter for 6 years. In fact, on Sundays, Penny came in the car while we went to Church even tho we were not far from home.
Hope, you, Mike, the kids and the dogs are all well. I think of Tyler often - we bought Chelsea a small doggie basket ball and she just zooms around the kitchen squeeking it like mad.  Of course we throw it up high and she jumps for it!  Stu is at the Vet’s right now getting her second set of shots. He did take her in for a “social” visit shortly after we got her and they went bonkers over her. The girls fell in love with our Angel and Dr. Bob cuddled her and loved her to bits. His Dad was our first Vet the first time we were stationed at CFB Trenton and docked the tails of all our litters over the years. We had our first cocker in 5 years when we came here in the mid 60's, then Sherry was born and we were transferred to British Columbia right after her first Birthday - Served the next 12 years at 3 other bases and returned 12 years later with a “herd” of cockers and were based here for 10 more years before Stu retired after 36 years in the Air Force.

I think of you every time I drive down our road and come out on the highway that runs along the Bay. Wave to you and send blessings across the waters.
The kids are going to put some pictures on our Computer to send to you - We will be there for our Canadian Thanksgiving October 7th weekend. It’s terrible when your Grand Children have to show their Grandparent who lack a lot of electronics savvy in computer skills!.

Luv ya and God bless all of you! – Kay , Stu and Chelsea!.

P.S. WOW - Four Roasts! Sounds like a banquet feast! You area real trooper cooking for so many - are these all your family or did you have the kids from the school or church? Whatever - you deserve a citation! Like my Mom always said - you’ll get your reward in heaven!

"Chloe" from Lancaster, New York~

Hi Susan,
Chloe has a fetish for any type of paper. This morning while I'm sitting at the computer I hear a boom, boom. I go to see what is going on and it's Chloe with the tissue box in her mouth banging the box around so she could get the kleenex out. I sent you a picture to capture the moment. :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Good Afternoon, Sue:

Biscuit has now called East Tennessee his forever home for over a month. He is growing every day and weighs 15 pounds. He loves to eat his Purina chicken and rice, run, and play. Cocker Clancy and baby Biscuit are the best of friends. Thanks again for a truly precious puppy that we adore.

Kay and John

Cubby from Southport, Connecticut~

Hello Sue!! I hope all is well and that you all had a great summer. We took our Cubby boy for his first visit to the local pumpkin patch and thought you might like to see some of his photos. He is doing great. We all continue to spoil and love him.  He is so cute and everyone comments on his beautiful thick coat. My groomer insists on keeping his bangs!! That is my update. I will stay in touch via your blog which I enjoy so much. Congratulations with all your new pups and the wonderful forever homes they will go to.

XxxJoanne and Cubby

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Emily from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Sue,

      We have so enjoyed all the videos of the puppies and watching them grow. You do the most
amazing presentations of all your babies. I really enjoyed Dot's recent note and the adorable

pictures of Watson and Wyatt. Little Betsy (who happens to be Emily's older sister by seven

months) is absolutely beautiful.
Emily and I wanted to send you some recent photos. The first is Miss Emily right in the middle

of our Fall display next to the backstairs. She loves to be right in the thick of things in every
situation with the Fall decorations being no exception. The second and third pictures were
taken over at the park. She loves to run and has the time of her life whenever we go over there. The third

picture was also taken at the park when she and "her favorite possession, Tim" were taking

a time out from playing.
We hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and that all is well with the Martin family.

Love to you Sue,

Donna & Little Miss Emily

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Watson" and "Wyatt" from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hello Sue,
Just a few pics of the boys for you. It has been 2 weeks and things are going great with Watson and Wyatt. They get along so well. Dennis said he has lost all control of the household. ( He doesnt realize he never had control lol). Wyatt went to the vet and they said he is doing great. Having Wyatt has calmed Watson down some and he has been so good since we were blessed to get Wyatt. Thank you for 2 wonderful High Calling Cockers from you. We love them to death. The joy they bring us everyday is so amazing. God Bless you and your family.

Dot, Dennis, Watson And Wyatt

P.S. The one picture was Watson getting a belly rub from Dennis and Wyatt was trying his hardest to get up on couch to get his also.