Monday, November 28, 2011

Sparky from Astoria, Illinois~

This is how I must keep Sparky out of the Christmas tree. I am hoping this year not to have to put up the gates, which is actually the sides of a baby bed.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Chloe from Lancaster, New York~

Savannah giving Chloe a treat. Savannah just loves Chloe. She squeals with delight when she sees her.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

"Mia" from Ravena, New York~

Mia with her new family!!!   Smiles all around!

Hunter from Homer, New York~

Hunter with his new family!   Everyone is sooooooo happy!!!!

Bentley from Norwalk, Connecticut~

Hi Susan,
I just wanted to say hello and wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Bentley is doing really well. I can't believe he is almost a year old! He is a very good boy and I'm so happy to have him in my life. I attached a few pictures for you!


Friday, November 25, 2011

"Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Dear Sue:

Happy Holidays and congratulations on the birth of your beautiful new granddaughter.
Our precious Baby Biscuit is now almost 6 months old and weighs 22 pounds. He recently received his first haircut since he arrived, and the groomer remarked how well he behaved, especially for a puppy. That boy is so full of energy and vitality, and his favorite toys are the ones that squeak loudly. He also enjoys running in the back yard and playing with all the leaves.

John, Kay, Biscuit, and Cocker Clancy

Chloe from Lancaster, New York~

Best buddies forever!

"Skippy" from Scottsville, New York~

What a lovely Thanksgiving Day we had yesterday!  We delivered "Skippy" to her new home with Dick and Kate in Scottsville, and truly enjoyed the ride.   Then we came home and hosted Thanksgiving Dinner to our very large family.  We had over 30 people in attendance.  A good time was had by all.  We are so thankful to our Lord Jesus Christ for all his provision and tender care to each one of us.  May His name be praised forevermore.


Disney from Silver Spring, Maryland~

Hi Susan,
I couldn't let Thanksgiving go by, thinking about what I am most thankful for this year, without dropping you a BIG THANK YOU for the new edition to our family in 2011. Joe and I just love Disney. He makes each day more full of life and laughter. Each day he does something that cracks us up. :-)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

Nancy and Joe

Thursday, November 24, 2011

I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving~

I am a person of few words, but I "feel deeply" about my faith, about my country, and about those I love.
I want to wish all of my High Calling Cocker Family the most awesome Thanksgiving ever!
May you all be surrounded by the love of family and friends.
We are truly blessed to live in this country and to know the Lord loves us and cares for each one of us.

Please know I love you all!


"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Hi Sue,

I pray you and Mike are traveling safely to deliver the puppies

this,Thanksgiving morning! Wanted to tell you how thankful I am to

have become a close friend to you this year. Your kindness and love

for us and our sweet, Cosby, is such a blessing. The kids, Carly and

Caleb spent the night with my sister Tues. and Wed. night and we are

going to her house for Thanksgiving now, boy did we enjoy Aunt Diana

taking the kids for a little. Clay and I enjoyed the time alone and I

also think Cosby did too....ha.. Carly can be a little too over loving

for poor Cosby.. ha. Clay and I really enjoyed Cosby, he is so

spoiled, he got all the attention for sure since his bro. and sis were

missing. Which I know he missed them, but he loved being the only

spoiled baby left here!!! It's amazing how calm and sweet he can be

when he isn't chasing his 3yr. old sis, ha!! Its sweet when he goes to

their door and gently swipes his paws on the door as he's sitting

down, wanting them to come and play with them. I told Cosby they'll be

back soon it's you and mommie and daddy. I LOVE IT!!! Thanks again,

and I praise the Lord for Cosby, because of Clays illness and his

recent fourth shunt revision two weeks ago, Cosby makes us enjoy life

more and makes our hearts be filled with joy every morning and night.

I can't explain enough just how much we needed, Cosby, we when got

him, I would never thought Clay would go under brain surgery so soon

again, but the Lord has blessed us so much from the other local

churches, and we couldn't be more thankful for the Lord providing for

us, and the sweet love and joy Cosby brings to this Family!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to Snuggies Litter and to the Martin Family!!!

ps. Cosby says he loves his sis Pickles, and Pickles' family, Annette and Mike too!!!!
Thankful in Jesus,

Clay, Sherry, Caleb, Carly, COSBY!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~


Just thought I'd give you a laugh about little Lacey.

I am working with a cocker spaniel rescue and right now I have

two "brothers" The brothers as you can imagine are overwhelming

and twice Lacey's size. Well everyone's favorite game is when I come

home in the morming and throw the ball to them out in the yard. Well, Lacey

is so tiny compared to them, her little legs just make it

impossible for her to outrun them so she figured out

that when I pick up the ball she hauls her little butt

to the other side of the yard and waits for the ball to come to her

where the brothers actually wait for it to be thrown. It doesn't

always work but gives her a better chance. Well now when

she gets it...she doesn't want to give it back so she holds it

in her mouth and makes the brothers chase her all over the

yard. It is the funniest thing to watch her with that big ball

in her mouth just tormenting those boys. I swear

she is laughing the whole time like a pesky little sister.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is the "Buffalo" I know and love~

Such a precious Christmas song!

A note from the composers of the song~

About the Song

While at the mall a couple of years ago, my then four year old nephew, Spencer, saw kids lined up to see Santa Claus. Having been taught as a toddler that Christmas is the holiday that Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, he asked his mom, "where's the line to see Jesus"?

My sister mentioned this to my dad, who immediately became inspired and jotted words down to a song in just a few minutes. After putting music to the words, and doing a quick recording at home, he received a great response from friends. He sent the song off to Nashville without much response, except for a Christian song writer who suggested adding a bridge at the end of the first chorus. My dad then asked if I wanted to record the song to see what we could do with it. I listened to the song, made a few changes to the words to make it flow better, and we headed to Shock City Studios.

It was at the studio where Chris, owner and producer, rewrote the 2nd verse and part of the chorus... with goose bumps and emotions high, we were all hopeful and felt like we had something special. The demo was recorded in just under 2 hours and sent off again to Nashville ... still no response.

Then 2 weeks before Christmas last year, my cousins Greg and Robbie decided to do a video to see what we could accomplish on YouTube. The first day we had 3000 hits and it soared from there. We received e-mails, phone calls, Facebook messages from people all over asking for the music, CD's, iTunes, anything... we had nothing. After a couple of meetings with Chris following the amazing response, we got serious. We headed back into the studio this past spring... this time with guitars, drums, bass, pianos, choirs... the real deal.... and here we are today.

Getting iTunes set up, a website put together, and loving that thousands upon thousands of Christians have come together... remembering the true meaning of Christmas. Out of the mouths of babes come profound truths that many adults can not understand. Hopefully Spencer's observation will cause people all over to reflect on the love of Jesus, and that one day we will all stand in line to see Him. We are most thankful to our Heavenly Father to have this chance to share our music with you. Merry Christmas everyone.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Mr. Watson and Mr. Wyatt from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hello Sue,

I just wanted to send you a picture of the boys after going to groomer's. Mr. Watson was a cool cucumber they said. I had a lot of compliments on what a beautiful dog he is. They also said Wyatt was beautiful. Mr. Wyatt was listed as a "mexican jumping bean" lol.  As this was his first time, they only did a puppy cut to introduce him to grooming. They both enjoy their bath so it makes it nice for the groomers. I see a lot of dogs shaking and scared when there and my two love to go. Mr. Watson couldn't get in there fast enough for him. I also enclosed a picture of them playing with their favorite toy, Mr. Teddy Bear.
Well I hope you all enjoy the wonderful holidays coming up. I really enjoy watching your blog to see how the puppies are growing up. Mr. Wyatt loves to sit in my lap and we watch the fall slide show together. I know I say it all the time and here I go again. Thank you so much for the blessing of these two wonderful boys. They have brought so much joy into my heart and life.
God Bless

Dot, Dennis, Mr. Watson, and Mr. Wyatt

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Emily from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

It's me Emily writing to tell you of my most recent misadventure. As you know, I am extremely fond of catching insects - flying or crawling makes no difference to me.

This November the temperatures have been unusually mild up here in Quincy, so that the flying and creepy crawlers are in abundance in Mom's garden. To my great fun, I carefully and diligently stalk them and when I feel the moment is right, I make a diving leap, head first into the bushes, leaves, flowers or mulch. Sometimes success is on my side - other times not. This past week, however, I came out of the garden with a not so good case of conjunctivitis, which necessitated a trip to the Vet's.
The end result Mama Sue is not much fun for me....It's not bad enough that I have to have eye drops put in both eyes 2-3 times a day for five days; but now there are black mesh nets all over the bushes and ground in my backyard domain so that I can no longer dive for insects. Needless to say, my backyard hunting has come to a halt.

Oh well, winter will soon be here and I will be looking forward to all the snow falls and climbing Mt. Emily once again.

Love you Mama Sue and thank you for including me in your Fall Smile Box.

Your Little Emily

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving Hazards And Your Dog

Thanksgiving Hazards And Your Dog

"Blossom" from Northfield, Vermont~

Wishing you and Miss Flower the best. Blossom is doing very well - she's mama's little girl - she just turned three last Friday doesn't seem possible, my how time does fly. Congratulations on your new beautiful granddaughter, Layla! As always looking forward to watching the little ones grow on your website! Hope you enjoy this glorious day the Lord has sent for us to see!
Sending hugs your way,

Tam & Blossom and the rest of the gang (Holly & Bennett)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Lachlan" (Bravery) from Menlo Park, California~

Lachlan's new mommy, Davina, an attorney from California, flew to the Buffalo airport and picked up her new baby this afternoon.  It was a pleasure to meet such a lovely lady...and I am overjoyed to know that Lachlan is going to such a wonderful home!  I am looking forward to many pictures of Lachlan for the blog.


"Mr. Watson" and "Mr. Wyatt" from North Tonawanda, New York~

Good Morning Sue,

Congratulations on your newest addition. I am sure Grammy will spoil her. She is beautiful. I love your fall slide show and Thank-you for putting my 2 guys in there. Well Mr. Watson is now 9 months old and has become a handsome cocker. Everyone who meets him is so amazed at what a beautiful cocker he is. He is definitely show material. I am in awe watching him prance around the yard and when I walk him he is amazing how he holds his head up and he looks like the dogs on tv at those dog shows. He is finally adjusting to the fact I am now back to work. The love these 2 give me is great, I come home and I have 2 wonderful guys to give me a lot of kisses and love. Mr. Wyatt is doing great, he will be 5 months old at the end of this month. He is a snuggler. You would love to watch them at night, every night they chase each other around for at least 10 laps, I think of you and smile when they do this , as you thought it was so funny the day you saw this when you brought Mr. Wyatt to live with us. I think I gave them the wrong names, Should have named them Mutt and Jeff as Watson is big and Wyatt is such a little peanut. They are great together. I have enclosed a few pics. Once they both get groomed next week I will send newer ones.

God Bless You for all you have done to bring such joy into our lives and alot of other families!

Dot, Dennis, Mr. Watson and Mr. Wyatt

Monday, November 7, 2011

"Shelby" from Clearwater, Florida~

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to say congratulations on your new beautiful Granddaughter. You are so blessed and what a beautiful family you have. Grammy is going to be even more busy now.
I enjoyed your fall pictures of all of the puppies and families they have gone to. You must be so proud when you see them as they grow up and thrilled that you have made so many people happy. You are truly a wonderful person.

Thank you as always for all that you do. Shelby sends you love and kisses.

"Cubby" (Elliott) from Southport, Connecticut~

Hello Sue!!
How wonderful to read the news that your new baby granddaughter has arrived. Layla Grace looks perfect and beautiful in everyway!! This is another great blessing for your family and we are so happy for you all.

I also want to thank you for including our Cubby Boy in your Autumn photo gallery on the smile box. I looked at the entire gallery of photos and really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful cockers!! It is so interesting that all the dogs have a uniqueness to them while all looking similar. I truly enjoy the website and go to it whenever I become overwhelmed with my computer work. It is like taking a break from the hectic work place. I am so glad this website is so enjoyable and always updated and sooo much fun to see and hear.
Cubby is doing great. I think he is becoming more mellow now that he is almost 1.5 years since he was born. I will send along Christmas photos soon.
Congratulations on your Layla Grace!!
xxJoanne and Cubby

"Cooper" from Raleigh, North Carolina~

Hi Sue!

Hope everything is going fantastic! We have had Cooper for almost 3 months and he has been wonderful!! Already potty trained and just a great family dog. He just loves to be around Marcus and I and follow us everywhere! And I have never met a more social dog - with both people and other dogs...its so wonderful. He absolutely loves my parent's other cockers too. You should see all 5 of them running around the yard chasing each other LOL.

I have also attached some fun pics of Cooper so you can see how big he is! :)

Thanks so much,
 Stephanie and Marcus

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Announcing the birth of "Layla Grace"~

Sue (aka "Grammy") with baby "Layla Grace"

It is with great joy that we announce the birth of our newest granddaughter, "Layla Grace", born to our daughter, Cheryl and her husband, Jon yesterday, November 5th at 10:37 AM.   Layla weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs 6 oz and everyone is praising God for His goodness.  : ")

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hi Sue.

We are just loving Myla. She is the best puppy. She completely sleeps thru the night from 10 pm to 7 am, and goes into her crate no problem. She loves to play in the leaves and the snow!! Needless to say we all love holding her and snuggling with her. She's just the best puppy ever, and we are so glad she's part of our family. We are now complete once again.

Thank you again so much.
All the best,
Diane and family