Monday, December 11, 2017

Update on our lives~

Hello Everyone!

I hope your Christmas preparations are going well and that you are experiencing the joy and peace that only the Christ child can bring. Mike and I have sold our home in North Carolina and have purchased a home in Florida, near Disney. We are enjoying our retirement and most certainly enjoying the nice weather! We don't get around very well anymore, so our next major purchase will be two scooters. I no longer own a cocker but found wonderful homes for Ladybug and Danger. They are much happier in their new homes, living with active families and sleeping on couches in the living rooms and in bed with their new owners at night. So that makes my heart glad.

I have found a new church nearby that is exactly what I've been looking for, so that too makes me very happy!

God bless you all this Christmas!

Much love,


Hi Sue,

I hope you are doing better and that Mike is too. I am certain it has really been hard. The girls and I are getting ready to move into out new home, which is about a thousand feet from our old home. We’ll be up on the ridge and have a great view. I pray the girls will be happy in their new home.

I know your family continues to grow and you are so blessed in many ways. You have blessed my life with the wonderful cockers I was able to get from you. Everyone is impressed by the “look” and gentleness that has always surrounded them. I still miss Bella as she was a true angle. I can’t believe Bethany, her half sister, is now seven. I’m so glad they had Daisy as their birth mom as it truly shows. You have done wonders which I can’t ever forget.

I’m so sorry there won’t be any more High Calling Cockers as you really did a fantastic job with breeding and giving them love which they brought into each home. Just pray that when the time comes I will be able to locate a breeder that is caring and gives the best care and love to each puppy born.

Bethany and Tiffany are doing well. Tiffany is so funny and brings joy in everything she does. Bethany enjoys having Tiffany around and if Tiffany get over playful Bethany lets her know she needs to calm down.

All my love and prayers to you and your family. I pray things are going much better for you, Mike and family.

Cherrie’, Bethany Willow, and Tiffany Rose
Hi Sue,

We have a really bad snow storm which moved into our area! The first reports said we would have about 4 inches at most and that was for the higher locations. The next report said we could expect up to 12 inches.

Right now we have about 8 inches on the ground and it’s still snowing. Bethany and Tiffany just love the snow and want to play, run and jump all over the place. They have their new coats on, they’re a pretty purple and easy to see in all the white. They come inside then in a few minutes they want back outside for playtime!

They’re still working on my double wide. They told me yesterday that they only had about two items left to do. Not exactly correct but we are getting there. With the snow it is going to put a delay on things.

I’ve been praying that things are going better for you and you are feeling the renewed strength of Christ! I pray you can also find a new Church family which will give you the love and support you need.

I’m so glad you are in a new home that is warm and you love the way it looks! There are lots of items I’m going to give to good will and some of the other places. I just want to take my time going through the boxes. It very hard to pack up a huge lifetime of items. Since the house is almost 100 there are items from Grandparents and even some from great-grandparents. I had to go through the old barn, which was good… I found Mom’s old things she used in making lye soap and other things like that.

Guess I’ll go for now, have a wonderful evening and all my love to everyone there. Much happiness at the Christmas time of year.

Blessings and prayers,
Cherrie’ Bethany, and Tiffany 😊

Beautiful Sasha meets Father Christmas in Collingwood Canada

Beautiful Sasha meets Father Christmas in Collingwood Canada
Hi Susan,
Each year we take Sasha to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society for a Christmas photo. It is a great fund raiser for the society and produces a lovely memory for us. Here is this year’s photo. As you can see, she is just as beautiful as ever - a terrific little gal who has both Ron and I “over the side”. We can’t believe that
Sasha will be 6 years old on Dec 13. Definitely not officially a puppy anymore but still so full of fun and energy. (As I write this, she just stole a rubber band in order to be noticed. ) Where does the time go?

You haven’t posted anything on the blog for a long time. I do hope that is not because of illness or bad circumstances for you or the family. Your High Calling family worries about you too. My hope is that you are just heavily into quilt making!

Hoping that this finds you and yours happy and healthy. And wishing you a Blessed Christmas. With love and best wishes - Pat And Ron And Sasha.