Friday, January 22, 2016

More from the Tuckaseegee Girls~

Too much snow! 
8-10 inches TIFFANY and BETHANY don't like this deep snow. 
I don't think I'm going outside.
Major snow storm! 
3 inches on the front porch. Tiffany was worried about this snow!
My front yard!
Blizzard! 5 inches and counting, expect 15 inches!

Major snow storm!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Miss Bethany and Miss Tiffany from Tuckaseegee, North Carolina~

What is this? Snow! My first snow!
 Tell my sister I would like to play with her in the snow!

BETHANY looking at all the white stuff.
Snow Day 
Bethany and Tiffany 
What does it taste like? Snow is beautiful and cold!
Tiffany out in her first snow

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Miss Bethany and Miss Tiffany from Tuckaseegee, North Carolina~

BETHANY  Hi Mama Sue, My favorite place to relax on a very cold winter day!

BETHANY. Just a little nap before bedtime. Love to all. 

Tiffany Very Cold up Here

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"Miss Hannah" from Cambridge, Wisconsin~

Hope you and your family had a blessed Christmas Sue. Hannah is now 4 years old and settling down some. Her nose leads her so she gets into a lot of mischief. Wishing you a very happy and healthy new year. We are having a very green winter here in Wisconsin. Seems so nice to see green grass in December. The pictures were taken a few weeks ago. Yesterday we had our 2nd snowfall of the year. I haven't written for so long thought I would catch up. Bless you and your family. Sally and Hannah :)

Miss Jingles from Westerville, Ohio~

Merry Christmas Mama Sue! I'm seven now I love watching the train!!!

"Miss Twinkle" from Minneapolis, Minnesota~

Hi Sue! How are you and Mike? Happy New Year! God is good!!

Just wanted you to have a picture of my wonderful Twinkle! She is the most beautiful dog I have ever had!! She is so intelligent and loving! We purchased a black male cocker from Florida last spring. We named him Teddy. Twinkle is so cute the way she comes to get Tim or I to tell us what Teddy is doing. She comes to get us, we follow her, and she just sits down right by Teddy and whatever mess he's made and looks up at us as if to say: What do you think about that? He's done it again, and he's in big trouble!!
Twinkle runs the house! I wouldn't know half of what's going on around here if it weren't for her, seriously!!

Is it really, really true that you don't have one single female dog in your line that can be bred to produce another Twinkle one day?
Tim and I were talking about that over coffee this morning, and we were just wondering if it's possible that perhaps one of your dogs somewhere is still able to be bred.

Also, I don't know if I ever received Twinkle's AKC papers from you. Would you please check on that for us?
I think you were waiting for her to be spayed, and that was done long ago. I don't know if I provided you with that information or not.

Well, I hope you are both well and happy and Praising the Lord!! I just looked on your portal and noticed that you have some more grandchildren coming! God is so good to us! We think of you often and pray for you and your family! I will be looking forward to an e-mail from you!

Stay blessed!

Tim, Rebecca, Twinkle and Teddy

Note from Sue: AKC paperwork was always sent with the puppies. Looks like the airline lost the folder, but I will see that Rebecca gets a duplicate copy.