Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Miss Maggie" from Erie, Pennsylvania~


I am SO sorry to hear about you having to part with your beloved Cockers. I can’t imagine how tough this has to be for you and your family. I pray that Mike will get better and that his health returns soon. I’m sure that many of the High Calling Cockers family feels the same way. You’ve brought a lot of people together that now share a common (or more) of your wonderful Cockers and our prayers are with you.

Maggie has been such a joy and is a blessing that I count daily. She passed her SMART Puppy class in 5 weeks and starts Canine Good Citizen class in 2 weeks. She just celebrated her 7 month birthday yesterday. It’s hard to believe how time flies and how she’s grown! She was the most rambunctious puppy in the class and just wants to play constantly. It’s great and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Attached is a picture I took of her this week. She’s very photogenic and I get a lot of photo ops!

Thank you again for Maggie and have a blessed Easter,

Linda and Pat

Saturday, March 23, 2013

"Ranger" from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas~

Hi Sue,
Mom and Dad took me and lab sister, Heidi, camping at Gulf Shores, AL for Spring Break. We got to do lots of hiking. We didn't see any gators, but I was ready to protect Mom if we had seen any.


Ranger and Kaynella

Hot Springs Village, AR

"Cosby" and "Brady" from Westville, Florida~

Cosby enjoying Caleb's new pet hamster!

Two are better than one!

Best friends hanging out

Thursday, March 21, 2013

"Miss Gabby" from West Springfield, Massachusetts~

Hi Sue:

How is Mike doing?

Gabby had her first grooming…..the groomer said she was good….not sure if I believe her or if she was being nice…..she is a little hand full but she is so dammmmmmmmm cute….She knows her name, brings the ball to me, she is a climber…..In May I am taking her to Puppy school.



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cute cocker video!

Cute cocker video~

The above video was sent to me this morning.  It's really adorable.  I hope you all enjoy watching the puppies romp and play.  I did!

Mama Sue

"Miss Muffin" from Scottsville, New York~



       Teaching Muffin "good habits" - begging at the table- HA - And of course, we can't refuse her~
Thank you again for Muffin!


Kate and Dick

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Miss Libby" from Lewiston, New York~



Guess who is coming to live with Libby?   Her mommy, Starr!  Thank you, Brenda and George for giving both girls such a wonderful home!

Much love,

Mama Sue

Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Miss Blossom" from Northfield, Vermont~

Blossom sporting her summer coat~

Hi Mama Sue ~ back from the groomers and by the looks of me I am getting ready for Spring/Summer here in Vermont. I told mom it might be a little early but she said, now Blossom you are not outside long enough to get the slightest bit cold and if so I have a snuggle little puppy dog jacket for you. Well needless to say so as I didn't have to wear the puppy jacket I said I guess your right mom. I am kinda of a couch potato. LOL

Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Ernie" (Nicholas) from Pueblo West, Colorado~

Hi Susan!

Well, I just looked at your website and am so sorry to learn that your husband has been so sick. I hope he is feeling better now! I know that a hospital stay
in and of itself can be very tiring not only for the patient but the whole family. We've been in that situation before too and my prayers for a speedy recovery
for your husband and yourself as well!

I wanted to give you an update on Nicholas (Ernie). He is doing wonderfully and we all love him so much! He is still a little snuggle bunny. He likes to lay on my feet if he isn't in my lap. Ernie just got his first haircut with Kim (our groomer) at Pet Paradise. All the dogs in Pueblo go to Pet Paradise as it's the most popular salon for dogs! Kim said Ernie was very good for her and he was admired by her other clients who thought he was just beautiful. She said that everyone just "oooed" and "awwed" when they saw him.

Ernie is so smart too. He has pretty much potty trained himself. He has his own washable potty pad in the kitchen if we're unable to let him outside. Otherwise, he rings the bells

hanging on the back door to tell us he wants to go out. I really like the washable pads as Ernie started to tear up the disposables. Plus, the disposables were getting expensive.

I bought the washable pads from a company online called " T. Bumpkins & CO." They have a lot of cute patterns.

Ernie loves to chase rabbits out of our yard. He can't figure out how they get thru the fence. He chases our cat too. She has been pretty patient with him as she seems to know he
is a puppy. She knows where to go to get away from him. Hopefully, they will be great friends in time.

I can't wait until the summer months are here. It has been hard to get used to the cold weather here in Colorado as we are from Phoenix, AZ. We are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon

with our 5th wheel camper this summer. We plan on meeting some friends of ours there and camping together. It will be so fun to bring Ernie camping with us! We'll be sure to get
some good pictures to send to you!

So, I'm attaching some pictures of Ernie for you to see how he is growing! We are so thrilled with him! He is just a little love bug! He loves everyone he meets!

Again, I hope you both will soon recover from the set back from the flu. My prayers and good wishes to
you both!


Ernie's Family in Pueblo West, CO.

Friday, March 15, 2013

"Miss Emily" and "Cooper" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Sue,

Hope all is at last going well for you and that Mike is improving
and home. All this cold weather we have been having can be
discouraging even when we feel well. Spring, so they say, is
right around the corner (hope the corner is near).

I'm sending along a picture of Ems and Coop in one of their quiet moments.
This moment happens every evening at 7 pm
when they each get a rawhide twist bone to chew on. They work
on them for an hour and it is so nice and still in the house. Cooper
is ready for bed around 8:30 but Emily stays up with the boys until
around 10:00.

We are so delighted to have two dogs at one time, I had no idea
it would be so easy or so much fun. Cooper copies everything
Emily does and Emily seems to love the company (most of the time).
Thank you Sue so very much for our babies.


"Dixon" (Macaroni) from Columbus, Mississippi~

Thought you might like to see this sweet boy in action. House is a mess. We're cleaning out for spring break. Hope you enjoy!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"Miss Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

Dearest Sue,

I'm blaming it all on Alex because he had the wild youth-I'm sad to say our daughter has taken up a life of crime. In addition to destruction of private property (it took over two weeks to get my new glasses in), Bailey Glory has added breaking and entering and petty larceny to her rap sheet. She has figured out how to open doors that aren't completely shut and has figured out which doors in the building don't completely shut-like the front door to the apartment across the hall...Fortunately, the guy that lives there is great and loves dogs and, more importantly, Bailey. He lost his oldest, a black lab named Enubis, in November, so now Wilhemina, a little furry mix of a thing, is all alone. Early last week, Bailey, Curley and I ran into the two of them as they were on their way out for their evening walk and we were on our way in from ours. Bailey and Wilhemina were doing laps around the hall and through his apartment, with Bailey emerging with a mouth full of Wil's toys. It was so cute and fun to watch them. They go over to the dog park a lot and now that Bailey's bigger, I might ask him if we can join them. I think the kids would have a great time. A few days later, as Bailey, Curley and I were heading out for our afternoon walk, Bailey entered the hall first while I was struggling to get Curley out while keeping Chica in, and I heard Bailey pounce on Wil's door...and the door give. I turned around in time to see her little silver butt go tearing through the kitchen before the door closed behind her. I went right over and knocked and Wil's Daddy did NOT come to the door. I had no idea if he was sleeping or out somewhere, so I did the only thing I could...I opened the door a crack and whisper screamed Bailey's name. I didn't see Bails, just a bewildered looking Wil. I called her again and this time she came whipping around the family room corner and into the hall at 90 mph...because she had Wil's favorite toy hidden in her mouth...sigh... After I fished it out, I opened the door, tossed it back into Wil, who was waiting for it by the front door, and ran. I swear you're going to see her or me on the 6:00 news before she's a year old...

But, actually, as you'll see with the photos, she's been AMAZING with Chica while she recovers from the surgery to remove the skin cancer tumor on the side of her toe. She came home on the 26th with a bandage up to the pad on the back of her leg that completely encased her paw. Because of this, Bailey felt it was her job to assist Chica with her grooming rituals. She has also barely let Chica out of her sight and insists on sharing her bed. And Chica hasn't minded all the attention one little bit. The biggest challenge with this has been keeping the bandage dry in the terrible weather we've had the last few weeks. Thankfully, Mom sent me home with a bunch of newspaper bags at Christmas-they're the perfect length. Bailey instantly recognized that Chica couldn't play with her as she usually does and most of the time is understanding that I have to take Chica out separately-MOST of the time! And the first week we were going out A LOT! The night after her surgery, Chica came down with diarrhea. They thought it was a reaction to the Rimadyl, so they stopped that, but when it continued they had me try small frequent meals, then boiled chicken, then two anti-diarrheal meds. When it hadn't stopped by Monday, I had her at our regular vet's office. He diagnosed her with Colitis and gave her a shot of penicillin. He also put her on Flagyl, the same meds Alex takes when his Crohn's flares up. Well, we went from everything coming out of her butt to nothing coming out of her butt until four days later. I was beginning to wonder if things would ever get back to normal and if she'd ever get back to eating her own food. In a week's time I made 30 pieces of chicken, noodles (which she hated), mashed potatoes (which she also hated), and cottage cheese (nope!). The only thing I could get into her besides the boiled chicken was some plain yogurt mixed with peanut butter. Typically I'm a once-a-week grocery shopper, but this turned me into my Mom and had me at Wegman's daily! I was truly grateful I took the rest of the week following her surgery off. She and I were only sleeping a few hours at a time since she had to go out so frequently and I would have been a total zombie staring at a computer screen all day. I did try to get some stuff done around the house at first, but she kept following me from room to room and since she needed to rest, I parked it on the couch, burned through a bunch of stuff on my NetFlix list and got a lot done on my Christmas crafts. In addition to the Bucilla Mary Engelbreit Advent Calendar I'm working on, which is coming out SO cute!, I've also started a stocking for Chris to take with him when he deploys in the Fall and another little cross-stitch project. Chica goes back to the vet tomorrow and I'm praying she'll have healed enough to have the sutures out and the bandage removed. On the plus side, the biopsy results came back pretty good. It's on the low end of a Grade 2 and all her margins were clear, so now we wait and see.

I hope and pray that Mike is well on the mend by this point and that the remainder of your family is healthy and happy, too. You all are never far from our thoughts and hearts.

Much Love,

Sarah & Bailey Glory (or prisoner # 1328K75 as she's now known...)

Monday, March 11, 2013

"Bentley" from Buffalo, New York~

Hi Sue

I hope Hubby is doing better. It has been a tough winter for many. Mom is still in rehab. Going on 8 weeks. Oh my. Here is a little bit of sunshine. I was watching the world news and I thought Bentley was playing with his stuffed chicken......NOT!! :)

Think spring!

Kathy and Bentley. Buffalo NY=

Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Miss Taffy" from Westbury, New York~

Hi Sue,

Hope all is well. Just sending along a few pictures of our sweet, beautiful Taffy. She brings so much joy into our days. We're so happy we have her!!


Thursday, March 7, 2013

"Miss Blossom" from Northfield, Vermont~

Hi Mama Sue~this is me Blossom on my couch in our living room a few days after Santa came. I am doing really good and I am loved very much and spoiled. I am having the time of my life here with these nice people you let me come to live with and I thank you for that! Sending smooches your way!! Love you Mama Sue!!

"Miss Snowy" from Rouses Point, New York~

Hello Everybody,

 I just want to send out a Happy St. Patrick's Day hello to you all.

Lots of Smooches!




Sunday, March 3, 2013

Note from Mama Sue~

Just wanted to let everyone know that Mike has been moved out of the ICU and onto the Med/Surg floor to a regular patient room.  The doctor said he may be able to come home on Tuesday.   He is feeling a lot better and I want to thank everyone for the emails of concern, and for the many prayers you have sent "up" to the Lord.  God bless you all!


Friday, March 1, 2013

Note from Mama Sue~

For those of you who might not know, Mike has been in intensive care for the past three days.  He has been very sick with that flu that's going around. He is feeling a little better now and I would ask you for your prayers for both of us for strength of body and mind during this trying time.  Thank you!  I will post updates as I can.

Blessings on everyone,

Mama Sue

"Miss Willow" from Clinton, New Jersey~

Hi Mama Sue,

Its me - Willow. Just wanted to let you know I'm doing well and
growing fast. I really like having a big sister ..... most of the time
...... sometimes Jenny doesn't like sharing her bones and I get
frustrated being so little but all in all, life here is really good!
Will do my best to keep in touch. Sending my love with wet puppy