Friday, December 28, 2012

"Ranger" from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas~

I am VERY proud to inform you that little Ranger PASSED his CGC Test with flying colors! This is his first step in becoming a reading therapy dog, "Reading with Ranger"!

He just turned one and previously passed his Beginner Obedience class. He is such a smart little dog and he is so loved by his mom and dad and lab sister, Heidi.

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for all you do!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

"Miss Lacey Ann" from Oshkosh, Wisconsin~

Hi Sue.

Me and Robin would like to thank you for our little kid. She is so spoiled it is pathetic. Robin says she's a little kid in a fur coat !!! Oh Brother. I'd tell you about it but you wouldn't believe me if I did. She rules the roost here. gets anything she wants. Anyhow. Have a wonderful New Year and the Best to you and your family. Robin has been hinting she wants a little brother for Lacey.. Ahh NOT !!! Man, 2 spoiled Cockers and I'd have to move out. Maybe that's what she's planning on huh ? LOL Oh well. Take care and here are a few pics of Lacey Ann if your wondering what she looks like at 10 months. If you get some pics of her sisters please let me know. Thanks, God Bless.

Dr. Dean and Robin

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

"Rex" from Indio, California~


"Miss Honeybee" from Indio, California~

Merry Christmas Sue. I just want to let you know how happy we are with Honeybee and Rex. They are such loves and bring so much happiness to our home. I'll be sending a pic of Rex.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Miss Natasha" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

"Sparky" from Astoria, Illinois~

Dear Mama Sue,

It is Sparky from Astoria, Illinois, and I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and very Happy New Year! I hope your New Year will bring many blessings to you and all My High Calling Cocker family! As you can see I still like toys, and Santa Claus always brings me one every year, I guess that means I have been a good boy! I should have gotten my Christmas wishes sent earlier, but I have been so busy helping around the house, but just didn't want you to think I forgot you, never would I forget my first family so I am sending the biggest HUGS and LOVE that a little doggy can send.



"Miss Natasha" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

Wishing you and your family all the best during the Holidays! All is well here. We waited until the last minute to put up the tree (and the bottom is rather bare), but so far Natasha has left it alone.

Here is a quick snapshot of her in front of the tree. She is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the grand kids this weekend - she still loves everyone, especially kids.

We enjoy seeing all the photos on the Blog, and send Best Wishes to all High Calling Cockers and their families.


Sharon & Lou

"Bentley" from Buffalo, New York~

He is not always an angel........

Bentley's toys got baths in the washing machine and he could not wait till I brought them upstairs!

Hi Sue!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Bentley just graduated from the "Intermediate" class at Petsmart in Orchard Park NY. This is the second 6 week course we took. I really enjoy it! It gets me out of the house for a bit. He knows how to "go place"...hops in his basket in the am and waits till I tell him to go eat. The "go place" command comes in handy somedays when he is a little bit of a troublemaker.
He does have a bad habit of stealing sneakers and slippers. He doesn't chew, just runs and shakes them back and forth. I tell him "leave it" when I take off my sneakers at the door. He follows me down the hall about 10 feet and then goes back and steals a sneaker. He also likes to help me sort out laundry, problem is that I have to look for the matching sock. He even helps take clothes out of the washer before I can get them into the dryer....oh my...somedays! He keeps me on my toes.

Bentley didn't touch any of the Christmas stuff, but he does get into other stuff (see below pic-the red container is where I store his food--it was empty, but he had to check it out.

He is currently weighing about 17 plus pounds at almost 7 months, but he is tall and trim.

Have a wonderful Holiday!

Kathy & Bentley Buffalo, NY

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Save a life~

This is good information.

We have all walked by the Red Cross sign in airports indicating where a heart machine is located. Do you know what is in them and how to use it? Try this video and see what you think.
If you pick the wrong choice----the man dies----choosing wisely may save a life. I just watched this video and was impressed, so I'm posting it on the blog with the hope that it'll save lives (maybe mine, yours or someone you love!).

Saturday, December 22, 2012

"Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Good Evening, Sue:

"Baby" Biscuit wishes you, your family, and everyone at High Calling Cockers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Biscuit recently received his yearly physical exam at the Kingston Animal Hospital. Dr. Kathy immediately remarked what a handsome, muscular boy he had become. She then asked Daddy John what food we were feeding him and commented on how beautiful his coat of hair was. John replied that we fed "Baby" Purina One Chicken and Rice, which you had recommended.

Blessings and Prayers Always,

Biscuit, Cocker Clancy, Kay, and John

"Dixon" from Columbus, Mississippi~

Dear Sue,

     Every year at this time I think of our great adventure to pick up the newest member of our family!  Dixon continues to bless our lives in so many ways.  He is my baby, Tim's full of energy sport dog, and most of all, Christian's best friend.  I can't even imagine our lives without him.. We are inseparable.  He goes on every vacation and most local trips to do errands.  He's a great traveler.  Our veterinarian and groomer are amazed at his temperament.  He is welcome everywhere he goes, and that's a testament to your expertise as a breeder.  Thank you for his most incredible gift!!  It is so hot here that we keep h im cut short, even though he's only outside when we are.  It has been in the 70's this week.  I know I'm rambling, but there are so many things I want to say and we need to get these cards in the mail.  He loves the pool, and will float on one of the rafts while we are swimming.  He laps the water between his paws.  Dixon is an awesome soccer player.  He uses his front legs just like a soccer star.  He still loves his toys.  We have to replace them about every six months.  Every morning when we say "let's get Christian up", he runs to get one of his favorite toys.  He jumps back in bed with Christian and presents him with the toy.  When Christian is doing his homework, he sits or lies patiently at his feet.  He loves to run and play.  He loves balls that are too big to fit in his mouth. You wouldn't believe how agile this boy is!!
       I hope this finds you and your family doing well.  We wish you a Christmas full of faith, family, and fun!!  If you are every in Mississippi, our door is open to you!!

Much love,

"Christian's Run Dixon Run", Tim, Nancy and Christian

"Archie" and "Toby" Therapy Dogs from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Friday, December 21, 2012

"Bailey" and "Cubby Jr" and their friend "Jakey" too, from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Happiest of holidays from our home to yours!
May you have a very happy Christmas and a healthy 2013!

George, Susan, Bailey, Jakey and Cubby Jr.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Miss Molly" (Raegan) from Rockville Centre, New York~

Good morning and Merry Christmas!

I haven't written since I first got Molly ( your Raegan born 8/23/11) but I had to share her adorable Christmas picture with Santa. She ran over to him like a little kid. It was hilarious. He told me she asked for a brother LOL! I also attached a little collage of us with pictures from this past year and picture of her with her reindeer hat. As you can see she LOVES the water and the beach. Hopefully our beach areas will be back to normal soon so she can have her fix!

Molly has been a wonderful addition to our family. It's like she's always been there. She is a total cuddle bug and will fall asleep in anyones lap. It's the best! She also loves the outdoors and joins me on all my hikes, walks and even kayaks with me around my lake! She's a wonderful dog!

Thank you again for her and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- Jackie

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"Thunder" from Shinnston, West Virginia~

Sorry Sue If I Repeated myself in the email I save this email in my draft file for months, The picture with thunder holding my dad's cell phone was funny because thunder knew he was not allowed to have it and just stood there until I got it from him & I just happened to have my camera with me...


"Thunder" from Shinnston, West Virginia~

Updated again on Dec. 16th, 2012 - I seen on your website snowy & rio had a Litter I'm so happy & I can't wait to see pictures of them... I love looking at all your pictures... The pictures I'm sending you I just wanted you to see how happy Thunder is and the fence in back yard he loves playing in.. The Leopard scarf Thunder has on was my grandma's scarf she past away 5 years ago and Leopard prints was her favorites so I took a few pictures of Thunder with it on him... The picture with the red rope was the one you gave him when I pick Thunder up & I wanted you to see it now. Thunders has it to shreds so I had to take it away and save it in Thunder's tote, Thunder has over 100 toys & I swear to you in a month time he will play with everyone of his toys, and for xmas I got him 15 more toys and my mom & dad bought him 8 toys so far.. The Picture of his toys you see is only 1 area/stack of 3 in the house

Sue, I cannot Thank You Enough For Thunder, Thunder & I include you & your family in our Prayers everynight... I will send you a few video's of thunder for you to see how he acts when I ask him if he loves me and when I tell him he's a good boy, You will be lost for words... I know your busy now with all the new puppies and xmas coming up so I will email you later on...

Merry Christmas to you & your Family & Happy New Years & God Bless You Always.

"Thunder" from Shinnston, West Virginia~

Sorry to write you a long letter, I just wanted you to know How Great Thunders is & I Thank God & You everynight for him......

I have a few video clips I wanted you to see of Thunder, Thunder knows the Words if I say "you wanna go outside" or go bye bye or if I say grandma or grandpa is coming, Thunder knows so much that it amazes me, I can go on and on about how smart thunder is, Thunder Always Talks to Me when I ask him if he Loves Me, & when I ask Thunder for a Kiss he gives me One, That was the 1st Thing I taught him was to give kisses & my dad gets a kiss every night from Thunder before he goes to bed....
Thanks again for the most Beautiful, Lovable, Best Dog in The World...

West Virginia Mike & Thunder

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

"Thunder" from Shinnston, West Virginia~

Hey Sue,

 I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Thunder & share you a few things about Thunder....I'm going to Jump from Subject to Subject so bear with me.  I Look at your website 2 times a day to look at other doggie pictures that people post & to look at your puppies that you post... Thunder Turned 1 year old on June 10th & Its been the Greatest year of my Life, I'm with Thunder 24/7 & if I have a doctor's appointment or go to the store my MOM or DAD stay with him, I have eyes on Thunder 24/7 & if I don’t He CRIES like a baby and that Kills me. I stay & help with Thunder when I take him to get his haircut and I bathe him @ my house b4 I take him to get his haircut, I know that I should train him to be alone but I cant stand to see him cry, when I take out the garbage & leave him alone for 10 seconds he goes crazy howling & crying... I put up a fence in my backyard in March and he Loves Running and Playing & Loves trying to catch birds & bees & butterflies, its so Funny to watch him play...Sue, I Dreamed of Having a cocker spaniel that is Lovable & Smart & Good with people And Thunder is That way and so much more, Thunder is Full of LOVE, Thunder Loves all his Toys he plays so good with them, Thunder sleeps beside me & on me every night & in the morning when its time to get up Thunder gets so happy & gets so excited and I'm laying in bed he comes to my face and gives me Kisses & Kisses.. I just want to Thank You again for bringing Thunder to ME you are a Saint... You have the Most Beautiful & Smartest cocker spaniels in the World & Thunder has the best Personality I have ever seen in a person or dog & The most Lovable person/dog I ever been around I think of Thunder as my BOY & Everyone that knows me in my hometown knows it... I Tell Everyone Thunder is like winning the Lottery he really his but Thunder is Priceless... Thunder is PERFECT, Thank You SUE...


"Mr. Watson" and "Mr. Wyatt" from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hello Sue,

Just wanted to wish you and your family a very Blessed Christmas. I am doing better and so is Dennis. The boys are boys and doing great. They are inseparable. We finally have the yard fenced in and they love going out and being able to run. Wyatt is the energizer bunny and he will run at Watson full speed and body slam him a few times until Watson runs after him.They bring me so much joy. When I lay on the couch they fight for who can get closer to me. I usually end up with one curled behind my knees and one laying right on top of my body thinking I am there pillow. It was cute the first time but after a while they do get heavy. Wyatt is now 18 lbs. and doing great. Watson is 30lbs. and the one who likes to snuggle all the time. I want to thank-you again for allowing me the joy to not only have one of you great cockers but 2. Bless you for raising such wonderful house pets. Congrats on all the new puppies. I am sure they will bring each family a lot of joy and happiness for many years to come. I did try to con hubby into just one more dog. He said oh no that is what you said when we got the second one. (lol).

I have enclosed the Christmas pics I took last year as I have not found time to take new pictures.

Love Dot, Dennis, Mr. Watson and Mr. Wyatt

"Miss Mia Rose" from Seaford, Long Island, New York~

Ho ho ho!!!!

Merry Christmas mama Sue! I can't wait for Santa. I've been a really good girl this year. Love you and mama Rosie and papa Rio. Love Mia Rose from Seaford Long Island.