Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dylan Lee from Sevierville, Tennessee~

Hi Sue,

Things have been interesting around here, to say the least. Dylan’s a sweetheart and too smart for his own good. He runs everywhere he goes. He has a laundry basket full of toys available at all times, but prefers to chew on shoes and furniture. I had to take the lava rocks out of the fireplace because he kept chewing them.
The biggest problem has been our girls. They are just now starting to warm up to him. They acted like their hearts were broken and just started being friendly to us, again, and him in the past two days.
Dylan slept through nearly all of the first night here, then wouldn’t hush the next two nights. We figured out that we needed to put his crate up on an ottoman next to the bed so he can see us, and now he sleeps through the entire night without going out or messing his blankets.

He made the switch to the same food as the girls already with no problem, has started ringing the bell on the door like they do to go out, and yesterday he started running both down and up our seven porch stairs to go do business. He also discovered yesterday that he can bark like the girls do. He has only had accidents in the house when the weather is bad and, like the girls, he doesn’t want to go out then and get wet.
Thanks for this great little guy,


Hallelujah! Welland, Ontario~ not too far from where I live

(Click here)  Hallelujah Chorus...soooo worthwhile!!!

Cubby Jr. and Bailey from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Sue-  A friend of ours brought us a bottle of wine and had it in a rabbit fur holder- can you believe it??  Anyway, I gave it to Cubby Jr. and he just loves it!  Is this a sleeping baby or what????

Shelby from Clearwater, Florida~

 Hi Sue,
Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and blessed as you are. I have attached some pictures that Mike e-mailed to me from home. She is doing wonderfully and we love her to pieces. I was looking at your web site today and watched the Smile Box. Whenever I need a little boost, all I have to do is look at your website and it makes me smile. I love looking at your blog and seeing all of the puppies that have been given loving homes. Your Smile Box was delightful. All of the puppies are just beautiful. Mike and I can never thank you enough for all of the joy that you have brought into our lives. Shelby and Maggie are truly the best of friends.
We hope that you and your family are doing well and we are saying special prayers for all of you.
Love and hugs,

Dylan Lee (Silver Flash) from Sevierville, Tennessee~

Hi Sue,
We’ve all spent the last hour and a half meeting each other in the basement, where there’s a cool concrete floor, lots of light and plenty of room for strangers to get to know each other. Dylan’s gorgeous!!! He’s in my lap right now (9pm).
 We got home at 7:30, and I’d have to say Delta appears to have taken good care of him.
He would not drink or eat anything for me at the airport. He drank and ate at home, though, even eating some of the lamb and rice bits we give the girls for treats. He met his sisters and has already tee-d them off by trying to bounce off them.  He went outside in the dark, did his business and then got all wound up and started running around and chasing leaves.
He’s very bright-eyed, curious, loving (giving lots of kisses), and follows every move I make around the room with his eyes.
If his sisters can learn to tolerate his puppy stage and if it’s okay with you, I think we’d kind of like to keep him forever,

Cubby (Elliott) from Southport, Connecticut~

Hello Sue,
I just wanted to extend my greetings to you and your family as we begin our Christmas preparation. Paul and I spent the holiday in Florida. Our Cubby did great at my Mom's house. We love him so much and could not wait to get back home to our routine with our baby boy. I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday went well as one holiday prep cycle now turns into another. I loved all the photos that I saw in the Smile Box...thanks for including Cubby!!
I will send new Christmas Holiday photos soon. Thanks for all you do to raise the beautiful...most wonderful puppies. I am not sure I have said that enough to you and I am very grateful that I found your website which brought me to my Cubby. He has helped me heal after I lost my Elliot...it has taken six months, but I cry much less and can look at photos of Elliot much easier. I know for sure that Cubby has helped me to do that.
Thanks again for one of the best gift I have received this year...my Cubby Boy!! I am very Thankful for him.

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~

Isn't this just the cutest picture???   The groomers at Niagara Kennels made this for one of my cocker families when they groomed Lacey.  The picture actually has a calendar attached to it! 
What a neat idea!  They're the BEST!


Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Heidi" from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hi Sue,

Hope all your renovations are done and the place looks great!

Heidi is all recovered from her surgery. She is a bundle of joy and energy. She weighs 16 lbs. and has almost all of her adult teeth. Where's the puppy we brought home. She is such a cutie and so sweet. She just loves to cuddle. WE are anxious to see her reaction to snow! She loved chasing the leaves when the wind would blow them around.
We wish you and your family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving. Take care and God bless you.
Love, Dick and Carol

Chloe from Gansevoort, New York~

Dear Susan,

Wanted to give you a quick update on Chloe. She is adjusting beautifully to her new home and is very spoiled. The two sheperds just love her as does everyone in the family.  I will try to get some photos to you soon. Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving and thanks again for allowing us to adopt one of your beautiful puppies. She has brought a smile back to my face and is helping to heal all our hearts after the unexpected loss of our Toby.

Suzanne and Frank

Friday, November 26, 2010

"Abby" from Chesapeake, Virginia~

Mike and Keri surprised their boys with a new cocker puppy, "Abby"!!  Mike flew to the Buffalo Airport where I met him so he could take Abby home as a carry-on.  Keri has texted me that they are just thrilled with their new baby.  And of course, I am thrilled that my little girl will have such a wonderful new home!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

"Cooper" from Clinton, Mississippi~

Hello Mrs. Martin,
This email is long overdue. I just wanted to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and send a few pictures of Cooper. These pictures were taken after one of his many haircuts. We groom him about every 5 weeks.
Thank you again for Cooper and may you have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

Traci Powell

"Emily" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Sue,

After putting the turkey in the oven this morning, I turned on the computer and found your wonderful smile box. Oh how we loved it; we watched it a couple of times. Thank you so much for this lovely way to start the holiday season.

We are looking forward to Starr's delivery tomorrow and are anxious to see Emily's half-brothers and half-sisters. Our little girl is the love of our lives. She often does things that just make us laugh and laugh. She has taken to playing "doggie soccer", as we call it, with a fake pumpkin I have in the yard. It is really hysterical to watch. I tried to get a picture, but they don't quite show the action - she is so fast.
Thanks again for the wonderful smile box and we hope the Martin family will have a great Thanksgiving day!!
Love to you Sue.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ziva from Howard City, Michigan~

Oh my Sue...I had to take a minute and thank you for the beautiful "Thanksgiving Smilebox". I am still wiping tears from am cheeks as I type this.

I have to tell you one more time you have the most gorgeous cockers I have ever seen.

Each and ever time I look at the going home pictures of the babies and new parents, your babies get more and more beautiful, or maybe your camera skills are getting better and better!!!!!

No really thank you--thank you for not only my gorgeous beautiful girl but for all the hard work that goes into what you do for all of us.
Have a Wonderful Blessed Thanksgiving...

Love to you...

Pat and Ziva

"Mia" from St.James, New York~

Sue – thank you for our new puppy. Mia has adapted well to her new forever home. She is very sweet and does like nibbling on things, as you noted she nibbled on the blanket as you drove her to meet us. The kids (ages 20 and 16) just love her and are spending lots of time playing with her and training her. We miss our Nina, but Mia has brought us more laughter and smiles, and life goes on. Alex will be leaving for the Army Infantry in the spring, and I know they will miss each other. I know from your web site you also have a son in the military. God Speed to them both.
Be well. Thanks again. And have a very happy Thanksgiving.


Sparky from Astoria, Illinois~

Hello Mama Sue,It is little me, Sparky. I know tomorrow is a special day to be Thankful for all the blessings we have, really we should be thankful everyday! Mama Sue, I have been busy here all Summer and Fall doing fun doggy things. Mommy says Winter is coming, and we will not be able to sit in the yard so much.

I was told you have found some wonderful homes for the puppies. I know that is GREAT, to find loving homes for all the puppies.

I really pray you, and your family, and of course all the High Calling Cockers have the most blessed Thanksgiving!

All my Sparky love,


Bailey and Cubby Jr from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Momma Sue!

Love- Bailey and Cubby Jr

A Blessed Thanksgiving from High Calling Cockers~!

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Drummer from Grand Junction, Colorado~

I'm attaching a picture of Drummer after he came home from the groomers. I
wish that I could capture on camera how beautiful he really is with his long
coat. When he strikes what I call the "Show pose" he's so stunning!

Glenn especially asked me to thank you for such a wonderful dog! I hope that you have a nice Thanksgiving with your family.

Big hugs,


Monday, November 22, 2010

"Joey" from Edison, New Jersey~

What a wonderful family Joey is going to!!  He will be very loved for many, many years.  He is a very special little boy, and will bring much love to his new family!  :")

"Ellie" (Autumn) from Morrisonville, New York~

Look at these happy faces!!!  Ellie is going to be sooooo spoiled!  And I'm thrilled!!! :")

"Mia" (Treasure) from St' James, New York~

We met three lovely families in Syracuse last weekend!
What a lovely time we had enjoying each other's company and friendship!!

Bracelet from Painted Post, New York~

Cindy and Joel drove up to meet me at the vet's office to pick up their new baby girl.  I had just decided to keep this puppy, but Joel talked me out of it.  LOLOL   I know they will love her for many, many years!

Amelia from Rochester, New York~

It was great to meet Christie and Joe!  They will be such great parents for their new baby girl, Amelia!
I look forward to seeing new pictures of this precious baby as she grows.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Christian's Run Dixon Run from Columbus, Mississippi~

Dear Susan,
I just got these proofs from the photographer. I couldn't wait to send some to you. So far I have only been able to send one picture at a time so please forgive me. Dixon is the love of our lives. He is just what each of us needed. He and Christian are the best of friends. They are inseparable. They even sleep together. On weekends he is in the bed with whoever gets up last. He loves to go outside early and come back in and snuggle with someone. He is so smart that I sometimes expect him to speak to me. He follows commands easily, and loves to get one of his "biscuits". He weighs about twenty pounds now and is very tall. He loves his toys, and he loves to play. He is so fast when he runs. He loves to play football, baseball, frisbee, chase, and hide and seek. At night after Christian goes to bed, he gets in the chair with me, wiggles around, and sits frontward. He puts his head on my chest and lets me love on him until he falls asleep. At night he will come and lightly scratch on Tim's arm when he needs to go out. I am not the late night person. Once in a while, it is a false alarm, and he just drinks some water from the pool. He is so funny with his front legs around the ledge, bending down to get a drink.

These pictures were made at Lake Lowndes, which is just two blocks from where we live. The weather was beautiful, and the sky was a cornflower blue. You can see some of the beautiful foliage in the background. I just love the golds and reds of fall. Dixon loves riding in the car. He hardly ever barks, and when he does it's a light woof woof like he's clearing his throat. He did that at first at drive up windows, but now he is used to it. He loves everybody, but he hates the broom when I'm using it. I usually close the kitchen door when I need to sweep.

It will be hard to choose the pictures for the Christmas card. I think they both look so handsome. Dixon is very photogenic and cooperated with the photographer. He looks like a model.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We will always be thankful for you and our sweet, beautiful Dixon.

Love you,

Nancy, Tim, Christian, and Dixon

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"Lucy" from Grovetown, Georgia~

Hi Mrs. Martin,

Just wanted to send you some pictures of Lucy! Sorry it has taken sooo long to get you updated pictures. You know the craziness that is going on in our family. But Herman is doing great!  Lucy went to the vet last wednesday. She was perfect and the vet loved her... We are having such a great time with Lucy. Everyday she does something different that puts a big smile on our faces. Currently she is enjoying taking Suzy's bed and toys! lol..
Ashley was excited to see that Silver Flash got a new home :) Hope to hear from you soon!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This was worthwhile....God's Chisel~

God’s Chisel « Videos « The Skit Guys

Molly (Charity) from Shawnee, Oklahoma~

Hi Sue

Here's a couple photos of Molly (Charity) after her puppy trim

yesterday! She got an "Awesome" on her Pawgress Report they sent home

with her : ) The photo on the left with her left leg in a pose

position she did especially for you to show off her pedicure. She is

spoiled! LOL Have a great day!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chloe from Gansevoort, New York~

Chloe went to live with her new mommy and daddy yesterday too!  I forgot to have her daddy get out of the car to have his picture taken with his new baby.  So I'm hoping to get pictures of them all together, soon!