Monday, November 16, 2015

Miss Bethany Willow and Miss Tiffany Rose from Tuckaseegee, North Carolina~

Tiffany trying to get all the toys

Tiffany in the toy box

See the tail wag?

Bethany ignoring. Tiffany

Bethany looking good in the morning

Saturday, November 14, 2015

"Miss Ladybug"~

Here is Miss Ladybug chasing her tennis ball. :")

Sunday, November 8, 2015

"Natasha" and "Stitch" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida...and Maine~



Hi Sue,

It's been awhile since I sent photos of the pups. All is well, and we
are anxiously awaiting Natasha's 4th birthday later this month. Hard to believe!
Enjoyed seeing the recent photos of your Ladybug, and your beautiful quilting.
Glad to hear Mike is doing well.

Lou sends his regards - he had a bumper
crop of apples from his four trees in Maine and has supplied us with plenty of
apple pie and more.

A couple snapshots of our dynamic duo from our outing
today are attached - the first photo is Natasha, and Stitch is the second.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

From Cherrie' in North Carolina~ (Bethany Willow and Tiffany Rose's Mommy)

Hi Sue,

Yes, I still love your blog site. I'm so glad Mike is doing well. All the praise goes to the great healer! Well, I packing and packing and still haven’t gotten everything finished. At least I’ve found a house. Now if I can get everything in order, so much to do.

Love Miss Ladybug she looks just like Tiffany and Tiffany is too smart for her own good at times! But a true love and joy!

I’ll talk later.

Love Cherrie’, Bethany and Tiffany

From Pat (Sasha's Mommy) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada~

I want you to know that you continue to enrich the lives of people you have never met. Last week our dear friends lost their beloved yorkie, Teddy. I went to your website to find the Rainbow Bridge story and sent it to them. Yesterday they wrote back to say that they had read it many times and that it brought great comfort to them. Not only that, they had forwarded it to three other couples who had recently lost beloved dogs. They too have been comforted greatly.
When we lost Shandy, God guided me to your site. The rest is history. We have beautiful Sasha and we are making more wonderful memories with a treasured cocker. How can I not give thanks every single day?!

Just thought you should know....

Love Pat

Monday, November 2, 2015

"Bentley" from Norwalk, Connecticut~

Hi Susan,
This is Karen T., Erica T's mom. I was just thinking of you and your family and how wonderful that we met five years ago. Bentley is Erica’s greatest joy. He is such a love. She just got married in August and Bentley was her ring bearer. Thank you for bringing him into the world.
Karen and Erica