Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A note from Mama Sue~ and added note~

Hello to all~

Just a quick note to let you know I had quite a scare this past week! I had to call an ambulance and spent three days in the hospital with high blood pressure. I had a TIA which is a mini-stroke. The ER doctor said the "big one" is right around the corner. So I've been trying to be more careful about what I eat and I probably should take off all these extra pounds. I have been keeping some of you in my prayers as I know what you are going through, health-wise. You know who you are. If you want me to share with our High Calling Family so we can all pray for you, please let me know.
Our daughter, Cheryl just found out her second baby is a boy! So Layla will have a little brother to mother. LOL
I would appreciate everyone's prayers in my regard for my health, and also prayers for Mike's foot as he's still battling this diabetic foot ulcer. He has been in a cast for three weeks. Thank you!!! God bless you all!

Much love,

Mama Sue

My time flies. I said in my post above that Mike has been in a cast for three weeks. What was I thinking? It's seven or eight weeks! Hopefully he will get it off today, because it is leaking through and I don't think it has helped at all. When we were in NY, he tried this treatment, and it didn't work up there either. Please keep him in your prayers! Thank you!


"Miss Willow" and her friend, "Miss Jenny" from Clinton, New Jersey~

Hi Mama Sue,

Happy Spring! Sure glad the long harsh winter finally seems to have
come to an end. Hope your Easter celebration was wonderful - filled
with much love and many blessings that continue well into the year.
Mom, Dad, Jenny and I are busy getting ready for our annual trek out
West for the summer. I still have to take it a bit easy as I was
spayed on April 15th. Mom and Dad have their hands full trying to keep
Jenny and I from our usual wrestling routine. I'll be glad when I can
go back to my normal very active lifestyle ...... one more week.
Please take care. I'll send more photos of my summer adventures.



From Cherrie' and Bethany~


Bethany and I just wanted to take the time to wish you and all the Martin’s a very Happy Easter!
We’re doing well right now and hope the weather will improve for Easter! Please know that you are in my prayers every night and our love goes out to you and all!

Blessings and tail wagging happiness,

Cherrie’ and Bethany

"Drummer Boy" from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi there!

I just wanted to wish you a Happy Easter! We're having rain today, but it's supposed to clear and be in the 70's tomorrow.

I'm attaching a picture of Drummer's new "do". It still has length, but it will (hopefully) be cooler this summer. Since it was still pretty cool here, he was a little chilly the first few nights. He kept waking us up several times a night before I figured it out. Once I put a blanket in with him, he was fine!

I've been crazy busy with projects - especially outside. I kind of got on a roll and it's been hard to stop!

I hope all is well with you and your family. I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to look at the blog for quite a while. I apologize if I missed some important announcement there. I do hope that you art doing OK.

God Bless!

Mary :o)

"Miss Emily" and "Mr. Cooper" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hello Mama Sue,

April 20th wasn't just Easter - it was also my birthday;
I turned 4 years old. I hope my sister Gracie and my
brothers Bojangles and Dusty had a wonderful time on
our special day!!

I had quite a time trying to open my birthday present, but
when I finally succeeded, out came a multi-colored
frog that squeaked. I liked playing with it and so did
Cooper, who couldn't wait to get his mouth on it. Just
so you know Mama Sue, my little brother (also known
as Mini-Coop) can really try my patience. There are days
that I wish I were an " only child" again; then there are
other days that make me feel very happy to have him here
with me.

Later in the day, Cooper and I were given our Easter pails.
Each pail had a talking bird, a ball and a special Easter Bunny
cookie made just for dogs. I was lucky to get an ear off the
bunny cookies before Coop devoured them both.

We hope you and Papa Mike have a wonderful time at
Shannon's wedding and Mom says she will look forward
to seeing the wedding pictures.

We love you lots Mama Sue.

Emily & Cooper

Sunday, April 20, 2014

I wish you a Blessed Easter!

I wish you all a blessed Resurrection Sunday! He is Risen! The Lord is Risen Indeed! Alleluia!
We are so very blessed to have a Savior! What a blessed promise He has given us...eternal life with Him.
Blessings upon Blessings!

I had a very nice surprise this morning! My website is finally working properly and I was able to switch over to an Easter theme. :") God is good!

My Easter baskets are made for the little turkey is in the roaster for our family get together later, and now I will get ready for church. Praise God for this opportunity to worship Him, and for filling all our hearts with joy and love for one another. I truly love you all.

In His Love, Peace and Joy,

Mama Sue

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Note from Mama Sue~

Good afternoon to all my High Calling Cocker family!

I hope you have all had a blessed holy week, and made it to church on Maundy Thursday to remember the Last Supper of our Lord Jesus Christ, and on Good Friday to remember His passion and Crucifixion. Tomorrow morning we will all rejoice in His rising from the dead. I hope you can enjoy being with your church family tomorrow, and if you don't have a church, I hope you can look up a service now, so you'll get there in the morning. Easter is always so glorious and I hope you don't miss it!

I want to let you all know that I have been having a terrible time with Yahoo SiteBuilder, which is the publishing tool I've used to publish my High Calling Cocker website all these years. As you have probably noticed, I haven't been able to update my site since St. Patrick's Day. They are not allowing any changes, and it's so embarrassing for me to have the St. Patrick's Day theme on there. They won't even give me a current phone number to call for customer support, so my hand's are tied.

I hope you all bookmark the blog, and save this URL address. If you are using the website to use that link to get to the blog, and I end up having to delete the website, I want you all to still be able to get to the blog.

If anyone sends me an email that you don't want put on the blog, please make mention of that in your email subject line. Also, if you have sent me an email that I have either not received or lost, please resend it, or at least bring it to my attention so I can go back and look for it. I love to hear from my High Calling Cocker family!

Please give your cocker kids a hug and kiss from me. I miss them all so much. God bless you for giving them all such wonderful homes!

I wish you all a blessed Easter!

Much love,

Mama Sue

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A note from Kay~

Good Evening, Sue:

I have been meaning to write you to say how terribly sorry of was to learn to Bella's passing. Our beloved Cocker Clancy passed away from chronic kidney failure a year ago this past February. He battled many health issues over his nine year life, but only lived one month after this final diagnosis.

Biscuit and Bunny are a joy each and every day. We have a wild turkey in our backyard now that Bunny is quite capitvated by!

Hope you and your family are all doing well.

Happy Easter, Kay

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Mr. Cosby" and "Mr. Brady" from Westville, Florida~


"Miss Bunny" and "Mr. Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Good Evening, Susan:

We hope this greeting finds you and your family well.

Bunny turned one year old on February 6th. She has grown into a beautiful little lady and enjoys chasing birds and squirrels in the back yard. Biscuit will be three in June and has a wonderful time every day playing with his little sister.

John, Kay, Bunny, and Biscuit

"Miss Jingles", "Mr. Archie" and "Mr. Toby" from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Are you able to tell which cocker is your Jingles? Jingles said that you would recognize her cute little face anywhere!
Puppy kisses to you!
Archie,Toby, and Jingles

Now where do we go?

I was so sorry to hear about Bella. What a difficult time for those that this lovely puppy dog touched. As you know, my Archie is a therapy dog certified through Therapy Dog International and certainly a special bond develops between handler and dog. My heart goes out to Cherie.

Sue, you look wonderful! Living in the Carolinas looks like it agrees with you. Our first and only grandchild is almost 5 months and there is nothing like holding that special child in your arms.

Toby, Archie, and Jingles continue to do well and have returned to running once again in the yard now that the snow is gone. I will work on getting a photo to you.

Please take care of yourself and Mike.

Peace be with you,

A message to Cherrie' from Donna in Massachusetts~

Dear Cherrie & Bethany,

Although we have never met, we are members of the same
family - Sue Martin's High Calling Cockers.

My heart broke when I read your latest message to Sue,
telling her of sweet Bella's passing. I was so very sorry
to hear this sad news. I always enjoyed seeing the pictures
of your two girls (Bella & Bethany) on Sue's blog.

Bella was so very special and I know many will miss her,
just as I know she will always remain in your heart.

When you feel up to it, please let us know how you and
Bethany are doing.

Love to you both,

Donna Brown (Mother of Emily & Cooper - Quincy, MA)

Hi Mama Sue,

Our Mom was so happy to go to your Blog today and find out
that you and Papa Mike are doing well; Mom tends to worry
when she doesn't see new entries on the blog. She did tell us
that after reading your messages, she came to the conclusion that
you and Papa Mike have become the " Two Happy Wanderers." Mom told us
Papa Mike looks rested and that you look beautiful!! She also told
us that retirement agrees with you, but she misses all the new puppy
pictures. Mom keeps telling me that I (Cooper) was your last baby boy
to be spoken for; and am I ever glad to be here.

Emily and I love playing in the snow, and we sure have had a lot of it
this winter. We are expecting 3-6 more inches today - WHAT FUN.
Mom doesn't like driving in the snow, so my appointment with Natasha,
my groomer, was two weeks late. We finally made it to Soapy Dog
yesterday and now she tells me I'm her handsome little boy again.

Just between you and me Mama Sue, I still am quite the "Imp." Getting
into mischief comes very easy to me; if the truth be known, my family
is convinced it's a part of who I am. They love me lots anyway and I
heard Daddy say that life is never dull since I came to live here.

Daddy is listening to the television news which means it is time for
me to jump up on his lap and take a nap. We will write again soon.


Cooper & Emily

"Miss Sasha" from Toronto, Ontario, Canada~

Hello Susan and Mike,

Wow! You chose the right winter to migrate south. From your photos, it certainly seems to be agreeing with you. Mike is smiling and Susan - you look absolutely beautiful.

Our hearts go out to Cherrie and Bethany. All of us who have lost a treasured dog feel their pain. We send them our deepest sympathy and hope that their mutual affection plus the concern of the entire High Calling family can ease some of their sadness.

Beautiful Sasha is now two - and just as beautiful inside. She has become a real cuddler believing that human body parts such as toes, ankles, knees and hips were custom-made to rest her sweet head. Such a joy! We know that we are very lucky to have her.

We are praying for spring to begin. It really has been the toughest winter I can remember. Sasha has missed so many walks due to bad weather. We even grew her coat longer to keep her warmer when she goes outside.

I also hope that you will continue the blog. I still remember the day that you welcomed us into the High Calling family. That meant a great deal to me. It is a very special family united by God, love and spaniels.

As I write this, Sasha has come to lay on my toes. She is having a dream - all her paws are in flight. She makes us smile.

Pat and Ron and Sasha

"Sir. Bentley" from Buffalo, New York~

Bentley and his treat bag

Playing with his toy (before haircut)

My silly puppy

All groomed (and smelled like cotton candy)

Such a wonderful companion....just luv him to pieces!!!!!

Hi Sue
It is still freezing here in Buffalo!!!! You and hubby are looking wonderful!!! I want to move south!
It has been continually cold since the beginning of the year. We had 55 degrees around about Jan 5th...cooked on the grill that Sunday in a sweatshirt. Then it has been so cold and snowy since then! Finally the ice mountains have melted...maybe a few small ones left. Lake Erie actually had some water on top of the ice in the small boat harbor when I was coming home via the Skyway bridge. Can't come soon enough.
Here are some pics of Sir Bentley. Just had him groomed last week. He is such a cutie!!!
Love to all!!
Kathy and Bentley Buffalo NY

"Miss Annabelle" from Westerville, Ohio~

Annie and her ducks!  :")