Monday, October 31, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011

"Lacey" (Piper) from Wallington, New Jersey~

Dear Mrs. Martin,
Last Saturday, my family surprised me with one of your beautiful cocker spaniel puppies. She was from Rosies's litter and you were calling her "Piper." If there really is such a thing as love at first sight, then it was what I felt when I saw her precious face for the first time. I'm so amazed that my family was able to do this without my knowledge and to keep it as a secret for so long. My daughter has named her Lacey, because it seems to be what she likes to go after. That little bundle of energy has brought such happiness and joy that has been missing for a long time, since the passing of our previous cocker Sandy. Thank-you for allowing us to be the family that will love her forever. She is truly a blessing to all of us. Fondly, Andrea

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Good Morning,SUE!!!

So  GREAT is that Cosby has been here at his new home since yesterday a whole week, and Clay

and I think he's just about already potty trained, Sue. He is SO SMART,

Cosby doesn't even stay in a crate, he sleeps besides on his floor pad

or sometimes during early early morning in our beds, but last night

again, he slept nice and quietly when we all went to bed, and around

6:00 am I heard him a little, , and I looked

down from our bed, and he was sitting so pretty and still and just

starring at me with those big brown eyes and new groom hair do, that

I love, haha and he was telling me he needed to go pee and poop, so I

put him on the leash, Sue, and we went outside and I said hurry potty

go pee pee and hardly ever has me to wait long for him at all, he

quickly does his business, and runs right back to the stairs, and

sometimes he likes to run up them, finallly now, or I'll pick him up,

then he knows he gets a little treat all the time, and he ate some

breakfast and we cuddle back asleep again with daddy and he fell

asleep with us again for another 1 hr. 30 min. or so, and we woke up

again, for good and I took him outside again around 8:00am.

and he potty and pee peed and he went to finish up his breakfast that

he tried to start at around 6:00 am. but he still has some purina one

puppy food in his bowl still.

Well, Clay and I had the house to our selves last night and for

tonight and we r gonna go to Dothan Al to Hobby Lobby, LifeWay

Christian BookStore, for our pastor appreciation day Sun, and

PETSMART!!!!!YEA!!!! And of course either Olive Garden, Red Lobster,

or LongHorns,,lol!! We ate at the Waffle House late last night, and

when we got home, Cosby was happy and no mistakes in the living room

again. I can't tell you just HOW HE GETS IT!!!! Being off this week

since last thurs for Clay and me this week from work and Caleb had his

fall break really helped Cosby, we have been working so hard on our

regular routines and letting him out and encouraging with the pee pee

pads, and I'm so proud of us and Cosby for adapting so quickly and not

having any separation anxiety when we go off to town for an hr. Today

will be just a little longer, but he has plenty of toys and the radio

on and his bed and he will sleep for the most part at the time when we

leave today. Just want to tell you have a good week end, that we r

gonna get a camera maybe this week end. And Snuggie who has Dolly and

St. James and Kent Clark in her blood and Cubby who has his Champion

father in him, too, I believe has made the SMARTEST, SWEETEST DOG IN

THE WORLD!!!! LOL... We also cuddled together on the couch, me and

Cosby, and watch last night ITS THE GREAT BIG PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN!!l

LOLOL Ha like the kids yell out on tv. ha. Carly is with Caleb at

their Maw maws, and they r missing their best friend and little bro..

We all can't wait to go around town dressed up maybe Cosby too to get

candy from our families, to get CANDY!!!! But not Cosby, ha. Also we

have fall festival at Mom's church tonight, and that's where the kids

will be going, I think we have one too, but me and Clay gonna enjoy

our date today, and enjoy the night without the kids,ha ha but I miss

them, and that's why I have COSBY!!! My friends from church visited

with me last night and loved Cosby too, I told Clay even though we

have never met or talked on phone yet, that when I see Cosby and hold

him, I feel that u are close to me in my heart and giving me a hug,

through Cosby, ha, and it reminds me that I'm a part of this great big

High Calling Cocker Family in New York, and all over the world, like a

big chain connected all over the world, even though I live in the Boon

Dox, or the woods they call, or other side of the creek, ha GOD BLESS



Love in Jesus,

Sherry and Cosby

Thursday, October 27, 2011

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Chillin' on the Porch

Hey Mama Sue, You like my new makeover?

Flowers Smell Good~  Happy Harvest, Mama Sue!
Peek a Boo, Mama Sue!

Trick or Treat, Smell my Feet...Give me something good to eat!

All these pictures make me tired.  Goodnight, Y'all~

I wish I had a camera today at Cosby's groomer today, u have to see him,

totally different and cute though, Mrs. Anna was seeing about his

pattern that his hair will start to grow in now, and she did the look

like Lani Angelette, and u can see more of his silver back and his

legs, and those eyebrows im gonna miss and that baby face, but i know

it will grow back soon, Mrs. Anna knows what kinda style I want and

am looking for, but today we had to get Cosby used to the shavers a

little, ha She said he is a beautiful and good dog, that he likes the

water, he also wanted the water to go in his mouth, ha ha ha!



"Bristol" (Candida) from Farmington, West Virginia~

Hi Susan!

 I hope everything is going well. Bristal and Kodi are doing fine. They are such loving and caring puppies. Shelia and I stoped by Shinnston Wv and visted Thunder and Mike. Thunder is gorgeous and spoiled already. Mike never lets him out of his sight. He even stayed at the groomers when He got Thunders first hair cut. They really love their puppy. But not as much as we love ours. Aundriea is bring Kodi (pictures in previous post) in Wednesday to visit us. I am attaching a couple of pics of Kodi and Bristal. You can see how beautiful our Kids are. Thanks again for the georgous puppies!

Thankful forever Ed and Shelia

Kodiak from Murrysville, Pennsylvania~

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Clay, Sherry, Caleb and Carly picking up Cosby.

Me and Clay are out of breath..puffing huffing...ha u should've been

at the Westville Park just now with Cosby and all of us, you would've

been laughing and smiling. This great park that they redone is not

even a mile from the house, and after we got back from Mcdonalds,

which we found Cosby laying on his bed pallot happy and content and no

potty mistakes, in the living room we picked him up and off to the

park we went before it became too dark. His first round I was walking

him with the leash beside Clay, and he started doing good, and he

pooped of course, way to go Cosby, ha. But he was distracted the first

round, but kept him pretty good at a good pace as I was saying heel,

heel...But, honey let me tell u, I guess he was just warming up,

because on the second round was different,,,,,ha....I had Clay to hold

the leash and I was in front of him a little bit, and he was focused

on my flip flop and Cosby was head strong walking and a little

running, and before u know it he had me and Clay almost at the finish

line head on and no distraction and almost out of breath, needless to

say, Cosby or shall I say, "Coach Cosby" is gonna get his mom and dad in

shape.ha!!! I told Clay its better if he holds the leash as I'm

encouraging Cosby to stay with it, and follow me or come get momma...

ha... Also I told Clay i felt like one of those women in the show ring
wearing flat shoes, with a skirt on with pantyhose, and all u see is

my legs, running along with my champion....LOL...Well, also we had

Roger over and Cosby was so well mannered and he also wasn't

distracted because as Cosby was showing off his skills in the living

room he also went to pee on his pad by himself without being told in

Caleb's bathroom.  I was so proud as a momma is over her child. And

bless his heart he has to sit right on my clothes down to my ankles

waiting for me to finish using the bathroom ha, ha!! Wow what a

faithful, loyal dog,,,ha!! Also the whole family is going to see Cosby

go and meet his new groomer in the morn. at nine, I have heard great

things of Mrs. Anna and her love and care and instructions for pets, I

talked with her on the phone for the first time, and hope I can brag

again on Cosby at the groomers, he lets me feel his feet pretty good,

I dont think we will have any trouble, and thanks for the blog update

about us, and tell your daughter, she is very beautiful and pretty and

loved the diaper cake, ha never saw anything in my life like that down

here, ha! In fact I think ur daughter in the picture of the website

with all of your kids around you, was standing on your right side, and

when you look at the pic its on the left, she was the first one I

really thought that was pretty, and all of them sure are, I just

remember when u told me about ur daughter being her first baby, I was

thinking to myself was that her standing on the left side looking at

the pic with shoulder brown hair and with cream or kahki color pants

on, not sure, but pretty smile like yours, and she look just like

you!!!  Love ya, have a good night. Also, I wished I had

Bruce's camera again so I take his first grooming pictures with Anna so

I can give them to you, but maybe I can get a good camera soon for all

of us, I just wished I had a better computer to put pics in but I

don't. Well, gotta go, and Cosby slept so hard on his bed pallot on

the floor all night long and no mistakes at all and we all woke up

together, can't wait to cuddle with him on bed soon, but love that he

loves his own!!!

Hugs, and loves,

Sherry and Family

Monday, October 24, 2011

My daughter, Cheryl's baby shower yesterday~

Cheryl and her "diaper cake" made by her God-mother, Judy Perriello

Cheryl, Kt and Jennifer

Gifts for the baby.

Mama Sue (Grammy)...gettin' old and tired.  LOL
Thought you all might enjoy seeing a picture of my daughter at her shower yesterday.  Her baby is a girl (we've been told) and her name will be "Layla Grace".   She is due on November 9th.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Thank you!



"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Hey Sue,

Hope your daughter's shower went well, and I know she had must got tons

of stuff, of course I never had eighty people at but I

was given three baby showers for Carly and I was truly blessed!!!!

Tell her congrads for me, and what is she going to name her daughter?

Well, I wanted to type and tell you about Cosby. Sue, Cosby reminds me

of Caleb, because you couldn't had ask for a better baby, and cosby is

so smart, and he went to the bathroom by hiself without being told and

peed on his pee pee pad in the bathroom, and I wanted to share just

how much he is so loving, Clay woke up one morning and his tiny face

was cupped in his hand, and when me and clay take a nap during the

day, he is right there laying just above our heads in the he was sleeping one time near clays side of his

face, and I turned my head over facing the back of clays head where

cosby was, and I just smiled, and he saw me smiling and came over and

sat almost nose to nose,ha I love it.. Clay and I are getting used to

him in our bed, but he also lays on his pallot near our bed on the

floor, we don't do the crate thing , not sure yet? But also, we are

pleased with his good behaviour during the night, I get up and i take

him to pee or potty and then if he starts to get wind up and play

around the bed during the night, I just pick him up and put him in the

bed and he knows not to play but to go back to sleep like we r doing ,

so he cuddles up next to us and sleeps hard again. Also, he doesnt

wind or scratch on doors, and I love that hes confident and can trust

us, when we left him in the living room tonight with all the doors

shut except the bathroom, and ate at subway, he seemed ok, he didn't

whine at all at the door he just layed on the floor, and when we got

back he was happy and still calm, and excited to see us again I'm so

proud of the puppy he is becoming and he loves to do his tiger crouch

on our cat mikey and play bark at him, it is so cute, but he gives

kisses to our fat Siamese cat,Mikey, too he played hard today, so I know

Cosby will be give out soon. He is really bonding with Clay alot too

always following him around in the kitchen and me too, even if he's

asleep he will get up and follow us into the bathroom, I think he

really loves us, and Cosby is loving clay more and more, we often

fight to see which one does cosby loves the othe, but its

almost the same. Well, just wanted to let u know, how he is been doing

and also I know he is gonna be around here for a very super long time.

Also I had a question, when do I need to groom him a litte bit or

bathe him, do I need to take him to the groomer next week and

introduce myself and cosby to her, I thought about doing it myself,

but I don't know how good I can make him, I thought just a touch up

around his face and back of head and neck and around his booty, to

help him stay cleaner when he poops, so just let me know, but no

rush,lve and thanks a million. He is my superstar!!! And I love that

he has to touch us all the time or cuddle so close to us, without

asking him to come near us, Sue, that's what I prayed for and even

though HE'S ALL BOY!! ha clay says, he is such a lover and im so

thankful hes strong, confident, smart, and loving cuddler with a big

heart, Snuggie and Cubby produced the best dog in the world. And I

love that Clay and I and the kids are all home from work and school, the

best time of bonding and potty training!!!

Love, Sherry

Ginger and Molly from Vestal, New York~

Dear Sue,
We have had a great week with Sunny and Molly. They saw our veterinarian on Thursday. Well, she saw them….they slept through the entire exam. She said we had two extremely well adjusted puppies who are in excellent health. They then travelled to meet our groomers, and charmed everyone there. We have been working on walking on a leash; Molly will walk well at my side only if I let her carry a loop of the leash in her mouth.

I can’t say enough about the even tempered personalities these little girls have. They have settled in here well. Their favorite games involve chasing leaves in the back yard and the dust mop inside. They have found their voices, and have selected favorite toys. (Although favorites change…it depends on who has what) We are totally in love with these little ones. Thank you again for sending them our way.
When I get a good photo of them I will send it your way. Right now they don’t sit still long enough to get a decent shot!
Hugs to you always,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Piper" from Wallington, New Jersey~


The puppy was a great success. Everyone loves her. Attached are some pictures.
Thanks for everything.


Emily from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

     It's me Emily writing to tell you that I HAVE A BOYFRIEND. His name is Jack and he lives just down the street from me. I first met him when I came to live with my family. As you
can see by the first picture I am sending along to you, I wasn't quite sure if I liked him; he
was so much bigger than I. However, with the passage of time and his visits to my backyard fence, we became better acquainted and now I am head over heels in love. When he comes by to visit I run up and down the length of the side yard; so excited am I to see Jack that I have to expend my energy. We go nose to nose through the fence and my back end wiggles so much, my family thinks it is going to fall off. He is so handsome Mama Sue; he is all black with the softest fur ever, he is four years older than me, and has the most laid-back personality you could ever imagine. I, on the other hand am silver-buff in coloring with a mischievous personality and admittedly rather forward; but I heard both families say "we are a definite match." The other day when Jack and his mother were about to move on, he raised his leg on our chain link fence. My mom said he was marking his territory and letting everyone know that he was my boyfriend. I sure hope mom was right on this one.

We are two of about five or six dogs that meet at the park on Sunday morning. When we arrive and I see my Jack, I run right over to him and kiss him on the nose. All the "humans" laugh, but Jack and I don't care. We all run around and play for about fifteen minutes, but then Jack and I sit side by side and watch the world go by.

Hope all is well with you and the Martin family.


Your Little Emily

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Myla" (Morgan) from Clifton Park, New York~

Well we decided on the way home to rename Morgan to Myla.

Here she is totally exhausted after her first day with us. I take that as a job well done!! We are extremely enjoying her.
Thank you SO much. It must feel so rewarding to make others SO happy. :

"Morgan" from Clifton Park, New York~

"Morgan" with her beautiful new family!

"Piper" from Wallington, New Jersey~

Kim with her new baby, Piper!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cosby from Westville, Florida~

     I have never seen a more beautiful puppy in my life, like I see in
Cosby. He is more gorgeous in person than the pretty pictures. He is
so smart, I know he is defitnely a champion! Annette, who brought him
to us as we met half way in Lake City, commented how smart and full of
life he is, and also how he loved to pick on his sister, Pickles. This
is truly a day that the Lord has made!!! Annette and Mike and Pickles,
Cosby sister, has made this trip to be a memorable one that we will
never, ever forget. Cosby, was such a cuddler on the way home, and a
gentleman, that when we stopped at a rest area, he did his business right away.
     On the way home, we fought who was holding, Cosby, more longer
than the other person, ha so we had to go by a timer. Also, wanted to add that
before he went in the house, that he went on command just like at the rest areas,
and I love that he is so confident and adapts so easy to everything or
any place that we go, he is so happy and loves us so much, even though
we just got him today. Cosby was ordained from the Lord, to be put in
with this family, thank you Snuggie and Cubby and most of all to my
High Calling Cocker Family, I love you Sue and Mike, this child you
allowed us to adopt will be loved by sooo many, thank you again. And
thank you Lord Jesus, for bringing us sweet, loving,Cosby, into our
home where we will all love and serve and give You glory!!!

Love in Him,

Clay, Sherry, Caleb, Carly, and COSBY!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Raegan from Long Island, New York~

Jackie with her new baby, Raegan~

Jackie and her friend, Jennifer  flew on Jet Blue to pick up Jackie's new baby, Raegan today!  I forgot to take my thank you Jennifer for the lovely picture!  I know Raegan will be very happy in her new home!

Raegan going to Long Island, New York~


Raegan is going to her "forever" home today!  Her new mommy, Jackie, is flying to the Buffalo Airport to pick her up.  Stay tuned for "Goodbye" pictures.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Pickles" from Melbourne, Florida~

Annette and "Pickles"

Pickles went to her new home today.   We met Annette and her husband, Mike in Erie, PA.  What a nice couple!  I know Pickles will be so spoiled and have one of the best homes ever!


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunny and Molly from Vestal, New York~

We made it home a few minutes ago….both girls slept quite a bit of the way, one in my lap and the other on the center console between our seats. They are enjoying a snack right now after having met our cat with no ruffled feathers on either side.
They are so precious. Thank so much for sharing these beautiful girls with us and taking us into your High Calling family.
Hugs always,

Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday, Drummer!!!! (from Grand Junction, Colorado)

Dearest Sue!
We just wanted to write and say "Thank You!" for such a sweet and beautiful dog! Today is Drummer's second birthday and we never knew that we could love a dog so much! He has truly been a blessing to our family and we love him to pieces! Thank you for the care and love that you give each and every puppy that passes through your hands and into the waiting arms of their new families. The cocker spaniels that you have are of such high quality and character that they surpass anything that we have seen. Drummer is an absolute JOY and we cannot imagine life without him.

Thank you!

Glenn, Mary, and Tim

Happy 2nd Birthday, Aspen!!! (from Sparks, Nevada)

Valeri with Aspen before her haircut this week~

Aspen after her haircut~

Another one of Aspen after her haircut...
 Aspen get so cute when she gets all fuzzy. I gave her a squeeze today for her birthday from you. I can't believe its been two years already. Well Aspen gets a great birthday present today. We are going to our other house and she will get to ride the quads and just run. She loves that. I hope all is well and have a great weekend. I will be following the website. (Im still addicted ) LOL


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Elliott from Juneau, Alaska~

Hi Susan, just a quick hello from Alaska. Thought you would enjoy seeing Elliott's Halloween picture this year. We cant thank you enough for him, he is the the sweetest dog and such a big part of our family and is truly loved by all.


Emily from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

I just had to write and tell you of the intruder that came into my backyard yesterday....It was early

afternoon when I went through the gate into the backyard and immediately smelled an unfamiliar
smell in my domain. Nose to the ground I began to follow this unusual scent which led me to the
back corner of the garage. All of a sudden it appeared right in front of me; a 7 foot green monster
with ears of corn hanging off it and a straw doll tucked in amongst the tassels. Oh Mama Sue,
I did not like this monster and all the neighbors heard that I didn't like it. No matter how much I barked
it just stood there looking down at me; it didn't run away like the squirrels do - it just stayed still looking
at me.
My family came out to find out what all the commotion was. Daddy picked me up and we walked slowly
over to the monster and Daddy began to touch it. He told me it was all right and wouldn't hurt me to which
he added it will only stay a couple of months and then it will disappear and won't come back again until
next Fall.
It took me a few hours, but I finally decided it wasn't going to move or hurt me, so I stopped barking and
basically I just ignore it now BUT if the truth be known Mama Sue, I still don't like it, but I will tolerate it
 cause my Mama likes her fall decorations.
I'll say good-bye for now; I'm heading for the park with my brother, Tim.

Love you Mama Sue.

Your Little Emily