Friday, October 28, 2011

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Good Morning,SUE!!!

So  GREAT is that Cosby has been here at his new home since yesterday a whole week, and Clay

and I think he's just about already potty trained, Sue. He is SO SMART,

Cosby doesn't even stay in a crate, he sleeps besides on his floor pad

or sometimes during early early morning in our beds, but last night

again, he slept nice and quietly when we all went to bed, and around

6:00 am I heard him a little, , and I looked

down from our bed, and he was sitting so pretty and still and just

starring at me with those big brown eyes and new groom hair do, that

I love, haha and he was telling me he needed to go pee and poop, so I

put him on the leash, Sue, and we went outside and I said hurry potty

go pee pee and hardly ever has me to wait long for him at all, he

quickly does his business, and runs right back to the stairs, and

sometimes he likes to run up them, finallly now, or I'll pick him up,

then he knows he gets a little treat all the time, and he ate some

breakfast and we cuddle back asleep again with daddy and he fell

asleep with us again for another 1 hr. 30 min. or so, and we woke up

again, for good and I took him outside again around 8:00am.

and he potty and pee peed and he went to finish up his breakfast that

he tried to start at around 6:00 am. but he still has some purina one

puppy food in his bowl still.

Well, Clay and I had the house to our selves last night and for

tonight and we r gonna go to Dothan Al to Hobby Lobby, LifeWay

Christian BookStore, for our pastor appreciation day Sun, and

PETSMART!!!!!YEA!!!! And of course either Olive Garden, Red Lobster,

or LongHorns,,lol!! We ate at the Waffle House late last night, and

when we got home, Cosby was happy and no mistakes in the living room

again. I can't tell you just HOW HE GETS IT!!!! Being off this week

since last thurs for Clay and me this week from work and Caleb had his

fall break really helped Cosby, we have been working so hard on our

regular routines and letting him out and encouraging with the pee pee

pads, and I'm so proud of us and Cosby for adapting so quickly and not

having any separation anxiety when we go off to town for an hr. Today

will be just a little longer, but he has plenty of toys and the radio

on and his bed and he will sleep for the most part at the time when we

leave today. Just want to tell you have a good week end, that we r

gonna get a camera maybe this week end. And Snuggie who has Dolly and

St. James and Kent Clark in her blood and Cubby who has his Champion

father in him, too, I believe has made the SMARTEST, SWEETEST DOG IN

THE WORLD!!!! LOL... We also cuddled together on the couch, me and

Cosby, and watch last night ITS THE GREAT BIG PUMPKIN CHARLIE BROWN!!l

LOLOL Ha like the kids yell out on tv. ha. Carly is with Caleb at

their Maw maws, and they r missing their best friend and little bro..

We all can't wait to go around town dressed up maybe Cosby too to get

candy from our families, to get CANDY!!!! But not Cosby, ha. Also we

have fall festival at Mom's church tonight, and that's where the kids

will be going, I think we have one too, but me and Clay gonna enjoy

our date today, and enjoy the night without the kids,ha ha but I miss

them, and that's why I have COSBY!!! My friends from church visited

with me last night and loved Cosby too, I told Clay even though we

have never met or talked on phone yet, that when I see Cosby and hold

him, I feel that u are close to me in my heart and giving me a hug,

through Cosby, ha, and it reminds me that I'm a part of this great big

High Calling Cocker Family in New York, and all over the world, like a

big chain connected all over the world, even though I live in the Boon

Dox, or the woods they call, or other side of the creek, ha GOD BLESS



Love in Jesus,

Sherry and Cosby