Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Morning Mama Sue,

I thought I would just send you these couple of pictures of Aspen. The one standing on the top of the stairs is Aspen on her way to get a haircut. Her hair was just fuzzy all over, but we were having some really hot weather and she just loves to be "naked" when it is hot.

 The other two are after her hair cut and back to work in "her"chair across from my desk.

We lover her dearly and she makes us laugh every day as she just has the funniest personality. Its Miss Flower's Due date do I hope all is well. We will be thinking of you.

Love Aspen & Valeri

Heidi from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hi Sue,

We hope your renovations are moving along well.

We want to give you an update on Heidi. She's doing great! We can't believe how much she has grown in two weeks. She's slowly getting housebroken; she's making real progress now. She's a smart girl--she knows come, sit and now I'm working on down. She is soooo good.

Attached are a couple of pictures.

Stay cool and God bless you.

Dick and Carol

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~

Hi Sue

How are you? Things are going great here. My beautiful girl is growing like a weed...12 lbs. Nothing petite about her either...ha ha

She is so beautiful that we (well she) gets attention everywhere we go. We can NEVER just go for walk somewhere without someone stopping

to admire how beautiful she is. She still goes to the races every Thursday with us and she has her own fans, you wouldnt believe the amount

of people who remember her week to week and come to pet and play with her. Everyone asks where I got her and I have been told quite a bit

that she is one of the most beautiful cockers they have ever seen. She will be 4 months old in a few days!

She is becoming a mother hen to all the other animals. Everyone gets fed twice a day in the kitchen and she goes around to Scooby and Scrappy's

dishes to make sure they got food and are eating before she goes to her bowl, circles it and lays down flat on her belly facing the other two.

She will not eat until the other two are fed and have started their meals. Sometimes I see Lacey licking Scrappy's ears, she will sit there for

a long time and let her do it until Lacey gets a lil frisky and starts to nibble. Did you ever think that a cat would sit there and let a puppy

lick their ears like that ????? When it is time for a walk, or when Lacey thinks it is time for a walk, she retrieves the leashes and drags

them into the living room, she brings Scooby's too. Of course, if we arent going for a walk I do have to take them or she will eat them but still

I think that is pretty good for a puppy. Scooby likes to poop behind the shed in private and he gets really upset when Lacey follows him back there.

This week I noticed her sitting at the corner and peeking around it to see if he was done, then pouncing on him when he comes out. Of course,

she is not particular at all where she poops !!! Speaking of bathroom issues, her tinkling on people has stopped just as quick as it started.... LOLOLOL

Not sure what that was all about, my vet said maybe her bladder grew....who knows !! Thankful for whatever it is.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how she was. I would love to send you pictures but I left the cord to my camera hooked to the modem and someone,

(I am not mentioning any names) ate it !! I should probably mention, she is THE BIGGEST thief I have ever seen. Everything is a game to her, and I

do mean EVERYTHING !!! My house is totally puppy proofed and she still manages to peek around the corner with things she is not supposed to have,

especially if Cody leaves the door to his room open, she is in her glory with all his nerf bullets etc :) She keeps me on my toes, she is not

lazy, or boring...and I do love that about her.

Well I hope you are doing well....

Anyways, gotta get to bed, started back at the gym, trying to get back in shape after all these years of midnights. Gained 70lbs in the 8 yrs of

midnights, what a shame!!



Monday, August 30, 2010

Stella from Croswell, Michigan~

Hi Mama Sue- I'm am growing very fast! I had my first bath and it

tired me out! As you can see, (in the second pic) me and my daddy are

taking a nap!

I like my home and all the twigs and sticks too! I can find them real

fast some are bigger then me but i try to pick them up anyway! Mom,

me and gracie, and my Aunt Debbie are starting puppy classes in

November! Mama says I will like it! I am sure I will love to make

friends!  I really like the cats and want to play with them , but they dont

feel the same way about me....yet. Mama says," In time little one-

it will work itself out". But I still try real hard. I just wanna be

friends. Anyway, I just wanted to share some pics of me and I will

send you more another time. Love- your Stella!

"Cubby" (Elliott) from Southport, Connecticut~

Hello Sue!! I just wanted to give you our latest updates on our

little boy. He is doing great and has already gained two pounds. We

went for our first vet visit and he is perfect in every way. My sons

tend to call him "Cubby" vs Elliot because he looks so much like a

lion cub with his coloring and bushy cream colored eyebrows. His papa

is "Cubby" so I really like the name switch too. We are breaking him

into our summer life at the beach. We have to avoid putting him down

in the beach sand as he wants to pick up every shells. We keep him on

the deck where he takes in all the sounds of the surf and children

playing by the shore. He has taken quite well to my sandals as you

can see. I hope you and your family are all well.

Truly...all is well and we love Cubby very much.

He is so cooperative and adjusting to our crazy life. While I know he should be in his crate to sleep,...I have to tell you that only lasted one day. He sleeps in between Paul and I with barracades of pillows all aound him. Sometimes I find him sleeping on my pillow above my head!! He sleeps all night through and that was a nice surprise for a brand new puppy. I will stay in touch.

Xx Joanne and Cubby

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Archie and Toby from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Kathy sent me this picture of her two little boys...aren't they the cutest??

Toby (Timmy) from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Hi Mama Sue,

I hope that as I write this you are having a great time either preparing for your party or just winding down from a great day. The purchase of Toby ( Timmy) was sort of compulsive for me and I do believe that the Lord was giving me a little shove! I thank Him daily for bringing this absolutely darling baby into our home. He has met quite a few people already and everyone wants to sneak him away from me! Is it any wonder? The gals at the vet's office were so happy to meet him, and my 2 co-workers came to my house yesterday and one of them put him into her purse with only his little head sticking out and said quickly, "well, I gotta go!" Don't worry, Sue, that baby in not leaving my sight, nor Archie's! He has been fabulous with him, so even tempered. They play in the house, they play in the yard. Each one thinks that they need to go into the other one's bed and they also want to eat each other's food. Mealtimes are fun as I sit on the floor with them hand feeding them at times so they remember who is actually in charge! I have taught Toby to sit, down, and roll-over. Of course he still needs some prompting with a kibble of his food. Archie on the other hand sits with us and follows my commands as I give them Toby. Of course my big boy gets a kibble of Toby's food as well!

Tomorrow, Archie will go to church with us ( unless it is raining, a wet dog in church would not be a big hit I'm afraid ) as he missed an opportunity today to visit with a nursing home with some other therapy dogs. My husband and I helped our 27 year old son Chad get some things ready for his move next weekend. Of course I packed up little Toby in our cat carrier and he went along as well. Chad and his girl friend, Amy, were happy to meet him and he fell asleep in Amy's arms. He slept most of the time with not a whimper heard from him. House training is still challenging but it will all happen in good time. I am sending 2 photos of the boys. It is always so cute when Toby hides under Archie, as you will see in the one photo.

Well, God Bless you Sue and Mike,

Love always,

Kathy and the Boys!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Twinkle" from Fridley, Minnesota~

Dear Sue:

So, by now, you are convinced I got kidnapped and hijacked to a foreign country, right? LOL

You probably think I'm crazy and getting crazier, but I can't figure out how to send these pictures off my new camera, and therein lies the problem. I have to tell you, I never send pictures. My husband is trying to show me how to do it. He knows how it's done. Apparently, I have to downsize the pictures to send them or something. I'm sure you know all about sending pictures. As soon as I get it figured out, I'll get some off to you. My camera is pretty extreme. It's not a little one. I've got the interchangeable lenses and all that. I'm going to have to go to classes to learn how this thing works I'm afraid! LOL

How did your gathering go last weekend?

What did you do with the 30 pounds of potatoes?

Did you make a potato salad or what?

I'm just dying to know how it went. I was praying for you and thinking of you, too, last Sunday!! I can't believe it's already been a whole week ago!

You are expecting again. It's hard to believe another litter!! I don't know how you do it, but I suppose after raising 14 children, you can handle anything. You probably don't even consider it a challenge. You are an amazing lady!!!!

You'll be hearing from me soon and this time, I'll have pictures of our new baby, Twinkle!!!!!

She is doing great, and we love her so much it's just unbelievable!!! The little princess is sleeping at my feet right now. I gave her a little body massage. I am a very strong advocate on massaging a puppy. They grow so fast, and I think it helps them feel better as they grow. It's a very healthy thing I think. While I was massaging her, she fell asleep. She sure is beautiful and smart!!! She definitely knows her name is Twinkle!!

Smiles and hugs back to you, your friend,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Maisy from Rockledge, Florida~

Hi Susan,

It feels like such a long time since I have written. Maisy is an AWESOME girl!!! We LOVE her so much. The Lord blessed us with her and we have you to thank for that. She is just the greatest! Everyone loves Maisy! She loves us too!! We have been told by everyone that babysits for us that she howls when we leave:( Thank goodness Maisy and Molly go with us most of the time. As a matter of fact, they go to work with Daddy Greg everyday and love to "Load up" in the car. Maisy has a special place that she sits... on the arm rest, while Molly sits in the passenger seat!! Daddy Greg says Maisy is a leaner and leans on his arm the whole way to work. You should see her when the alarm goes off at 5:00 a.m. ... she jumps on top of me for kisses, but only after she stretches out her sleepy body across me!

After that we go outside to take care care of "business" and then retrieve the newspaper before Molly can! Maisy grabs the plastic wrap, shakes it, realizes she needs a better/different grasp...puts it down, repositions her mouth with the plastic and gets the paper so she can hold it vertically without tripping over it!!! Then she prances up the driveway with the paper swinging freely vertically from left to right...All the way into the kitchen. Then it is treat time. She is just so awesome!!!

Maisy is still not into the swimming thing, but Molly is trying to convince her that it is the greatest thing in the world!!

Hope you enjoy our pictures of our Maisy:) Her 1st birthday is quickly approaching!!

Thanks for a wonderful member of our family!!

God bless you and your wonderful work:)

With tons of thanks,

Rose Ann and Family

AKC Inspection Today~ :")

Praising God today for being with me during my AKC inspection of my precious cockers, their living conditions and my paperwork.   I passed with flying colors, and had a very enjoyable visit, as always, with the AKC representative.  I won't see him again for at least 18 months.  Thankfully, I have kept all my records up to date, so it wasn't as stressful as it could have been.  God is Good!

Mama Sue

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Elliott from Southport, Connecticut~

He definitely has found his mischievous side. He grows a bit more

everyday and we love him more too.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aspen from Sparks, Nevada~

Good Morning Susan,

Thought I would send you a fedw pictures from Aspen's first fishing trip. She was such a good girl and never tried to get out of the boat, but as you can see she was curious as to what was going on in the water.

I see Timmy received a wonderful new home, and the last 3 boys are adorable. I hope they are as fortunate as all the other little ones going home. I sure do enjoy following all the puppies and grown up dogs through  your blog. The next new ones will be here before you know it.

Have a great day.


Valeri & Aspen

Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi, Sue!

I haven't had a chance to write, but I did notice that both "Timmy" and

"Moses" have their forever homes! I'm so glad! I will keep praying for "Bobby"

and "Pickles"!

Drummer had his first experience with real thunder last week, and then we had

a series of severe storms that moved through yesterday. Last week's was bad

because he needed to go outside (or so he thought!) when a storm was starting

to get close. There was a little bit of rumbling and quite a bit of wind so he

didn't want to get "down to business". All of a sudden there was a flash of

lightning and a KA-BOOM! We BOTH ran for the door! That was WAY too close!

Poor Drummer was petrified and sat huddled on my lap for 20 minutes. He didn't

go potty until much later and it took a lot of enticement to get him to

venture outside again! LOL! That was his first experience with severe thunder

and it was unfortunate that it had to be like that! Then we had all of these

storms move through yesterday and he was so scared that I found him hiding in

the closet in our office! Poor guy! I picked him up and held him for about 30

minutes and he just snuggled in and slept. I'm not sure if I'll ever get him

past the thunder, but at least he's small enough to snuggle with (which is

kind of nice since he hasn't done much of that since that first month that we

brought him home).

I also wanted to wish you and Mike Happy Anniversary! It's August 18th, if I

remember correctly, and your 43rd? I hope that you have a blessed day! I know

that you have been busy delivering puppies to their new homes, but maybe

you'll get a breather tomorrow?

God bless and Big Hugs comin' your way!

Mary :o)

Monday, August 16, 2010

"Heidi" from North Tonawanda~

Guess who came to our house today?  Dick and Carol came to visit and went home with their new precious baby girl, "Heidi".  They will give Heidi a wonderful home! 

Stella from Croswell, Michigan~

Hi Susan -

We made it home all safe and sound (8 hrs)!

Our trip was great -although the storm rolled in way too quick and we were sadly unable to visit with "Timmy" and Timmy's mama.

That was a bummer! We did what we could and short time was better then no time. So sometimes, we gotta like the time that we have I guess.

We are Happy that he"Timmy" has a home now- That's been on our mind!

It was great to see Archie too- he is beautiful and I would love to know what she does for therapy with him with people. I'd love to email her- if you could let her know. Applause to her- for doing such wonderful work! It was neat to hear Archie and Stella have the same daddy "Cubby". Cubby must be a wonderful doggie.

Stella had a great evening.

The ride was long, but she was perfect in her crate. Gracie's crate was next to hers, so they pawed through the crate and touched noses together. It was so cute!

We had some playtime before I left Deb's ( to come home) they played together rolling on the grass and on their backs. I think it made the extra 1 1/2 hrs. ride home easier. She slept the whole time. Bedtime was 10:30 pm .She went potty and whimpered some but, calmed down after 5 min. and slept till 4:30 am then out potty she went.

She went back to bed again and we all got up 2 hrs. after to start our 1st whole day together . She hasn't had any accidents so far in the house, she been doing great .....but I'm not going to hold my breath.

Stella has a very sweet temperament and likes to be cuddled. This is great for my dad - she likes to be held.

( I'll send pics of him and her another time. I have a busy week here.)

Although the cats have some adjusting to do, there is some hissing -but its them and not her. She is a little afraid of them - I don't blame her though after being hissed at! ( I wouldn't like it either) But I do put them in their place- no hissing in my house!

She loves all her play-toys and balls for fetching and our TOE'S! OOUCh!!!!! hahaha She has a cute whimper and she has started the cocker howl! I love that- I really do !

They are so cute to watch them try to howl. (I taught my first cocker to sing that way, and it was really something to hear and this xmas we will work on opening presents too. Thats also a moment we look forward too)

She is a loving puppy and we are happy to have her in our family- I will keep in touch with you. Thank you for a beautiful girl!

Below is a pic of Stella . And a pic of Stella and Gracie playing. Awwwweeeee!

Deb's visiting Sunday with her -can't wait to see the girls together again! They really have fun together!

Many Thanks for a beautiful Girl- WE ARE SO HAPPY TO HAVE HER WITH US!

I will keep you updated- many thanks to you Susan-


Stella and Gracie from Croswell, Michigan~

On our trip to Erie, Pennsylvania yesterday, we also met up with Renee' and her sister, Debbie.  Renee' was picking up her new baby girl, Stella. Debbie and Renee' made the trip from Michigan together, and Debbie brought Gracie along with her, who was from Snowy and Rio's litter.  Her silver coat has grown remarkably over the past couple of weeks.  What a beauty she is! 
It was wonderful seeing these lovely ladies again!  I'm sure both Stella and Gracie will have the best homes ever, and I look forward to seeing pictures of "the girls" as they grow.

Timmy and Archie from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Continuing our weekend saga, we drove to Erie, Pennsylvania on Sunday and met up with Kathy and her lovely daughter, Katie.  Kathy had adopted Archie from us awhile back.  What a beautiful dog he is!!!  I couldn't get over his silver coat, so long it was dragging on the ground!  He looked just like Ziva, the silver girl on my homepage!  I wish I had gotten a nicer picture of him yesterday to show all of you.  Timmy couldn't be going to a better home!  Kathy is a groomer in her spare time, and she will make sure he is always "well-kept". Kathy has become one of my dearest "online" friends.  She loves the Lord and His joy shows in her face.   That home will always be filled with love!

from Kathy~

Again it was so very nice to meet you and Mike I only wish that our time together could have been longer but that's just the way it is I suppose. Anyway we got home around 8P.M. It was a long day in the car but the boys did real well ( the girls did too ). Archie was exceptionally well behaved in the car, better than most people that I know!!! He did not complain at all but laid with his nose practically into the carrier that held Timmy. Timnmy cried alittle but we actually ignored it and he soon was quiet and asleep. He is such a gorgeous puppy and so very outgoing. So friendly and not afraid of anything (so far). Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to get Timmy, and I am anxious to see what the Lord has in mind for this pup.

Love and hugs,

Kathy and Katie

Elliott from Southport, Connecticut~

Wow! What a weekend! We are worn out, but enjoyed every minute! On Saturday we drove to Syracuse to meet up with Elliott's new mommy and daddy, Joanne and Paul from Connecticut. They are lovely people, and I know Elliott is going to be spoiled beyond belief. LOL

from Joanne~

Hello Sue,

I have only had my little pup for two days and we all love him so much. He is a great dog and is everything I could have hoped for. We had an uneventful ride home from Syracuse. We made a few stops for Elliot

to take a bathroom break, which he did beautifully. Yesterday, we had our usual Sunday Italian family gathering. The house was packed with kids, Aunts and Uncles, and a one year old cocker that is my brother's dog. Elliot was the star of the day and he was given lots of welcome home presents. He took turns going to everyone and falling asleep in their arms. I was actually glad about that because I did not want anyone to step on him with all the confusion. Don't worry, ...I did not give a meatball or macaroni or any of the morsels from the various courses. I will be strict about the dry puppy food for a while.

Right now I am in my home office and he is asleep at my feet on a very fluffy cushion that fits perfectly under the computer desk. He has not had one accident in the house yet and oddly knows the instinct to "go" on the grass. So far, so good, but I know we have a long way to go with the process and perfection should not be part of any expectation.

Thanks again for meeting us in Syracuse and especially for Elliott. He is just what I needed since the loss of my 15 year old beloved cocker. Little Elliot is showing great signs of filling his paws in every way and my prayers have been answered. Once again, I thank you with all my heart and will stay in touch often. I will send photos asap.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Holly from Upper Jay, New York~

Maggie becomes familiar with Holly and the two become good friends.

Finally - down on each others level !

Here the two were playing a fun little puppy / baby game and Holly is resting her head on Maggie's foot.

Holly from Upper Jay, New York~

Dear Susan,
I just had to share this picture of a little baby girl named Maggie - who met Holly for the first time.

Her parents have been coming into my shop whenever they visit the Adirondacks - since before she

was born. Yesterday was the first time lil 10 mo. old Maggie met Holly - they got along just great!

As I said before - Holly takes her job as "Official Welcoming Committee" very seriously. She

was ever so gentle with this baby !

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bethany and Bella from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Sue,
I hope you enjoy the photos of the girls. I was finally able to get a cute photo of both laying beside each other on the front porch. Usually, when I snap one or both have moved so I end up with a fleeting glimpse of them.

Bethany is growing up so fast! Of course part of it is by watching big sister Bella! She's about 99% house trained so we're working hard on that part. Once that's over all the other training is a bit easier. She loves attending puppy classes and has become a little social butterfly. She was so interested in everything else instead of listening to her commands. At least she wasn't the only one, the "Golden Retriever" puppy is also at the same stage. The trainer told us not to worry its just their little brains moving what they've learned from short term memory to their long term memory. In a few weeks they'll be back to following commands as long as we keep it up and are patient with them.

Bella's last class will be this Tuesday and then we'll be getting ready for the three major observations so we can be registered as a National Therapy Dog Team. Pray that we will pass these events. Bella is so amazing when she's "working" and everyone is so grateful when we come for our visits.

Right now we're back inside after the two girls as true "puppies" had a huge game of chase outside in the yard and around the house.

I hope everyone is doing well and continues to recover as our Lord intends. May each day be filled with many blessing and special friends.

Hugs and Tail Wagging Kisses,
Cherrie', Bella and Bethany