Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tristan from Howell, New Jersey~

Just thinking about you today and thought I would send a picture of Tristan. He will be one soon and I will send you pictures of his "birthday party." My niece was born the same time, so we're having a combined pool party. Tristan goes for grooming again in a week. I decided to keep him short for the summer, it was so hot for a couple of days, and his coat, as you told me, is very heavy. So, for the summer he will have a "crew cut, or puppy cut," ha ha. He is a precious little guy...loves his groomer, loves everyone man and beast. He chases squirrels, chipmunks,and moonbeams. He loves his walks with his brother and sister and we just love him so much. Can't wait to see the pictures of Tic Tac and Flower's pups...they're going to be great. Congratulations on all of the happy events in your life with your children..a mark of extraordinary parenting. Love to you all, Nancy

Friday, May 29, 2009

Archie from Pennsylvania~

We hope that you all are doing well and pray for a healthy new litter to arrive very soon!

Sending our hugs and kisses! ( forgive our worm-breath as Archie was licking a huge earthworm that he found in our driveway, he was excited to watch it wiggle as he licked it, so maybe we'll just send hugs!)
Mr. Archie and Kathy

Archie from Pennsylvania!

Hi Sue, Please enjoy the pictures that I am sending to you of Archie. He is such a ham with the camera. Archie was at the vet the other day. He weighs 8lbs 2 oz and he was such a very good boy for the vet. I am amazed our smart he is and at the same time how stubborn he is! I suppose that he is just trying to fit in as they say that us Berks Countians are a stubborn bunch of Pennsylvania Dutchmen!

As you can see, he is trying to be sociable with our 11yr old kitty. She is just starting to warm up to this new intrusion into HER life! We still hear the hissing and growling though, but Archie will stop cold and walk away! I suppose that Miss Kitty is succeeding!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Hi Sue,

I wanted to let you know your web site is wonderful! I love the theme for Rosie's puppies!!

My Grandfather Bradley was in the 5th Cavalry under "Blackjack" Pershing in the Mexico border hunt and then he became part of the 5th Mechanized Cavalry Division under Gen. Pershing during WW1.

Our family has a long, long history of military service from the Revolutionary War until today!! Our troops have always made our country great and they deserve the highest honor!

Cherrie' and Bella

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bonny Wee Lass~

Just wanted to share one of my most favorite puppy pictures! This is Bonny Wee Lass who went to live with Pastor Syd and his beautiful wife, Sharon. They drove all the way here in their motor home and met me at Dr. Albert's office (my veterinarian) to pick up their sweet little girl. They have since become such dear friends of mine!
I am so appreciative of the families the Lord has sent my way to give each of my little ones such wonderful "forever homes"! :")

One more week to go!

Look who is expecting! St'James Miss Flower and St'James Tic Tac are expecting their first litter on June 1st! This is such an exciting time for us! St'James Cockers are known for their beautiful heads, so I can't wait to see these new babies! As most of you know, I can't resist a pretty face on a cocker! They are breathtaking! I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas! LOL I am so grateful to the Lord for giving me all of these beautiful dogs! :")

A blessed day~

Good morning to all who are visiting my blog!

I just want to wish you all a blessed day, as we enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. It's so glorious to see all the spring flowers everywhere we go. We will be doing a white dove release for the Memorial Day observance for the VFW at our local cemetery on Monday. Please take a few moments to remember the wonderful men and women who fought for our freedom over the many years of our blessed country. May we always...always...remember.

Rosie's Patriotic Litter~

We are thrilled that all of Rosie's puppies will be going to wonderful homes! Thank you Lord, for sending great families our way! Amen!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Rosie's Patriotic Litter!

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Rosie's Puppy-Wuppies!
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General Patton is still available~

This adorable cream baby boy is still looking for his forever home. It's a good thing my husband doesn't know it, as he'd want to keep him only because of his name. Hahaha "Patton" is his favorite movie! LOL We have seen it so often, I think I know all the words by heart. We've even seen all of Patton's memorabilia at the museum in Fort Knox, Kentucky when we went there to visit David, following his Cadet leadership training. I am looking forward to seeing these puppies grow, as this is a particularly nice litter. All of the puppies are so beautiful! We have been truly blessed, once again!

Birthday Party Exhaustion!

Jakey had his first birthday yesterday and after the party, these two had a nap together!

Bonny Wee Lass~

Hi Momma Sue,
It's me....your wee 'peanut'...`member me? I guess I want to wish you a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, and Momma Sharon took this here picture of me and my brand new squeaker ball so's you and that guy Mike can see me again. You know I used ter live wit you guys and my doggie Momma Sophie and daddy dog they still live wit you? Next week we are goin' on a long car ride up to that old home I lived in when I were a little puppy....and guess what, I get ter ride in the back seat with my human-bean brother Scott. He says I better be a good girl, so I will try hard, I think. I get to run in my old yard and see all my old friends. Does you still let people buy puppies like me? I think they will be happy with a nice doggie like me, cause I am so pretty and I love to give hugs and kisses! Momma Sharon says everyone should be blessed with a little love like me to heal their hurtin' hearts....I guess they better uh? Well, Momma Sue, you have fun, I love you and that guy Mike too! Heres my brand new you know I will be 2 pretty quick? Bye, bye......Bonny Wee Lass (Bon Bon)

We have puppies!

We are very thankful to have had a beautiful litter born from Rosie and Cubby on Tuesday night, May 19th. God is good! We chose a patriotic theme for this litter of 5 babies, and named the boys after military Generals. All are sold except for "Patton", our cream male.
He is the one with the royal blue ribbon. What a beautiful puppy! I thought he'd be the first chosen. There is a special home out there for him. :")

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Graduate...Scott!

Our son, Scott, is a recent graduate of NCCC. He received his Associate's Degree in Music Education! We are very proud of him for all his hard work and dedication.
Congratulations, Scott!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cheryl and Jon~ New Graduates

Our daughter Cheryl graduated from NCCC with her Assoc.Degree in Accounting, and our son-in-law, Jon, graduated from the University of Buffalo with his Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacology. We're so proud of you both!

Shannon's Nursing Pinning Ceremony~

This past weekend we were so blessed to attend our daughter Shannon's Nursing Pinning Ceremony! She has worked so hard to receive her Associate's Degree from NCCC in Nursing, and we couldn't be more proud of her! You can see more pictures on my website by clicking here: Shannon Pinning
May the good Lord always bless her efforts to succeed, and may she always be compassionate of those she cares for.

David Army Commissioning~

What glorious past two weekends we had! We went to Syracuse University to see our son,David graduate from Syracuse University, and be commissioned into the US Army!
If you would like to see more pictures of his commissioning, please click here:
Lt.David Martin's Commissioning

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cubby from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Happy Saturday! Wow- did I have a great walk this morning! (I think
they've accepted the new addition!)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gabriel from Lockport, New York~

Hope you like this picture of Gabriel taken this last week. He's really growing so fast and starting to look quite "leggy". Such a sweet boy!
Hope you and your family are all well, and you're enjoying a rest between all your babies, although you probably miss all the little sweeties.
Everything is going well and we just love this little guy so much!
Love to all, and smooches from Gabriel, Roger and Darlene

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cubby & Bailey from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Sue- I guess they like each other! This is called"our High Calling
Boys"! Love & thanks- Susan

Blossom from Vermont~

Hi Sue:

How are you and your family, we are all well here in Vermont. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Seems as though everyone is very happy with their new little bundles of love as the rest of us are. I am still job searching with no luck as of yet, but the good Lord will lead me into my future endeavor as He sees fit. I am enjoying my time at home and with my Blossom as well as my mom. I have been so very busy staying at home it makes me wonder how I had time to work in the first place. Hope to hear from you soon.

Blossom sends her love to all at High Calling Cocker's!

Warm thoughts from Vermont
Peter, Tam & Blossom

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Little Cubby Jr is fitting right in with his new family!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Archie, Sophie and Katie from Pennsylvania~

Isn't this a GREAT picture of two of my wonderful Pennsylvania families who just adopted puppies from Jingles' litter? I am truly blessed to have found such loving homes for these three babies! :")

Archie from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Hi Sue, Finally downloaded some pictures, hope you enjoy them!
Kisses from little Archie,

Aine (Clover) from Williamsville, NY~

Hi Susan, I hope you are well. We have been keeping up with you on your website. Here are some new pics of Aine. She is getting very adjusted to the house, I think she and Tim enjoy their days together when he is working at home. Also you can see she and I enjoy our afternoon naps together.
Talk to you soon.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cubby Jr from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Hi Sue! Wow, we've had Cubby Jr. for one week and is he ever
loved! Just thought I'd show you a few pics of our little boy! He's
sleeping now after a tough game of pool ball!
Love and I hope the graduation was really nice! Susan

My son David after Graduation from Syracuse ~

A Proud Moment~

Here is David receiving his first salute from his father, a former US Marine. I was so proud of them both! David gave his dad a silver dollar in return, which I'm sure Mike will always carry with him.

Bar Pinning~

David taking his oath~

Group Photo After Commissioning~

I love this picture! All the Second Lieutenants look so sharp! The ARMY has a fine group of new officers here!

My Mother's Day Weekend~

What a wonderful weekend! We went to Syracuse University to see our son, David, graduate from the Whitman School of Management, and also witness his commissioning into the United States Army as a Second Lieutanant. He has worked so hard to achieve this goal, and we couldn't be prouder of him. I would like to share some photos of our weekend, and hope you enjoy them! Sue

Sparky from Astoria, Illinois~

Hello Sue,

Sparky and I wanted to wish you a most Wonderful and Blessed Mother's Day. We noticed from the Blog that your Son is having a graduation and we Wish him a Wonderful Day and many blessings for a bright future. What a wonderful Mother's Day you will have with celebrations of your Son's graduation and special pride you have in his accomplishments.

We have really been enjoying reading about all the puppies' families. Sparky is really glad his sister Lani from Ohio has a new sister. It is nice to hear about Sparky's brothers and sister. We hope some them will update you soon about what is going on with them. Sparky is doing very well, and taking long walks now. He loves keeping his nose close to the ground and smelling all of the scents. He is high energy little guy, with the biggest heart.
We will talk later, and again have a most Wonderful and Blessed Weekend.
Sparky and Linda

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Annabell, "Paper Girl" from Westerville, Ohio~

Happy Motherday,Mommy Sue
Your Annabell
Thank you,
Rich and Sally

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lexi from the State of Washington~

Naptime for Lexi~ :")

Jesse from Rochester, New York~

Sue -
It has been three weeks since picking up Jesse - what a busy time!! She is doing great and you will never believe what has happened. I enrolled Jesse in Puppy Kindergarten classes and we attended our first class this past Monday. Much to my surprise and absolute delight, her littermate Piper is also in the class! We weren't sure if they recognized each other at first but by the end of class they were best buddies. It is so exciting to think that they will grow up knowing each other.
Jesse is an absolute love. She is confident, loving, and bright. It is obvious how much love and attention she received from you.
Thank you for everything you do to raise such wonderful pups. We will make sure to send you pictures of our girls as they grow.
Michelle Ayette

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mandi and Lexi from Washington State~

Good evening Sue,
I wanted to let you know Mandi and Lexi are doing very well. I have enclosed a picture for you of the girls with their CET chews the vet recommends. Mandi is on the left and Lexi is on the right. Even though they look to be about the same size in the pics there is quite a bit of difference in their size. Mandi is doing very well after her spay and Lexi will go in the first part of June for her surgery. Thanks so much for two georgeous girls. I am looking forward to pics of Snowy.

Debbie, Lexi and Mandi

Mandi sends you a great big slobbery kiss (cause that is the best kind)

Mandi from Washington State~

Good afternoon Sue,

I love watching your new babies go to their forever homes; I know their new parents love them as much as I love my girls. :") Debbie