Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hi Sue,
We've had a very busy day! Bethany slept well, she woke up twice but a quick outside time took care of that part. She went to her vet and they adore her! The vet said she's in top shape and now weighs 6 lbs! No problems with her eating or drinking water. She even sampled her big sister's food.
We then made our way to the Nursing Center and needless to say everyone from Administration to the Residents are in love with her. They can't get over her face! The woman that wanted to see her was able to hold and love her before she went home! So that was a special time. Everyone can't wait until she gets her Therapy Dog Registration too!
Bella hasn't warmed up to the idea of a "baby" sister. Bethany chases her, wants to cuddle and is in total love with her big sister but she doesn't understand Bella's "issues." This will take a few days but when they're both involved with their training that should help. Bella will sniff the air and will sniff Bethany when she's in her crate but that's about it. I'm spending special quality time with Bella and she has a new toy to play with, hopefully we'll get past this rough part of the road and soon harmony and peace will abound.
Bella gave me the "look" as if to say, "Mom, have you lost your mind? What is this thing that never winds down? It keeps going and going and going!" The other part is, "You gave up peace and quiet to get something that BRAYS?" Yes, Bethany can bray, just like the neighbors mule! Too Funny!
I'll get some photos of Bethany to you in a couple of days. I'm hoping by that time I'll have at least one photo of both of the girls together, in harmony. Say some special prayers for us.
Buffalo is a beautiful place, especially around the lake. Wish we had more time to see the area, especially toward your part of the country. I'll have to start planning a nice vacation, save up, find a bed and breakfast (that allows pets) and see the vineyards and all the sights.

Better go for now! All my love!


Cherrie', Bella (I don't know about sisters yet! Mamma Sue, maybe if Mom isn't looking I'll send her back?) and Bethany

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bethany Willow from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Sue,
It was so wonderful to meet you after all this time. Just wish it could have been a longer visit! We let the girls meet at the groomers shop. Bella was a little "put out" by me (she didn't like being left behind). Bethany Willow adores Bella. It will take Bella a few days to get use to her sister. Bella willingly sniffed Bethany, then she watched her from a distance. Bella is beginning to see her position isn't threatened. I fed and watered her first. She gets those special "Mom" touches and she knows I still love her.
I gave Bethany her first bath in her new home. Her tummy didn't do very well on the long flight and with all the excitement! She's in her sleeping kennel and boy can she HOWL! Bella looked at me like, "Mom, can't you take her back!" After a few minutes of heartbreaking cries, Bethany calmed down and is now asleep. She love Emma and Charlie. She also discovered the white clover flowers and had a blast slapping them and bouncing on them.
We're all tired but I'll check in tomorrow after our special visits. God bless you and all.
Cherrie', Bella and baby Bethany

Mitzi from Henrietta, New York~

Dear Mama Sue,

I am 6 months now and all the necessaries of puppy life are behind me, shots, spaying etc.All my baby teeth are out so I guess I am a big girl now.

I weigh in at 15.6lbs now so you know I am not anorexic. Food is very important and as you can see I like to grab a little paper when I can.

Can even get it without tipping the basket over, I am so clever!

Just met my relatives from Texas, California, Kansas and Northern New York. Of course they think I am beautiful. I am truly part of a big happy family.

They all love me and I got presents too.

Just spent three nites with my groomer Paula, she had a naughty dog there who howled all nite. She said I never made a sound. I do not bark. Just love everybody I see.

Hope all of my family and you and Mike are doing well.My new family said they wouldn't take a million dollars for me, they love me so much.

They say I am their joy.They had an empty spot in their hearts and I have succeeded in filling it, so i could never leave them.

Remember I will always love you for my place in this world and finding me a good home.

God Bless.

Betsy from the Upper Peninsula, Michigan~

Hello Mama Sue~
It's me Betsy, me daddy Syd's Bitty Bundle. Does you `member me? I am 9 months old today, and this is my new toy bunny rabbit. Do you think he is pretty? Bonny tried to steal bunny, but I told her no! But, after that I kissed her ears good so she knows I like her too! Are you fraid of fire crackers? I am! We have ever so many booming over on the beach this week, but daddy Syd always lets me sit close, then the fraidies go way! Well, here is my picture, mama Sharon says I am sooooo cute, and I make her laugh a lot!

Okay, now I am going cause I am going to have some salmon meat for a 9 month birthday treat for my supper. What is a 9 month anyway? Do you know mama Sue? Well, I like it, and I guess I will enjoy it till next time.

I love you lots....but I am still gonna stay here with Bonny!


Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi, Sue!

When I groomed Drummer today I took a few pictures and I thought that I would

share a couple of them with you. He didn't want to look at the camera, but I

did manage to get one of him looking at me (notice that curly topknot!). He

was too interested in the people next door. LOL!

One of the pictures I changed

to black & white (just thought that it was kind of a neat effect).

He sure is a beautiful dog, Sue. You do a fantastic job and we never hesitate

to recommend you to people!

Have a great day! Ours is going to be another hot one!
Mary :o)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Katie and Sophie from Forty Fort, Pennsylvania~

Katie and Sophie waiting for me to throw the tennis ball. If you look closely, you can see it in the grass between the railing. Neither of them will take their eyes off it.

Bethany Willow from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Bethany is beautiful! Her eyes are pure love and she glows with the warmth of contentment and happiness! I don't think I'll sleep a wink tonight! You have done a wonderful job in breeding and caring for these precious little angles on four paws. My heart sings with joy as it does with Bella. So many new adventures and accomplishments ahead for both my girls.

Bethany will meet her vets on Wednesday and then I'm going to take her for a quick visit at the Nursing Center. There is a woman who is going home on Wednesday afternoon and she was so upset at the thought she wouldn't get to see Bethany. Every time Bella and I visit she'll ask about Bethany and enjoys the photos so much. Bethany's appointment and the ladies doctor appointment are the same time so after 12:00 noon I'll take her for a quick special visit.
Next week Bella and I begin our seven week course with the observations scheduled for September. The woman examiner is hoping it will be much cooler and not as hard on the dogs. I've been appointed "Liaison" between our local hospital and Paws For Love [Therapy Dog Training Center] so I can give them all the contact information to set up for our visits later on.

Bethany will begin her Puppy Class on July 12 at 6pm (owners meet on July 5 without puppies).
I never dreamed or even imagined I would be doing this. God sent a special person (you) into my life and a very special little girl (Bella) to help me though those heartbreaking experiences over this past year. I've had to "learn" to live again and without Christ, you and Bella I don't think I could have faced those dark days. My prayers are with you and the Martin family always.

I'll see you tomorrow (Tuesday) morning in Buffalo! Travel safe and I can't wait to hold Bethany. Please bring your camera for photos! I was going to bring mine but we're having some airline travel issues with digital cameras on this end, so I'm going to leave mine at home. Some airport security sections are really great and others not.
Give Bethany a hug from her new Mom and Daisy for raising such beautiful babies!

All my love,
Cherrie' and Bella

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Sam" from Erie, Pennsylvania~

What a great family!  Viki and Rick and their beautiful girls came to our home to pick up their sweet little boy, "Sam".  What a spectacular day for a wonderful visit!  I am always so thrilled when our little ones go to such precious families!  I pray they all have many, many happy years together.


Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi, Sue!

I've been watching all of the puppies growing up and going to their new homes.
I know that the new families will be just as thrilled as we are with our Little Drummer Boy!
We took a drive for Father's Day and Drummer went along for the ride! We went
to a favorite birding spot and Drummer was busy trying to take in all of the new surroundings.
 Some Canada Geese flew right over his head and he was totally enthralled!
I walked him for a little bit along the road, but it was getting pretty warm so I didn't go far. I've attached some pictures. One is of him looking out the window of our truck (notice his reflection in the side
view mirror).

 Another is of a Western Grebe - which is one of the birds that he was looking at. I know that he enjoyed
 the outing - especially breakfast from Burger King! He discovered that Croissanwiches taste awfully
good - he gave Glenn a big wet kiss after Glenn gave him a piece that had some of the egg and ham with it! LOL! It was as if he was thanking Glenn and saying "WOW! That was GOOD!!!" LOL!

Drummer has also discovered that the recliner in our living room is the perfect perch for looking outside. I positioned the chair close enough to the wall so that as it reclines it hits the wall and won't tip. He loves to lie up there and watch what the neighbors are doing. If I say "Daddy's home!", he runs to the chair and looks for him out the window. As soon as Glenn comes in Drummer runs to get his ball because Daddy = Play Time! LOL!
I hope that everything is well with Sophie. I'm looking forward to seeing her new little ones on the website!How is Mike doing? How is his foot? I've been praying for him.Just wanted to touch base and send a couple of pics to you.

God Bless and Big Hugs!

Mary :o)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shane from Oyster Bay, New York~

Hi Susan:
It has been a little time, and I just wanted to let you know how Shane is doing, and send a couple of pics.

He is absolutely wonderful! And as you can see, a very handsome little boy. All of Six months, and about 20 pounds.

Shane is so affectionate and intelligent! He loves going to the ballfield with me for walks and a run. I bring a ball and he chases it around the bases. He also loves rolling in the grass so much.

Everyone that sees him smiles, and remarks on how cute he is. He is my best buddy. My little boy.

During the day Shane is with my parents, and they will write and tell you about how loving he is.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift from Heaven. I have a little song I sing to Shane about how every time it rains, it rains Puppies from Heaven.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, Bella! from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Mamma Sue,

It's me Bella! Guess what? I'm two years old. I don't feel any older, cause I still have my puppy run and my cute little cocker wiggle. I love looking out the windows and being Mom's supervisor when she's watering the plants.

Mom is sending you some new photos of me. Can you see my smile and there's one silly photo of me on the couch. I was watching the squirrels, birds and rabbits outside for a long time and I just kinda slid down the couch landing on those super soft pillows. If you look real close you'll see my eyes are closed in a little puppy nap. That's when Mom caught me and took the photo. Don't you think that's a very undignified pose!

Anyway, I've been working hard on becoming a Therapy Dog. Mom is so proud of me and she told me that you're proud too! That makes me very happy. I love meeting all the new people and going places where I get tons of belly rubs, chin rubs and that perfect spot right behind the ears. There are some special people that can't reach down so Mom lifts me up so they can pet me. I think I'm their special Queen. Mamma Sue doesn't a Queen get to have special food all the time? Maybe you should tell Mom to give Queen Bella more chicken or even steak more often.

Now, there's something important I need to talk to you about. Mom told me, next week, something called a Bethany Willow is coming to live with us. She told me, she's my little sister and my real Mom, Daisy had several special puppies in her litter. Then she explained, I will have a great responsibility when she arrives. I'm not sure what that means but it sounds hard! Mom said Bethany is a baby, does that mean what I think it means? A BABY!! I'll let you know how this is working out but don't let Mom bring all of those babies in the photo home with her! I think one will be enough and plenty of work too! Mom told me Bethany will also be a therapy dog.

I guess I'd better go for a nap while I can. That sister thing will probably be really noisy and try to get my tiger.

Puppy love and tail wagging happy thoughts to you and everyone up there! I wanted to come with Mom to see you but she told me I couldn't so I'll get to stay with my groomer until she gets back.

Wet puppy kisses,

Bella (Queen Bella)

Emily from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Sue,

How on earth you do everything you do is beyond me. I got exhausted just reading your last message. Congratulations on Sophie's babies. Did you arrive home in time to deliver these little bundles or did Katie step up to the plate for you? What a sweet girl she must be.
Speaking of sweet girls, my baby is asleep on my foot as I am writing you this email. She seems very comfortable here now with us, although she really doesn't like to sleep alone. Even at nap time she wants a leg or a foot to lean up against. I am sending along one of her arrival announcements this week, hope you like it. I am sending them out to friends and neighbors. My neighbor, Anne, was waiting for us to come home; we weren't in the door 20 minutes, when she came over. Oh how she raved about little Emily; she kept kissing and hugging her then she took her over to meet another neighbor, Kim, who reacted the same way Anne did. Jack, the black cocker spaniel from down the street stopped by with his Daddy this morning; he and Emily met through the fence. Jack is 4 years old and a real sweetheart. Emily liked him well enough through the fence but wasn't very happy when he came into her yard. Compared to Emily, Jack looked like a giant - but a gentle one.
I'm so sorry Mike wasn't feeling up to par; he has really had a bad time of it lately. We do hope things change for the better real soon. Isn't it nice that Valerie could help her Dad out. Nursing is a great profession and it must ease your mind somewhat knowing that Val is there for you.

Emily has her first vet appointment on Monday at 10 am; I'll write and let you know how she makes out. Thank you again for everything you have done for me and our baby.

Love to you Sue,


Happy 2nd Birthday Riley! Pennsylvania~

Dear Sue,

Thought you'd like to see our boy on his birthday! He is so adorable and everyone just loves him. He has the best personality and learns things very quickly. I don't know what I'd do without him. Thanks for breeding such great cockers!!

The best always,


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Sparky! You are Two Years Old!

Hello Mama Sue,


Guess what happened today? Today is my second birthday! Time really does go by fast. It has been a nice birthday, as I got some new toys. See me in my pictures, I am opening my present, and look what I found - two new play mates, and Whinnie the Pooh toothbrush. Mommy said I could not play with the toothbrush, but she will show me how to use it. She said it was for my dental hygiene. That must be pretty important. Well, as you can see I checked the box just to make sure Mommy got all of the toys out because I sure did not want to miss anything.

You know my favorite toy is the blue, bunny with the long legs.

Mama Sue, how have you been? Mommy says you are really busy with new puppies, taking puppies to their forever home, church, and of course your family. We are all busy here, as all the rain we get, keeps us busy with yard work. Mommy says she is always far behind.

It sure is nice that my little sister Bella is taking training to become a therapy dog. Of course, my brother Spencer is really looking good. I also bark at the camera. Must be a family trait.

The last thing is Mommy said we, Wish Mike a Happy Father's Day. Well, Mama Sue hope you have a good week, and I hope you know how proud I am to be TWO YEARS OLD! My Mommy is so proud of her special, beautiful boy.



Silver Dusty from Moose Island, Maine~

Dear Mrs Susan Martin,

Silver arrived home at Moose Island late yesterday. He says HI to you and is having a good time in his new home. We both thank you for him.

Yours in Jesus Christ,

John and Marjorie

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bella from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Sue,

Say a special prayer for Bella and me. Tomorrow evening (7:30) we are going for Phase 1 testing for National Therapy Dog Certification. The first test has ten parts and she must pass all of them to go to the next stage. There are four stages for full certification. Even if she doesn't pass all of them at this time we'll know what to work on and she'll be able to take the Phase 1 test again. I'm praying she'll pass, as we've worked very hard on this, but with the heat I don't know how she'll perform. I've placed everything in Christ's hands and his will shall be done. Amen and Amen.
Follow up~

Hi Sue,

A huge Thank You for all the prayers and for breeding such wonderful Cockers!! I was so nervous, at first, since we had never attended formal Puppy Classes or any Advanced Beginners classes. Everyone there has been though various classes. In our county they only hold Puppy Classes twice a year sometimes three times. When they were offered, Bella was past the age limit. Our county doesn't offer any beginners or advanced class work, so everything was my training techniques.

We had a variety of breeds present, a huge Newfoundland (Which took all his owners strength to hold), a Boxer, a Terrier, a Collie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Bella (America Cocker Spaniel.) Our examiner brought her Therapy Dog which is a Yellow Lab.

You are so correct, I never dreamed we'd be working as a Therapy Dog Team or have experienced so many emotional events with both my sister and Mother's passing. I kept praying and Bella was her wonderful self, although she didn't know exactly what was going on or what to expect. They were impressed with her and saw her special qualities. The only thing we need to work on is getting more experience which we will as we go though the process. I've registered her for a "Beginners Class" just to polish our techniques. The woman that teaches the class said she was impressed with our team at last nights testing. She told me Bella is a beautiful Cocker and represents what the breed is noted as being a sweet, calm, friendly, gentle nature dog.
Bethany Willow will be going to the same training center for her Puppy Classes. The first Puppy Class group class filled up before I got there but they're holding my application because there's usually more request for Puppy Classes. If they get enough interest they'll open the other class. So, I'm praying there will be more requests for the second Puppy Class.

My prayers are with you as you journey to deliver those special babies today. You and Mike are always in my prayers. Take a little time for yourself, I know, I know....that's a hard item to locate and follow through. Even a few minutes on the porch or a cool place under a tree is a refreshing blessing.

Cherrie' and Bella

Monday, June 14, 2010

Spencer from Bethel, Connecticut~

Hi Sue,
Hope all is well with you and your family. Daisy's puppies are just beautiful.
Spencer has some new photos to share-he is a wiggly worm so we don't get nice photos too often. He barks at the camera. 
He is looking forward to turning 2 on Sunday! He is such a good boy and always happy!

Hugs and Kisses,

Guy, Val and Spencer

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sophie from Adrian, Michigan~

Hi, Sue,
Have I told you lately how much I love our little Sophie?

She has the sweetest temperament. She absolutely loves everyone and everything: Men, women, children, cats, other dogs, etc. She loves going in the car, to the groomer, to the doesn't matter with her. She isn't afraid of anything. She rarely barks.

She loves all of our stuff, too. It's obvious that she has a firm belief that anything in the house belongs to her. She has chewed up at least five pairs of my cheap reader glasses. Anything within her little reach belongs to her. You should see the antenna to my cell phone! She makes us laugh all the time (when she hasn't chewed up something that isn't hers!). The best is yet to come!

By the way, she has the heaviest coat of any cocker we have ever had, and the prettiest.
Betsy and Mike

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Archie from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to share with you that Archie passed his Therapy Dog test this afternoon!! The evaluator commented on his form "wonderful, gentle spaniel"! I was so excited but Archie was pretty cool about the whole thing!

Thanks for everyone's well wishes,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yesterday's Funeral Pictures~

My holiday weekend~

What a weekend~! Enjoyed having David home, and really missing him now that he's returned back to his training session. Saturday we did our first dove release for the year...a wedding.  Monday we did a dove release to honor our Veterans at the Memorial Day Fair.

My baby boy~

This is my Davey, training for deployment.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I would appreciate that so much!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Drummer from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi, again, Sue!

I thought that you might enjoy these pictures of Drummer. Glenn took them this

weekend while he and Drummer were enjoying some time on our back porch.

Snowy's puppies are sure cute! You must think so, too, since you're keeping a

couple of them! And all of the other puppies are getting so big!

I hope that you had a nice weekend! Have a great day!


Mary :o)

Holly from Upper Jay, New York~

Holly is the Red Barn Antiques and Artisan Gallery official mascot.

Here she is posing in the Antiquarian Book library for our advertising brochure.

She continues to live up to her nick-name Miss Chiff !

Sad today~

I am sad today.  Our son, David, who is a Lieutenant in the Army, was home for the weekend, and flew back to Fort Benning, Georgia last night.  We have no idea when we'll see him again. The picture above was taken just as he was leaving.  My heart was breaking, and I still sit here in tears.   He has a graduation coming up in the middle of June, but we can't attend, as we have puppies to deliver to their new families at that time.  I am so thankful he made it back to Georgia safely.  My other children and I pray for him and others in the military every morning as I drive them to school.  May the good Lord always bring them all home safely to their families.