Friday, March 30, 2012

Bonny and Betsy from L'Anse, Michigan~

Hi Mama is us....Betsy & Bonny! 

 Daddy Syd likes to read to us outloud....then we takes a nap wit him in this here big mama Sharon tooks our pitur.  We like to cuddle close cause we had snow stuff here today!  We loves you........Bonny Wee Lass & Betsy Mavoureen {better known as Bon Bon & Itsy-bitsy}

"Gracie" from Raleigh, North Carolina~

Hi Sue,

The trip home to Raleigh went very well! Gracie slept quite a lot of the time and was well-behaved at the pet-friendly hotel. Now she enjoys exploring her new home and back yard. Interestingly, she responded to the "sit" command almost from the beginning. I have a feeling Gracie came to me with more than a bit of pre-training! Also, her first visit to the veterinarian today went very well. Thank you so much for such a wonderful, healthy little dog to cherish.

I'm sending you a photo of Gracie that I took on her first night in Raleigh. More to follow as she grows up!



Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"Cyrus" from Victor, New York~

Hi Sue:

We are having some crazy weather in Victor, NY. One week is so hot we had the air conditioning on the next the heat is on again.

I hope you and your family are all well.

Cyrus just had his 4 month check up and he weighted 16.8 lbs. He holds his own with all of his brothers and sister. We adopted another male chocolate and tan Cocker Spaniel. His name is Charlie. He will be 3 years old this May. Cyrus has now 2 brothers, Carter and Charlie. Xena, our German Shepherd, makes sure everyone plays safe.

The picture is Cyrus and Charlie together.


"Gracie" from Raleigh, North Carolina~

Note from Sue:

           Mike and I went to Erie, PA yesterday to meet Gracie's new Mommy.  Alane and her sister met me there and they love their new baby!  Gracie is in very good hands and I couldn't be more pleased!  I am looking forward to getting new pictures as she grows.  :")


"Miss Belle" from Clifton Park, New York~

Hi Sue!

Just wanted to send you a thank you and some pictures for your blog of our Belle!

She has brought so much joy into our lives! She just went for her 4 month check up and currently weighs 12.2 pounds. Dr. White, our vet, loves her! She's quite the hit in the office.
Belle loves our new house and loves finding new ways to get into trouble, including running through the living room with the toilet paper!
She is getting her new spring hair cut next week! We enjoy looking at all her sisters and brothers grow! We love every minute we spend with Miss Belle! Thank you so much!

Kristina, Chris and Miss Belle

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY AFTERNOON SUE!!! Caleb and Carly are happy to be back home with their pets. They love spending the last three days with my mother(MAW MAW). Clay and I had a few nights to ourselves, but love that the kids are home this Sunday and so is Cosby!! We are heading into this week of Caleb's spring break. And we wish every High Calling family member a beautiful spring break. Caleb is off from school this week!! Clay and I love our kids so much, they lift our spirits up and fill our heart with full of love. And so does Cosby. I love the pic that Cosby is doing his dance trick to get some Doritos nacho cheese Have a God blessed day!!

Love always with hugs,


Friday, March 23, 2012

"Hannah" from Cambridge, Wisconsin~

Hannah was 14.6 pounds at her 4 month check up. Love her long ears. I have been clipping her myself. She has a beautiful straight silky coat. The perfect cocker look! She loves to pose!


"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Smile for the camera :")
Cosby loves to give kisses!
Don't you want to KISS THOSE CHEEKS!!!?

Cosby loves watching through the kitchen window, hoping to see a squirrel~

Cosby, who's coming up the driveway????
(Our sweet protector!!!)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

"Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Hi Sue,

Our baby Biscuit is now nine months old and is such a happy and playful little boy. What you can't see from the photo is how fast his tail is wagging. He and cocker Clancy are best buddies and we're so blessed to have them both in our lives. Hope all is well with you and yours.

John and Kay

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Betsy Mavourneen from L'Anse, Michigan~

The flash worked this time~  LOL


"Miss Natasha" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

Hello Susan,

I believe Natasha and her siblings are four months old as of today. Hard to believe it has only been 2 months since she joined our family. She entertains us every day with her antics. I really enjoy seeing the updates for her brothers and sisters, and for all the High Calling Cockers.

Natasha had her first grooming last week. Here are a few photos - she appears to be quite pleased with her new look:



Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

Note from Sue~

        Natasha looks so cute after her little "trim".  I can't wait to see her after her cocker cut when she comes out from behind that fuzzy face, which will be at her next grooming appointment. She's such a sweet little girl!  
        If you have an extra moment, please click on the link below to visit Sharon and Lou's Blog. There are some truly lovely pictures on there of Natasha in her new home.  I especially loved the pictures of their pool and landscaping.  It reminds me of a place where Cleopatra might have spent her time in Egypt.  Soooo beautiful!!!! 

Sharon and Lou's Blog

Monday, March 19, 2012

"Ranger" from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas~

Dear Sue,

We love our little Ranger, and are so happy he came to live with us! I wanted to send you a couple pictures of him and let you know how well he's doing.

He was a little furball, so we took him to his first grooming appointment. He looks so cute with his "big boy" cocker cut, and they said he was a perfect gentleman! He started school Saturday, but he already knows sit, shake, and down (sometimes). He is smart! He has to learn a lot to be a Reading Therapy dog when he grows up, but he's well on his way!

As you can see, he and his "big sister", Heidi, love to snuggle together. Heidi will choose a toy she thinks Ranger will like, then dangle it in front of him trying to tease him into chasing her. If it's the right toy, around and around the dining room table they go!

Thank you! Hope you and your family are doing well!

Love, Kaynella and Ranger

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cubby Jr. from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Hi Sue!

 All is well here in FLorida!  Our 3 year old baby has decided to grow up and do things "on his own" without following his brothers all the time!  He decided to take a good nap!

 Lots of love-  Susan

"Jaime" from Newport News, Virginia~


We are in love with our puppy ! Jaime is the sweetest and smartest puppy. He amuses us everyday. He loves to go on walks with Casey & Molly. He holds his leash in his mouth and just prances ! Holds his head up high as if to say "hey everyone notice me!". And they do ! Everyone from the vet to the groomer to all our neighbors say how beautiful and sweet he is! Our vet said I know you didn't get him from around here ! I told him he came from New York , near Buffalo. We have a playpen where he stays a lot of the time. He keeps it and his night time crate dry. And after he pottys we let him run around the house.

You should see him and Casey wrestle. They love to play together. Molly's still not sure but she's coming around.

Also Jaime sleeps in his crate from 10:00 - 5:00. He never cries when I put him to bed. He loves to cuddle which I love. He has the biggest paws. Can't remember but how big are his Mom & Dad ? Thanks for all the love and care you gave him. It really shows !! He's a fine cocker spaniel. !! Yes he's a High Calling Cocker !!

God Bless you and your family !!

Dr. Bruce and Gina

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The "Duke of Wesley" from Delmar, California~

Hi Susan,

I hope all is well on your side of America! We are so enjoying our Duke of Wesley!

He has doubled in weight at his last check up.
I have attached a video of Duke & Choco our chocolate lab, playing together. They are fast

becoming great friends. Duke has brought us so much joy. He tries to please us

and is such a love!

Blessings to you and your new litters!

Trace Ann and Cole

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Cosby and Caleb enjoying each other at Cedar Log Lake Boat Ramp

Cosby do you see something boy? Ha I love his cocker position!

Watch out comes Caleb!

 There goes Caleb! LOL

Mama's two best loving boys in the world!!


We play hard...we nap hard!!  LOL
Dear Sue,

Hope you like the fun pics I took with Caleb and his best friend, Cosby!! Every afternoon Cosby is sitting on the edge of the couch watching Caleb get off the bus, and meets him at the door. Cosby makes everyone in this family feel so loved and special, and we do the same for him. Words can't explain the fulfilling joy and happiness he brings to each of us..Clay, Carly, Caleb, and especially me. One thing Cosby knows the most is that we do love to go to church, play,have silly fun, cuddle with family, NAP...LOL, but Cosby really knows the most by far, that he is loved so much and cared for!!! Cosby I believe weighs now a little over twenty lbs. He has been updated on all his shots and he's been neutered and we have him on Trifexis monthly. He does very well with the trifexis pill. It prevents not only fleas but heartworms and etc. I really recommend it too. Cosby is of course potty trained, and till this day he still goes to his pad and squats to pee, I love it. Never have I seen him hike his leg! Which I love because he's trained in the house as well. Cosby is so sweet to bathe him anytime I need to or just put him in the shower with me..!! Easier that way at times!Ha. We are enjoying this beautiful warm weather here in Florida, I love the spring time and can't wait for Easter!! I can't wait till it gets really hot because I'll have some good pics of Cosby at the Ponce de Leon State Park. Their springs is very cold and beautiful too. I'll be taking him in there where u can go with your pets and also to the Doggie Beach at Panama City Beach! Thank you again for Snuggie and Cubby's Litter, Cosby looks so much like his mom, Snuggie. Wow what a cute baby face, Cosby, has!! I LOVE THAT!! Good luck on Rosie and Snowy, they are my favorite girls too, and sweet Dolly. Love you and send Mike and the Martin gang a big hug and hello for me. Happy St. Patrick's Day!! and have a God blessed day!!

Love in Christ,


Happy St. Patrick's Day from Zoe and Gabe from Lockport, New York~

Gabe and Zoe
Aren't they too cute??

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Miss Lady of the Lakes"~

Isn't she beautiful?   This lovely lady is the granddaughter of Pastor Syd and Sharon who own Bonny Wee Lass and Betsy Mavouneen from L'Anse, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula.   She will be competing for the Miss Michigan crown in June.  May the good Lord bless her and her family as she honors Him in all she does.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Miss Emily" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

It's me Emily writing to tell you I got in big trouble the other day. Although I don't feel it
was my fault entirely, after all the yard is my domain; any way, this is how the misadventure
came about:
It was a nice sunny day and as usual I headed out for the backyard. Right in front of the white
gate I stopped short in my tracks. Coming out of the ground, on both sides of the gate, were
these 3 inch long green leaves and small purple and white blossoms. Apparently, my mom
had planted two bags of crocus's last Fall that I didn't know about. Well you can just imagine
Mama Sue what I thought of these intruders in my yard. It took me no time at all to remedy the
situation; the ground was soon leveled again and I pranced around the yard with green stems,
leaves and blossoms hanging out of my mouth. It was just about this time that my mother came
out to see what I was up to and oh boy Mama Sue did I ever "catch it." She came right over
to me and in a stern voice called me by my full Christian name "EMILY ABIGAIL", at which
point my mouth fell open and out came the leaves and blossoms. Then she proceeded to give me one of
those awful lectures with those no-no words I don't like to hear. She sent me in the house and
I had to watch her through the glass door raking up all my good doggie excavating.
It took mom some time to get over this little adventure, but by evening I felt it was time to make
my move. She was sitting on the couch watching TV and I walked over and put my head on
her knees and looked at her with my beautiful big brown eyes, my white curly top-knot and curly
ears and the sweetest expression on my face that she absolutely melted and leaned over and
gave me kisses and hugs. I've often heard family members remark that my cute face has saved
me on more than one occasion (thank you Mama Starr and Daddy Tic Tac for that). I ended
the evening taking a nap on Mama's lap - so all is right with my world again...
We never did get much snow this winter, my brother only had to shovel once and that wasn't
very much; no Mt. Emily to climb this year but I was able to catch a few flakes on my tongue.
As you can see by the picture I'm attaching, the sun is out and Tim and I are heading for the park
so I can have a good run and play with my doggie friends. Love you Mama Sue.

Your Little Emily