Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The "Duke of Wesley" from DelMar, California~

Hi Susan,

I just wanted to thank you for our precious "Duke of Wesley"!

You flew him to us about 18 months ago to San Diego California.

I slept with him on the floor for 3 nights and my husband sent you some pictures

of us as I recall!

I have attached a few current photos of him by the Pacific ocean with his summer clip!

I will grow him out in the fall and wow does he have a nice coat!

I have people stop me on the streets!

He has been such a blessing to me and to my family!

His temperament is so loving, intuitive, loyal, calm, engaging,friendly,

selfless,... I could go on.

I know his breeding was excellent and all that you did the first few weeks!

You were an answer to my prayers.

Duke comes to work with me most days and is more social than me!!

I was sorry to hear you are no longer breeding cockers however I am so

thankful for you and all the time, effort, energy and love you gave my precious Duke!

May God Himself bless you, love you and keep you and your family safe and

healthy! You have blessed many others and may you be blessed!

With Love,

Trace Ann

Proverbs 3:5-6

"Mikey" with "Cubby", "Bailey" and "Jakey too" from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

My "Bucket List" is full~

Best Buddies!

Friday, July 26, 2013

"Miss Emily" and "Cooper" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

These "dog-days of summer" are really getting to us. For the past
two weeks we have had 96 to 101 degrees every day. The only time
we venture out is to do our business, and then quickly come inside to the
air-conditioning. At the start of the heat-wave we both got nice short
summer cuts which made us feel a lot more comfortable.

Our brother, Tim, has been in Africa for these past two weeks and we
really miss him. We will be so happy when he comes home.

Mom said to tell you how happy she was to see pictures of David's
homecoming, Kyle's graduation and beautiful Katie, on her wedding
day. She said now maybe Mama Sue can sit back and relax - at least
until the next adventure in the Martin household.
Hope you like the pictures we are sending - just so you know.. WE NAP A LOT.


Emily & Cooper

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Miss Pickles" from Melbourne, Florida~

Pickles is nearly 2 already . Thought it was time to catch up. Hope all is good with you since your move. I think of you often. Annette in Melbourne , Florida

Pickles' friend, Olive~

"Brady" from Westville, Florida~


Dear Sweet Sue,

I pray you are having a God blessed day today!! I hope these cute pics of Carly and Brady send you a smile and a hug today. Thanks for Brady once more. Carly will be going to Kindergarten school finally on Aug. 19th on Mon. and Carly will turn the big 5!! yrs. old on that Thurs. Aug. 22nd!! The first week of school. This will be her first time attending at any school. Clay and I wanted to keep our last baby as long as we could at home..LOL!!! Now she's becoming a big girl!! Boo Hoo..Before you know it Clay and I will be experiencing the empty nest syndrome!!..lol. But that's why we have little Brady and big bro. Cosby. Brady is not so little as you can see in one of the pictures I'm sending you, like he used to be at 2.1 lbs. on her bed shelf! BUT HE DOES MAKE A GREAT ALARM CLOCK FOR CARLY IN THE MORNING WHEN SCHOOL STARTS..LOL!!!


Sherry and Family

Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Miss Bailey Glory" and Friends from Buffalo, New York~

Dearest Sue,

I'm heading back to Albany tomorrow for the second weekend in a row and the third time in five weeks, so I'm sending this a few days early...

First, and most importantly, WELCOME HOME DAVID!!! We're so grateful you're home safe and sound and we hope you're having an easy transition back to being State-side. As you settle in, my brother and his National Guard unit are preparing to deploy. In fact, he just got back last night from a school in Arkansas where he spent two weeks learning how to organize their deployment. I would love some advice on what's good and bad to include in care packages, if you have any. When my brother-in-law was over there all he asked me to do was record wrestling for him. Since he and my brother are about as far apart as can be, I thought I'd ask you for some advice instead...And Sue, I'd love any advice you have on how to help Mom through the next year, especially Christmas time...she's really struggling with this as I'm sure every Mother must.

Congratulations to Katie and Jonny as well! We wish them many happy years together, having just celebrated our 13th Anniversary on Monday, ourselves.

I cannot believe Tuesday will mark a year since Bailey came home! It doesn't seem possible that it could have been that long ago. She is doing so well and remains the tiniest little thing! We went to the vet today and she's exactly 20 lbs, which is 10+ lbs lighter than my other two, but they were/are males and not from show-quality lineage. She has TONS of personality, of course. Her favorite thing to do is try to get those little brown birds that like to play in the dirt. I think God put them here to torment her and test the strength of my shoulders since they love to stay near the sidewalk until they're just out of reach of her, then take off and land 5-6 feet away to start the process over again. When we meet new people on our walks, she does everything in her power to get the most attention and affection and they seem only too happy to comply. I understand. I have trouble resisting her adorable little face, myself. She still looks like a puppy to me and I hope she always will.

As you can tell from most of the photos I've sent you over the last year, she loves being with her brother and sister. So much so that I worry sometimes about what will happen when Chica and Curley cross the Bridge. Chica is 11 now and Curley's likely at least 10. Hopefully this worry is still a few years off, though, as I relish being a Mom to three such adorable fur-babies.

With my frequent trips home and starting to run again, Bailey's been getting lots of Daddy/Daughter time, which I don't think any of them are all that excited about, actually. When I was home last weekend to run the Utica Boilermaker, Alex found out the hard way why I never took down the gate between the family room and the front hall. That's where I sit each morning to do my hair and make-up in the full-length mirror. I have a basket there that I keep all of my "stuff" in-my curling iron, my crimper, my mostly empty make-up containers...he left for work without making sure it was completely latched and she went to town on it. I usually remember to put it up high, but I forgot this time. Either the heat and humidity fried my brain or I was so focused on the race something was bound to be forgotten. You see, I was a last minute replacement for Chris when he was sent to this school, so I had just under three weeks notice to go from running 0 miles to 9.4. No easy task when the last time you ran was last year's Boilermaker! But, the good Lord not only saw me through it, He managed to help me knock 3 minutes off of last year's time, to which my Dad mumbled something under his breath about there "being no substitute for youth..."

That's about all the news from here. I'm excited about next weekend's garden walk and I hope that this break in the heat and humidity will last long enough for us to get them out to Emery for some fun. I hope you and Mike are doing well and you've recovered from all your travels. You remain in our prayers, always.

Much Love,

Sarah and Bailey Glory

Saturday, July 20, 2013

"Bentley" from Buffalo, New York~

Momma Sue

Today is one year I went to my forever home. I am soooo spoiled, I just love it. I hope all of my sisters and brothers are loved just the same!!

I hope you are enjoying your new home. I am so glad you were able to see your son come home safely. And your daughter made a beautiful bride :)

We had some nasty thunderstorms last night and I was not afraid, same with the fireworks.

Love and licks to you and your family..

XLXLXL. (That is love n licks)

Bentley from Buffalo NY

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Miss Melody" from Mayville, New York~

Good Morning Sue,

Phew it's humid up here!! This is how Melody beats the heat!

God Bless,


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Cosby" and "Brady" from Westville, Florida~

Cosby! My heart!

The boys

You can't just get 1 high calling cocker, you have to get 2!! "like potato chips" You want more! Lol

Hanging out!

Sweet precious Brady! What a great little brother he has become!

Cosby & Brady enjoying what brothers do best! Lol!

"Archie", "Toby" and "Miss Jingles" from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

These puppy dogs love watermelon. Toby, Jingles, and Archie wait patiently as I cut watermelon off the rind for them.

"Miss Cookie" from Burbank, California~

Hi Sue, it's been a long time since the last time we sent you pictures of Cookie or given you any updates.

Just to let you know she is a spoiled and beautiful member of our family. She is such a loving dog, we never thought that she would affect our family the way she has. She is with us where ever we go, she is always at me side, watching TV or cooking dinner. We always think of her while at work and we even have our nephew come over and spend time with her if she will be left alone for more than four hours. She loves everyone she meets and she is supper smart.

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of having Cookie join our family. We all love her very much.

I'm attaching some of today's latest photos I took after we had her groomed. You'll see how beautiful she is. We always get the best comments from people we run into.

Thanks again

Louie, Angelica, Aaron and Ryan

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Bailey and Mikey from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

          Bailey and his dad, Mikey taking a nap! 

Our son Kyle at Air Assault School~

Mike and Kyle~

Kyle and Sue

Mike, Sue and Kyle

Kyle so proud of his Air Assault wings~  :')

Rapelling tower at Fort Campbell, Kentucky Air Assault School~

Mike and I flew out to Nashville, TN to attend our son Kyle's graduation from the Army's Air Assault School at Fort Campbell, KY.  We had a great time!  We have done more traveling these past few months than we have in our entire lifetime! 

Our beautiful daughter, Katie, on her wedding day~