Monday, August 29, 2011

"Skippy" "Billy Remington" goes to his new home in Depew, New York~

Helen and Dianne with name, "Billy Remington",
 named after Dianne's dear husband who passed away in November 2010

Skippy found his "forever" home today with Dianne in Depew, NY.  He is going to live a wonderful life with a wonderful lady!


Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Mr. Watson" from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hello Sue.
I see a lot of the pups went to their forever homes. The joy on the faces of the people who received them!  I had to write to tell you what happened tonight with Mr. Watson.

Well I was looking at the blog and at the site for the 2 pups you have left. I clicked on the video to watch them playing. Watson was sleeping over near the front door, When your voice came on saying "pup,pup,pup", Watson came running over to me and then jumped up in his chair and started whining and looking out the window. He definitely remembers your voice and was crying because he could not find you. I kept showing him it was on the screen and you were not here. He did not listen to me and started running around looking for you. Also I hope you and Mike had a wonderful anniversary. God bless and good health to you and your loved ones.



"Chanel" from Westlake, Ohio~

Debbie and Donald

Hi Susan,

It was so nice to meet you and your husband. I hope you had a safe trip home!!! Chanel was simply wonderful on the trip home and that night sleeping!!! She is having a ball at work. Everyone is picking her up and having a great time with her.

She had her first visit with Dr. Snavely and got a clean bill of health. She really enjoys going outside so much that she refuses to come in. This weekend she will be on the boat and the inflatable.

We have bought her a raincoat and a little sweater for when it gets chilly!!!! If you have any of her pictures from birth to when we picked her up could you possibly e-mail them to me? She is now sleeping under my desk!!!!

Have a nice day and hope all is well.

Thank you,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Zoe" from Lockport, New York~

Hi Sue-  We took Gabe and Zoe for a ride yesterday, the picture I sent you was one  I snapped as we were riding, isn't she beautiful!  They both enjoyed the ride and watching the ducks and boats off the pier in Wilson.  What a joy she is, and Gabe and her are having a ball together!  Thanks for these beautiful babys.  Hugs,  Darlene

Friday, August 26, 2011

Marley Girl and Charlie's Angel from Tallahassee, Florida~

Dear Sue,

It was great meeting you and Mike yesterday.

Thanks for taking some time to visit.

The girls did so well in the airport and on the plane.

Everyone who met them commented about how cute they are.

They did well last night..each slept 6+ hrs!--

Thanks again for the joy you help bring!

Love, Jan,

Charlie's Angel and Marley Girl

"Tova" (Penny) from Fayetteville, New York~

Dear Susan,

Sorry this is so delayed. I needed my teenager to help me.

Tova is fitting in beautifully with our family but boy is she a spitfire. I like to call her Tova Tiger.She goes like crazy and then crashes, it is so cute. Thanks for the joy, Julie, Kent, and Erin

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cooper from Raleigh, North Carolina~

Hi Sue!
I hope you are doing well! I wanted to send you a quick update on how baby Cooper is doing!

He will be here exactly 1 week tomorrow and he is already so much bigger - I cannot believe it! He is such a funny character. He has that typical cocker spaniel stubbornness about him - when he doesn't want to walk...he won't! He used to take hours to finish 1/2 cup of food and now he is eating in one sitting so that is great. He is loving is crate when we are not home and every time we get home he is fast asleep in it! The first couple nights were rough b/c I think he really wants to be with me and Marcus all the time and has a small separation anxiety problem, but he is learning that we will come back. :)

The potty training is coming along - we are trying to get him on a schedule and learn his times of the day he has to go. I think he hates the grass and being outside LOL. He already knows how to sit though!
Here are some fun pictures we have taken along the way!

Thank you again for everything! He really is the love of our lives!

Steph and Marcus

Jan with Marley and Charlie's Angel, Tallahassee, Florida~

Jan flew to Buffalo today to pick up Marley and Charlie's Angel.  We had a nice lunch at the McDonald's across the street before she had to fly back home.  She took both babies on the plane with her in a Sherpa Bag. I had the camera on "video" by mistake, but it turned out to be a cute "tiny" video, as I was saying "You know what?  I've got the camera on video by mistake".  LOL

Monday, August 22, 2011

Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hello, Sue!

I am SO sorry that I missed your anniversary! I hope that you and Mike had a

wonderful day!

I know that you have been busy delivering puppies to their new homes and with

all of your "Ladies in Waiting". The puppies are all so cute! I'm sure that

all of their families will be in love with their new little bundles!

Drummer is enjoying his summer. Most days we are able to take a walk. Some

have been too warm - even early in the morning. With his long coat it doesn't

take much for him to get hot. The rest of the day he spends lounging in the

air conditioning. Ah...what a life!

Drummer has a new groomer - Chad. He is studying to be a Master Groomer and he

would like to use Drummer as his "model" when he goes through the MGA judging

in Denver. He's very good with Drummer, but we all need to get better

acquainted before I can say "yes" to something like that. In the meantime, he

gets to "practice" on Drummer. He's been grooming for about 10 years or so and

works with his mom (who is also a Master Groomer) in her grooming business. My

former groomer (who was overwhelmed with Drummer's coat) recommended them. I'm

pleased with them so far, and they are absolutely thrilled to have the chance

to work with a cocker in "full" coat, so we'll see how it goes.

I've attached a couple of pictures of Drummer. In one, he's enjoying a

nice afternoon nap (this was taken before he went to see Chad, so he's quite

fuzzy). The other two I took this morning. Chad has him shaved a lot closer on

the face, head, and back down to the tail. I call it Drummer's "Big Boy" cut -

LOL! He looks so much older.

I hope that you have a great evening! I'll talk to you again soon!


Mary :o)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ziva from Howard City, Michigan~

Hi Sue,

It has been a while since we have chatted.

I see from your blog Mike has been having a tough time with things for some time now. I pray things are getting somewhat better for you both.

The babies are all beautiful, wish I lived closer so I could see them in person, but you would probably never get rid of me!!!

We are doing well, except of course this week the weather is horrible...but I know everyone is dealing with the same issue.
Ziva is very small framed so I can't say she takes after her daddy, by pictures he looks like a fairly big guy....must be she is more like Sophie.

I have a couple new pictures of our "little fatty" her weight increased along with her beauty!!!!!

I had Mandy take a new picture of Ziva in the red chair for Mike, I know that is a favorite of his...I hope he loves it as much has I do. She looks so happy in that picture I hope it makes him smile.....

Hugs to you both

Pat & Ziva

Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Sneakers" from Peoria, Arizona~

Roxanne flew to Buffalo from Phoenix and took Sneakers back home as a carry-on in the plane with her.
What a lovely, sweet lady!  Sneakers will have a wonderful new home with his new best friend, Murphy!

Biscuit from Harriman, Tennessee~

Dear Sue:
Biscuit arrived in Atlanta fresh as a daisy and finally made it home to East Tennessee last evening with John.

What a beautiful, precious, and adorable puppy that Biscuit is! His hair is cut to perfection, and he is so sweet. He reminds me very much of the silver puppies pictured on the Cocker Spaniel calendars.
Cocker Clancy and Biscuit are becoming great friends.

Thanks again for such a wonderful puppy and the excellent service you provided.

John and Kay

Friday, August 19, 2011

Cooper from Raleigh, North Carolina~

Hi Sue -

Cooper's flight went smoothly and picking him up at cargo went great!!!

He hasn't gone to the bathroom yet, but he finally finished his meal so we are going to take him out now and hope he goes now that he has a full belly.
Sue - I have to tell you Cooper is the best puppy in the world. The second I put him in my lap, his tail was wagging and he was giving us puppy kisses. He hops around like a little bunny and just loves to chase me and Marcus. It only took him about 30 minutes for him to come out of his shell - we were so happy! We are madly in love with him!!!! He even has a new favorite toy...he prances with this little baby cow stuffed animal! And he is wonderful on the leash!!
I cannot thank you enough - his disposition is proof that you breed the most wonderful Cocker Spaniels in the United States.

Thank you again Sue - I will keep ya updated on his progress!!!!!

Big thank you hug!


Halsey and Spruance from Morristown, New Jersey~

Afternoon nap in the kitchen

Curious about my new house

Getting comfortable in bed

The ride home from Syracuse

The slickers were not a big hit

Hi Sue,
It’s been one week and I wanted to check in to let you know that Halsey and Spruance are doing very well and have made a smooth transition. They seem very comfortable now and have settled in to a nice schedule. Both are adorable when they play. Their favorite game is tug of war with a “skineeze” chipmunk. I have a video of it on my phone. I’ll try to figure out how to get it off and send to you. It is a riot. Spruance is getting stronger each day, now he wins sometimes.

Both boys are able to hold their bladders for about an hour and a half at a time and are only getting up once in the middle of the night. When they go outside, they are able to go on the grass (but didn’t like wet grass at first.). The settle down in their crate at night after about 10 minutes which is nice.

Spruance tends to be nervous at first, but once he gets comfortable he stays confident. Halsey, shifts back and forth between being nervous and super confident, so we need to work on that, yet Halsey is very good about calming Spruance down. At the beginning of the week, Spruance was more of a “touch and tinkle” guy, he’s getting better now that he is on a schedule. Halsey fully empties his little bladder each time which is nice. I find I need to walk them separately to potty, because they have a tendency to want to play rather than potty.

They love riding in the car. As soon as I turn the engine they settle down and are wonderful in the car. We achieved a little milestone. Halsey was able to climb 6 steps of a stair case (although he needed a little boost for the first one). Spruance is still a little small, but once he saw Halsey climb, he tried as well. He needed a boost for the first step and then managed three more.

The boys have met the neighbors and experienced a whole new set of sounds. They are very popular new additions to the Franklin Street community. Everyone we meet says how beautiful the boys are. They visited the two Chihuahuas next door. My mother was out with them on Wednesday and came upon a woman walking her Labrador. The Labrador was very well behaved and sat quietly by her owner. Our boys were also well behaved – but curious about the big dog. So rather than sitting, they stood alert in their hunting stance each lifting their right paw. The cool thing was that they did everything completely in unison.

I bought the entire assortment of Blue Buffalo treats, because I didn’t know what they would like. Halsey is quite picky when it comes to the treats. Some flavors he likes, and some he doesn’t. But Spruance will eat any flavor offered up with gusto.

I have attached some quick phone pictures. I hope all the other puppies are doing well too.
With Best Regards,

Ann-Casey & Family


From: []

Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2011 11:16 AM

To: Ann-Casey Campagnolo

Subject: Regarding the pictures~

Never mind! Found them! My daughter mentioned that my memory card was probably full and that the pictures were probably in the internal memory of the camera itself. I took out the memory card, and "voila!!!"...the pictures downloaded. Yippee! I'm happy now!!!

I will get them on the website today.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Zoe" from Lockport, New York~


Darlene and Roger with Gabe and Zoe

Hi again...
I hope you got the picture I sent from my phone to your e-mail.  It was really nice seeing you and Mike on Saturday.  We couldn't ask for a sweeter "baby" as Zoe.,    Gabriel is in love with her he follows her everywhere and is really sweet with her.  If he is chewing on a toy, and she comes and takes it from him, he lets her and then sits and watches her play with it like she is his baby.  SO CUTE!!!  If I throw a ball down the hallway for Gabe he runs after it with her right behind him and then he brings it back and puts it down in front of her. They play together until exhausted.  I must say Zoe's potty training is also going very well, when I take her out and say Potty she knows exactly  what to do. She is the smartest little thing.  She didn't do well the first night sleeping,  so the 2nd night I put her right in bed with us (and Gabriel )and she fell right to sleep and slept  from 10:30 until 6:00 in the morning.  Needless to say why fight it, she willl end up in the bed anyway!   LOL Thank you again for these beautiful dogs.... which I think of as little people!  They are the best.  You are such a blessing to so many people and bring such joy to their hearts... Once again  Thank you from  the bottom of mine.  Blessing on your day and Hugs from Gabriel and Zoe.   Darlene

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mr. Watson from North Tonawanda, New York~

Hello Sue,
It is so nice to be able to see your blogs. I see the pups are going to their forever homes. I remember the joy we had when we received Mr. Watson. What a blessing to all the new pups and the new parents who are getting one of your great High Calling Cockers. I thank God everyday for guiding me to your website. Mr. Watson is doing great! I have been working on letting him off his leash in the backyard. He loves to run around and does come to the door when I call him. I had to use the leash for a couple of days because he decided he wanted to run back into the woods and he did come right back when hubby called him but I told him he can't go there so I put him back on leash for a couple of days and am trying again. He will learn because he is so smart. I have enclosed a few pics. Watson decided he wanted to get on the coffee table. I took the picture first, then scolded him for getting up there. He loves to look out the window and see what is going on out there. I told him he is a nosy neighbor LOL. I hope you had a great vacation and Mike is doing well.

God Bless

Dot , Dennis, and Mr. Watson

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chelsea from Belleville, Ontario~

Hi Mama Sue,

 Chelsea certainly is Show quality and the apple of our eyes!

Also - she is on a perfect regimen now - eating well, lots of water and having solid poops!

Oh what joy it is in this house! Our little gal is a real show (off) dog! Doing things we did not expect so soon.

We have a folding door between the kitchen and hall to the upstairs - Stu was up there talking to me and when I opened the door - this little white ball of fluff escaped and good grief she was up on the top stair - (there are only 8) carpeted of course and we both were shocked because she just started jumping from the patio stones up onto the deck (one step) Last night was a good night - she was quite content in the puppy pen beside the bed. Did whimper a couple of times and when Stu put his hand thru and petted her she went right back to sleep.She is just tearing around the yard after we let her off the leash and coming right back when we call. Of course up at 6:15, hungry as a bear!

Thank you so much for the picture of us at the Vets. I don't think I have seen Stu look so good in a long time. The essence of joy now! I was so pleased the name on the building showed up - I thought that was a beautiful name for a Vet's office! Ours is the oldest Vet establishment in Belleville and Dr. Harry Burns started it and his son Bob worked with his Dad for years and is now running it since Harry passed away. Bob is about 55 now. He grew up there- and each summer, just as his father did, hires students from Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph.

We set up an Ex pen in the family room. I have a very pretty vinyl, flanned lined table cloth, over the carpet with every kind of ruit imaginable on it and Chelsea cocks her head at something - then bounces on it that paticular fruit - its priceless to watch her. Right now she is dozing! Well Sue you know how sweet they are! We are trying to think of a nice registered name for her. Will keep in touch. The Fox family all call individually to hear about her! I think Taylor has to leave on the 28th, so we must head up there
before that. I can't wait to see her reaction and their dogs too.

Well Mama Sue, thank you again for making our life a song once more! Remember DOG is GOD spelled backwards! And we thank Him too! LOL - Kay & Stu

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Christy from Snyder, New York~


Some pix for you.
Rich & Bee

Mitzi from Henrietta, New York~

Dear Sue

Forwarding a couple pics of Mitzi.

We had a "Dog Days of Summer" event at the Long Term Care Facility where I work. Mitzi was the absolute Star!

She was so adorable and gentle, loving with the Residents, everyone was so impressed with her temperament and how she interacted with all.

I don't know who had a better time, she or the Residents. We had baked Doggie Cookies with the Residents the day before so she had plenty of treats! We have 475 Residents and equally as many staff. As news of my beautiful girl spread so many came to see her. It was a wonderful day.

Needless to say she came home ready for a long nap!

Can never stop telling you what a joy she is. Loved by all she meets.

Hope all is well with you. Will get some better pics to you soon.

MJ, Nate & Mitzi


"Wilson" from Buffalo, NY~

Hi Sue,
Just wanted to give you an update on Wilson.

He seems to be adjusting well in his new home. He loves to play with the boys, and has fun exploring the backyard from his puppy pen.

He only woke up once on Thursday night, and went back to sleep after going potty. Last night, he slept from 9:30pm to 6:00 am. (I jumped out of bed @ 5 to check on him when I realized he didn't wake during the night. Just like having a newborn in the house again!)

This breed was a perfect match for our family, and the care you gave him these past two months really shows!

Thanks again!

Carla and Family

Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Homes for Puppy-Wuppies~

The puppies went to the vet today and everyone checked out perfectly!  Three of the puppies went to their new homes today!

Stu and Kay with "Chelsea"

Carla and her Mom, and sons, Todd and Alex with "Wilson"
Buffalo, NY

Rich and Bee with "Christy"
Snyder, NY

Monday, August 8, 2011

Disney from Silver Spring, Maryland~

Disney with Nancy and Joe the day they picked him up~

Hi Sue,

My not-so-little bundle of joy is 6 months old today. I had Joe weigh Disney and he is 23 pounds!!

For his birthday I let him try a piece of his first McDonald's cheeseburger. He loved it. He did pretty good at me holding it in front of him saying, "Wait, wait". He sat there looking at it until I said "OK". Joe has been teaching him that. Disney can have some food about 2 inches from his nose and go a few seconds without reaching to bite it. We also do this with our Cockapoo and Disney has watched her not try to reach out to food right by her nose.

I guess it's about time to make an appointment to have Disney neutered. I think he's old enough to be left alone. My vet keeps dogs over night for the operation. It will be the first time Disney has not slept with Joe and me. Actually the first time he has been anywhere without one of useven for a short time. I'm going to have the vet put in the tracking chip while he is under. It is interesting that I, so far, have never seen Disney lift his leg to pee.

I hope Mia is just as happy and excited as Disney is every day. He is so energetic and loves to explore. He keeps his attention on one thing for about 30 seconds and then on to the next adventure.

All the best for your adorable litters, Sue. I watched a couple videos and they were so precious.

Take care,

Nancy and Joe

Cooper (Dakota) from Raleigh, North Carolina~ (Snowy's litter)

I wanted to share some fun stuff with you. Marcus's family threw us a "Puppy Shower" this weekend - I attached some pictures for you to enjoy! I think our families are almost more excited than we are! lol And we FINALLY came up with a name we agree on - "Cooper". :)

Stephanie and Marcus

Bristal (Candida) from Farmington, W.Virginia and Kodiak from Murrysville, Pennsylvania~




Bristal (Candida) and Kodiak

Hi Susan hope everything is well with your family.We just wanted to let you know how Kodiak and Bristal are doing.   First of all they are very, very special puppies.  They both are the smartest, most caring, loveable puppies in the world.  They puppy trained really fast.  They would do absolutely anything for a treat.  They are always wanting and getting hugs.  They love kids and get along with everybody.  Kodi is here now visiting his sister and it's constant play time.  Which is a good break for us.  We dearly love these beautiful pups.  We had Bristal spayed and Kodi neutered about 4 weeks ago.  They came thru like champs.  Absolutely no health problems.  They give us such joy.  Will attach a few pics.      Ed and Shelia