Monday, April 29, 2013

"Brady" and "Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Brady's first groom at Petsmart!

Cosby and Brady love to wrestle! What brothers don't?!

Its tough being a big brother! I need a nap!

So cute how Brady stretches out and naps!

Brady where are your eyes! Mr.Frizzy!

Like big brother like little brother!

Hi Sue,

I finally have my computer back and it's working great now!! Missed everyone!! Glad to see most of your special breeding dogs went to our most dearest families on the family blog that has already bought from you and that you can really trust and not worry about them. That's great!! Sad to see them go, but happy for your new retirement and exciting journey to move closer to the south where I'm at. Just wished you come down closer to ,Florida, where we are instead of, North Carolina. Praying things are going much better for you and Mike!!! I'm sending pics of the boys. Brady finally weighs 10 lbs. That's great they said, he has tripled his weight. When we first got him he only weighed 2.1 lbs. I am so glad I got one of Tink's and Danger's first and only last litter from you. It was always a dream of mine to own a black and white parti!! Hope yaw like the pics. I must say again, I just so thankful for you and Brady and Cosby. And also knowing that many of my favorites have adopted your older dogs. I am so happy and pleased!!! Archie and Tobie, Libby, Natasha, and etc. Dot's mom! And many others! And Indian Harbour Beach Couple, Susan and George. Your dogs are so great that almost everyone has now at least two, or now shall I say three!! Ha! Glad to see Biscuit has a sibling too, from Mrs. Kay!! Congrads, and to all the others too!! Well, I love everyone of yaw and each new and old, classic family blog member. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!! Good night, and have a God blessed day!!

P.S. Mary {Drummer Boy's mom} is looking great and I wanted her to know that, and that I'm proud of her!!

Love in Jesus,


"Miss Tink" from Reno, Nevada~

Happy Monday Sue,

Just thought I would let you know we had a very good weekend. Tink currently likes Aspen more than Aspen likes her, but we are getting there. We have had lots of walks & car rides. She loves both. Todayshe is at work and a little intimidated by all the people. But it keeps getting better. I have attached some pictures of her when she had decided to finally completely relax. She is a very funny little girl. She has met all the neighbors and their dogs and is friends with all of them already. She loves to visit.

I do have a new nickname for her. After she does her business on the grass her scratch is so intense that I call her Thatcher. The grass just flies. It is so funny to watch. Those back legs really stretch out there after the scratch.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend.
Valeri, Aspen & Tink

"Miss Snuggie" from Hamburg, New York~

It was a joy meeting Heidi and her father as they picked up Snuggie.  It does my heart glad knowing my precious dogs are all going to wonderful homes.  God has been very gracious to me!

"Lucky" from North Hollywood, California~

Thursday, April 25, 2013

"Miss Chloe" and "Miss Daisy" from Lancaster, New York~

Finally got a good picture of Chloe and Daisy together. They are starting to like each other's company.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Miss Bunny" and "Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Kay with "Miss Bunny" and "Biscuit"

Kay with "Miss Bunny"

Good Evening, Sue:

Little Baby Bunny will be eleven weeks old tomorrow and is adjusting extremely well to her "forever" home. She enjoys playing and running outside in the back yard, squeaking her favorite toys loudly, and adores big brother, Biscuit.

Bunny was scheduled for her first checkup at Kingston Animal Hospital yesterday. She received an excellent health report and weighs almost eight pounds now.

Blessings and prayers for you and your family,

John, Kay, Biscuit, and Bunny

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Lucky" from North Hollywood, California~

Got tired after playing :)

Thank you Sue for my beautiful baby! Love him sooo much!

Hi Mama Sue.
 How are you? I miss you a lot!! I am such a good boy. I already made new friends :)

When my mom going to work, I stay home alone and I behave soooo good. My mom is very proud of me. I don't break anything, just play with my toys, eat, sleep and wait my mom :)

Kiss you mama Sue

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to "Miss Emily" (with "Cooper") from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl~


Emily -  The Birthday Girl!

Emily and Cooper
Best friends, forever~

Hi Mama Sue,

Yesterday, April 20th, was my Birthday and I turned 3 years old!

My family gave me a real fun birthday party and lots
of presents. Cooper had a good time too, he
enjoyed my doggie canolies and my presents. Mom
says it's a good thing I know how to share (as if I had
a choice with Coop - he thinks everything in the house
belongs to him). He gave me a birthday kiss, so I guess
he loves me. I am attaching a few pictures so that you
can see what a great 3rd birthday party I had.
special Happy 3rd Birthday to my sister, Gracie and
my brothers Bojangles and Dusty.

Love you Mama Sue,

Your Little Emily

Friday, April 19, 2013

"Bentley" from Buffalo, New York~

Dear Sue

Hope this finds you, Mike and your family well. My mom is finally coming come. The car accident was January 17th. Three months today! She should be home tmrw. It is still a long road ahead.

What a lovely day today! Lo 80's...finally! Temps are going to drop Friday afternoon, cold front coming in.

I am so happy your little ones are going to forever homes. They will all be soooo loved! I wish all the new families good luck...They are so lucky!

Of course, there are pics of Bentley. He is almost 11 months. He went to visit my Mom a few times at rehab and he was so welcomed by the patients and staff.

Take care...please keep the blog going! We all enjoy it!

Kathy and Bentley from Buffalo NY

"Miss Sweetie" from Hawkestone, Ontario, Canada~

Dear Sue,

Thanks again for the love of my life....she is perfect.
We had a good ride home. She got along fine with Watson. She isn't eating yet but I am sure it will come. Just so much going on in her little life yesterday...some major adjustments.
Everything we give her (toys, treats ect...) she takes them and puts them in my bedroom beside my bed...she has a little stock pile in there. LOL
I bought her a new bed and collar today. The beds we have are much too big for such a wee girl.
Everyone is madly in love with this new addition to our family...I couldn't be more pleased.
Also keep me posted about Mercedes....I would most certainly be interested.
I will keep you up to date on our Baby Girl!

Thanks again!


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"Miss Jingles", Archie and Toby from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~


I have become addicted to your website and have watched as you slowly send your doggies to homes. Drummer's mommy asked the questions that have been going through my head. We are so very happy to have brought Jingles into our home to join Archie and Toby. They have not had any problems with her coming into our home. Things are busy here and I now brush 3 dogs every morning. Everyone who has met Jingles has fallen in love with her as she is so sweet and patient as she waits to be petted. I went grocery shopping last week and left all 3 dogs uncrated. Thank goodness that my neighbor gets the local newspaper because our was totally shredded! All dogs looked so innocent but they all had bits of shredded newspaper stuck in their long cocker ears! I just had to laugh as I cleaned up the floor!

How is Mike doing? Better, I hope!

Pray for the USA as we deal with the terroristic attacks in Boston.

Love you Mamma Sue,


I thought of you yesterday in the car when I heard the song "Come to Jesus". I know that you need him more than ever at this time in your life and I know that he is there for you. It must be hard to hear Him but do not doubt.

Jingles is my little jingle belle! She is so very precious! Everyone who has met her has fallen in love with her including all of the staff at the vet's office.d. She has resumed her love of rolling in the yard and chasing the boys around, especially Toby. She has turned into my little shadow, and just looks up at me with those loving eyes. She has learned to sit, and lay down on command and we are working on learning to ring the bells to go outside! Just thought I would give you an update!

Good luck with finding good homes for the rest of your precious doggies! I follow your website alot!!

Stay well and remain faithful!



Monday, April 15, 2013

"Drummer" from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Dearest Sue,

How are you doing? I'm watching your boys and ladies going to new homes. I see
that Mikey is going to George and Susan! I keep trying to figure out a way to
take one, but I haven't been able to make it work yet. And then I'd have to
convince Glenn. :o)

Will you be keeping your email address so that I can keep in touch with you?
What about the blog? Will you keep it going? I can't imagine not being able to
see all of the dogs and their families. It would feel so empty without it.

How is Mike doing? And are you moving south like you had hoped? 

I've attached a picture of Drummer and me by our Cleveland Pear tree that's
blooming right now. Yesterday was cool but sunny. Today is cooler and raining.
I was glad to get my "sun-fix" yesterday before the bad weather moved in!
Actually, we NEED the rain, so it's really "good" weather - if you look at it
that way! I'm just ready for some warm temps.
Please know that you're in our thoughts and prayers!
Love and Hugs!

Mary :o)

"Jaime" from Newport News, Virginia~

Jaime brings so much joy to our lives!
Thanks !! And God bless you and your husband!

Gina & Dr. Bruce

Sunday, April 14, 2013

"Miss Natasha" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

It took me a while to find this video on my own blog!  LOL   But I wanted to share it again for anyone who missed out on it.  It's such a fun video to watch!  Thank you to Lou and Sharon, "parents" to Natasha and Stitch!


"Miss Clover" from Minnesota~

Day two - seems like she's always been here. Needless to say we ADORE her and

she is hilarious. The backyard and it's 8 inches of snow is full of footprints -she hasn't missed a spot - sits by the back door to go out to play (already). She is bound and determined to get herself into the bathtub-stands up and hops along the edge, back and forth.

The electrician let her follow him around yesterday and then he had to take her picture and
send it to the lady in the office -because she is so cute.

I had forgotten just how totally spazzy puppies are, then wild and then crash.

This is way too fun!


"Ranger" from Hot Springs Village, Arkansas~

Dear Sue,

Spring has sprung here in Arkansas! We took Ranger and his lab sister, Heidi, to Garvin Woodland Gardens to view all the beautiful tulips and daffodils. Ranger and Heidi were so well-behaved walking through the many acres of flowers in the huge garden. Afterward, we took Ranger for his first ice cream cone for being such a good boy! He LOVED it!

Hope your family is doing well!


Hot Springs Village, AR

Friday, April 12, 2013

"Miss Melody" from Mayville, New York~

Shelby, Bill & Mel

Bill & Melody

Hello Sue,

Here are a couple of pictures from this evening. Melody is doing very well, she is so sweet and loves running after Shelby! It was wonderful meeting you and we want to thank you again for our sweet little girl. You and your husband will continue to be in our prayers and thoughts.

We'll send more pictures!


"Miss Clover" from Minnesota~

Day One~

She's good - she cute - she's busy and has already checked out every inch of the house - loves scooting underneath the bed and coming out on the other side - must have done it 25 times and she is determined to get into the bathtub to check it out.
We have about 10 inches of wet snow - she also likes that - walking in it and eating it.

She is very funny - I had forgotten how entertaining puppies are. Will keep you


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"Stitch" (Sawyer) from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

Stitch has suddenly decided that there should be no paper bigger than 1 square inch!!! Things are much better with Natasha.  Stitch will allow no person or other dog close to me - sort of my personal Secret Service agent.


Note from Mama Sue...

         Isn't that Natasha's monkey from your movie trailer?   I'll have to find it on here and repost it!

"Bailey" and "Sammy" from Albion, New York~

Hi Sue!

Here are some pictures of Bailey & Sammy. They are so loving and so much fun. The closeup of Sammy is my favorite. The one with all three dogs has Max on the left, he is 11, and of course Sammy who is 4 months, and Bailey who is 2 months. Thanks again!


"Miss Gabby" from West Springfield, Massachusetts~

Here is our Gabby. ..she is so smart.

Four months old...sits on you her paw...brings her ball...doing pretty well on training.

How is Mike?

I just love my Gabby!



"Lucky" from North Hollywood, California~

Thank you Sue for beautiful baby Lucky!!! He is very sweet and playfull!!

Such a good boy!!! Love him a LOT!!!

I love his plushy face. Can't get enough of kissing him :))


Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Abel" from Centereach, New York~

Thank you Katie for the great pictures!


Mama Sue

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Miss Annie" from Rochester, New York~

It was wonderful meeting Carol today.  I know she will give my Annie a wonderful home!
Please Lord help them to have many joy-filled years!  :")

"Miss Starr" and "Miss Libby" from Lewiston, New York~

Starr...the birthday girl~!!!

Hello Momma Sue and Papa Mike,

Today is my 1st birthday with my new family. Libby and I played ball outside chased some leaves and sat in the sun. Took my birthday nap and got a duck that quacks and some pumpkin and blueberry cookies!!! Sending you a big doggie kiss and a picture of Libby too.

Love you