Monday, April 29, 2013

"Brady" and "Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Brady's first groom at Petsmart!

Cosby and Brady love to wrestle! What brothers don't?!

Its tough being a big brother! I need a nap!

So cute how Brady stretches out and naps!

Brady where are your eyes! Mr.Frizzy!

Like big brother like little brother!

Hi Sue,

I finally have my computer back and it's working great now!! Missed everyone!! Glad to see most of your special breeding dogs went to our most dearest families on the family blog that has already bought from you and that you can really trust and not worry about them. That's great!! Sad to see them go, but happy for your new retirement and exciting journey to move closer to the south where I'm at. Just wished you come down closer to ,Florida, where we are instead of, North Carolina. Praying things are going much better for you and Mike!!! I'm sending pics of the boys. Brady finally weighs 10 lbs. That's great they said, he has tripled his weight. When we first got him he only weighed 2.1 lbs. I am so glad I got one of Tink's and Danger's first and only last litter from you. It was always a dream of mine to own a black and white parti!! Hope yaw like the pics. I must say again, I just so thankful for you and Brady and Cosby. And also knowing that many of my favorites have adopted your older dogs. I am so happy and pleased!!! Archie and Tobie, Libby, Natasha, and etc. Dot's mom! And many others! And Indian Harbour Beach Couple, Susan and George. Your dogs are so great that almost everyone has now at least two, or now shall I say three!! Ha! Glad to see Biscuit has a sibling too, from Mrs. Kay!! Congrads, and to all the others too!! Well, I love everyone of yaw and each new and old, classic family blog member. I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!! Good night, and have a God blessed day!!

P.S. Mary {Drummer Boy's mom} is looking great and I wanted her to know that, and that I'm proud of her!!

Love in Jesus,