Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Jaime"and his buddy, "Casey" from Newport News, Virginia~

Granddaughter Madison with Jaime

Bruce & Jaime...loves his Dad

Jaime and Casey

Best pals!

Jaime 4 1/2 years

Hello Susan!
I had lost your address but found it the other day. I was so happy because I wanted to send you a picture of our Jaime!
He is 4 1/2 now. I told him the other day to stop growing up so fast! There are not enough words to express the love Bruce and I have for him!!
Jaime entertains us during the day and loves on us in the evenings! He is so funny and so sweet. He goes everywhere with us! He loves his brother, an AKC cavalier spaniel. But sadly, Casey is 12 and not in good health. One day Jaime will be without his brother and he will miss him.
I know you are no longer breeding, but was hoping you could recommend a good breeder. We will travel anywhere to purchase a sweet cocker and willing to pay a good price.
Thank you for all the support you show to those who have lost their babies ! I'm sure one day I'll benefit from your thoughtfulness.
I'll send the photos in the next email.

God bless you for sending us Jaime!
Gina & Bruce

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Miss Bailey Glory and her dearest friend, Curley at Eastertime~

Dearest Sue,

I love how my apartment looks at Christmas and decided there's no reason it can't look as nice every season, so I went to my second favorite store, Michaels, and picked up a few Spring/Summer decorations. Today I put them up...and now we're getting 10 inches of snow.

The kids are doing well. In their joint photos, Curley is on the left and Bailey is on the right or standing. I took them to see the Easter Bunny the beginning of March. Alex shaved them the day before so they would look nice for me. I included one of their "before" photos. Like their Mother, they prefer Santa. Bailey kept trying to escape the Bunny's grasp. Curley is completely blind now, so he just sat there like a champ. As long as someone's petting him, he doesn't care who it is.

It's hard to believe Bailey will be four at the end of May. She is my constant companion and I love her to death. I can't wait to get home to them at the end of the day. When dinner's ready, she's right there to see if I drop anything on the floor. When I sit down to watch TV she curls up at my side, until I pick up either my cross-stitch or my computer to edit photos- then she runs for her ball or her pink doggy and I lay my work aside to play fetch with her.

We're taking our first family vacation in June and heading to our cottage in New Hampshire. I told Alex we aren't going until we get life vests for the kids, though. I have to make sure Curley's as safe as possible and Bailey tends to do things first, then think about it afterwards. Since she's never been around water, I don't want her running down the dock and jumping off the end, then realizing the ground underneath her is no longer solid. It should be interesting. I'm trying to find pet-friendly things they'll both enjoy. Curley is 14 and not much of a walker anymore. He would rather just sit outside and feel the sun on his face and I agree with him. For me, the cottage was made for curling up with a good book! Bailey, on the other hand, is like her Daddy-they always need to be on the go. I may need a vacation after my vacation.

I hope you and Mike are doing well. You are often in my nightly prayers.

Love Always,
Sarah & Bailey