Monday, July 28, 2014

A plea for help from a wonderful pastor who truly cares for kids~

I received this email back in March, and am just reading it now. Pastor Brothers is a wonderful man who runs a home for homeless teens in New York State. I have listened to his radio program for a great many years. He has always "told it like it is". He pulls no punches. Besides his ministry here, he also has an orphanage in Ukraine that he supports. Please read this email, and if you are able, please make a donation to this fine ministry. Also, you can visit his website and listen to his radio program archives.


These kids need a miracle! YOU HAVE THAT POWER!

Dear Friend,

33 years ago I never heard a young person say, "If I can't come to Freedom Village I am just going to kill myself." Unfortunately, I just heard it! Like an arrow going through my soul I remembered the 13 kids in one year who killed themselves while on our waiting list. Like a flash I was called back in time to going to the post office a few years ago to pick up a "restricted delivery" package. I knew when I saw it what it was---a funeral box---it contained the ashes of a boy who had killed himself ---again on our waiting list. The note attached burns in my heart to this day. His mother wrote, "Here mister, you can have him now. You wouldn't help him when he needed it."

Partner, we're trying our best but we need some special gifts right now. The winter has been bitter, cold and extremely expensive (as most have felt it's pain as well)---and the cries for help staggering! I've even had requests (another today) from good kids who are not "troubled" but want to come to get away from the bullying, peer pressure and a 17 year old expressed today, "I'm tired of being the only one"---he went on to say that the hounding and pressures of the godless crowd at school every day was beating him down. I know it's wrong but I've even thought of ending it all."

Please! While I know many of you are struggling---sow a seed! "Give and it shall be given unto you..." Luke 6:38 Whether it's the "widow's mite" or SPONSORING one or more kids with a one-time gift of $500 or more---you have the power to save a broken life and give that child a chance! We need you---they need you---and YOU need the blessings that only come when we give! Only when we sow that seed and God germinates it into a miracle.

I am asking you to go to:, or and SAVE A LIFE! You can use your credit card or PayPal but this need is urgent and I pray you will help right now! The addresses for "snail mail" are on the websites.

Large or small please do something and help us help them while we still can!

I would also ask that you pray earnestly for a little boy---Ben---who is four years old and the doctor's say his brain tumor is inoperable. Likewise pray for Jim Kelly as I'm sure most of you have heard his cancer is back. Claim that the MASTER PHYSICIAN will heal them both! And place them on every prayer list you are connected to and pass the word.

Unless you have taken that trip to the post office or received this call---"You can take them off your waiting list. He/she killed themself last night"---you don't know what a hot poker shoved into your chest feels like.

Please help! The "bread" you "cast on the waters" may well come back someday and it will be a loved one of yours whose life is redeemed then because you sow that seed now.

I will be looking for your gift so we can tell that child or that family---"what day can you get here? You have been SPONSORED."

For the children,

Pastor Brothers
Freedom Village

Friday, July 25, 2014

"Shane" from Oyster Bay, New York~

Here are some pics, and you can put them on your blog if you like.
Shane is my best buddy and I sometimes call him Oliver as you named him :)

He absolutely loves chasing balls and fetching, outside and even inside.

Monday, July 21, 2014

"Miss Willow" from Clinton, New Jersey~

Just a little note to say "hello". We hope that everyone in the High
Calling Cockers family is doing well; enjoying the Summer.

Willow is enjoyng her time out in Idaho: meeting new neighbors, going
for walks, watching the golfers from our back deck, rough housing with
her sister, Jenny, and barking at the buffalo in the National Parks.

The weather here has been usually warm prompting Willow to discover
that cool air flows from certain spots on floor. Now when she gets too
hot, she cools down by laying over the vent .... so very smart and

As always, you remain in our prayers.


Sunday, July 20, 2014

"Miss Molly" from Fairport, New York~

Found this picture of precious "Molly" in my mail, sent while we were traveling, so overlooked it accidentally. Molly is now six years old. Thank you Jane for sending it!

"Miss Shelby" from Clearwater, Florida~

Hi Sue,

Just wanted to say hi and say that I was looking at your blog today and really
enjoyed all of the pictures of your family.
What a wonderful family your have and no wonder you are so proud. I hope that
you and Mike are feeling better also. I am no longer working as of May 28th, so
I am finally able to do some of the things that I have always wanted to do.

I have sent you some pictures of Shelby, finally. She is doing well and is such
a sweet, wonderful dog. Can't believe she will be seven in September. The baby
in the picture with her is a friend of mine's little girl. Zoie. It was the
first tine that she met the dogs and Shelby just loved her. It was so cute.

I think of you often and always wish you and Mike the best. I hope you too are
enjoying your retirement.

Take care and I send many blessings your way.



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Speaking of weddings~

Speaking of weddings, our daughter Shannon married the love of her life, Aaron on June 21st. I am so very happy that this took place, as I've been waiting for her to find someone special for a long, long, long time. (She will be 41 yrs old in October)  LOL  Here are a few pictures. Sorry that I seem to have them posted out of order. LOL  May the good Lord bless Shannon and Aaron with a long happy life together!

Shannon and Aaron and the Bridal Party

Our grandson, Evan, who played Highland Cathedral on his bagpipes for the Processional

Mr and Mrs Smith as they exited the church

Three of our daughters, ...Cheryl, Shannon and Valerie

The two girls on the right are mine...Cheryl and Val.

Mike and I at the reception...starting to get tired out.

Mike walking Shannon down the aisle

Yours truly

Bryan and Katie Wedding Hi-Light

I would like to share this beautiful wedding video of our High Calling Cocker family member, Kathy's beautiful daughter, Katie. Kathy owns Jingles now, and also Archie (Certified Therapy Dog) and Toby. I enjoyed this video so much and I know you will too! God bless Katie and Bryan as they begin their lives together! Sue

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

I want to take a few minutes to wish all of you a very Happy and Happy Fourth of July. Today I also want to express my gratitude to all the service men and women of our country to gave their time and sacrifice to make our country what it is today. Here are some of my very favorite pictures of the most special people in my life who give of their time to our country to keep us free:

Mike Martin - my Marine hubby

 Capt. David Martin- Afghanistan

Kyle Martin - ROTC Cadet Senior Year Niagara University Purple Eagle Battalion

Tyler ROTC Junior Year Niagara University Purple Eagle Battalion
with brother, Capt. David Martin at Fort Benning for Tyler's
Air Assault graduation

Lt. Jonathan Beabout
My grandson "Jonny" at US Air Force Academy where he had a major solo in their
Annual Messiah Concert

Capt. David M. Martin

Capt David Martin

Capt. David Martin

David at his commissioning, giving his first salute to his father, Sgt. Michael Martin

Kyle Martin - ROTC Cadet Senior Year Niagara University Purple Eagle Battalion
Damien Taylor and Ashton, our granddaughter on their wedding day!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

"Miss Sasha" from Toronto, Ontario, Canada~

Hello Susan and Mike,

We hope this message finds you both well and happy in the Carolina sunshine. I must admit that we worry if we don't see a post from you for a while. I hope that is because you are busy or vacationing now that you don't have all the cockers to care for. We are concerned about your health issues and pray that you are becoming healthier. We can't wave at you across the lake anymore but we still think of you...

Here it is Canada Day, July 1st, so Miss Sasha has been celebrating in the summer sunshine too. She has been chasing her frisbee on and off all day. Actually she has been leaping up two to three feet and grabbing it right out of the air (like a border collie). Clever girl! She plans to celebrate her American roots on July 4th as well.

Sasha is doing really well - we are both so very proud of her. She has become a real cuddler and a show off; she makes us smile all the time with her antics. It is hard to believe that she has only been with us a couple of years.

We still love to see news of the various pups on the blog. Every one of them is so darn good looking. And such personalities!

Take care. Be well.

Pat & Ron & Sasha

PS Did you have a door bell in Wilson? We don't - but every time a door bell rings on a television advertisement, Sasha barks. I am suspecting it may have been learned in the litter?