Monday, July 28, 2014

A plea for help from a wonderful pastor who truly cares for kids~

I received this email back in March, and am just reading it now. Pastor Brothers is a wonderful man who runs a home for homeless teens in New York State. I have listened to his radio program for a great many years. He has always "told it like it is". He pulls no punches. Besides his ministry here, he also has an orphanage in Ukraine that he supports. Please read this email, and if you are able, please make a donation to this fine ministry. Also, you can visit his website and listen to his radio program archives.


These kids need a miracle! YOU HAVE THAT POWER!

Dear Friend,

33 years ago I never heard a young person say, "If I can't come to Freedom Village I am just going to kill myself." Unfortunately, I just heard it! Like an arrow going through my soul I remembered the 13 kids in one year who killed themselves while on our waiting list. Like a flash I was called back in time to going to the post office a few years ago to pick up a "restricted delivery" package. I knew when I saw it what it was---a funeral box---it contained the ashes of a boy who had killed himself ---again on our waiting list. The note attached burns in my heart to this day. His mother wrote, "Here mister, you can have him now. You wouldn't help him when he needed it."

Partner, we're trying our best but we need some special gifts right now. The winter has been bitter, cold and extremely expensive (as most have felt it's pain as well)---and the cries for help staggering! I've even had requests (another today) from good kids who are not "troubled" but want to come to get away from the bullying, peer pressure and a 17 year old expressed today, "I'm tired of being the only one"---he went on to say that the hounding and pressures of the godless crowd at school every day was beating him down. I know it's wrong but I've even thought of ending it all."

Please! While I know many of you are struggling---sow a seed! "Give and it shall be given unto you..." Luke 6:38 Whether it's the "widow's mite" or SPONSORING one or more kids with a one-time gift of $500 or more---you have the power to save a broken life and give that child a chance! We need you---they need you---and YOU need the blessings that only come when we give! Only when we sow that seed and God germinates it into a miracle.

I am asking you to go to:, or and SAVE A LIFE! You can use your credit card or PayPal but this need is urgent and I pray you will help right now! The addresses for "snail mail" are on the websites.

Large or small please do something and help us help them while we still can!

I would also ask that you pray earnestly for a little boy---Ben---who is four years old and the doctor's say his brain tumor is inoperable. Likewise pray for Jim Kelly as I'm sure most of you have heard his cancer is back. Claim that the MASTER PHYSICIAN will heal them both! And place them on every prayer list you are connected to and pass the word.

Unless you have taken that trip to the post office or received this call---"You can take them off your waiting list. He/she killed themself last night"---you don't know what a hot poker shoved into your chest feels like.

Please help! The "bread" you "cast on the waters" may well come back someday and it will be a loved one of yours whose life is redeemed then because you sow that seed now.

I will be looking for your gift so we can tell that child or that family---"what day can you get here? You have been SPONSORED."

For the children,

Pastor Brothers
Freedom Village