Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Miss Tiffany Rose" from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Sue,

Hope all are doing well in your household. Sounds like the house is becoming filled once again. How is Mike and Cheryl? I pray they are healing well and will soon be up to doing things.

Bethany is much better after her sting or bite. She’s been a sick girl this week which made it hard to get things done around the house and work on training Tiffany. I hope things will begin to slow down. It’s been so hot and humid I’ve had to run the air conditioner day and night. First time I’ve had to do this in June. The rain and some cooler weather came in late this evening. We need it badly! I pray it will stay for a little while.

Tiffany starts class in the morning, we’ll see how that goes. She’s really smart, she went up the steps that I have next to the bed. Well, once she was up there she couldn’t get down, she let a cry out which meant “MOM, COME and GET ME!” Now this would never do, so I got a few treats and with a little encouragement she took the top step and then the next. She was down in a flash for a treat! Up she went, I walked out, she cried, and I told her “steps” once more with a little encouragement down she came. Now she enjoys going up and down. They’re getting ready to fence my front yard and I know she’ll love playing outside. Bethany is beginning to warm up to her and is interested in playing a few games with her. Their friendship is growing but still needs more time.

I bet Ladybug is growing like Tiffany and finding all types of things to investigate and get into. I took Tiffany to the Post Office and to the Tuckasegee Trading Post to begin getting familiar with the car, meeting people and seeing new places. There was a little girl who loved Tiffany and would gladly taken her home if her Grammy would have let her. I must say Tiffany loved the attention.

Take care and give my love to all. Many blessings to each of you.

Love and blessings,

Cherrie’, Bethany and Tiffany

Monday, June 22, 2015

"Miss Bethany Willow" and "Miss Tiffany Rose" from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Bethany in her sick bed after being stung or bitten, running a fever.
Spent Sunday at the Vet's office

TIFFANY BANNED from sick room.
She was stung by a honeybee on Sunday too.
What a day!

Hi Sue,

I pray everyone is making excellent strides in the recovery process. This weekend it seemed I’d joined the ranks of caregiver and caretaker. Late Saturday Bethany’s right front paw became very red and her end toe was
badly swollen. Needless to say I called the vet and she had me give her a baby aspirin and Benadryl to see if that would help. Next thing I knew Tiffany was on the patio, saw a clover flower with a happy bee. Before I could do anything she grabbed the bee in her mouth. She was shaking her head from side to side and then she spat the bee out. He had given her a beginning pop as his stinger was still hanging. Another phone call to the vet and she told we to give her a whole Benadryl and just watch for any swelling or other unusual reactions.
Saturday night wasn’t much better as Bethany couldn’t calm down and was shaking. Well, I ended up sleeping on the floor next to Bethany just to have a quieter night.

Next morning I called the vet and we met at her office. She checked it out and she was running a fever along with her badly swollen toe. She is now on Prednisone, pain meds and an antibiotic. I will be very glad when they’re all back to normal! May blessings be on you as you go through puppy hood and caring for those dear ones near you.

Give my love and best wishes to Mike and all the Martins.

Cherrie’, Bethany, and Tiffany

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Birthday to "Sparky" from Illinois~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET SPARKY, JUNE 20, 2015! Yes, that was yesterday, and I was going to put it on in the evening, but out electric went out until 8:30 A.M., this morning. Sparky it is hard to believe you are 7 years old, you were such a tiny, little baby when you were born, and I love you so much! To think you flew from NY state to be with me, what a brave little boy! I am always grateful for Susan Martin, for entrusting me with one her High Calling Cockers. Love you Sparky! Your funny, playful ways makes my world fun!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Sad news about "Ziva's" daddy, Bill...from Howard City, Michigan~

Many of you recognize this "signature picture" we use on our High Calling Cockers website of beautiful "Ziva". We received some really sad news today. Our beloved Bill, husband of Pat, owners of "Ziva", went on to be with the Lord after battling liver cancer for the past few years. I am soooo sad for Pat. I wish there was something I could say or do to make things "all better". Thankfully, we have that "blessed hope" and know that our Lord Jesus has prepared a place for all of us where we will be with Him and our loved ones once again. Please keep Pat and her family in your prayers~

Mama Sue

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Tiffany Rose" and "Bethany Willow" from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Sue,

SORRY! I haven’t written or called!

Things have been incredible busy these last few days! We’re in the middle of a major heat wave! It’s been 90 degrees by 11:00AM for the last four days and they’re expecting it to last through the weekend. In the afternoon it’s so hot and humid you can’t stand being outside. We’ve been 96 to 98 with the humidity level of 100%. This is the earliest one I can remember.

I have to get a new card for my camera, may do that this evening, so I can send new photos of the girls. Right now, Bethany is laying on the left side of my feet and little bit Tiffany is on the right side, laying on the fan base! They’re starting to develop a friendship, still a ways to go, but you take every small step of encouragement. Yesterday, , Tiffany discovered she could “run” really run! She was like a little wild woman and oh how she can jump. After her gymnastic series which included the 1mile sprint at Astro Dog speed, high jumps over toys, legs and Bethany, I decided it was time for her to have a rest. I placed her in her play room and she was asleep in seconds. I walked through the house, got a glass of ice tea and was ready for a time out in my recliner. That’s when it happened! Bethany, went to the baby gate which separates the play room “large bathroom” from the rest of the house and starts to HOWL! She didn’t stop until Tiffany was wide awake and ready to have another go at this wide new world. I just couldn’t believe it.

Tiffany is growing by leaps and bounds. Bethany is slowly getting to know her new sister, we’re not at home plate yet but we’re on our way. Can’t wait to share more photos! In the meantime I have to go in for a sleep study on July 7. I keep thinking I need to email or call you but it seems something gets in the way, you know how that goes. Tiffany is a joy and smart to top it off. I bet Ladybug is a lot like Tiffany.

I’ll let you go for now, there’s not a day goes by that I don’t think about all of you. You’re in my prayers and I pray that Mike is making daily improvements.

All my love and prayers,

Cherrie’, Bethany and Tiffany

Friday, June 12, 2015

Update on Tiffany Rose from Cherrie', Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Sue,

Hope everyone is doing well this week! Tiffany is growing and playing, just enjoying life. She and Bethany are on the way to becoming use to each other which is a major step. If they can keep it up eventually they’ll be friends.

Any tips on how to stop her ever growing need to bite anything and everything as her teeth work through? I’ve tried placing hot pepper on my shoe strings and various other things she wants to teeth on, didn’t work, she loves pepper. The bitters didn’t work, neither did Thumb for babies teething. Any suggestions will be welcomed usually one of the above would work but I gone through all my ideas. The store bought Ugh! is a mixture of peppers. But she likes pepper.

How is Lady or Ladybug doing?

Give Mike my best as well as everyone else. Take care and you really looked great in you photo!

Cherrie’ and Girls

Betsy's girl, Sophie and her new friend~

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy Sunday to you all~

I hope you are all doing well this weekend. What a day! I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to drive our youngest son, Tyler, to the airport to go off to leadership camp for the ARMY at Fort Knox. He will be gone for two months. When he finishes up in Kentucky, he goes straight to Fort Bragg in North Carolina to shadow an ARMY Captain. He was so thrilled to have our new puppy to play with before he left. He's a real animal lover and it was so hard on him when we had no pets here. Little Ladybug will be a lot bigger when he gets back home.

Tyler on the plane on his way to Chicago and then Fort Knox

There is a construction company outside right now installing our ramp. It was supposed to go in on Friday, but the company couldn't get it done for us. That's ok. We had to reschedule one of Mike's hospital appointments. Between PT coming to the house three times a week, and going to the many doctors' appointments, we have something going on every single day.

Ladybug is doing really well with the housebreaking. She hasn't had very many accidents so far. My only complaint with my little one is she does not come when she is called. In fact, she runs the other way. LOL Silly girl. I sure hope she learns to listen to me. I'm sure she will.

Little Ladybug~


Happy Birthday Biscuit! and Bunny from Harriman, Tennessee~

Good Afternoon, Sue:

Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful little girl, Lady. We are also sending get well wishes and prayers to Mike for his speedy recovery.

Today, June 7th, Biscuit celebrates his fourth birthday. His favorite birthday present was a new doggie bed. Biscuit and Bunny continue to be a blessing and joy each and every day.

John, Kay, Biscuit and Bunny

"Archie", "Toby" and "Jingles" from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Mamma Sue,

Congrats on your new puppy ( baby!). She is a beauty and we know that she will be very much loved. Hoping that she is easy going and friendly like Archie, loyal and obedient like Toby, and loving and sweet like Jingles. The 3 cockers at our house are enjoying the warmer weather and doing really well.

Praying for Mike's continued recovery as well as Gabe' s health. Thankful as ever for the important role you have so many lives!
Much love and wet sloppy doggy kisses,

Kathy, and Archie, Toby, and Jingles

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Thursday morning musings from Mama Sue~

Here is my little "Ladybug" this morning.

     Such a nice morning outside!   The tall willow tree loomed overhead, off in the western side of the lawn. Several poplars were growing nicely together in a low spot (in what used to be a farm field) toward the south.  I noticed the shadow of a bird fly across the grass, and looked up to see a pair of red-winged blackbirds enjoying the day. I hear baby birds in the lovely birdhouses that Mike and Kim graciously sent us several  years ago (parents of Natalie and Chloe from Monson, MA)  I wondered what the day had to offer for us.  I know the physical therapy lady will be here this morning, just before lunchtime.  I know that's an aggravation for Mike, but in the long run, the strengthening exercises will help him to walk (actually "hop") on one foot with the walker. My heart breaks for him.  I wish he wasn't going through this.  But I choose to look at the glass half-full.  He is now pain-free.  He is minus a leg and foot, but also minus the agony he had.  For that, we are thankful.

 I got smart and placed a patio chair out in the middle of the yard so I didn't have to just
"stand there" while Ladybug did her "business".   I remembered from when I was teaching others how to housebreak a puppy that they poop twice....and she did.  Good girl!

She is learning the routine.  When she was all done, she ran to the steps and tried to jump up.  It was a "no-go".  I know exactly how she feels!  Mike is 6 ft 5 in, and it has always been a source of contention for me to try to navigate those steps.  He is the one who built the framework and poured the accomodate his long legs.  The steps are wayyyy too high for "little me", much less our "Ladybug".  I stooped and picked her up, cradling her in my arms.  We would make the attempt to scale this mountain....together.We have been given a mountain to climb.  God will get us through it.  He has given me a Ladybug to keep my mind off my help me learn to climb.  He is gracious.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Update on my baby~

Well, I'll tell you....this puppy is the perfect little girl. I cannot believe she came to me housebroken. Seriously. She has NO accidents in the house. I do know enough to take her outside after she naps and after she eats...but come on, this just isn't normal for an 8 week old puppy! This baby is perfect.

(Update:   I take that back.   (LOL)   I found a spot on the carpet.  Oh, ok....she's almost perfect!)

We are enjoying her so much! She has an appetite that you wouldn't believe. We live in a big old farmhouse up here in New York, and her feed and water bowls are in the kitchen. She knows how to run to the kitchen to eat and drink and then run all the way back all by herself. She comes to Mike when he calls her. She runs the other way when I call her. HAHAHAHA I think it might be because I gave her a bath before she went to see the vet on Monday. LOL

We can't get over how smart she is. She is such a wonderful addition to our lives! I know she has helped Mike to get out of the dumps and brighten his days.

The ramp will be installed on Friday. Hopefully we will be able to get a scooter for Mike so he can get outside and start enjoying life. Please keep him in your prayers.

Love to all,

Mama Sue

from Cherrie', Tuckasegee, North Carolina~


That is the perfect name, hands down! She does have the looks of “Lady” in the Tramp. I’m so happy for you. Just perfect!

I’ll write later but I know this is a massive relief!

Cherrie, and Girls

Thank you, Emily, Cooper and Donna!

Oh my goodness! Presents! :")

What a pretty notecard!  I love it!

Thank you Donna!  You are just too sweet!
How did you know we didn't have even one toy for her as yet???
All I had here for her to play with is a golf ball!
Now I can't wait for her to wake up from her nap so I can show her
her new  toys!  :")  

Aren't they cute????  She will love these!  :")   
Thank you, Emily and Cooper...and Donna too!

"Miss Lady" today~

Free patterns~

Here's a great link to free patterns.  I am looking at a cute one for a "hoodie".  LOL

I can't even believe how many free patterns are on this site!

When I get some of these things made, I'll send you some pictures of "Lady" in her new attire.  Right now she doesn't even have a collar!!!!  Can you even believe it????    I did place an order to Jeffers Pet this morning for a couple of collars and a leash.  I used to always buy my "stuff" from Pet Edge, but my goodness, their little collars and things were either "discontinued" or "out of stock".  If you buy something out of stock, you had to buy at least $15 worth of that item.  Plus, if you didn't spend a certain amount of money on your order, they charged you an additional almost seven bucks for nothing.  Like I said, when I was selling puppies, that wasn't a problem.  I always ordered plenty!  But now that I only have "one" baby, I don't need multiples of everything.  Bye bye Pet Edge.  It's been nice knowing you.

Mama Sue


Here's a cute craft where you can use a baby "onesie" for making a little outfit for your doggy.  And if your dog is over 15 pounds, which many of our High Calling Cockers are by this stage of your baby's life, you can buy a larger onesie.  The directions are on this link:

dog shirt

Another cute puppy craft~

Here is another link to a cute dress this lady made with supplies from the Dollar Store. It only cost her two dollars! How neat is that???? It uses a baby bib and a tote bag. I can't wait to get my sewing machine!

diy doggy coat

Fun time~

I haven't told Mike, but I treated myself to a new sewing machine. My other one, a New Home USA is "down south" and I don't like hauling it back and forth. I can't wait til this one arrives! I hope it's as good as the one I already have. It's the weirdest thing....all sewing machines truly aren't the same, even if they look the same! I love my New Home. I think it's made by Janome.??? And when my daughter wanted one of her own, she bought a "Brother". It looked sooooooooo much like mine, I was surprised. But that thing was a real piece of junk. (Sorry, for all you who own Brother machines) Seriously though, she took it back and got one like mine.

Now for the fun stuff! I found the cutest little pattern online for puppy dresses. This one uses a baby bib and the end of a pillow case. I can't wait to make this for my little baby girl. I know she will look adorable in it. LOL

This is what it looks like when it's done.   Isn't it cute???

Here is the link:

Miss Lady Liberty~

We are enjoying our little puppy sooooooooo much. She seems to enjoy being "shared" by Mike and I. If he is holding her, and I walk in the room to sit down at the computer, she will whine for me to hold her. If I am holding her and she spots him, she will whine to go back to him. LOL Fickle little girl~

She has been soooooooo good with housebreaking! She hasn't even had one accident in the house. And she knows enough to "go" whenever I take her outside. God bless her little heart!

Mama Sue

Congrats from Donna and Family, Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Sue,

We love little Miss Baby Girl Martin's new name -
LADY - it's the perfect name. Congrats to the
family member who came up with it. Hope all
is going well for little Miss Lady and the rest of
the family.


Donna & Family

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

Tiffany Rose from Tuckasegee, North Carolina

These are photos of Tiffany, Emma Shea, Charlie and me. They had a blast together and tried to involve Bethany.

When Tiffany woke from her nap she of course made her cute cry. To my surprise Bethany gave one bark and ran to her crate and stayed there until I got there. One small step at a time keep them in you prayers that they will adjust quickly to each other.

The bruise on my chin is where I hit the corner of my kitchen table after I tripped on my own two feet!

Take care,

Cherrie’ Bethany, and Tiffany

That's My Girl Tiffany Rose!

"Miss Tiffany Rose" from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Tiffany Rose finally unwinding!

One of her favorite balls.

"WE'RE ALIVE!!" from Cherrie', Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Sue and all,

Sorry about my “missing’ in action. I had computer and camera problems which are driving me crazy!! Tiffany Rose is a beautiful girl who is friend to all. The Vets and people who help me here can’t get enough of her.

I’ll write more later and send photos!

Cherrie’ Bethany and Tiffany

I am soooooooooooo happy and relieved to hear this! I finally found Cherrie's phone number and called her....breathed a sigh of relief when she picked up the phone! Praise God! Mama Sue

How my day went yesterday~

Oh my goodness.....trying to keep this secret from Mike for 5 WEEKS! He can't believe everyone knew but him. How funny is that????

Yesterday, the flight was supposed to get in around 4:30. My daughter came over to change Mike's dressing, and we had decided ahead of time we'd pretend to go grocery shopping afterwards. I was busy making my list all day. Mike didn't want me to go grocery shopping since the weather was so crummy. We had been getting a steady rain. But when I "casually" mentioned to Valerie that I needed groceries, and did she want to go (tee hee), he was very happy I had someone to go with. Before we left, I noticed the flight was going to be an hour delayed. we kill some time, chatting with Mike. Then on the way, I checked my phone, and it was going to be an hour and a half we stopped at Tim Hortons for a Cafe Mocha. Yummy! Then, half way to the airport, I checked my phone again, and see that the plane had already landed!!! YIKES! After all of that, it came in a half hour earlier than they said! Of course, I was stressing the entire time because in the excitement, I had forgotten to charge the battery on my phone, and I was so afraid I wouldn't get a "welcome" picture of our little girl. Valerie assured me she had her phone, so I wasn't to worry. When we got there, the lady in the United Airlines office said, "Oh my this YOUR puppy???? She is absolutely beautiful!!!". And she was right! We took her out of the crate and the lady got her puppy-fix, loving on her for a few minutes before we left. Val went to take a picture of me holding my new baby, and of course, she couldn't. Her memory was full. LOL
Murphy's Law. I was down to about 3% on my phone. I had just enough on there to get a picture, email the breeder to let her know the pup arrived safely, and email Cherrie'. (I still haven't heard from her!)
We stopped for groceries and while Val did my shopping for me, I spent some quality "one on one" time with my new baby. When we got home, I wrapped the baby up in a towel to hide her, and handed her to Mike. He said, "What's this???" as he unwrapped his "gift". LOL He really loves her. We are truly blessed.

from Donna and her "kids" in Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Sue,

Thank you for posting the pictures of your new
baby girl. She is absolutely adorable. We think
she looks just like our Emily, when she came home
to us...that tells us that all baby cockers are simply
beautiful, whether they come from Texas or New York!

Mike looks great and so happy with his early "Father's
Day present." Of course, you look like you're on Cloud 9
and the boys look thrilled as well.

When you find the time, please post more pictures of your
precious little bundle of love.

Love to you Sue


Cutie Pie


Well, High Calling Cocker Family, it's almost 4 AM and I am up taking care of our new baby and checking my emails, hoping to hear something from Cherrie'.  I haven't heard a word and I'm starting to get worried.  She lives only a little over an hour away from the Asheville Airport, and her puppy was coming in around 5 ish, around the same time as mine.  Please Lord help them all to be safe.  I am hoping she just was really busy with the "meet and greet" with Tiffany Rose and her little Bethany.  Please pray for them that they are ok.  I will let you all know as soon as I hear something.



Still trying to come up with the perfect name~

Our son Tyler with our new puppy