Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holly from Upper Jay, NY~

Everyday we make a big fuss over Terry coming and going! Holly is actually learning to "wave bye-bye" to him when
he leaves for work in the morning! It's the cutest thing I ever did see! Here she is stretched up in a chair watching the car pull
away. She has brought so much joy into our lives. Her welcoming reception when Terry comes home is a grand celebration!
She wiggles and pounces - runs around the house in excitement and leads him into the living room where she knows he is
going to sit and relax. I think she has a sense of security and contentment when "the whole pack is back together!"
She has really settled into the vibrations of our lives.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holly, Upper Jay, NY~

After with pretty pink bows~

Holly, Upper Jay, NY~

At the groomers~

Holly from the Adirondack Mts., New York~

Before her fuzzy!

Today was a big adventure for Lil' Miss Holly! She went for her first
haircut at PetSmart in Plattsburgh, NY! Ms. Leah was her groomer and
she said Lil' Holly did real well - she even came home with a good report card!

We awoke to temps so cold at 1 degree - we opted not to spend much time outside
today. It has warmed up to 7 degrees - but that's still TOO COLD to take
puppy out for a romp - specially since her locks have been shorn! She'll be wearing her little pink and white sweater to keep cozy! For the time being - she enjoys sitting at the window and watching for deer and squirrels. She knows they are out there because she's seen them several times!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi, Sue!

Here are a couple more pictures of Drummer that show off his new "do" a little
better. It has been snowing all day and Drummer thoroughly enjoyed himself. A
nice chewy bone, a good romp in the snow, and a nice snooze - who could ask
for more? LOL!

I hope that you are having a great day!

Warm Hugs!

Mary :o)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bella from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Can you see my crooked smile?

Bella from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

"I told you, this is mine!" I just don't understand why they keep putting this on the walls.

Bella from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Dreaming of a warm cozy fire!

Bella from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Mamma Sue,

It's me, Bella! I'm sorry I haven't written but there has been so much going on at my house. I'm sad that I don't get to see Grammy anymore at the Nursing Center. Mom really misses her but she told me Grammy's in a very special place called Heaven. It sounds great! My job is to get Mom to smile when's she's sad. I do a very good job at that! Also, we go to visit all the residents at the Nursing Center and you won't believe it but everyone knows my name! I even get special treats at the Nurses Stations and sometimes, if my Mom would let me, the residents want to give me special food they've saved just for me! But, Mom is very strict about rules, no food unless it's from my treat bag. I go though all my commands and they tell me I'm a very smart girl and one of the prettiest cocker spaniels they've ever seen.

I had my Mom send you some new photos! Look at me in all that white stuff again! It's really strange, I went to sleep the night before and there wasn't any of this cold, wet, white stuff. I woke up and look what happened again! Mom laughs at me when I go out at first, cause I stalk it! Then I slap it with my paw and next I pounce on it and try to gobble it up. Next we have loads of fun running around in the snow. Mom told me we're getting ready for a new winter storm moving into our area. I hope there's more snow, I don't like the rain. If it's raining I wait on the kitchen porch until I have on my snood, my coat and most importantly, I wait until my Mom has opened the big umbrella before I venture outside.

Mom has been doing something called remodeling. The kitchen is almost finished, we have a new soapstone woodstove and just loads of things for me to smell and get into.

Give all my family my best puppy love and tons of kisses. Thank you again Mamma Sue for letting me come to live with my Mom. I'm trying to make you proud. Mom tells me I'll be getting a sister. I'm not sure what that is but Mom reads about the adventures of Bonnie and Betsy. This has me thinking... Maybe it will be a good thing!

Puppy wiggles,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Annie of High Calling Cockers~

It was time for my little Annie to have a haircut. I gave her just a quick ten minute clipping to her face. Isn't she cute??? And she is as sweet-natured as she is beautiful. I thank God for my precious puppy-wuppy, and all my wonderful cockers!

Archie from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

As I said earlier, I was anxious to send you some updated photos of Archie. He is so very handsome, with his thick blond fur. I keep his coat long which does take alot of work and at times I am tempted to snip the long thick skirting. The skirting under belly is growing slowly but the fur on his fuzzy legs is very thick. People often comment saying that his paws look like that of a polar bear. He is an extremely good puppy dog having just started his level 4 dog class. Last week, his class went to a nearby ski resort! So much to see there from the clumping of the people walking around in their ski boots, to the grated walkway and stairs that the dogs had to walk on, to the live band who performed in the restaurant where we all gathered after class for drinks and a snack. The dogs had to behave, either lying under the table together or sitting beside our chairs. Archie is a very friendly dog and lays down, belly up, hoping for a belly scratch from all who enter our home. He has yet to win the cat's heart as now he realizes that when she bats at him with her declawed paw, he can take that big teddy bear paw and bat back at her.
We thank God for the great talent that He has given in the breeding of such fine cocker spaniels. Archie has stolen our hearts!
With love and smooches,
Kathy and Mr. Archie

Drummer from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Drummer went to the groomer and got a haircut! He will have a very heavy coat just like his daddy, Cubby.

Hi, Sue!

The groomer had Drummer's face done in 10 minutes! This particular groomer used to have a shop in a little shopping center about a mile from us. A couple of months ago she switched to a mobile grooming service, so she came right to our door in a
fully equipped (very nice) motor home. She took Drummer from me and had him
back in my arms before either of us had time to even realize what was going
on! Now he looks beautiful!

I was a little unsure about using a mobile grooming service, but I think that
it was best for Drummer. She had no other distractions and could concentrate
completely on him.
I've attached a picture of him, but will get a better one later. He's getting
ready to take a nap in this one, so he doesn't look very happy - LOL!

Thanks so much for such a gorgeous little guy!


Mary :o)

Blossom from Northfield, Vermont~

Hi mama Sue:

This is a picture of me on my way back from the groomers. I love going for rides with my mom and she loves to take me with her. She and I have so much fun together. Please tell mama Rosie and Daddy Cubby I said hi. My mommy is always telling me I am a pretty little girl and that she loves me so very much. My mommy and I snuggle together A LOT and she is a GREAT hugger! Love you lots mama Sue.

Warm Wishes for ALL at High Calling Cockers!

Love, Blossom

Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday wishes from Libby, Lewiston, NY~

Happy Birthday Momma Sue
Love from Libby

Cubby and Bailey and friend, Jakey, Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to a wonderful lady who brings so much happiness to so many people! Have a great day Sue! Love- Susan, Bailey, Jakey, Cubby Jr.

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
'Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day! '

Yes, today is my birthday. I want to thank all of you who have made my life so special! Each year is a gift from God above and I thank Him for being with me each and every day, for His guidance and care. I also thank Him for bringing each of you into my life through my cocker puppies. May God bless you all!

Holly from the Adirondack Mts. NY~

Holly tried all evening to engage 11 yr. old Riley in some play.
His only retreat was to jump up on the couch where she couldn't reach him.

Holly from Upper Jay, NY~

Yesterday Holly finally had a chance to meet Judi and Riley - who live in Boston. Judi came into my antique shop
last summer with this wonderful big boy and my heart just melted. It had been months since I had lost my Shelby and I
did not know if I would ever be able to open my heart again - until I met Riley.

Over the course of the summer they stopped in from time to time and Judi and I became friends. It was she that first
introduced me to the High Calling Cocker website. I had been talking with her about getting a puppy again - and since
we communicate all the time through the internet - she began to send me links to sites. She found HCC and when I logged
on and saw the beautiful puppies and heard the touching music - it went into the very core of my being. So - we have Riley and Judi to thank for Holly!

We visited them in their beautiful Adirondack cabin last night. Riley was quite
"put off " that there was another dog in his domain - he tried to ignore her most of the evening...but she is a little positive
ball of fluffy energy - she tried to engage him with pouncing and jumping and puppy woofs and wags. He
finally got away from her by jumping up on the couch and crawling into my lap! Holly didn't mind one bit - she's got lots
of self confidence!! She ran up and down the stairs, explored every nook and cranny and finally after peeing on the rug in
the bathroom - she found a comfy spot beside Judi's chair where she took a well deserved snooze!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Drummer from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Drummer is getting to be such a handsome guy and I can see from his mommy's face that she thinks he's pretty special! :")


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chloe...going to Monson, Massachusetts~

Little Chloe (Kandi Kane), did well with her first haircut. She's a cutie patootie!

Hunter is Available~

Good morning to all my blog followers!

What a beautiful sunny day! But it's a tad bit "nip" out there, as usual. LOL
Just wanted everyone who has adopted one of Miss Flower or Rosie's puppies to know that I am running behind on the four week "First Haircut" pictures. I will work on some of them today, but they won't be published until Sunday afternoon. Yahoo has decided to publish my entire website today instead of just publishing the modified pages. What an aggravation....and it happens from time to time. Sometimes I think that is a sign from the Lord that He wants me to do other things besides sit at this computer.
I still have a small number of little boy puppies available which will be ready to go in late February. They are really precious! (see Hunter, above)
Well, back to work I go...have a blessed weekend!
Hugs to all,


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holly from Upper Jay, NY~

Homeward Bound - Holly knows the way and with great enthusiasm dashes back and forth between me and the
house until I catch up with her. She has run, jumped and explored for 35 min. It's now time to go inside, get a
drink and take a little snooze while Mom goes skiing with the big dogs.

Holly from Upper Jay, NY~

Holly has a great view of home from this old stump. As quick as I took the pic she dashed off toward the house!

Bonny & Betsy from Au Train, Michigan~

"Now if I can just climb over this mountain, I know I can get to the other side!"

Bonny & Betsy from the Upper Peninsula, Michigan~

"Hey, I said, are you awake?"

Holly from Upper Jay, NY~

Holly finds a great look-out on the top of a small boulder this morning. She blends right in with her surroundings!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Miss Lainey from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada~

Hi Sue --- long time since we talked. The past 3-4 weeks have been a busy time in my life.

First off --- Lainey is just a "beautiful girl" --- FULL of personality -- she's very much at home. My neighbors love her --- Deb and her daughter stopped in one night last week and stayed for two hours playing with Lainey. She is soooooooooooooooo affectionate and "more than a lap dog" she's a real hugger/smoocher. We are still working on her and Jag (the kitty) co-existing. She charges him as soon and he comes out of my Mom's bedroom (that's Jag's sanctuary from Lainey). BUT, much improved in the past week. Lainey is just beautiful and I sure can see that she has her Mommy's eyes (they are hugh) --- they look just like Sophie's. Face of an angel. She can already jump off my bed (still have her crated for sleeping) --- take her back to bed on the weekend --- she's getting up at 6:30 am --- let he out to go and back we go UNTIL she decides she wants her yummies.
Lainey is everything I wanted in a puppy and MORE --- I love her dearly.

She is FULL of energy. I asked you for a "sassy baby" and boy did I get it. I love her so much and I KNOW Jag will come around. Sue, you should see her go after him --- she is merciless --- jumps on his back and he just turns around and hisses and paws her (no claws in front). She has grown wonderfully and her coat is just beautiful and full (beautiful colour) --- she has her Daddy's coat and short cute nose.

Saw your new babies on your Webpage --- they are beautiful. Hope all is well with your family.

Huggers Sue, Jag & Lainey

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bonny & Betsy from Au Train, Michigan~

Hi Mama Sue.....It's me Bonny Wee Lass.

Mama Sharon & Daddy Syd took me and that puppy you sent us home with, Betsy, for a long ride in the sunshine today. I had lots of fun and saw lots of neat things...and lots of snow! That Betsy girl was a'scared, what a big baby she is! I laid down beside her on the back seat, but she says she don't like car ridin' come Mama Sue? I think it's great!

I'm still tryin' hard to like that Betsy girl, and I like it when she puts her front paws on my back and scratches me, that feels good, but then she gets ta bittin' my ears and I don't like that one bit! I'll keep tryin' ta like `er, but mostly I wisht you'd come get `er and take `er back home wit you and that guy Mike, but I guess my folks wants to keep her around, so I'll keep tryin' hard! Mama Sharon says I should like to make you proud of me.

Okay, Mama Sue, I gotta go and keep that baby from stealin' my binky from the toy basket. I love you, even if you did send that baby Betsy home wit us. I like lookin' at yous new babies on Mama Sharon's picture thingy...they are cute....but don't send no more of `em home ta my house sister is ENOUGH!

Bye, Bye
Your Peanut Girl (Bonny)

Leilani from Topeka, Kansas~

High Calling Cockers is so pleased to have one of our puppies, Leilani, on the front cover of the Petco Foundation 2010 Calendar! Leilani is owned by Neil Thompson, President and CEO of Hills Pet Nutrition, makers of the Science Diet and the Prescription Diet.


Enclosed is a Petco Foundation 2010 calendar for your use. I thought you would enjoy seeing Lani (middle) with Bobby and Izzy. She is a beautiful girl with such a great temperament, and is such a beautiful and loving addition to our family.


Neil Thompson

Drummer from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Good Morning, Sue!

Congrats on Chloe's puppies! Anxiously waiting to see them on the website!

I noticed that you're keeping "Snuggie" from Dolly's litter. She sure looks
like a beautiful little girl!

Drummer is doing great and we are really enjoying him! He loves everyone that
comes to our house and eagerly wants to shower them with kisses! House
training is going well and he's beginning to get the idea about going outside.
It's hard for him to hold the "puddles" because from the time he thinks "Oh! I
have to go!" and actually going is the blink of an eye. So, right now we're
just anticipating WHEN he may need to go and taking him outside before he
realizes that he does actually need to (and we're usually right). It's the
whole process of him learning how to speak "human" and us learning how to
speak "dog", but we're all getting better. He is learning the commands "Sit",
"Off", "Down", "Stay", "Come", etc., and doing quite well with them. I will be
enrolling him in Puppy Classes once he gets his final shots at 16 weeks.

Drummer loves to play outside and will do so every chance that he gets. We had
to fence off an additional area of our yard so that he wouldn't get into the
dry cedar branches (which could be quite nasty for his paws). Now we can let
him run and we don't have to try to keep up with him (which was exhausting in
the snow!). LOL! We can walk at a more leisurely pace and keep an eye on him.

Hope that everything is going well at your place! We are praying for all of
the new puppies (who are just adorable!) and their forever homes.

Hugs from Colorado!

Mary :o)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Spencer from Bethel, CT~

Hi Sue-

Hope all is well and that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's.

Spencer is doing well and we all had a nice Christmas at Grandma's.

He received a talking Christmas Ball, Plush Soccer Ball, Football, Dinosaur NylaBone, and all kinds of things. Boy is he happy and his toy basket is exploding!

Please send our regards to your family as well.

P.S. Mama Sue, I am a couch potato!

Hugs from CT,
Guy, Val and Mr. Spencer

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cubby & Bailey, "Bliss" from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Daddy and his boys!!

Ah, we're all tired today!!!

Thanks Sue for the best guys in the world!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti~

I am watching the pictures taken after the earthquake in Haiti. I cannot believe the devastation and the heartache these poor people are having to endure. Please take a few moments to pray for them and if you are able, please contribute to the rescue efforts and aid for their survival. May the good Lord be with them at this time.

Holly from the Adirondack Mts., New York~

Holly is my little love. I am so happy she is living here with us - not a day has gone by that I don't count her as one of the blessings in my life. She sleeps in
the crate at the foot of our bed - and wakes about 6:30 every morning with a wagging tail and a puppy routine that brings joy to my heart - outside to pee - inside to eat - outside to poop -
inside to play....up the stairs, down the stairs, into her toys - outside to pee and then to greet "Dad" when he gets up for work - then into the crate for a little snooze - then off to ski or hike or
run errands. Her appetite has increased so that she is 1/2 cup food in the morning - a cup at lunch after the exercise - a nice long afternoon nap - then another cup of food at night. She is also
becoming a good watch dog...we have a large sliding door in our great room and she often sits there and watches the outside...since we live on a dead end road there is no traffic - only the occasional
plow truck - squirrel or bird. Today she began to "woof - woof" and from what I considered a great distance - she saw our neighbors walking in the road with their dog. This is exactly
what I want - a dog that will alert me if there is anyone near the house! She's so great!!!

Have I told you we love her?! She has brought laughter back to the house on an hourly basis!!!

Thank you for all the love and work you put into breeding these beautiful companions.
Holly means the world to me!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Skiing back home with Holly, Upper Jay, NY~

Leading me home after a brisk ski in the crisp morning sunshine!

Skiiing with Holly, Adirondack Mts, NY~

Holly the snow puppy follows the ski trail all the way back home!

Holly from Upper Jay, NY~

Today Holly went with me for a 20 minute cross country ski jaunt in the back field and adjacent woods. She had a great time
breaking trail and sniffing animal tracks! She pretty much rode on the tips of my skis most of the way - it was so cute!
Coming home was lots easier for her as she ran ahead in the ski tracks all the way back to the house.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Holly from the Adirondack Mts., New York~

Fluffy Holly ventures down the stairs~

Holly from Upper Jay, NY~

It took lots of encouragement from me at the bottom of the stairs -
but finally Holly took that first, hesitant step. Within a few moments
she realized it wasn't so bad and she was at the bottom!

Now 12 weeks old - she has visited Dr. Diana Dodd for her second series
of shots. She's doing great at 7 lb. 8 oz. and is a bundle of enthusiastic
energy. Eric - her 7 year old playmate - returned to PA yesterday after
an extended Christmas vacation. He held her for the entire 5 hour trip to the border -
When we returned home she went into every room of the house looking for him.

Holly from the Adirondack Mts. New York~

Today little Miss Holly went missing .... I found her upstairs whimpering on the landing
of the loft! She discovered how easy it was to go UP STAIRS! Coming down was another story!

Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Good Morning, Sue!

Boy, do you have snow!!! It looks so peaceful and beautiful, but very

We have about 6 inches still on the ground (which is a lot for Grand
Junction). Drummer loves it and I have to monitor how long he is outside. It's
still really cold here - highs only in the 20's (and, yes, I know that's
nothing like what you have in Wilson!). Often I have to run Drummer out for
potty in the evening and I don't have the time to grab a coat and it's in the
single digits! BRRRRR! Then he forgets why he's out there and decides to play
a bit before getting down to business! LOL! I'm standing there shivering
thinking that he had to go really badly and he's goofing around! LOLOL!

Hope things go well with Chloe! I've been praying for her and for homes for
all of your adorable puppies!

Big Warm Hugs from Colorado!

Mary :o)