Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Romeo from Gloversville, New York~

Hi Sue:

Finally a photo of Romeo to share. As you can see..he is well loved.

Take care,

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sue- I thought I'd send you a few of the guys from the past few days!
Cubby Jr. is having a blast AND he's started to go after the toilet
paper like his predecessor- must be something in the name Cubby! LOL
Daddy- why can't I go in the pool too? Bailey likes to feel cool-
he's in the house! LOL

Love to you and happy Father's day to Mike! Susan

Natalie from Monson, Massachusetts~

Hi, Sue! We were just on the website(we voted too!). Congratulations on having successfully raising 2 more good kids! We enjoyed the photos of Shannon's and David's accomplishments. May God bless and protect your boy wherever he may be sent. Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of Natalie' "adoption". Hard to believe this much time has passed. We truly enjoy everyday of our family life. Natalie continues to bring such joy and entertainment. It's been fun taking her to obedience classes, making new doggie friends, etc. That's why we're thinking of expanding our family! I want to do ot all over again and we think Nat would like a "sister". Though she loves being the "Queen", having company would be good for her. Though we have been partial to parti-color cockers in the past, having looked at your pups over the last few years has made us appreciate the "buff" cockers. I know temperament isn't an issue with your dogs. It's more a matter of getting the look we like best. Your Sophie, Jingles and Starr are most appealing. Their narrower faces are so adorable. Natalie is about 24 lbs., a size we like too. Time-wise, late next winter or spring-summer 2010 is good for us, depending, of course, on how your breeding schedule turns out. So, let me know what you think about this. I can forward new references if needed (haha!). Lots of love and God Bless!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, from Sparky~

Hello High Calling Family,
Sparky also wants to wish Birthday Wishes to.....Bella, Bailey, Lani, Riley, Spencer and me too, Sparky. Happy Birthday you guys, wish we could celebrate together!!!
Love to everyone,

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bella from North Carolina~

Hi Mamma Sue,

Something is up! Today I had two of my favorites, a few pieces of steak and a slice of chicken breast. It was YUMMY! I rode with my Mom to the Post Office and you wouldn't believe what arrived! A large bag of Science Diet Adult (small bites) Dog Food!! Does this mean I'm not a puppy anymore? I don't feel any different... I still love to play, watch the squirrels, chase butterflies and fireflies.

My Mom whispered I'll be 1 year old tomorrow! Has it been that long Mamma Sue? How are my brothers and sisters doing? Mom said she'll send some new photos soon! If I'm lucky, I'll have a Blueberry Muffin for my birthday cake (the only problem, she doesn't let me have the entire muffin at once).

I'd better go for now but I'll write and send photos soon!! That's a promise!

Tail wagging love and puppy kisses,


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Archie from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Hi Sue, Just thinking of you and thought we'd send you a little update on our boy, Archie. He is doing extremely well, and has doubled in size since we have him. He visited the vet the other day and he is pleased with his progress. Archie is just such a joy, he has calmed down within recent days and will contend himself with chewing on his toys instead of the shoelaces of my hubby's shoes! He was at Rita's ( a chain that sells Italian Ice) and was given a small dish with icecream and a dog treat, well, he was in heaven, licking the icecream off of the doggy bone. My daughter said that he could have done a milk commercial as he had a little white mustache!

We hope and pray that all is well in Wilson, New York and both litters that you are loving now are growing nicely Praying for you and the health and safety of your family.

God Bless,

One more thing from Sparky~

Oh, I am sending a picture of me and the Bobby T. the cat. I like him and he loves me. He has a short tail like me, and I believe that makes us special. Well hope everyone at High Calling Cockers is doing well.
Love to everyone,

Sparky from Astoria, Illinois~

Hello "Mommy", Sue,
Ok, I guess you may wonder why I am sending you a picture of me and my dog food sack. Well, this is a special dog food sack as it is my first ADULT dog food. You know what that means, I will be turning ONE YEARS OLD on Saturday, June 20! It is hard to believe I am starting to eat adult food and no more puppy food. Times flies when you are a busy puppy as I am. I really loved my puppy food, and hope the adult food will be that good also. My "Mommy" will mix my puppy food with the adult food so it be easier for my digestion. I guess she knows best. You should see how I tell "Mommy" I want more food. I will carry my dish out of the kennel and bang it around. She laughs every time, and usually let me have more if I have not went past my limit.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Cody from Henrietta, New York~

Dear Mama Sue,
Well, I am now six months old!
I have been having a busy life. I went to my Dr. and she did something called a neuter. It didn't bother me at all and she said I weigh 18.5 lbs. now.
She pulled my upper baby teeth cause they were not coming out and then a few days later my bottom ones fell out. Of course the tooth fairy came and left me some new toys cause I was such a brave and good boy!
I have just graduated from Puppy class at Pet Smart. I got a very good report card, everybody there loves me. I have been there also to go to Day Camp and I have met a lot of new doggie friends, we have lots of fun. A girl doggie named Bella wants me to be her boyfriend We play so good together.
A lot of my relatives have come to meet me from all over the USA and they just love me too.
I wanted you to know I am happy and have a great family and am living a wonderful life.
As you can see from my pics, I am growing like a weed.
May God bless you for all the joy and love you gave to my family when you let them take me home.
Its beddie time now so I will say good nite for now and remember you in my Pup prayers. Give kisses to my Mom and Dad and tell them how happy I am.
I will always love you!


Bonny Wee Lass from Michigan~

Hello Momma Sue,

Am I not the most serious, studious girl you've ever seen? This is a side of me you've never met! I love you and that guy Mike too! Bye, bye......Your wee peanut Bonny Wee Lass

Bailey and Cubby from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Sue- Good morning! Here's something to make you smile! Have a
wonderful weekend! Love & hugs- Susan

Congratulations Elizabeth!! :")

Congratulations to Pastor Syd and Sharon's granddaughter, Elizabeth, who just graduated "cum laude" from high school in Clarkston, Michigan! Pastor Syd and Sharon were so happy to be there for her special day! God bless you, Elizabeth!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Spencer from CT!

Hi Sue,

Hope all is well. Sorry we have not been in contact-been so busy with work, and the year is flying. Hope everything is going well for all of you. I see you have tons and tons of puppies coming and going on your website. Wow-I do not know how you do it all.

Spencer will be 1 year old next week, and boy is he a crazy man! He goes with Dad on car trips everyday to visit customers. He is quite the boy!

I have attached some pictures.

Talk to you soon,
Hugs from CT,
Guy, Val and Spencer

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One more from Lady Grace, Pennsylvania~

I have a little girl called Grace who comes to stay with me every other weekend and boy o boy is she lots of fun, her and i have a great time together.I love her.

Lady Grace from Pennsylvania~

Hello Momma Sue, I writing to tell you how I'm doing, I Love it here!!!! I have a Angel, who loves me and reminds me of my mommy Jingles. I have lots of yard to run and play all day long. I'm learning to go outside to pee and poop, but I don't like the cold wet grass early in the morning. Mommy Cindy has taught me to sit and stay and to come when I'm called. I've only had a couple of accidents since I arrived here. I went to my new doctors and he is really nice, every time he hurts me with a shot I get a really good treat. He says I now weigh 6 lbs and growing just like a good weed!! The girls at the doctors fight over me to see who gets to hold and kiss me. I like going to the Doctors. I sleep with Mommy Cindy every night in her bed and we go to bed about 10 pm and I sleep all night long till 6:20 on the dot and then I try to wake Mommy up with clawing her hair first. Then if I don't get a response, I hop over her pillow and kiss her all over her face and if that doesn't work I give her a little nose biter and then she gets up right away to take me out to do my business. I have found another puppy here in mommy's bedroom, I growl at her but she seems to stay behind a piece of glass, she leaves the room when i leave and she comes back every time I do. I don't know why she doesn't want to come out and play with me!! Mommy and I are sending you some pictures ,We hope you like them. Angel and I have a big basket of toys in our living room and every day we have lots of fun finding the ones we like and pulling them out then playing with them, sometimes Angel gets the one I want , so I learning to share too. Well Mommy said I have to go now, so please tell Mommy Jingles that I am fine and love it here in my new home.Oh yea, Thank You Mommy Sue for letting this family have me, they are a really nice family and LOVE ME SO. I think I'll stay. ALL OUR LOVE Mommy Cindy and Lady Grace.

Friday, June 5, 2009

One more of beautiful Ziva from Howard City, Michigan~

Ziva from Michigan~

I will be keeping her in a full coat so they just trimmed up her face and a few other places. Pat

More of Ziva~

Ziva was starting to look like a hairy old man, looking very puppy like.
She now looks like such a big girl with her hair cut.

Ziva from Howard City, Michigan~

Hi Sue,
I had Ziva to the groomer for the first time yesterday with her big sister Zoe.

Piper and Jesse from the Rochester area, New York~

Piper (on the left) and her sibling Jesse, after a recent Puppy Kindergarten class - it's easy to tell that they are sisters!....

Bonny from Michigan~

Hi Momma Sue,
Momma Sharon just saw my baby picture on your thing called a "blog"...she showed it to me and I told her to send you this new picture to show you I am still a pretty girl!! I love you, me Bonny Wee Lass

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Piper from Victor, NY~

Piper is looking out the window, waiting for her Aunt Becky to pull in the driveway. She looks chubby but she really is not -- lots'n'lots of fur!.....

Monday, June 1, 2009

Abby from Williamsville~

Dear Sue: I know you are anxiously awaiting Flower and Tic Tacs litter but I thought I'd send you a little update on Abigail. Last Thursday she had her first visit to the vet and was given the A-OK. She did really well at during the visit and was fussed over and well behaved. She starts puppy school this week, or rather we do as humans only go to the first class and puppies start next week.

Abby did very well the day I brought her to the store. She met about 25 new ladies and was a very good girl all afternoon. She's growing more everyday and teething on everything, especially us! Alexa has taught her to 'sit' and is working on 'shake' and 'down'.

On her walk this afternoon, she was intrigued with the men putting a new roof on the house across the street. She could have sat there and watched them all afternoon! I'm trying to make an appointment with a groomer and when I do, I'll send you an updated picture.

Give kisses to Jingles and Cubby and best of luck with the new litter.

All our love, Donna, Norm, Alexa and Abby