Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Merry Christmas from Archie, Toby and Miss Jingles from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Happy New Year from Mama Sue!

I want to wish my High Calling Cocker Family and Friends a very blessed New Year! May you all have good health and happiness in 2015!

I tried to update the website this morning, and have been receiving continual error messages. Upon contacting Yahoo, they state that this glitch has been going on since December 18th. Must be computer hackers who get their kicks at disappointing those of us who find enjoyment working on and viewing our websites. So....on that note...the High Calling Cocker website will remain in Christmas mode for God only knows how long. But I guess that's a good thing, right? In fact, here in my home, I have decided to leave my flocked Christmas tree up year round. I put rust colored poinsettia flowers on it at Thanksgiving time, and they looked so pretty, I left them up all through the Christmas holiday. I think I'll take those off soon and put up red and pink hearts for Valentine's Day. I'll send you a picture when I get it done. Here's a picture of my 2014 Christmas Tree:

Happy New Year from Bailey, Cubby Jr, Mikey and Jakey from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

We wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas (a little late) from Mama Sue!

I want to wish all my High Calling Cocker family and friends a very Merry Christmas, albeit a little late. (almost a week late!) LOL I hope you are all well and that you enjoyed your time with your family and especially your cockers! :")
I was really, really busy, with many Candlelight Vespers Choir rehearsals in Buffalo (can you spot me in the picture above?) and driving Mike to his many VA Hospital appointments in Buffalo every week. Buffalo is an hour away from our home. Sometimes I had to make two trips in one day.

I want to thank you for the lovely Christmas cards sent by a great many of you! I did make some out, but they never were mailed. I've done that many years before! Great intentions. LOLOL I did manage to bake over ten different kinds of Christmas cookies. I enjoyed that! I had over 30 people here for dinner on Christmas Eve. We had such a wonderful time! Our church service was awesome as usual. Our pastor sang a solo from up in the organ loft, "O Holy Night", as has been our custom for a great many years. I started that tradition about 35 years ago with our wonderful Pastor who has since gone to be with the Lord. We have done it each and every year, with whomever the pastor happened to be our shepherd at the time. Ahhhh, memories..... :") Some good...some is typical with each and every family, including church families.

The weather has been sooooo changeable today! First it was just cloudy. Then it started snowing, and I mean really SNOWING...with HUGE flakes. The ground is covered.....but now the sun is out, and there is all kinds of melted snow falling off the roof of the house. Sooooooo nice to see the sunshine! Yayyyy! all enjoy your New Year's Eve preparations. Me, ....I think I'll take a little nap. LOL

Love to all, and God's richest blessings!


"Merry Christmas" from Cherrie' and Bethany, Tuckaseegee, North Carolina~

Good Morning Sue,

I just wanted to share a few photos of Bethany and of the newest member of our family, which I’ll send in another email,Sterling. The red highchair has been used by every member of our family and is considered a tradition for the youngest to sit in and use at the table. Bethany was so excited and happy to get her new toys from Santa! She played and played until she was ready for a nap! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and you’re looking forward to the New Year!

Cherrie' and Bethany

Merry Christmas from Bentley, Buffalo, New York~

Momma Sue!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!!!

Love....Bentley from Buffalo NY

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Christmas from "Riley" ~ aka "Pickles"~

Hi Susan,

Happy Holidays - hope all is well! Riley (aka “Pickles”) is now ~4.5yrs old and such a special part of the family. He is a fan favorite in our apartment building - one of most lovable, trusting, well-behaved dogs around. He also became a big brother - as Lorraine gave birth to our first son on 11/25/14.

Hope all is well. I’ve enclosed some recent pictures of Riley!


Happy Belated Birthday, Mikey~!!!

I'm 10!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Merry Christmas from Molly and Sunny, Vestal, New York~

Merry Christmas to Mama Sue from Molly and Sunny in Vestal, New York.