Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lipstick going to South Portland, Maine~

Hello to all~

         Miss Flower's puppies are now four weeks old and getting their first haircuts!  Here is a picture of "Lipstick".  To see all the available puppies, please visit my other blog at:

On an exciting note for me, we are having "cable" installed on next Tuesday for high-speed internet.  I have been unable to post any pictures on my website for the last two weeks, so this will be awesome! God is good!  :")

Have a blessed day!


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Gracie from Missouri City, Texas~

Sue, I don't know what I'm doing-can you tell?  I have some pictures in here I can't take out but I'm not starting over.  Hope this gets to you.  The 1st one is Jeff and his family and Zach's girlfriend,  I lost the ones I had from beginning so don't have other grandkids, but will get more when we go to Austin. Then Johnny and me with our sooooo cute little girl, Gracie. She already sits on command, comes when Johnny whistles (she'll leave me for him, I think it's true love, he needed a little girl, and soon he'll have 2.  She is such a doll and we are all having so much fun with her.  Susie

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jake from Ravena, New York~

Hi Susan - Juliann insisted that I send you a picture of Jake, he is such a love.
Best Regards,


McGee from Niagara Falls, New York~

Hello Sue~
McGee is just so wonderful and it's hard to believe his first birthday is next month :) He was groomed today, always beautiful. He just loves kids and barks for their attention as soon as they come into daycare if he is not at the door to greet them, I have to let him out of the kitchen so he can get his morning treats from them. Last week my husband took him to visit a classroom of 3 yr olds that my daughter-in-law teaches at the Catholic Academy here in Niagara Falls. He's so gentle. He gets along very well with our younger puppy, too.
I hope all is well with you and your family,


Monday, September 27, 2010

Libby from Lewiston, New York~

Hi Sue,

Libby has just made her first trip to Virginia . It is so wonderful having our daughter and family so close. My son in law will be retiring from the Marines December 31, He is finishing at Quantico. We went for the 1st birthday of our grandson and the 3rd birthday of our granddaughter. It was a wonderful time and I have a couple of pictures of Miss Libby enjoying herself and meeting her "niece and nephews", along with our granddaughter and grandson.Our granddaughter told us we had to bring Libby. It was the first thing she asked when we arrived, "Where's Libby?!"

They have 3 mini dachshunds and everyone got along just fine. Libby was great with the kids. She even helped Evie put her puzzle together. We celebrated Libby's birthday with the dachshunds. What a fast year! I can't believe Libby is 1 year old. Everyday is such a blessing having her in our lives. I can not imagine life without her. Give Starr a great big hug from Libby.

Hugs and kisses to you from Libby.

Love from Libby's Family!

And Happy Birthday to all of Libby's litter mates!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gracie from Missouri City, Texas~

Gracie and I are having so much fun. She is so good. We had getaway planned Friday to our place in the country, I wasn't going to go, but she seemed so calm and fun, I decided to go and come home if it was to much for her, it's only an hour away, but she loved it. My son, Jeff, is in love with her as is his family. Johnny is so protective of her all we do is laugh at him. I see some major bonding going on, but my nose isn't out of joint. I had to laugh but I heard my 6 yr old granddaughter, Sydney, tell her Gracie, you're going to love Gigi, she'll do anything for you but you have to listen because she likes to take you places and you have to behave so everyone can have fun. Talk about hearing your words come back to you.

She's been eating great and few accidents, but yea I'm used to messy diapers-but she really is catching on. Thanks for the food, I bought some Friday, I'll have to try some chicken and rice also. I mailed those papers Friday, hope you get them today, I started to overnight them, but you wouldn't get them till Monday anyway. Thanks for doing that for me.

We went to the vet today. They loved her and seeing me again. I've used this vet since the late 70's when he grad from Texas and A & M.

Vet school. He's going to take good care of Gracie's health care and said she's definitely been taken good care of. We got a shot and other good stuff, she didn't even cry. Such a big girl!!!! She weighed 6 lbs 6 ozs. I love her so much.

Thurs she woke up once during night so I took her out, but no business, but at the ranch she slept with Sydney and me (no crying those nights), but last night at home, I didn't hear a peep from her. She sleeps in her cage next to my bed.

I meant to email you Friday after I mailed the papers, but my life was not my own Friday Ha! Hope, my other little girl is doing great and growing. She's 3 weeks old today. By the way, Johnny and I sang happy 3rd month birthday to Gracie Saturday.

Thank you for your friendship and my baby.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~

Hi Sue

Dogs are at the groomer today. I stayed with Lacey while they clipped her

head/face. She shook a lot but never made a noise or tried to fight...groomer was quite impressed with how

well behaved she was this week. Also, they were unable to get Scooby out of the cage (no

surprise there) so I had to go back to get him out and she allowed me to cut his face and said she would

work with me a few times so I could do him myself and not be afraid ( I used to work for them for

many years ) They are getting older and have cut their business way back, I think Scooby is too much

work for them but they are just to polite to say so. Of course, if I do him, I will certainly be doing

her to. I thought I saved that website you sent me about grooming before but I can't find it. If

you could send it to me again when you get time I would appreciate it.

Ok have to clean the floors while she is gone, she has to be crated for me to

sweep or mop b/c she thinks it's playtime when I bring out the brooms/mops/vacuum. I have a very

large dustmop and she used to ride on it when she was little and we swept the whole floor while she

was on it, she loved it but she is so big now I can't move it with her on it, and she don't seem to

understand She can make a game out of just about anything. I will send you pictures after

she is done, she looked a little like her daddy sitting in the cage after her head was clipped with

those big eyes :) She is so pretty and becoming such a little cuddlebug, I love it :)



Katie T from Forty Fort, Pennsylvania~

Momma Sue -

Just a quick hello and photo of Katie loving life. Funny thing is, at the same time, I heard Sophie inside barking at something. I eventually got up to see what was going on and Sophie was stuck in the cat door leading to the cat food ... too funny!

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Stella" from Croswell, Michigan~

Hi Susan- Here is a picture of Stella visiting my dad at the hospital. My father had taken a fall on Sept. 5th and results concluded a broken Hip. He had surgery and now is in rehab at a nearby rehab/ nursing home. He asks to see her and loves the puppy kisses she gives him- it does help him mentally. We anticipate a welcome home for my dad in the next few weeks. (Parkie and this hip issue isnt really a good mix.) With Stella by his side and visiting, I know he will try his hardest through therapy. Any prayers of healing are appreciated as we go through the next weeks. Just wanted to send you this cute pic. and note the smile of contentment on my dad's face. This pic is priceless! Renee

Mitzi from Henrietta, New York~

Dear Sue,

Sending along Mitzi pics for her 8mos. Birthday. Does she look excited to get her Birthday Ice Cream Cone?

I know some of these pics will either be too big or too small, so I hope you can edit them, cause I can't.

Need to get a new camera.

I am sure you can see the happiness in her face. She grows more beautiful all the time. She is so loving and affectionate and such a joy to us. Can never thank you enough for this beautiful little one.

Will get some better pics to you soon.


Mary Jane

Bojangles from Ware, Massachusetts~

Hi Sue -  I tried to send these pictures before but had a problem doing it, so here they are.  Hope you enjoy them.  Bojangles is growing into quite a "big boy".  He now weighs 17 lbs.  He doesn't look it at all, he is all muscle.  As you can see, he had a grooming and looks just sooo handsome.  He actually needs another one now, I can't believe how fast his coat is growing. He also likes to lay on the antique coffee table, must be because the glass is cool, of course he looks so cute, I can't really scold him for this.  We still have issues with potty training.  We have good days and bad days.  I  am hoping that some day his light bulb comes on and it all clicks at once.  He is great riding in the car and he sleeps very well at night in the crate.  There are those nights he starts dreaming and wakes us up with a howl while dreaming.  Must run, just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you.  He brings us so much joy and laughter. There are things that he does that remind us so much of our other cocker that it is sometimes a little scary but funny at the same time. 

Hi Sue - I attached a picture of when he had his first grooming. He looks sooo handsome. That is too bad to go to dial up, that would certainly take forever to do. I will be getting your wall hanging out this weekend. I have been just straight out with work and have also been working on a quilt for our town's 250th anniversary that is next year. I did the designing of it and picking out of fabrics. There were 5 of us that put it together with my leadership and instructions. It came out really nice, now we are going to sell chances on it for a drawing to be held next year. The money raised is going to go to our town's annual Xmas decorations -which are always beautiful at Xmas, as well as to the orginal meeting house/church in town and our Senior Center. It has been very exciting to do and to see it just finished.
I see you are a busy lady as well with new puppies and more on the way. Hopefully they will all find great homes.
Hugs & puppy kisses!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~


I've been meaning to write but was waiting until I had these pictures on my computer so that I could send them to you.

I've been watching all of your puppies come and go. I'm always surprised at the colors of Miss Flower's puppies! I keep expecting to see deep, rich golden or red and they're cream! Or, at least "Bailey" is cream! LOL! That goes to show that I know nothing of genetics!

Drummer is becoming a handsome boy! As you said, his coat is a bit of a challenge, but it's totally manageable as long as I keep up on the brushing. We did take him with us to one of our favorite birding spots and he got full of grass "seeds". I was carefully keeping him out of the weeds with the cockleburrs, but failed to see the danger of the tufts of grass. Those were NASTY! They had 3 "stems" that were 2-3 inches long and they had microscopic "burrs" on their edges. When I rubbed my finger over them one way they were smooth, but the other direction you could feel the roughness. And they matched his coat color perfectly, so they were hard to detect. It took a while, but Glenn, Tim and I managed to get them all out. We'll never do that one again! I think that I'll stick to sidewalks! LOLOL!

Anyway, Crystal is due any time now. I am praying that everything goes well for her (and YOU!). You sure have been a busy lady with weddings and remodel and puppies, etc.

I've attached a few pictures of Drummer for your enjoyment. He has discovered the bliss of sleeping on our bed. I usually don't allow it because my comforter is burgundy and made of velour and satin - his hair will show up quite well! LOL! Plus it's dry clean only! Oh well. :o)

Another picture he has been chasing bird feathers in our yard. I try to pick up the larger ones (he'll try to eat them!), but the smaller ones he always seems to find. I don't think that he could see this one! LOL!

The last picture is of a Cool Dude! Tim put his sunglasses on Drummer and we managed to get a picture of him!

You are in my prayers. I'll be praying for a special home for Bailey!

Big Hugs !

Mary :o)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~

Hi Sue,

I got my new USB cable for my camera today...yay!!

Now I can send you the new pictures. You don't have to put them on the blog

unless you want to, I am on there a lot I just wanted to show you how much

she has grown.

 The first 2, if it works out right are her the day we brought

her home and last Saturday (4 mos. old), in the same bed which she no longer fits in :)

And the one is of her chewing on the strap to the camera, which is what she does every

time I get it out, she is so silly !! The last is of her with her ice cream cone in her

mouth, and us trying to make her stay in the bed for the first shot ha ha.

Hope you enjoy the pictures


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Regarding the tribute to 9-11 (Archie and Toby's (Timmy) mother~


Thank you for sharing that very moving tribute to all those who lost someone on 9/11. We ALL lost something that day although I think that on most days we tend to go on normally with our lives. My son Chad had just started his freshmen year at Pitt and they evacutated their Towers, which are several of the dorms, as they heard there were more planes being sabotaged and the university just wanted to be safe. I know that you understand how freightened I was for him but what could I do? At that time I had not yet turned my life over to God and in fact, honestly the thought of prayer never even entered my thoughts. How foolish I was back then, but how complete I feel now that I have our Wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in my life.

Several years ago as we traveled to our home in Fleetwood from a visit to Chad in Pittsburgh, we detoured to the crash site of Flight 93. It was just a field, but yet like none that I had ever seen in Pennsylvania. The makeshift memorial was laden with items that visitors had left there: teeshirts, stuffed animals, firemen helmets. It was an overcast day when we visited, and as the volunteer described from which direction the plane came down, just skimming the crest of the field coming to land just before some trees, the wind picked up. The silence was deafening, with the only noise being the flapping of the American flag. How appropriate the one thing that did survive that day, the spirit of the American People who proudly stand under that flag.

Thanks to folks like you Sue who will not let us forget that day, we have to remember!

Bless you as you groom another litter of beautiful pups for some very lucky people,

Love you,


Tribute to those who died on September 11, 2001~

Sitting here in tears spirit groans in agony for those who died...
                          and for those who grieve for them...

Please dear Lord, comfort them in their loss... in Jesus' Blessed Name, Amen
Please click on the wording below to see a video dedicated to those brave souls.

                                                                                          Always Remember~

Friday, September 10, 2010

"Cubby" (Elliott) from Southport, Connecticut~

Hello Sue,

I just wanted to tell you that little "Cubby" doing very well. He continues to be gaining weight and is showing evidence of being a big boy as the size of his paws are huge!! He sleeps all night and has very few potty accidents in the house. We have never used newspapers or training pads and found that he has taken perfectly to careful monitoring and putting him in the same grassy area "to go". He is also a great car traveler. He gets to visit my Mom and Dad...his Grandma and Grandpa very often as my Mom babysits for him if I have an extended period of time during the day that is away from our home. I am also thinking of going away for week to our Florida house and I think he should be OK staying at my Moms. He knows that house as well as his own so it should work out.

I have to take him for his 12 weeks shots and both he and I are not looking forward to that visit, but we will go. I am certain the shots will hurt me more than they will hurt "Cubby".

Best regards and love,

Cubby and Joanne

Bailey and Cubby Jr from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

The "Woods Boys" are cleaned up and happy after a great summer at camp!

Charity from Shawnee, Oklahoma~

Hi Sue,

We picked Charity up at 12:00 approximately central time after my ordeal of forgetting my license then got to the airport which I got lost inside but finally found Charity. She was in suburb condition considering how long she had been traveling, I was very impressed with the way I received her. Thank You! She took to me immediately and I got compliments as well from the staff at the baggage counter. They had given her water so she was well hydrated when I received her. She is so adorable and her temperament is so sweet. We stopped on the way back home to let her out to get a little exercise and to see her bounce around was so precious to see, wish it had been light and camera in hand so I could have snapped a few photos. Charity is home now, has had her dinner and after getting familiar with her toys her and I are both exhausted now but not nearly as you are though. Will keep in touch. God bless you and Thanks again for this precious gift that will bring many years of joy into my life. : )


Charity from Shawnee, Oklahoma~

Charity is so teachable and learns quickly. She is already showing

signs of comfortableness with her new room and space (crate). Can

you believe? I'm very appreciative of you requiring this. (Very

Helpful) Also wanted to tell you how beautiful the blanket is you

sent with Charity and I especially love the embroidery details on it

which added personal touch I know from the one who loves her very much

too.. Thank YOU!

"Gracie" from New Hartford, New York~

Found these great pictures in an old email that I never saw from a couple of years ago.  I am so dismayed when pictures or emails "fall through the cracks".  If you have ever sent me something that didn't make it to the blog, please, please bring it to my attention.  Thank you, and God bless you in your day, each and every one!!!

Here are some recent photos of Gracie (a March 27, 2008 puppy from Rosie and Cubby), taken before heading off to the groomers for a much-needed trim! She is happy, healthy, and bringing us constant joy and laughter. She is quite the cocker spaniel ambassador; people ooh and aah whenever we go out, and want to know what breed she is, and where we got her. She is so smart and social, and just loves everyone to pieces.

Thanks for breeding such a special dog!!
Terry, Jeff, Maddie, Gwynnie, Ian and Kai

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~

        This email was sent to me by Chris, new mama of "Lacey". Chris also owns "Scooby", a precious rescue cocker that she took in before she adopted Lacey. Scooby has a lot of problems and Chris is such a good mommy to be giving him her best care in her efforts to correct his many issues. Sue



In the middle of the night Lacey was howling terribly, her howl is nothing that can be ignored,

when I went to her she was in the living room howling next to a seizing Scooby.

Usually he only has seizures once a month and we keep track of them so we know when

to watch for them, it wasn't time yet. This morning again, Lacey began howling and running from me to

my bedroom where I followed her and he began having another seizure shortly after I got there. She

came to get me BEFORE the seizure even started......We went to the vet first thing this morning, Scooby has

a bad tooth with infection, which is what they think is bringing on the more frequent seizures.

Lacey & Scooby playing...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Riley (Pickles) from Manhattan~

Hi Susan,

How are you? Lorraine and I wanted to send you some pictures to let you know Riley "Pickles" is home safe and sound. He is doing great!

He plays in 15min bursts than decides to take a nap on our feet (in fact.. that is where is he is presently). He has been eating and drinking quite a bit. He has eliminated very regularly and is actually starting to get the hang of the wee-wee pad already (about 60% of the time).

We crated him last night around midnight... as expected he wasnt too pleased and whimpered for the first hour. I woke up around 6am to his whimpering. The good news... he didnt pee in his crate! I immediately put him on the wee-wee pad and he eliminated a couple times within a 20 min span. After some play time I put him back in the crate until ~8:45 when I got up for good.

He is a sweet little guy and we love him so much. Hope all is well with u.


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Bonny Wee Lass from the UP, Michigan~

Hello Momma Sue!
It's ME....the peanut, Bonny Wee Lass. I guess you know already, but TODAY I turned into something called three. I don't guess I know what three is, but I kinda like it so far. Mommy Sharon and Daddy Syd sang a weird thing called Happy Birthday to me this morning and it made me howl! But, then guess what! I got a whole waffle just for me for breakfast. I love waffles, 'specally with that brown stuff called peanut butter on top! Hm-m-m-m-m-m good! Then, I got me a brand new ball and some other toys and that ole Betsy isn't allowed to play with 'em, ha! Mommy Sharon says tonight we will have ICE CREAM! You know how I feel bout ICE CREAM....yipppppeeeeee!

I am trying out my winter hat cause guess what Momma Sue......we are moving again! Daddy Syd says this new house will be even snowier than where we live now cause it is farther up North. What is a North Momma Sue, do you know? We gots to see the new house last week, and gosh was I ever amazed....our back yard is full of WATER!! Daddy Syd calls it the Keweenaw Bay. I don't know what that means, but it sure is BIG! We are moving again cause Daddy Syd has got to do something about a thing called church. Me and Betsy have been tryin' to help pack, but the best thing to do is just stay out of Mommy & Daddy's way! As long as they pack our bestest toys and food dish, we are okay with it, but Betsy is ascared....I tol her to "get over it" tee, hee. you know I am 3 years old I am going to go and take a nap. It is chilly, rainy and windy here, and a nice nap will feel good. Please tell my doggie mommy Sophie and daddy dog Mikey that I am doing good and give them a nice lick for me!

I love you.....please never forget your wee peanut~~~~Bonny Wee Lass

I wanted to share this with you all.  My Easter Lily bloomed again today, on this cold, rainy, dreary day.
What a promise from God, that after the winter before us, springtime will come again, with another Resurrection Sunday on the horizon.   Thank You, Lord!

The wedding of Kevin and Candace~

Yesterday our son Kevin married his beautiful bride, Candace.  We had a lovely outdoor wedding at Samuel's Grande Manor in Buffalo.  God was good, and held off the rain.