Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~

Hi Sue

Dogs are at the groomer today. I stayed with Lacey while they clipped her

head/face. She shook a lot but never made a noise or tried to fight...groomer was quite impressed with how

well behaved she was this week. Also, they were unable to get Scooby out of the cage (no

surprise there) so I had to go back to get him out and she allowed me to cut his face and said she would

work with me a few times so I could do him myself and not be afraid ( I used to work for them for

many years ) They are getting older and have cut their business way back, I think Scooby is too much

work for them but they are just to polite to say so. Of course, if I do him, I will certainly be doing

her to. I thought I saved that website you sent me about grooming before but I can't find it. If

you could send it to me again when you get time I would appreciate it.

Ok have to clean the floors while she is gone, she has to be crated for me to

sweep or mop b/c she thinks it's playtime when I bring out the brooms/mops/vacuum. I have a very

large dustmop and she used to ride on it when she was little and we swept the whole floor while she

was on it, she loved it but she is so big now I can't move it with her on it, and she don't seem to

understand that....lol She can make a game out of just about anything. I will send you pictures after

she is done, she looked a little like her daddy sitting in the cage after her head was clipped with

those big eyes :) She is so pretty and becoming such a little cuddlebug, I love it :)