Monday, January 28, 2013

"Miss Molly" (Sunny) from Hazleton, Pennsylvania~

Hi Susan,

It's been a while since I sent you a recent picture of Sunny. I could never get an picture to attach to my email. I hope you get this. This picture was taken a '50's

party we go to every September over Labor day weekend in Parsippany N.J. It is one of the best car shows we go to with over 2,000 cars cruising around the Hilton all

weekend. Everyone there loves Sunny, there is one couple that come looking for us every year just to see her. She is the sweetest dog anyone could ask for. As you can

see she has two step sisters now. Molly, our red and white party cocker, and Sasha, the little chocolate one. They all get along pretty good, although Sunny is very

possessive of any toys there are to play with and she wants the attention from anyone who comes to visit. She will push the other two out of the way just have someone pet

her. Cockers are the best. Hope you and your family are doing well. I always check out your new babies.
Take care

Shirley & Joe

The Puppy Homecoming!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"Miss Gabby" from Springfield, MA~

Gabby and granddaughter, Becca

Gabby with Miranda~
         I am so in love with my Gabby!  She is doing great!  It's been a while since I had a puppy.  She is so sweet!
        Think of all the happiness you bring people.  Thanks for being you!


Friday, January 25, 2013

"Sammy" (Frosty) from Albion, New York~

Hi Susan,

We made it home after a rough ride last night but are so happy with Sammy! He really is a treasure and beautiful puppy. Once he calms down and continues to bond with Max I will send along some pictures. He is already eating well and sleeping. There has only been one accident in the house so far and that was right after we got him home - probably due to excitement! Sammy slept the entire night and only whined briefly when crated at bedtime.
Thanks again. We really are thrilled and happy to have found you and your beautiful puppies!


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Sammy" (Frosty) from Albion, New York~

Tim came to my home in a raging snowstorm to pick up his baby boy, Frosty tonight.  Frosty has a new name, and will now be called, "Sammy"!  I hope they make it back home safely.  May the good Lord bless them with many, many happy years together!


Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Hi Sue,

I just celebrated my 34th birthday on Jan. the 15th. On my birthday, I enjoyed taking Cosby for his grooming appt at Petsmart. These pics I'm sending shows a good upclose on his face. I love his face, Sue, we usually keep him fuzzy around his face, but this shows his great features. In my humble opinion, you are the best breeder!!!! I also can't wait for Brady that we adopted from Tink's litter. I'm so happy for all of us getting these beautiful puppies from Snowies, Flowers, Tinks, Sweetie, and later Snuggie, who is Cosby's momma. Snuggie and Cubby couldn't give me the sweetest and most cuddliest little boy ever. I am so happy and to know Cosby will be a big bro. soon is a great dream of mine. I'll have a parti finally!!! more love in our sweet family!!! Love you and thinking about you and your birthday coming up on Jan. 25th right?!!!! Love you and pray for you always. I know you need the prayers and strength everyday in the busy days ahead of you and now....SUE, WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO FOR US!!!!!

Hugs, and blessings on your day,


"Yogi" and "Cooper" from Princeton, West Virginia~


Just wanted you to see a couple of pictures of our kids. The picture with just the one in it is Cooper, the last one we got from you. He is a delight and likes to hop on you for attention….he is my attention seeker. LOL

The other picture, the one on the left is Yogi. He is becoming more laid back. It’s always fun to watch the two together. We are all a work in progress on the training, but we are getting there. They are beautiful dogs.
Hope you are doing well.

Dr. Deb, your WV dog lover

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"Miss Maggie" from Erie, Pennsylvania~

Hi Sue!

Our days since Maggie joined our family have been so much happier! She has been a real joy and that’s a tribute to you, your family and your special Cockers. We are so very happy to be part of your “family”. Maggie has grown like a weed! She is now 4-1/2 months old (already?!) and a little over 12 lbs. Time has flown! We took her with us to New Jersey at Christmas to visit with Pat’s family. It was a 7 hour ride and she was the best traveller and a very good guest. She’s so cute and such a smart little girl! I’ve included a couple of pictures of her, one of her asleep on the couch with some of her favorite toys and the other with her new pink flamingo sweater on (we have a collection of pink flamingo things and the sweater was a gift for Maggie from Pat’s sister and niece). We love her so much and are absolutely thrilled to have her in our lives.

Thank you again and hope all is well with you and your family! We’ll stay in touch and keep you updated on Maggie.

Take care,


"Miss Bonny" and "Miss Betsy" from L'Anse, Michigan~

i fink yuz gotta stay outside, don wan yuz to com back in here...dem cookies iz mine!! All mine!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Sunday, January 13, 2013

"Ernie" (Nicholas) from Pueblo West, Colorado~

Hi Susan!

Just a quick note to let you know that we have all survived our first week with little Nicholas (aka: Ernie)! He is just a bundle
of energy now. Ernie has taken up the kitchen as his new residence. When I open the refrigerator door -- he jumps up on the
bottom and looks inside with me. When I open any cabinet or drawer---he is right there seeing what is inside. He is so very cute.
I think I have him on Colorado time now. He is sleeping thru the night in his crate. We always put him in his crate when we have to leave the house for the store. He is just too curious to let him run around unattended. He doesn't cry very long when we put him in his crate. It's a nice little cozy den with a cover and bumper pads on the side and a comfy pad (that is washable) but he hasn't
had an accident in the crate yet.

I took Ernie to the Vet last Tuesday and he got a set of puppy shots. We go back again on January 29th for another set of puppy shots.
The whole Vet's office was in an uproar over how adorable Ernie is. One lady who was there for an appointment with her cockapoo
pup (who was an adorable little fellow himself) just fell in love with Ernie and wanted to know where I adopted him. I told her about you and High Calling Cockers. She was just beside herself ---saying she had never seen a more beautiful Cocker Spaniel. He is quite
beautiful Sue and we are "over the moon" in love with him.
Here are some 10 week old pictures of Ernie that my husband took of him this afternoon.
Thank you so much Sue for this precious boy!


Jerry, Mindy and Kenny

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"Duffy" (Smithers) from Minoa, New York~

Hi, Sue, Here’s Duffy (aka Smithers) He’s doing great - housebroken, going to puppy classes and doggy dare care for socialization, and just so much fun.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Miss Sasha" from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hello Susan,

We thought you might enjoy these photos. They were taken yesterday by the staff at the veterinary clinic before Sasha's grooming. The town is celebrating the end of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a spectacular ice sculpture display.

Sasha continues to play, learn and make us smile every single day.

All the best to you and the High Calling family.

Sasha, Pat & Ron

"Nicholas" from Pueblo West, Colorado~

I shipped Nicholas to Denver on a United Airlines climate controlled flight to help Mindy and Jerry get their new baby home to their loving arms!
Hi Sue,
Well, we made it home! It's about 10:30 pm our time (probably about 12:30 your time) Nicholas is absolutely beautiful! We are so ecstatic. He is a snuggler! He snuggled with me all the way home. I tried to give him food and water when we got in the car. He had a little bit of water but just wanted to snuggle. He was shaking a little bit for a few minutes but then got comfortable and went to sleep in my arms. When he woke up about 30 minutes later he wanted to play! He gave me lots of kisses and especially liked to snuggle against my ear. He is a very beautiful puppy! We are thrilled with him.

When we got home----I gave him food and water and this time he ate and drank a little. Then, we went out to potty.

He and our Shih Tzu, Amy, are getting to know each other. Amy is concerned when he whines. We told her he was fine and is just getting used to his new surroundings. She is wagging her tail and smiling at Nicholas but when he whines----she tilts her head. So, we are all just getting acquainted. Our son, Kenny, is so thrilled with Nicholas too. He is just beautiful Sue. We are so happy to have him join our family!

I thought we would take pictures tomorrow and send them to you! Nicholas is sleeping now in his new bed. We bought a puppy pen and put his bed in the little pen with the toy dog you sent. He chewed on the little toy for a bit and is now sleeping.

Thank you so much for Nicholas. We love him. He is precious!
Talk with you tomorrow!



"Lincoln" (Winston) from West Chester, Pennsylvania~

I met Heidi and Jim in Syracuse to deliver their new puppy!
Hi Susan!
We are loving our Winston .... LINCOLN is what we are calling him (our next door neighbor has an English Cocker named Winston!) ... he has filled a hole in our hearts and home ... one look at his sweet little face and you melt! Oh my is he ever cute! He has settled in nicely and slept through the night the last 2 nights. My husband got up this morning at 5 to use the bathroom ... and then so did Lincoln ... ready to play! He has a crate in our bedroom that he sleeps in at night and a crate in our downstairs for when we leave. He loves being with us and doesn't like to be alone. He is exploring a lot and is still small enough to squeeze through our gates that we have to keep him confined when we need to ... he is such a delight!


"Abel" from Centereach, New York~

Katie flew to the Buffalo Airport and picked Abel up to take him home as a carry-on.

He cried in his crate at night but I laid on the floor next to him until he fell asleep.

He woke up in the night and when I took him outside he went potty!! Yay! Haha
I've been up since 5:30 and had little sleep and I don't care. We love him.
Paul was so sad to leave for work today.
Thank you so very much for everything.
He's napping right next to me as we speak.


"Miss Emily" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Mama Sue,

Hope you and the family had a nice Christmas, we sure did. I'm sending along
a few pictures, two on Christmas day and two taken this morning in my favorite
gift of all - SNOW.

My brother, Tim, had to shovel, but all I had to do was play. . . and that I surely
did. I'm always trying to catch the snowflakes as they fall from the sky. As you
can see by the pictures, I did pretty well. With ears flapping, mouth open and
legs in the air, I gave it my best shot to catch as many snowflakes as possible.
After almost one-half hour playing I had to go inside and get warm for awhile, but
then out I went again.
Mom said to tell you all your new babies are adorable.
I'm sending along snowflake kisses to you Mama Sue...

Your Little Emily

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"Miss Hannah" from Wisconsin~

Hi Sue and Happy New year!

We are experiencing a typical WI. winter

here. Snow and cold doesn't bother Hannah one bit. She enjoys running
through the snow at the Jefferson County dog park. She is pictured in
their dog park calendar. She is jumping over a hurdle in one of the
parks. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Sally and Hannah

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Miss Blossom" from Northfield, Vermont~

Blossom looking for her present from Santa

For mama Sue from Blossom and my other mommy Tam in Vermont, Hoping you and everyone at High Calling Cockers had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Keeping you all in our prayers and sending our love!! Oh in case you didn't notice I love to lay and sit under the Christmas Tree we love this time of year!