Sunday, January 20, 2013

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Hi Sue,

I just celebrated my 34th birthday on Jan. the 15th. On my birthday, I enjoyed taking Cosby for his grooming appt at Petsmart. These pics I'm sending shows a good upclose on his face. I love his face, Sue, we usually keep him fuzzy around his face, but this shows his great features. In my humble opinion, you are the best breeder!!!! I also can't wait for Brady that we adopted from Tink's litter. I'm so happy for all of us getting these beautiful puppies from Snowies, Flowers, Tinks, Sweetie, and later Snuggie, who is Cosby's momma. Snuggie and Cubby couldn't give me the sweetest and most cuddliest little boy ever. I am so happy and to know Cosby will be a big bro. soon is a great dream of mine. I'll have a parti finally!!! more love in our sweet family!!! Love you and thinking about you and your birthday coming up on Jan. 25th right?!!!! Love you and pray for you always. I know you need the prayers and strength everyday in the busy days ahead of you and now....SUE, WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO FOR US!!!!!

Hugs, and blessings on your day,