Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Beautiful Wednesday~

Hello to my High Calling Cocker family!'s cold today.  But the sun is shining and the sky is blue.  So I will stay in the house nice and warm, and send prayers for everyone who has to work outside for their comfort and safety.

I am in such a better mood today.  I finally broke down and called Yahoo and was able to fix the problem with the website!  So now I can publish it once again.  Yayyyyy!  I had followed all their troubleshooting instructions online ...over and over for weeks!  At one place, they said to be sure a certain box was "Unchecked".   So wouldn't you know, the tech I got on the phone told me to check the box.  LOL  Now it works perfectly.  LOL  I am soooooooo happy!  Isn't this silly?  I don't have any puppies to sell.  But I just love that website and I've worked on it for many years.  I have nothing to say...I'm just glad it's working now.  I miss my doggies so much.  :(((

We will know around this time next week when Mike's next eye surgery will be, so we will know when we can scoot back down to North Carolina for a few weeks.

I finally broke down and took down my white flocked tree.  Our furnace had backed up last week, and I had soot everywhere!  :"(    What a mess.  My hands are all black...but little by little I'm getting things cleaned up.  If you think of it, please offer up a prayer for me!
Maybe this weekend I can get one of my boys to take my outside Christmas tree lights down.  :")  It's time.


Mama Sue

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

"Miss Bailey" (Cadence) from Woodstock, Maryland~

Hi Sue,

I'm not sure if you remember me but we are the owners of Bailey (Cadence). We picked her up in May 2012. I just wanted to shoot you an email to tell you how well she is doing and how much she is loved. I'm sure you wonder about your puppies and how they are doing.
Life has been very busy.

Here is a picture of her after Christmas with her new bed and pillow and her bed in my daughter's room.

All my best,

Important information about the High Calling Cocker website~

Hello to all my dear High Calling Cocker family!

I just wanted to give you all a "head's up". The sitebuilding "tool" that I have been using (Yahoo Sitebuilder) to make my High Calling Cocker website is no longer working properly. I have done everything possible to get it to work, but it no longer does so. I am so very sad about this. Unfortunately, the billing cycle comes around the first part of February. It usually costs me over a hundred dollars to keep this site online. I have kept it online because so many of you asked me to do so, even though I no longer sell cocker puppies. I also kept it online for "me", because it has been a labor of love. When I first started, I had no idea how to make a website...or even how to turn on a computer...and it has all been self-taught. I have truly enjoyed publishing each and every one of the puppy pictures, as they were beautiful, and I loved them so much. But if I can no longer make any changes to the site, it does no purpose to keep it online, and I won't pay their fee if it doesn't work any longer. I have been thinking that most of you go to the website in order to get to the link to the blog. I will keep the blog online, so I hope most of you will bookmark the blog's URL address so you will be able to keep looking at it for updates. If you forget the address, just send me an email and I'll send it to you.
Please keep sending me pictures of your cocker puppies and updates on how you are all doing.  Just so you are aware, I very seldom will take your pictures off facebook to add to the blog.  If you would enjoy seeing your pictures on the blog, please send them to my email.     Thank you so much!

Much love...stay warm!

Mama Sue

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Miss Emily" and "Mr. Cooper" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Happy New Year Mama Sue !

We are sorry for not writing sooner, but things have been a
little hectic around here for the past month or so. Here is a
short synopsis of what has been happening:

Two hours into cooking our Thanksgiving turkey our oven
caught on fire. (The bottom electric cooking coil burned out
and broke into two pieces. Our neighbors always go to their
brother's house for the holiday so they were kind enough to finish
cooking our turkey). The day turned out well and the food was

Two days after Thanksgiving, our brother Tim was admitted to the
hospital with pneumonia.

On December 22nd, Mom was in Milton Hospital ER for 6 1/2 hours
with a final diagnosis of pneumonia in the right lung and two fractured
ribs from her severe coughing. Mom was on the couch most of
Christmas Day and besides watching us open our stockings, doesn't
remember much else of the day.

As of this date, things are getting back to normal. We have a nice
new stove, Tim is all better now. Mom's pneumonia is also better
now, but the ribs are still bothering her a little.

As for us, we are enjoying our new toys and all the snow we have
been having. Hope you like the pictures we are sending your way.


Emily & Cooper

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"Miss Chloe" from Lancaster, New York~

Your baby is 5 today Sue! She trading in her devil tutu for an angel tutu! You told me not to give up on her when she was in her crazy puppy stage and we didn't and now she is such a good girl. She even is so calm with her crazy sister Daisy!


"Miss Sophie" from Adrian, Michigan~

Monday, January 12, 2015

"Mikey", "Cubby Jr" and "Bailey" from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~ Christmas 2014~

Delta Honor Guard

God bless Delta Airlines and their employees for honoring our fallen heroes. May the good Lord comfort this soldier's family and friends in their loss.

Friday, January 9, 2015

"Ernie" from Colorado~

Hi Susan,

I thought about you today and looked at your website to see how you were doing. So nice to see your blog! I thought I would send you a picture of our "Ernie" who you had named Nicholas. He is 2 years old now. (Nov. 5, 2012 litter). He had 2 other brothers' as I recall.

Ernie has brought us such happiness. We love him to pieces! Let me assure you that he is a much loved little dog. We don't know how we ever lived without him!

We wish you a very happy 2015!

Hugs from Colorado,
Jerry and Mindy

Friday, January 2, 2015

"Miss Hannah" from Cambridge, Wisconsin~

Hi Sue! Hannah is now 3 years old. Hope you and your hubby are enjoying your
new home and warmer weather. Wishing you good health and happiness in 2015.
Sally and Hannah

"Cosby"and "Brady" from Westerville, Florida~

Brady watching me drink hot chocolate!
Cosby is my present everyday! A gift that keeps on giving
Cosby with Cole the snowman from Pier One.
Brady waiting for Santa!