Monday, September 5, 2016

Wow...Amazing Story about "Disney" from Silver Spring, Maryland~

Hi Sue,
It's been a long time since I have written. Disney is now 5 years old. And we have a second Cocker Spaniel now for Disney to play with -- a one year old caramel colored parti Cocker Spaniel.
I wanted to share with you what I think is an amazing experience. As you know, we live on the east coast. A couple weeks ago we were vacationing on the west coast, in Southern California. As we were driving up the coast line, we pulled into a residential area to check directions. There was a couple walking a buff Cocker Spaniel and a chocolate lab. I got out of the car and asked the couple if I could pet their Cocker Spaniel. He was so beautiful and reminded me of Disney. He is a 4 year old. So one year younger than Disney.
The couple was very nice and stopped so I could pet their dog. We got to talking, and how amazing that four things we said that we have in common, came up while we were standing on the side walk. They were High Calling Cockers, silver color, Sue Martin, and Rio. I think we met one of Disney's half brothers, thousands of miles away from NY and from where we live. The parents of Disney are Rosie and Rio. The father of their male Cocker Spaniel is Rio. I don't know the name of the mother of their dog. We were amazed. Can you believe that !! We even went to one of your blogs and showed the couple a picture that you posted of me and my husband and Disney (aka Sherlock) on the day we picked him up in NY. They said that they remember seeing the picture of Disney online, with me and Joe, on your High Calling Cocker web site from years ago.
I know that one of the things that brings you joy is to connect your puppies with loving families to bring happiness to both the dogs and their human parents. On that amazing day, you also had a hand in bringing together two couples who otherwise may never have met. I will attach a picture of that gorgeous Cocker Spaniel and his owner, Trace Ann. I will also include one of me as well. We stopped into their home and talked awhile that day. They are a sweet couple.

Thanks for all that you have done for many people over the years.

Take care, Nancy

Miss Bailey Glory from Buffalo, New York~

Dearest Sue,

Today the weathermen are using the word "oppressive" to describe the conditions in steamy Western NY, but I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones with a lock on it. Despite the high heat and humidity, Bailey still wants to go for her daily walks. I make her wait until 8:00 (the latest we can head out and still be back before dark) and even then, it's still in the mid-80's. Hopefully it will break soon. It's difficult to want to do anything, especially cook since we have a gas oven and stove top.

As promised in my last update, I've attached some photos from our family vacation to Sunapee, NH. The trip was a little more low-key than I was expecting, but we were able to get out and do a few things, like take a drive through the White Mountains. Curley spent most of his time sleeping under the ceiling fan in the family room. Bailey and I would occasionally head outside to check on Alex's success fishing off the new dock. We caught up on some movies we'd missed and just generally enjoyed being together.

We certainly hope things are well with you, Mike and the rest of your family.

All our love and prayers,

Sarah & Bailey Glory

"Happy Birthday Bailey" from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Our precious boy's day!