Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Dear Sue,

It's hard to believe that our precious Baby Biscuit is almost eleven months old now. He was recently neutered and microchipped at Kingston Animal Hospital. His vets, a mother and son duo, required that he spend the night, and we missed him so much! His surgery was a complete success, and he offered kisses to everyone before he left the vet clinic. We will continue to keep you posted as he grows into such a beautiful silver Cocker Spaniel.

Best Wishes Always,

John, Kay, Baby BIscuit, and Cocker Clancy

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Let's have some fun everybody!

Let's go everybody!!

Cosby learning to paddle~

Where did the stick go?

Joe Joe, Cosby's best friend

Wow!  Cosby finally swimming and Sabrina found the stick!

Friday, April 27, 2012

"Natalie" and "Chloe" from Monson, Massachusetts~

Chloe and Natalie with their daddy, Michael

Chloe and Natalie with their mommy, Kim~

Chloe and Natalie

Chloe and Natalie

Happy Birthday, Natalie~!!!

Hello! Hope everyone is well! Hope you did not get slammed with alot of heavy snow this week. We had that in October and there was alot of damage as a result. Just wanted to send along some new photos of the girls. Natalie celebrated her 6th birthday! Hard to believe that much time has passed. We thank God for you often, my friend!

Hugs and Kisses,


Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~


zzzzz...Cosby...wake up, boy!!!

There he is, my sleepy boy! 
Goooood morning, Cosby!

Good morning, Sue!

I'm sending some cute pics of Cosby sleeping in late with me this morning so cute...I woke up and saw that cute baby face of his.  I had my camera near by and Cosby was still in dreamland, so I took a few.  Wow...thanks to Snuggie for a precious little guy to wake up next to and be the first thing to see this morning...besides my sweet and devoted husband...LOL...Yaw have a great morning everybody!  :")


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Bailey" and "Cubby" from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Good morning Sue!

Wow- the "Patio Safari" is just awesome! How very creative to do this! The High Calling family is so great!

Love to all! Susan

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~


SHARON AND LOU....THAT'S AMAZING!! I have to brag, out of all the blogs I've seen, this was the most entertaining by!! Our Family and Cosby gives the Patio Safari...4****(stars/paws) up!!!..LOL. We are very impressed too, Sue. Especially the kids favorite star, Natasha, we just love her new hair cut. She looks amazing Sharon and Lou!! Natasha is still baby doll adorable with the new look...and the Monkey, and the Lion is cute too. Thank you so much for sharing with us!!!

God bless,

Sherry and Family

"Natasha" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

Sharon and Lou sent me this fantastic video!  My goodness!  They are sooooooooo talented!  I am very, very impressed!!!   :')


Sunday, April 22, 2012

"Lacey Ann" from Oshkosh, Wisconsin~

Hi Sue.. Just wanted to drop you a line. Lacey is doing Excellent. Once we get over the puppy biting stage we'll have it made. LOL  Here are a few pics. One of her taking a nap. Another in the office. It looks like shes in Jail !! LOL and another one with her helping me with the spring flowers. She is a sweetie!! We'll keep in touch. Thanks again. Dr. Dean and Robin

Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Lacey" from Lewiston, New York~

Such a good little traveler :)

"Libby" from Lewiston, New York~

Dear Mama Sue,

Sorry to hear about Aunt Snowy hope she is doing ok. Life is good here in Lewiston, I have been outside playing the backyard and chasing butterflies. My ferret brother Simon is on the All Creatures Website with Dr. Albert. He is a video star now and I am proud to be his sister. Everyone is well here and hope this email finds you and papa Mike well.. Mom and I were looking at my mom Starr's picture and wondering if that was her as a puppy. Dr. Allen always said I look like my mom.

I will always love you, kisses,

(Libby as a puppy...she's a video star too!  LOL    Sue)

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Hannah" from Cambridge, Wisconsin~

Hi Sue,

Hannah's five months now and 17 pounds. Every week brings

something new in her life. This week she has gotten obsessed with the
computer and mouse, as the pictures reflect! She is a very curious
puppy. I gave her another hair cut. Each time we learn a few new
techniques. She is a wiggle worm. Hope all is well.

Sally and Hannah

"Miss Emily" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

It's me Emily and today, April 20th, is my birthday. I am
Two Years Old; can you believe it? My family tells me I
have grown into a young lady; although just between you
and me Mama Sue, I still am very much a tomboy!
We took my birthday pictures outside this year because
it is so beautiful out and I love my backyard. You probably
can't read the writing on my hat but it says - Birthday Girl; the
writing on my birthday badge says - I'm 2 Years Old. Honestly
Mama Sue do you believe my family made me wear these
things, just so they could take pictures. After the photo session,
I made short work of the hat and badge; besides, I wanted to
go inside and open my gifts.
My birthday presents included a green elephant, pink
designer tennis balls and a new bed. I'm not exactly sure
why Mom bought me a new bed because I like sleeping
with my family in their beds; but to make her happy, I guess
I'll give it a try now and then.
I wish my sister Gracie and brothers Bojangles and Dusty
a very Happy 2nd Birthday and hope they are well and
as happy as I am.

Love you Mama Sue.

Your Little Emily (not so little anymore)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Betsy" from L'anse, Michigan~

Dear Mama Sue......

This is your friends Bonny & Betsy and we want to tell you about our new blog. You can see it at: or you can find in on mom's facebook page. We hope you don't mind our mama Sharon told everyone we is High Calling Doggies......we hope you will like our spot.

Betsy: Hi Mommy Sue, I is sending yous my newest piture...I hope you like it...cause I do!

We both love you~~~~~~~Bonny & Betsy

Monday, April 16, 2012

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Mom says she loves my new look...thanks Groomer Ana!

Cosby chillin' with Mr. Froggie

Have you caught any flies lately?

Cosby helping Mr. Froggie catch flies on the porch

Let's catch those mosquitoes too,  Mr. Froggie!

Hi Sue!

I can't help but send these sweet, beautiful pics of Cosby's new "groom doo" today.  Ha!  I love him and he looks amazing! I hope you love the pics.  They are of Cosby's new hair do, sitting on the porch with Mr. Froggie.

Friday, April 13, 2012

"Honeybee" from Indio, California~


Honeybee napping  :)

"Eliza Jane" from Monkton, Vermont~

Lorne and Judy picking up their new baby, Eliza Jane~
Hi Sue,

It was great meeting you. You are just as I had thought. A very lovely person. I'm just letting you know that Eliza has settled in very well here. Right now she is asleep at my feet. We all love her so much. I am so lucky to have stumbled onto your website. She had her vet visit this morning and everything checked out well. I hope you had a good ride home. I thought about you on our way home. Thank you again for the wonderful baby. I will try to send pictures as soon as I learn how to post them on the computer.

God Bless


"Amelia" from Norwich, New York~

Katherine with her new baby, "Amelia"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Pickles" from Melbourne, Florida~

Hi Mama Sue,

Pickles is now 8 months old and her sister, Olive, is 4 months. As you surmised, she is perfect and tiny and wonderful. She is smart, and playful and still sleeps through the night. She has since the day we brought her home. She is also fearless. She takes on the horses and steals their carrots before they even know what happened. They stand stock still and my old horses would never hurt a fly. I will try to get a good action shot for you so you can see. It is so much fun.

Thanks so much for our Pickles.

Melbourne, FL

"Honeybee" from Indio, California~

Sue, I just thought I'd let you know Honeybee is fitting in perfectly. All the dogs ran around in the backyard together.  Max, our chocolate lab loves her.  He is being really sweet with her.  She is worn out now and sleeping.  She is such a happy little girl.  We all just love her so much!  Thank you Sue!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Honeybee" from Indio, California~

Honeybee made it all the way out to Palm Springs, California today, bless her little heart! :")

"Miss Natasha" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

Hello Susan,

Hope you had a wonderful Easter. We enjoyed a nice visit with our family from California, and Natasha enjoyed playing with our two grand daughters.

Like some of the other puppies on your blog, Natasha graduated from Puppy School last week. She's doing really well, and enjoys living each day to the max.

Here are some recent photos - she gets her next haircut on Friday, so we're trying to capture that soft and fluffy puppy face while we can:


Sharon & Lou