Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Miss Bella" from Niagara Falls, New York~

Hi mama! Playdate with Lola today and I'm giving her a real run for her money!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Miss Mia Rose" from Seaford, New York~

Hi Mama Sue,
Give my Mama Rosie a kiss for me.


Mia Rose from Seaford, NY

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Nicholas" and "Kringle" and their new friend, Travis from Huntington, Massachusetts~

Hello Mama Sue,

It has been some time since we have written. Sorry... a dogs' life is tough you know, always on the go! Nicholas and I wanted to send you our birthday picture from our 3rd birthday! We got to have a birthday party on Christmas Day, the same day as our birthday, can you believe it? We had a great day. Mommy made us a whole new batch of her homemade doggie cookies.....I am drooling here. OK, so, We are doing really well, very happy here. We have a baby brother now too. His name is Travis. He is a Silver sable German Shepherd and Timber wolf. He and Nicholas play all the time, but me, naww, I rather sit and watch TV from our couch. ( Nicholas, Travis, and my couch that is! ). The picture with Travis, is ME, Kringle, and the single picture is Nicholas. His hat kept falling off and he was upset about that. We had a really fun time. Well, we hope you and your family are doing as well as we are. Take care until next time!

Love Kringle, Nicholas, & Travis.

PS Don't you love our furry, fuzzy, THICK, winter coat? Mom lets us get lots of hair for the cold winter, and she makes us all handsome again in the spring!

"Miss Bella" from Erie, Pennsylvania~

This is "Miss Bella"---Bentley & Miss Bailey Glory's sister from Erie PA!!

"Bentley" from Buffalo, New York~

Before the haircut

After the haircut

Hi Sue!!

Hope all is well. I have had quite a few busy weeks. My Mom & Dad were in an auto accident in mid January. My Mom was in ECMC Erie County Medical Center Trauma ICU for a little over a week She has a shattered femur (had surgery) and a few broken ribs. She is now out near us in Hamburg NY for rebab probably another 6 weeks or so. Running back and forth and driving my Dad around too.

Poor Bentley was due for a groom right around the accident.....but finally had him done on President day. His hair was long, but no matting! My other cockers used to get a little matted under their arms. (I just love Drummer Boy's coat!!) He is weighing in at about 19 lbs of fun and frolic!!

I still have him crated during night time and if I go out....keeps him out of trouble. He loves the toilet paper roll! I actually took him to the rehab center yesterday and he was as good as gold!!

Here are some recent pics.

Best to you!


ps...I see Bentley's sister Bailey Glory is a bit of a trouble maker too!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

"Miss Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

Hi Sue!

Bailey's new batch of brothers and sisters are just beautiful! I was so excited to see their photos today. Congratulations!

I know you've been incredibly busy the last few weeks, getting Tink and Sweetie's litters to their forever homes and preparing for Snuggie's latest, so I didn't want to bother you until things had maybe quieted down a bit...I hope! I was wondering if you received the update I sent you on Bailey Glory on January 22nd? It was two e-mails with some recent pictures from the holidays. I can't believe she'll be nine months old next week, Sue!

Since my last update, she's gotten into a bit of mischief, but it's all my fault. I knew better. I love to read in bed and last Monday night, I forgot to bring the case for my glasses into the room with me. They're fairly new-I've only had them since late October/beginning of November. I was too lazy to get back up and go get it. I'd gotten the blankets all nice and toasty. I put them where I wouldn't roll on themt. Apparently she wasn't ready to go to sleep when I was. She jumped up on the bed while I was sleeping, found them and chewed them up. Fortunately, I bought the warranty and for $25 am getting a whole new pair...which I will be much more careful with...It has not dissuaded me from attempting to leave her out of her crate during the day. I was going to start next week, but I'm going to wait until after Chica's recovered from her surgery now. The two of them like to rough-house a bit and Chica will need to rest and stay quiet for a few weeks, so now we're looking at mid to late March as a target date.

In addition to fetch, her favorite game is to run under and around Chica and Curley while I'm trying to get their coats on them for our brisk walks. It takes us three times as long to get out the door, but it does make me laugh watching them tapdance around her.

Chica's surgery is set for the 26th. They're going to remove the tumor and biopsy it, then we'll decide where to go from there. If it's grade 1 or 2, we're to watch it and if it comes back, have the toe amputated. If it's grade 3, he recommends having the toe amputated right away, but that means it's metastasized and at 11 years old, we'd probably only do it if it was bothering her. The recovery is 6 weeks. Why take away 6 weeks she feels good to give her six weeks or a few more months where she doesn't? The quality of our kids' lives are always my top priority.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to serve on jury duty. With a Father who's an attorney and a Brother who's a State Trooper, Dad was sure I wouldn't get picked. He was wrong-I was selected as an alternate. I really enjoyed the experience. The hours were great-I could sleep in an extra hour, got 2+ hour lunches and got a TON of work done on my Christmas crafts for this year! It was a criminal case-fortunately nothing with any gory photos. It was fun to get a taste of what my Dad and Brother do.

That's about all the news from the Cedeno household. After putting away the Christmas decorations, I've been able to spend the last few weekends catching up on movies. I'll even admit to spending all of yesterday watching the Love Comes Softly marathon on Hallmark Channel. If you haven't seen the movies yet, please check them out. They don't exactly follow the books, but they're good in their own right and they've kept the same message and focus as the books-perfect for this Lenten season!

Take care!

Sarah & Bailey Glory

"Miss Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York at Christmastime~

Dear Sue,

Six months ago today, on a day MUCH nicer than this, two precious gifts came into my and our little Bailey Glory! Alex and I are so grateful for you both!

The last two months have been CRAZY! Thanksgiving seemed too early to put up my decorations this year, so I waited for the following weekend...which actually turned into the entire following week. Even with only putting one tree and half my decorations out it still seemed to take forever when I was trying to do it after work and around making dinner and caring for the kids. I wish I'd put both trees up, though, because a) 285 ornaments is slightly overwhelming on one 7.5' tree and b) she could have cared less about the ornaments ON the tree. Her fascination was confined to the things under it. I have a collection of old (now dried-out) snowglobes that go under there along with my Willow Tree Nativity. She showed a particular fondness for the little white lamb, which gratefully emerged unscathed. She was also very helpful when it came to wrapping gifts.

Before I knew it, the 18th had arrived and Bailey and I were off to Albany. For the last six or seven years, I've been going to my Mom and Dad's the week before Christmas to help them get their house ready for the holidays. With a big Colonial, there's so much more space to decorate than my large apartment and I absolutely love it! My favorite things are the decorations she made when we were Advent calendar from Leewards, a garland for the mantle and some bells that used to hang above it, but have now been moved to the den to make room for her North Pole Village from Dept 56. I want to continue this tradition and while I've been cross-stitching for over 20 years now, I started a felt Advent calendar from Bucilla shortly before Thanksgiving that I'm having so much fun making I lost my ever-loving mind and ordered a ton of additional kits! I bought some ornament kits, thinking I'd attach one to each of my gifts this year, some tree skirts for me and various family members and some wall hangings. Bucilla and I are going to be BFFS in 2013! Anyway, since Bailey's so young yet and Alex's schedule at the restaurant is so unpredictable, she tagged along with me this year. I found a great daycare for her six minutes from their house that had web cams so I could check up on her whenever I wanted. She had a great time and Mom and I were able to get a ton of stuff done while she was gone. As an added bonus...I think...she came home so tired we were able to continue working long into the night. And she could not have been better behaved! She had Grandpa wrapped around her little paw in the first 24 hours and I found the two of them snoozing on the leather sofa together on more than one occasion. He's missed having a dog around the house and is so glad he has five beautiful Grand-dogs to love and spoil. It wasn't until he set up the Thomas the Train trainset under the tree for the grandkids that he fell out of favor. She eventually got over her fear, though, and all was forgiven. I love this week at home and look forward to it all year, but it is a mixed blessing because it's also the hardest one to say good-bye at the end of. When I breeze in and out of town in 36 hours and don't get the chance to settle in, it is so much easier to leave, but when I've actually unpacked and put clothes in a drawer, it's next to impossible. I'm sure your kids would say the same.
At nearly eight months old, she is maturing incredibly quickly and is so very smart! Alex says she's a little TOO smart some days. Her favorite game to play is fetch and her favorite "prize" is Alex's soap, for some very strange reason I can't figure out. She jumped in the shower with him once in an attempt to snatch it away. As none of my prior dogs have ever gone near water voluntarily, I didn't believe him until one morning I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair and when I opened my eyes and looked down, there she was staring up at me. I didn't even hear her come in and I admit, I jumped when I saw her there. It was like that Post Office commercial they show after the holidays with the creepy toy they want to return that's across the room then right in front of the door...Now she waits until we're asleep and goes and grabs it. I always put it up, but Alex takes his showers at night and is so tired by that point he forgets. I'm going to have to remember to pick up one of those suction cup soap trays the next time I go shopping. She doesn't eat the soap-she shreds the box and then likes to lay with the bar next to her. It must be his scent.

I'm afraid our news isn't all good. We had Chica's teeth cleaned on the 11th and while she was under, I asked the vet to take a look at what I thought was a callous or sore on the side of one of her toes on her left front paw. The cell aspiration came back positive for a mast cell tumor. He's referred us to a surgeon in the hopes that he can remove it without having to amputate her toe. They like to take a large area around the tumor to make sure they get all the cells and there isn't much to take in that area of the body. We see Dr. Van Ee on the 30th. This particular tumor attacks the lymph nodes, liver, spleen, and bone marrow if it's metastasized. Unfortunately, there's no real way of knowing that until it's removed and biopsied. At almost 11, I wish there was a way to know as I wouldn't put her through such a traumatic surgery as this if it wouldn't do her any real good. However, Dr. DiMayo assured me that over 90% of the ones he sees are Grade 1 or 2 and if they get a clear line, they almost never come back. So, prayers for my little girl in the coming weeks would be much appreciated as we await her prognosis. If it is a Grade 1 or 2, we just have to watch her. As long as it doesn't come back and new ones don't form in the 30 weeks following surgery, she will be considered cancer-free.

I hope you, Mike and your family had a wonderful Christmas and that all is well with David. We found out over the holiday that my brother will be deploying in October with his National Guard unit. It will be difficult as his daughter will be 5 then and very aware of the fact that her Daddy's gone, while Keegan, who will be 2 1/2, will handle it much better once he's back into a routine, I think.


Sarah & Bailey Glory

"Miss Cookie" from Burbank, California~

Hi Sue,

Just thought I'd let you know that Cookie is doing wonderful. She is such an beautiful girl. She is great on a leash, did you get her started on that? She likes to go on walks and she loves playing with Aaron and Ryan. We've had a few accidents with the potty thing but she is improving. We hope all is well with you and your family and thanks again for everything.

The photos were taken in our front yard. Cookie seems to like the California sun.

Angelica and Louie

Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Cooper" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Sue,

Please don't feel you have to put this on the blog, as I sometimes feel that I
am abusing it for writing and sending pictures so often, but Cooper does
the cutest things and keeps us laughing all the time. He is very smart Sue,
you can just see his little brain figuring things out. He loves to climb into the
toy bags but is still rather small to accomplish this task, however, he discovered
that if he went behind the love seat he would come out on the bottom shelf of an
end table that gave him just the height he needed to dive head first into the toy
bag. The whole time he is doing this he has a squeaky toy in his mouth, so that
everyone knows where he is. The first time he did this we all just laughed and
laughed. Emily watched in total amazement the first time she saw him do this, but was
waiting for him to come out the opposite end of the couch his second time around.

Coop has finally managed the backstairs both up and down.
Whenever he hears the back door open he is right there ready to take off down the stairs
and so he does in a flash. He is so quick. When they are out Emily watches over him - it is
nice to see her motherly instincts coming out. He copies everything she does. They
are really such fun to watch.
He is an excellent eater and is just finishing his first big bag of Purina Puppy Chow.
He did well on his first visit to the vets and they all just loved him. Dr. Judi said she
felt he was always going to be small, probably won't go over 20 lbs., which is fine
with us. He is very athletic, even at this young age. He fits perfectly into our family.
I hope all is well with you and the family and that you will soon find time to settle back
and relax. Thank you for our babies Sue.

Much Love,


Note from Sue~

        Thank you all for your pictures and little stories about your High Calling Cocker puppies!  It's because of each one of you that our blog is as wonderful as it is today.  Please keep those pictures and stories coming!  Mama Sue loves it!  :')


Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Sammy" (Frosty) from Albion, New York~

Hi Susan!

Hope that all is going well. Below are a few pictures of Sammy. He is such a treat and so full of energy!

All the best,


Friday, February 15, 2013

"Miss Cookie" from Burbank, California~

Cookie - she's beautiful . Ive attached some pictures from last night.  Cookie is a beautiful dog. She is more that we thought, thank you so much!

Louie and Angelica~

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Miss Emily" and "Cooper" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Hi Mama Sue,

It's Emily and Cooper sending you some pictures of THE BLIZZARD
OF 2013 that hit Quincy, MA last weekend. We had over 24 inches
in our area and the two of us were the only members of the family
who enjoyed it. We had great fun playing in the snow. Hope you
like our pictures.

Your Little Emily & Cooper aka Ems & Coop

"Cubby Jr." from Indian Harbour Beach, Florida~

Hi Sue!

I always look at your website and your FB and seems you are doing really well! All is good here in Florida and today we celebrated the birthday of our wonderful baby Cubby Jr II! We feel so blessed to have this little boy- who will always be our baby- and the other two always take care of him! He is a truly lovely boy and we thank you so much that we have this wonderful little boy! Here are a couple of pics from his birthday party- although the whole day was his party!  He is our Valentine's Day baby!  He is just so precious to us and always our heart boy!

 Lots of love always,


"Drummer Boy" from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi Sue!

It is SO cute to see all of the puppies! You sure have your hands full!

I noticed (quite a while ago, actually) that Sherry and her clan (from

Westville, Florida) have adopted one of Tink and Danger's little guys!

Congrats to them! They caught my eye because I remember that they are part of

Drummer's "Fan Club".

I also noticed that one of your puppies went to Pueblo West, Colorado. I know

that Mindy and her family will just love Ernie to pieces. How can you not -

he's from High Calling Cockers! And he's such a cutie (as all of them are)!

We are having frigidly cold weather here (for Grand Junction, anyway). We've

been having record lows and we're lucky if the highs make it to 20 degrees.

And we have about 4 inches of snow. Now this doesn't sound like much compared

to other parts of the country, but for Grand Junction it's significant because

it's been on the ground for about a month. Usually the snow melts by noon. We

use our gas grill all winter long, but I haven't pulled it out for 3 weeks.

Too doggone cold! LOL!
Drummer is enjoying the snow (he especially loves it when it's fresh). He has

discovered the pleasure of eating the black oil sunflower seeds under the bird

feeders. And he's VERY particular to get only the ones that still have the

meat in them! We can't seem to get him away from it, so I guess we'll have to

fence that area off. I don't want him to get sick hanging out under the bird


Hope that you're doing OK and that you survived the holidays. How is your son

doing in Afghanistan? And how is Mike feeling?

You're in my prayers - even if you don't hear from me very often. I still

check the blog and watch all of the puppies grow and go to their new homes.

Big Warm Hugs Comin' to Ya!

Mary :o)

Note from Sue~

      Mary sent me these beautiful pictures for in a gorgeous frame!  So sorry it's taken me so long to get them on the blog!  Aren't they gorgeous?  Mary does a beautiful job keeping Drummer in full coat.  :")    Good job Mary!!!! 


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

"Miss Natasha" from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida~

Dear Sue,

Wanted to say hello and let you know Natasha is fine. She weighs 19 lbs now, and continues to be full of mischief and energy ( we wouldn't want it any other way ). So enjoying seeing the photos of all the new pups on the blog. I thought their families might take heart in seeing these photos - Cocker Spaniels do take a rest break once in awhile!

Best Regards,

Sharon & Lou~

"Cooper" (Barkley) from North Olmsted, Ohio~

Hi Sue,

Sorry you had to say goodbye to Brawny yesterday. Hope his flight went good. It must be so hard to let them go. I know I would have a hard time especially now that we have Cooper. I'm sorry now that I didn't do this years ago.

I spent the day with Cooper yesterday...he is just a doll and such a good puppy. He loves to play & cuddle at the same time. Here's a couple pictures we took. The first is my son with "Barkley" at the airport. The other pictures were taken by my kids. I could probably send you 20-30 more, but I won't do that to you. I'll wait till he gets bigger. He has been having lots of visitors as well.
I can't wait for the weather to get better so it's not so hard for him to go outside. It's just so darn cold here.
We just love Cooper so much!! Take care & thanks again!


p.s. I will be sending you pictures to keep you updated along the way.