Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"Nicholas" and "Kringle" and their new friend, Travis from Huntington, Massachusetts~

Hello Mama Sue,

It has been some time since we have written. Sorry... a dogs' life is tough you know, always on the go! Nicholas and I wanted to send you our birthday picture from our 3rd birthday! We got to have a birthday party on Christmas Day, the same day as our birthday, can you believe it? We had a great day. Mommy made us a whole new batch of her homemade doggie cookies.....I am drooling here. OK, so, We are doing really well, very happy here. We have a baby brother now too. His name is Travis. He is a Silver sable German Shepherd and Timber wolf. He and Nicholas play all the time, but me, naww, I rather sit and watch TV from our couch. ( Nicholas, Travis, and my couch that is! ). The picture with Travis, is ME, Kringle, and the single picture is Nicholas. His hat kept falling off and he was upset about that. We had a really fun time. Well, we hope you and your family are doing as well as we are. Take care until next time!

Love Kringle, Nicholas, & Travis.

PS Don't you love our furry, fuzzy, THICK, winter coat? Mom lets us get lots of hair for the cold winter, and she makes us all handsome again in the spring!