Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Good Evening~ From Mama Sue~

Watching the World Series tonight and working on my daughter's Christmas present. Katie is the one who lives in Hawaii. I am making her a "throw" for the back of her couch.
It is being done in grays and yellows and white. I will add a picture when I get it all done.

I finally finished my son Kevin's Christmas present. It is called "Moose on the Loose". I really like how it turned out.  I hope he likes it!

 I am still only quilting with the technique called "stitch in the ditch" , which is when you sew your quilting stitches in the seams where you've pieced your fabrics together.  One of these days I will get up enough courage to do some FMQ.   (Free motion quilting) I stare at the beautiful patriotic quilted wall-hanging that Carol made me back in 2010 for my military son David ..(she is the mother of "Bojangles"..... She did some absolutely gorgeous FMQ on there and what a lovely, thoughtful gift that was!

On a personal note, Mike is doing better.  He is now walking with only a cane, and not using his walker.  He gets better everyday. Where his leg was amputated has healed beautifully!   God has been very good to us.

Our daughter, Jeffie, (Jennifer) is due to deliver her firstborn son, in about 4 more weeks.  Please keep her and her husband and baby Wyatt in your prayers that all goes well. Thank you!

If you are keeping up on the blog, please let me know.  MrsSusanMartin@aol.com

God bless you all tonight and every night!


Mama Sue

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 7, 2015~ Pictures of my little Miss Ladybug~

Good morning to all my High Calling Cocker Family!

Well, the rain has finally ended! Praise God! It looks like we will be in for a nice stretch of warm, sunny weather here in North Carolina! As you all know, we were dealing with Hurricane Joaquin. Thankfully, we didn't get the brunt of it. We did get rain...lots of it...and some wind too...but all in all, we made out pretty well. Sitting on top of a hill helped, I'm sure...with drainage. The lawn is still pretty drenched, but I'm sure it will dry out soon...at least I hope it does! LOL

A great many of you have been patiently waiting for pictures of my one and only cocker, Ladybug. She is now six months old and is the joy of our lives. She is so smart. She is actually, too smart. LOL

I brushed her out after I took the pictures. I only have a slicker brush, and she doesn't like that. So I have to get her something that might not work as well, but that she won't mind when I do it.

Getting back to the weather, we are really enjoying our home here south of Charlotte, North Carolina.  We had a trip scheduled for Myrtle Beach, but between the hurricane and Mike throwing his back out somehow, we cancelled that.

I have set the "loft" up to be my sewing room, where I make my quilts. I am in the middle of one for my daughter who lives in Hawaii. I'm just making the "nine patches" now....and will cut them and make a throw for on her sofa in her living room. It will be really pretty when it's all done and will match her decor.

Ok...that's it for now.  Hope you enjoy the pictures of my little Ladybug! I hope and pray everyone has a blessed day.

Much love to everyone,

Mama Sue