Monday, July 30, 2012

Bentley (Patton) from Buffalo, New York~

After his Sunday bath~

Chillin on the porch swing~
Hi Sue

First week report card.

First two nights were "ruff". Bentley cried and sounded like an injured whale and cried "ouch" actually sounded like ouch! He pawed his water out his bowl...I gave him corning ware dishes, he did the same. I then reverted to my past dog Harley's bowl (adult size..and deep) and he is perfectly eating and drinking from them. He decided o the second day he did not want to be in the crate. I sat at the kitchen table while he settled down....that night he only cried for about one hour on and off. Third night about 20 mins of whining.

Then all of a sudden he realized it was not that bad and I put him in for naps and by Saturday and Sunday he went down about 9:30 for the night till 5 am on Sunday morning and today at 4:30 am! It worked out well that I was off last week and was able to train him. Bentley only had about 3 mistakes in the house so far. I bought puppy pads and have not used them. He just drags it around the kitchen. He has been on several rides...once to the vet for his checkup and to my parents about 4 times. I have him sitting in the front seat and he stays pretty well. He learned to do the stairs going up last Wednesday, and today he learned going down (slowly). All in all it was a wonderful week!! He is such an added joy to our family. I am adding a few pics!

Best to you and your family!


"Miss Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

Dear Sue,

What a wonderful week it's been! After two days, Bailey was sleeping through the night. The thunderstorms that rolled through about 3:00 Wednesday morning had her and Chica up, but after laying down in front of her crate we all went back to sleep. We don't need an alarm clock anymore because she somehow knows when it's exactly 6:30 in the morning.

We start our day with a walk up to the corner and back. It would take Chica and I about 20-25 minutes. The first day with the three of them it took almost an hour. We've now whittled it down to 30-35 minutes, perfect for when I head back to work tomorrow. We take at least 3 walks a day (I've lost almost 4 lbs this week, Sue! Thanks!) and she gets all the attention, especially yesterday and today with the Garden Walk going on.

Friday we took Bailey over to our friends' house for one of our "pizza nights." They have two little girls, 1 and 3, so it's easier to go to their place (plus we don't have waiters doing their best to get us to give up our table :). They absolutely wore Bailey out and she loved every second of it since the other two are 10 yrs old and aren't much into playing with her. Earlier that day I went and traded in my car and left the kids with Daddy for about two hours. I was at the dealership when Bentley's Mom, Kathy, called to catch up. She said he's doing as well as Bailey is. And based on what I came home to I can only assume he fell asleep and allowed them to run amuck because the order the house has been in all week had descended into absolute chaos. I got a VERY warm welcome home from two and four legged creatures alike!

You all and the Johnsons remain in our daily prayers and we hope Madison is doing well. She has a lot of people praying and pulling for her!

PS-We love the leash you sent home with her-I usually shop at PetSmart and don't remember seeing them there, but would like to pick them up for Chica and Curley as well. Would you mind telling me where you find them? Thank you!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Miss Daisy Marie" from Dow, Illinois~

Mike and I drove to Erie, PA today to deliver Daisy Marie to her new home with Pat and Mary. The first three pictures are of Daisy on her way to meet her new mommy and daddy, and the last picture speaks for itself.  They were so happy to get their new baby that they just couldn't stop crying.  I was so happy to be able to provide a puppy to heal their broken hearts.  God is good.


Tragedy hits Johnson Family, Wilson, New York~

The Johnson family has been left in complete shock today July 24, 2012. They were involved in a home explosion in the small, but well known town ,Wilson, NY. The explosion has claimed the life of their little girl, and four other people have been left hospitalized. They have lost EVERYTHING!! They have no home to go to, probably little to no clothing and all their memories such as pictures have been taken away. I'm asking if all of WNY could come together and help this family out! They need all the support they can get


I have copied the two paragraphs above from social networking sites, written by friends of the family.
This house was located not very far from us here at High Calling Cockers.   The community has come together in support and prayer.   My son Tyler graduated with Katie Johnson, who is at ECMC, our trauma burn unit in Buffalo, still remaining in critical condition.  Katie (shown in white graduation cap and gown above), her mother Judy, her father Jody, and brother Nate were all thrown onto the front lawn in the explosion.  Judy is a Hospice nurse and has dedicated her life to helping others.  She has a broken back and broken ribs.  Jody and Nate were released from the hospital after a few days, thank God.  Two other children, Sam and Hannah had spent the night at a friend's house and were not involved in the accident.  Unfortunately, little Sarah, who plays on my granddaughter's JV basketball team did not survive the explosion and she was found in the wreckage of the home. (She has the white headband in the top picture above, standing next to her mother on the left side.)  If anyone could donate to this cause, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the Johnson family.

Checks can be dropped off or donations made at ANY First Niagara Bank, or mailed to the address below.


The Johnson Family Benefit Fund
PO Box 875
Wilson, NY 14172


Ransomville Free Methodist Church
3924 Ransomville Road
Ransomville, NY 14131


Wilson First Baptist Church
265 Pettit St
Wilson, NY 14172

Please feel led to take a trip to Walmart, Tops, Budweys, BonTon or any of the other stores around and buy gift cards of any amount.

Friday, July 27, 2012

"Miss Bailey" (Cadence) from Woodstock, Maryland~

Hi Sue! I have been real busy and haven't taken as many pictures as I would have liked. I need to get some good ones outside. We named our puppy Bailey. We actually named her before we picked her up. We didn't want to confuse her with the other Bailey. Our Bailey has adjusted very well to her new home. It's surprising how quickly she feels right at home. She has had many visitors since we brought her home. I am taking her to the vet next week for a check up. Take care and I'll send more pictures when I can.


"Biscuit" from Harriman, Tennessee~

Dear Sue:

We are sending blessings and prayers to you and your family.


Baby Biscuit, Cocker Clancy, and Kay

Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~

Cosby playing with his ball~

Carly and Caleb

Cosby loves the water and his ball

Cosby and Caleb having a summer blast at our friend's pool.  :)
Cosby loves to chase the water from the water gun!

Give me my ball back!

"Cosby" from Westville, Florida~


I believe all of our highcalling family is lifting Chad and his family up in prayer!! We all love you Sue, and you have brought so much joy in our lives, and we agree in unity and prayer that Madison will be such a miraculous testimony to share with others, and to give God all the glory!!! Romans chapt 8 vs.28...And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Proverbs chapt 3 vs 5-6....Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. My family is living proof that God is faithful to all of his promises according to his Holy Word...Clay being only 39 yrs. old and not able to work from a rare brain disease called Dandy-Walker Syndrome, and his last shunt broke in Oct. from still trying to be a letter carrier, but had to stop, and making this his 5th shunt revision since being diagnose in 2009, five brain surgeries within two years, one being meningitis, from shunt infection. And through it all we have seen miracles, and the hand of the Lord continuely providing for us, through other people as I work part-time being a rural carrier for the postal service..God is able and willing to always meet our need, even before we ask, He knows what we already have need of..."For I can do ALL things through Christ, who gives me strength"...Philippians 4:13.


P.S. I'm so thrilled to see Danger and Tink added to your breeding has always been a dream of mine to own a b/w parti or tri-color cocker spaniel.....Thank you again, Sue, for blessing us with you little highcalling angels....I know God is gonna bless you so much...HANG IN THERE...WE ARE ALL PRAYING!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Ozzie" from West Townsend, Massachusetts~

Hi Sue,

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Ozzie. He has such a sweet personality and is so lovable. He did wonderful during the 5 1/2 hour ride home. Slept much of the time but great when he was awake. He actually slept last nite from 10:00 p.m. til 3:30 a.m. with no accidents in the crate. It was his first night crated and we had him in our bedroom.

Will definitely send along photos in the near future. It was great meeting you - the pups started life out with a very loving and caring person.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

Hi Sue! Gary's here this morning fixing our kitchen sink so the kids and I headed out for a walk to give him some space. Sorry about the poop bag-had to take it quick while they were all in the shot! Bailey was facing the same direction as the other two, but turned around to see what I was up to. As this was our second walk of the morning, I mostly took her for a carry. Now they're all napping the morning away. Only Chica cracks an eye as Gary goes in and out. Loving our little family!


"Bella" from Erie, Pennsylvania~

Susan, Just a quick note to tell you Bella is such an adorable little girl. She loves to play outside and loves the feel of grass on her feet and belly. She whimpers occasionally , I think she misses her brothers and sisters. We all love her dearly, she can be so funny at times. She has learned to go up and down several stairs already and has slept through the nite pretty well . We will keep you posted. Jeff

Monday, July 23, 2012

"Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

Playing with her Daddy!

"Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

"Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

Hello, Sue!

What a stunning little girl you have given us to treasure! Her favorite place to nap is behind my back as I sit on the floor leaning against the couch. She is a very good eater, so we have been working on getting her to eat just HER food and not her brother's and sister's as well.

Her favorite "toy" remains the water dish, but we are making progress on getting her to just drink it, not swim in it. For some reason the other two prefer fresh water to bath water :). A very close second is the toy you sent her home with. It is good for diverting her when she tries chewing on fingers, toes and clothes.

She is a great little walker, too. We have been on many over the last day and a half to burn off that puppy energy. The first one was rough while we tried to get things sorted out, but after that, she just watches what Chica and Curley do and follows along.

We went to bed about Midnight, maybe a little earlier, and she only woke me up once during the night to go out, which I only have faint recollections of, before we all got up about 6:45 when we heard Alex start moving around to go to work. I'm hoping by Thursday we can time her over-night potty break for 4:30-this is when Alex has to get up to go to work because the delivery for the restaurant comes-and would give me a night off. I confess, I did sleep outside her crate and may pay for that tonight, but the sleep felt wonderful!

We started today with a morning walk, then breakfast. Bailey practiced some "alone" time while I got my shower and I think Chica wishes she was deaf like Curley :). Then it was off to the vet, where she got rave reviews. The vet checked her out both in the office and in the lab where it was quiet and found absolutely no health problems. We have her next series of shots scheduled for August 18th and her spay surgery is booked for October 26th.

We are head over heels in love with her, Sue! Thank you so very much for her!

Sarah & Alex

Chica, Curley & Bailey Glory

"Bailey Glory" from Buffalo, New York~

Luvs sleeping on my leg!  Thnx for her!

You're right about Bailey and baths!  She thinks the water dish is a tub!

"Cadence" from Woodstock, Maryland~

Hi Sue! We got home around 9:00 last night. She slept most of the way. She had one accident in the house last night when we first got home. I think she was nervous with all of the new surroundings. She slept in her crate last night and I slept on the couch. She woke up every two hours whining and I took her out. I'm pretty tired today. Just like having a newborn again, but this is still easier :) She has been going to the potty outside since last night. I'm glad I have the kids here because they are a big help. I'm hoping she will be more tired tonight. I'll send pictures when I get a chance.

Also - I posted pictures on facebook when we were driving yesterday and everyone thought she was the cutest and prettiest dog. My next door neighbor came over this morning and said she was the cutest dog in the neighborhood.


"Bentley" (Patton) from Buffalo, New York~

 First of all...we have decided on a name. Bentley. We are all happy with the choice.

Bentley liked his crate during the day for naps. He decided he did not like it last night for bed. He sort of had a little cry howl thing going on. My husband caved around 3am. We spent alot of time outside on Sunday. He only had an accident this am when I went out the front door to take out the trash. What kind of container did you feed the pups out of. I tried a small glass bowl and then a small plastic and he was not crazy about it. Maybe he was used to a large bowl??

Talk Soon


Note to our other puppy families~
    The puppies were fed out of a very large stainless steel "flying saucer" type dish.  Try getting a smaller stainless steel dish to feed the puppies...the type that won't tip over.  The puppies are used to getting their water from a 2 quart stainless steel pail which is clamped to their crate.


I pulled out Harleys food and water bowls (non tip and not slidable on floor) and they worked!! They are pretty deep but Bentley is doing better with them. He does have a bad habit already....he puts his front paws in the water bowl and swishes the water out....hopefully it wont happen with the deeper bowls, although he did put his paws in when he wanted some food in the other bowl....He seems to like the linoleum on the kitchen floor..probably a bit cooler. He has to touch my feet when he lays down...I love it!!


Dexter (Pooka) from Auburn, Massachusetts~

We got home at 7:30 last night Dexter did very well on the drive. He is a Sweetie!  We had his kennel in my daughter's room until he decided at 4 am it was time for us to get up, feed and play with him. Thank you so much!  Diane

"Chelsea" from Belleville, Ontario~

"Chelsea" from Belleville, Ontario~

Hi Mama Sue, here are a few pictures of Chelsea over the months - I will get others from Sherry's Camera and see if I can send them later.

She has some better ones I know - bar with me and I will conquer this.

Will send a long letter later. Still waving across the hot hot waters of Lake Ontario. The weather there is much like we are having- but as Stu says "It sure beats shoveling snow"

Love - Kay, Stu and Miss Chelsea.! God bless all.