Monday, January 31, 2011

Bailey from Potomac, Maryland~

Bailey went to his new home this past weekend!  He was shipped by air to Washington's Dulles Airport on Continental Airlines, in their climate-controlled program.

Hi Sue,
Bailey is doing great! Here are a few photos from his first day in Maryland! I'll try to send a couple more too!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Holly Dolly from Gainesboro, Tennessee~

Carla with her new baby, "Holly".

It was a pleasure meeting Carla at the Buffalo Airport today!  She flew in from Tennessee to pick up her new baby, "Holly".  I really enjoyed meeting her!  She is such a lovely person!  I know Holly will have a wonderful home, and I couldn't be more pleased!


Bentley from Stamford, Connecticut~

Hi Sue!
I can't believe Bentley and I have been together for a whole week. He is such a good boy:) He definitely knows who his new mommy is and he cries when I leave him. I've been able to come home during the day around noon to walk him and feed him. The two days that I couldn't come home, my dad babysat him. He gets along well with my parents' dogs. At first they didn't really know what to make of him, but now they are getting used to him. I look forward to hearing from you and hope your husband is doing well. I attached some pictures of Bentley.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Drummer from Grand Junction, Colorado~

Hi, Sue!
I just had to share these pictures with you! I was working in the kitchen and

Drummer wanted to play. I told him to get his tennis ball and he disappeared

for a bit, but came back without his ball. I sent him again, but, once again,

he came back empty. I decided to investigate as I knew that he had at least 2

balls around the house somewhere. I decided to check the most likely spot. I

grabbed the flashlight, got down on the floor, and peered under our bed. I not

only found his tennis ball, but it had multiplied! Because of the center beam

of the bed frame, Drummer couldn't get under the bed very easily. But he did

manage to do it while Glenn took a picture!
I just had to share!
I hope that all is OK at your house and that Mike is home and healing up well!
Big Hugs!

Mary :o)

Valentine's Day Slideshow~

There are 300 wonderful pictures on this Valentine's Day Slideshow.  Please be patient to let them load.  If you are a member of our High Calling Cocker family, there just might be one on here of your cocker baby!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bonny Wee Lass from L'Anse, Michigan~

Dearest Sue,

We discovered some time ago that our wee Miss Bonny absolutely loves the rungs of our office chairs. She will literally wrap both of her paws around the rungs, lay her head on another of the rungs and there she will sleep content. Tonight we found her with her favorite raccoon toy....her paw wrapped around both the toy and the rung of the chair, head propped on the other rung sound to sleep! We thought you might like a smile, so we are sending her photo........we call it "Pure Contentment"!


Pastor Syd & Sharon

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank you so much!

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes yesterday!  I had a very nice day, and enjoyed the evening at Tyler's basketball game.  God has been very good to me, and I'm now officially old enough to retire.  LOL

Tyler basketball~

Tyler "directing traffic" 

Enjoyed watching our youngest son, Tyler, play basketball last night.  He plays point guard for the Wilson Varsity, and they are having an awesome season!  Thank you for letting this mama brag a little bit. hahaha


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rylee from South Portland, Maine~

Hi Sue :)

These are some pics that I've taken Of Rylee since weve gotten her. First ones are from youngest to oldest. Wanted to let you know that shes doing great! I dont know if I told you but our pug Renne past away about a week later after we got Rylee. So having her has been such a comfort! She just went to the vet yesterday to get her second booster shots and got a clean bill of health. Shes scheduled to get spayed next month, and she starts a play group next week. She's really enjoying the snow as you can see from the pics. Her and my other cocker Mandy are getting closer to being buddies. We've caught Mandy initiating play at times, so they're getting there. Rylee knows a lot of commands already. She knows how to sit, stay, paw, lay down, and we've almost perfected roll over. Hope all is well with your husband and family, and I will send more pics when the weather gets warmer.

Take care

Chuck and Lori

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kodiak (Cuddles) from Murraysville, Pennsylvania~

Aundriea loves her new baby boy, Kodi! 
It was a pleasure meeting her in Erie, PA.  :")

Candida (Snowflake) from Farmington, West Virginia~

Ed and Shelia met me in Erie to pick up their little baby girl, Candida~
It is awesome to see our High Calling Cocker family growing
with so many truly wonderful families!  :")

Moses from Waltham, Maine~

I LOVE this picture! :")

Moses is a baby too! LOL

Luann made her own blog with a great many pictures of her new little guy, Moses.  I chose my very favorites and hope you take a moment to look at all of them.  Each and every one is just too darned cute!

I am going to share a couple more here....if you would like to see the others, here is the link to her blog:
 Moses...Lil Spec of Heaven

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moses from Waltham, Maine~

Dear Susan,

Moses out of his crate at the airport

Moses arriving at airport

I can't begin to tell you how much Moses has changed my life. I am so sorry for getting back to you so late. No excuses, just life's little distractions (mainly Moses & Leah). He is my little baby! My Bella (12 and 2 months), doesn't really pay much attention to him except at bedtime. They sleep side by side in our bed. My four cats think he is a pain in the butt, but they tolerate him and 2 often play with him. Moses is now 6 months old, fixed, and absolutely gorgeous. I get more comments about his beauty!! He is a handful as I have spoiled him rotten. Very smart from the start. He knows all the commands & tricks. I even taught him with sign language, as now my Bella is deaf and going blind, and I wish I had taught her because she doesn't pay attention to a thing we say. I think it is just old age and entitlement:) I have only been without Moses about 10 hours since he arrived. As you know we live out in the woods in a log home and I have a disease that keeps me pretty much at home. He has lit up this place so much. He has even made me more active as he is quite hyper and likes to play fetch outside and do his daily walk. Now... He and my grand daughter Leah (who is 21 months), are like mutt and jeff. He sticks to her like glue and she calls him "Moemoe". He plays dolls with her, lays in her lap while she is playing, brings her things to throw for him, and lays beside her during her naps. I have her 3 days a week and she was with me when we went to Portland to pick him up. He stole all of our hearts. I think I have taken about 800 pictures of him so far. He is very photogenic! My mother, my daughter, & my grand daughter all went down to get him at the airport. He was so good right from the start. Slept on the 3 hour trip home from Portland and when he arrived at the cabin he made himself right at home. Bella came outside and came over to him, sniffed him from head to toe while he laid on his back for her. She then walked away and pretty has ignored him since. He irritates her when he tries to play so she disciplines him better than I ever could:) He is definitely a momma's boy as he is a cuddle bug. My husband laughs and says I have never seen a dog that lets you carry him around like a baby. When you pick him up it is like all his muscles stop working. He goes completely limp and you can fold him up like a pretzel and he is just fine with it. It is quite amusing and awesome. He loves to be cradled and held. This place is a doggie heaven. No vehicles just open space and water! First time he went down to the lake he walked right in and it didn't bother him a bit!! Bella has never liked the water, she doesn't even like to get her feet wet, so it was unusual for me to see that. From that point on I had to watch him around the water. I have a rock that has stairs and I go up there to look over the lake and read my bible in the morning. Bella has always gone with me so I started Moses right out on his leash. He kept trying to jump off the rock! He is quite brave! I laughed and then coiled up his leash. From that time one he was pretty good about staying put. We started right out walking on the leash everyday. Bella doesn't require a leash so she would walk a little ways ahead of us. He learned heal real quick, and as time went on he didn't require a leash. Bella and Moses walk side by side on our walks now (well I think he tries to be a nose ahead of her at all times!). He loves the snow and the cold weather does not bother him one bit! We cross country ski across the lake and he stays between my legs as I have a wide stance because of my lack of balance. Bella wears mutt lucks and they both wear sweaters to eliminate snowballs on them. Last trip he stopped a few times to clear his pads of ice so I am going to order another pair of muttlucks for him. He is quite a bit bigger built than Bella already at 6 months except for Bella's weight. He weighs about 15 lbs compared to her 22. She used to be 18 lbs before Science Diet Puppy food came along:( We are switching him slowly over to her food, Hill's Prescription ZD. She's been on it most of her life and our vet absolutely swears by it, plus Moses adores it. They eat each others food all the time! Now to the haircuts.... I have cut Bella's hair all her life and was looking forward to Moses' beautiful coat. Well, he hates to have his haircut! He bites at the clippers with lightning speed and won't sit still for his head and face and feet! It is horrible! It's a good thing that I adore him because it takes me about 3 hours to do his cut, compared to 1 hour to do Bella. He finally gets so exhausted from getting held down that he gives in a little and lets me finish. Bella has always sat perfect. The upside about it is that he loves his bath, and Bella hates hers!! I wanted a dog that was the opposite of Bella and my husband laughs and says well you got what you prayed for! He certainly is and at this point in my life he is exactly what I needed. He is a total clown and makes me smile just looking at him. He looks at me right in the eyes and acts like he know exactly what I am thinking. Bella has always been quiet and reserved. She was kind of forced into it as I got sick when she was only 1 year old. She learned patience during the day because I was in bed and then she was able to play once the kids got home from school. Moses would not allow me to lay in bed without him jumping on my head to get me up at about 7am. Then he lays over on his back with is head on my pillow and gets his belly rub before we get out of bed. Well that's his new life in a nutshell! There will be more updates in the future I think of you often, especially when someone asks, "where in the heck did you find a dog like that?", or, I've never seen a dog any more beautiful than that." I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and Christmas as you deserve to have a lot of joy in your life because of the joy that you bring to others through your pups. You are truly a blessing to me and my family, and your name and kennel has been broad casted to everyone that knows Moses. I hope you enjoy the pictures. God Bless you and your family in 2011! Much Love, Luann

Bentley from Norwalk, Connecticut~

It was a joy to meet Erica and her mother yesterday in Syracuse.  We had a very good trip!  The roads were dry and it was clear sailing.  They put an adorable little orange sweater on him.  I wish I had gotten a picture of that!   He will have a very good home, and I'm very pleased!  Sue

Hi Sue!
So we made it home last night around 8:00. Bentley was such a good boy in the car. He slept on my lap for most of the time and then for the last hour or so he went in his crate. We stopped twice and he made a pee outside. Last night I played with him for a while when we got home. It's hard to find a place for him to go to the bathroom outside because everything is covered in snow, but we are trying:) I put his crate next to me when we went to bed. He cried a little bit during the night, but it wasn't too bad. This morning we got up around 7 and went for a short walk outside. Then we came in and I fed him. He can't quite eat half a cup in one sitting yet, but he is eating:)
Thank you again and I will keep you updated!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cubby from Southport, Connecticut~

Happy new year Sue!! I wanted to give you my Cubby update. He just

turned 7 months and had his neutering op with no complications. He is

20 lbs and loves to eat!! He is as cuddly and loving as the day we

took him home to our family. We all love our boy! Here are some

recent photos of him at his window seat lookout post. Our best wishes

to you and your family.

Xx Cubby and Joanne

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you with an update on Bailey, as I'm sure you often wonder how he is. However, the holidays hit and the time flew. And to say he has kept us busy is an understatement. I have never had such an inquisitive puppy. And he eats EVERYTHING! Every little grundy he finds on the floor and everything he can get into his little mouth. His favorites are a wad of kleenex, the corn we put out for the squirrels and all the deer poop he can find. We've nicknamed him Dirt Devil.

He eats well and is still being fed the Purina Puppy Chow. He now weighs 15.3 #'s and is just starting to get his permanent teeth. Our Vet was very impressed with Bailey and commented that he was well bred and will be a beautiful dog. He was really impressed with his big paws.

He is 99% house broken and knows the words "outside" and "good boy cookie" and "no" (although he largely ignores it) He knows he's faster than we are, so he'll grab something and disappear at warp speed and wait for us to find him. He is a very happy and playful guy and very intelligent and entertaining. The entire family adores him, but he is super bonded to my husband. My sister says when he walks its like he knows he's regal.

We are still working on the crate training. He sleeps at night in his kennel. The only problem is the kennels in our bed. Mel caved in. He couldn't bear the howling. I know people think we're flunking crate training 101, but Mel believes in baby steps for the baby. We now have the kennel lowered to the bench at the foot of our bed. And then the floor. At least that's Mel's plan. LOL. I told Mel I should have got the deluxe cage, the one that fits over the king size bed!

Our plan is to contact the trainer in the next month or so. I'll let you know how that goes.

And to think I was worried that Bailey looked lethargic. He is anything but. When he's in the car he's a model puppy. Quiet and no chewing or howling. But let him loose in the house and its like he has an evil twin that takes over. He's a challenge and we have our hands full, but he's been worth it. I can truly say my husband is no longer retired and bored. Just tired. LOL

I hope you folks are weathering this winter well. I can see you too have been getting a lot of snow and that all is well with you and your family and Bailey's cousins.

Bye for now,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Natalie and Chloe from Monson, Massachusetts~

Hello! Hope all is well. We felt like we were in Buffalo this week when we received 24" of snow! Just thought I'd send a few pics of the girls dealing with the snow! Take care. Love to all.

Kim and Mike

Update on Mike~

Mike watching my birds. (White Doves of Niagara)

     Just wanted to thank each and every one of you who took the time to pray for Mike.  Both of his procedures in the OR went beautifully!  Please continue to pray for him that the good Lord sends him a total healing.  Hopefully he will be able to come home soon.  He has a long road ahead of him.
     Also, pray for me if you think of me.  I have soooo much to get done in these next few days, and I'm feeling really overwhelmed.  But I know my God is able.  Thank you so much!

With much love to all~


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

From Sue's heart~

Mike, Sue and Tyler at Syracuse University 2009

Some of you may not know this, but today marks Day 8 of Mike being in the hospital.  He had surgery on his right foot yesterday, for his diabetic ulcers, and that went well.  Now he has the news that he needs a scope down his throat to check out his heart valves. So prayers are needed here.  Please hold me up in your prayers too that I can do everything that needs to be done.  Thank you and may God's richest blessings be and remain on you always.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lucy from Grovetown, Georgia~

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Hi Mrs. Martin!
We think Lucy brought the cold weather of New York here to Georgia...

We are having a SNOW DAY here in Georgia. So we thought we would sit down and send you some pictures of Lucy. Lucy is doing great! She is a beautiful little girl! Her vet is in love with her. He thinks that her coat beautiful! She is looking a little fuzzy in most of her pictures. The vet will not let her go to the groomers until she is done with all her shots. He just does not want to risk her getting anything. We hope next week we can get her to the groomers and send you new pictures! Talk to you soon.

Lucy from Grovetown, Georgia~

Good Afternoon Mrs. Martin,

Just wanted to say hello and we have emailed you a slide show of Lucy. Lucy is doing wonderful and on our last vet visit she weighed 10.5 lbs and the vet said she was doing wonderful. Her potty training is going great, we would say that she is 99.9% potty trained. The very first night that we had her she sleep in the bed with Ashley and every night since and has not had an accident in the bed. She generally sleeps all night long but once in a while she will wake Ashley up needing to go out. There has been someone home with her every day since we got her up until last Tuesday (1-4-2011) everyone went back to school or work. She was home all day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and had no accidents in the house. So far we have not had a problem with her chewing on anything other than her toys and some old shoes that we gave her, we hope this continues. Once in a while she likes to swim in her water bowl but that is even getting better. She has a wonderful loving personality. We think Lucy looks like Rio. We are so glad that she came to our forever home.
I know you are enjoying that new grand baby and I was glad to hear that he was doing good. We also enjoyed watching your website and seeing the new puppies get homes.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

The Thackers

Bethany from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Cherrie' and Bethany Willow going home last summer~
Hi Sue,
 Bethany is a "talker"! She'll look you in the eyes and starts "speaking" everyone gets a huge kick out of this! She's having to learn there's a time to "talk" and a time "not to talk" and to use an inside voice! hehehe She is a joy and has so much fun no matter what's going on. She truly lives life to the fullest each day, if only we could follow such a simple example.
Take care and stay safe as our storm makes it way north! We're expecting an arctic blast tonight through Thursday so all our snow won't be melting too much.
Love and hugs,