Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Cooper" from Quincy, Massachusetts~

Dear Sue,

Please don't feel you have to put this on the blog, as I sometimes feel that I
am abusing it for writing and sending pictures so often, but Cooper does
the cutest things and keeps us laughing all the time. He is very smart Sue,
you can just see his little brain figuring things out. He loves to climb into the
toy bags but is still rather small to accomplish this task, however, he discovered
that if he went behind the love seat he would come out on the bottom shelf of an
end table that gave him just the height he needed to dive head first into the toy
bag. The whole time he is doing this he has a squeaky toy in his mouth, so that
everyone knows where he is. The first time he did this we all just laughed and
laughed. Emily watched in total amazement the first time she saw him do this, but was
waiting for him to come out the opposite end of the couch his second time around.

Coop has finally managed the backstairs both up and down.
Whenever he hears the back door open he is right there ready to take off down the stairs
and so he does in a flash. He is so quick. When they are out Emily watches over him - it is
nice to see her motherly instincts coming out. He copies everything she does. They
are really such fun to watch.
He is an excellent eater and is just finishing his first big bag of Purina Puppy Chow.
He did well on his first visit to the vets and they all just loved him. Dr. Judi said she
felt he was always going to be small, probably won't go over 20 lbs., which is fine
with us. He is very athletic, even at this young age. He fits perfectly into our family.
I hope all is well with you and the family and that you will soon find time to settle back
and relax. Thank you for our babies Sue.

Much Love,


Note from Sue~

        Thank you all for your pictures and little stories about your High Calling Cocker puppies!  It's because of each one of you that our blog is as wonderful as it is today.  Please keep those pictures and stories coming!  Mama Sue loves it!  :')