Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Bonny Wee Lass from the UP, Michigan~

Hello Momma Sue!
It's ME....the peanut, Bonny Wee Lass. I guess you know already, but TODAY I turned into something called three. I don't guess I know what three is, but I kinda like it so far. Mommy Sharon and Daddy Syd sang a weird thing called Happy Birthday to me this morning and it made me howl! But, then guess what! I got a whole waffle just for me for breakfast. I love waffles, 'specally with that brown stuff called peanut butter on top! Hm-m-m-m-m-m good! Then, I got me a brand new ball and some other toys and that ole Betsy isn't allowed to play with 'em, ha! Mommy Sharon says tonight we will have ICE CREAM! You know how I feel bout ICE CREAM....yipppppeeeeee!

I am trying out my winter hat cause guess what Momma Sue......we are moving again! Daddy Syd says this new house will be even snowier than where we live now cause it is farther up North. What is a North Momma Sue, do you know? We gots to see the new house last week, and gosh was I ever amazed....our back yard is full of WATER!! Daddy Syd calls it the Keweenaw Bay. I don't know what that means, but it sure is BIG! We are moving again cause Daddy Syd has got to do something about a thing called church. Me and Betsy have been tryin' to help pack, but the best thing to do is just stay out of Mommy & Daddy's way! As long as they pack our bestest toys and food dish, we are okay with it, but Betsy is ascared....I tol her to "get over it" tee, hee. you know I am 3 years old I am going to go and take a nap. It is chilly, rainy and windy here, and a nice nap will feel good. Please tell my doggie mommy Sophie and daddy dog Mikey that I am doing good and give them a nice lick for me!

I love you.....please never forget your wee peanut~~~~Bonny Wee Lass