Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drummer Boy from Grand Junction, Colorado~


I've been meaning to write but was waiting until I had these pictures on my computer so that I could send them to you.

I've been watching all of your puppies come and go. I'm always surprised at the colors of Miss Flower's puppies! I keep expecting to see deep, rich golden or red and they're cream! Or, at least "Bailey" is cream! LOL! That goes to show that I know nothing of genetics!

Drummer is becoming a handsome boy! As you said, his coat is a bit of a challenge, but it's totally manageable as long as I keep up on the brushing. We did take him with us to one of our favorite birding spots and he got full of grass "seeds". I was carefully keeping him out of the weeds with the cockleburrs, but failed to see the danger of the tufts of grass. Those were NASTY! They had 3 "stems" that were 2-3 inches long and they had microscopic "burrs" on their edges. When I rubbed my finger over them one way they were smooth, but the other direction you could feel the roughness. And they matched his coat color perfectly, so they were hard to detect. It took a while, but Glenn, Tim and I managed to get them all out. We'll never do that one again! I think that I'll stick to sidewalks! LOLOL!

Anyway, Crystal is due any time now. I am praying that everything goes well for her (and YOU!). You sure have been a busy lady with weddings and remodel and puppies, etc.

I've attached a few pictures of Drummer for your enjoyment. He has discovered the bliss of sleeping on our bed. I usually don't allow it because my comforter is burgundy and made of velour and satin - his hair will show up quite well! LOL! Plus it's dry clean only! Oh well. :o)

Another picture he has been chasing bird feathers in our yard. I try to pick up the larger ones (he'll try to eat them!), but the smaller ones he always seems to find. I don't think that he could see this one! LOL!

The last picture is of a Cool Dude! Tim put his sunglasses on Drummer and we managed to get a picture of him!

You are in my prayers. I'll be praying for a special home for Bailey!

Big Hugs !

Mary :o)