Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lacey from Lewiston, New York~

Hi Sue

How are you? Things are going great here. My beautiful girl is growing like a weed...12 lbs. Nothing petite about her either...ha ha

She is so beautiful that we (well she) gets attention everywhere we go. We can NEVER just go for walk somewhere without someone stopping

to admire how beautiful she is. She still goes to the races every Thursday with us and she has her own fans, you wouldnt believe the amount

of people who remember her week to week and come to pet and play with her. Everyone asks where I got her and I have been told quite a bit

that she is one of the most beautiful cockers they have ever seen. She will be 4 months old in a few days!

She is becoming a mother hen to all the other animals. Everyone gets fed twice a day in the kitchen and she goes around to Scooby and Scrappy's

dishes to make sure they got food and are eating before she goes to her bowl, circles it and lays down flat on her belly facing the other two.

She will not eat until the other two are fed and have started their meals. Sometimes I see Lacey licking Scrappy's ears, she will sit there for

a long time and let her do it until Lacey gets a lil frisky and starts to nibble. Did you ever think that a cat would sit there and let a puppy

lick their ears like that ????? When it is time for a walk, or when Lacey thinks it is time for a walk, she retrieves the leashes and drags

them into the living room, she brings Scooby's too. Of course, if we arent going for a walk I do have to take them or she will eat them but still

I think that is pretty good for a puppy. Scooby likes to poop behind the shed in private and he gets really upset when Lacey follows him back there.

This week I noticed her sitting at the corner and peeking around it to see if he was done, then pouncing on him when he comes out. Of course,

she is not particular at all where she poops !!! Speaking of bathroom issues, her tinkling on people has stopped just as quick as it started.... LOLOLOL

Not sure what that was all about, my vet said maybe her bladder grew....who knows !! Thankful for whatever it is.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you know how she was. I would love to send you pictures but I left the cord to my camera hooked to the modem and someone,

(I am not mentioning any names) ate it !! I should probably mention, she is THE BIGGEST thief I have ever seen. Everything is a game to her, and I

do mean EVERYTHING !!! My house is totally puppy proofed and she still manages to peek around the corner with things she is not supposed to have,

especially if Cody leaves the door to his room open, she is in her glory with all his nerf bullets etc :) She keeps me on my toes, she is not

lazy, or boring...and I do love that about her.

Well I hope you are doing well....

Anyways, gotta get to bed, started back at the gym, trying to get back in shape after all these years of midnights. Gained 70lbs in the 8 yrs of

midnights, what a shame!!