Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Miss Jingles", "Mr. Archie" and "Mr. Toby" from Fleetwood, Pennsylvania~

Are you able to tell which cocker is your Jingles? Jingles said that you would recognize her cute little face anywhere!
Puppy kisses to you!
Archie,Toby, and Jingles

Now where do we go?

I was so sorry to hear about Bella. What a difficult time for those that this lovely puppy dog touched. As you know, my Archie is a therapy dog certified through Therapy Dog International and certainly a special bond develops between handler and dog. My heart goes out to Cherie.

Sue, you look wonderful! Living in the Carolinas looks like it agrees with you. Our first and only grandchild is almost 5 months and there is nothing like holding that special child in your arms.

Toby, Archie, and Jingles continue to do well and have returned to running once again in the yard now that the snow is gone. I will work on getting a photo to you.

Please take care of yourself and Mike.

Peace be with you,