Saturday, March 16, 2013

"Ernie" (Nicholas) from Pueblo West, Colorado~

Hi Susan!

Well, I just looked at your website and am so sorry to learn that your husband has been so sick. I hope he is feeling better now! I know that a hospital stay
in and of itself can be very tiring not only for the patient but the whole family. We've been in that situation before too and my prayers for a speedy recovery
for your husband and yourself as well!

I wanted to give you an update on Nicholas (Ernie). He is doing wonderfully and we all love him so much! He is still a little snuggle bunny. He likes to lay on my feet if he isn't in my lap. Ernie just got his first haircut with Kim (our groomer) at Pet Paradise. All the dogs in Pueblo go to Pet Paradise as it's the most popular salon for dogs! Kim said Ernie was very good for her and he was admired by her other clients who thought he was just beautiful. She said that everyone just "oooed" and "awwed" when they saw him.

Ernie is so smart too. He has pretty much potty trained himself. He has his own washable potty pad in the kitchen if we're unable to let him outside. Otherwise, he rings the bells

hanging on the back door to tell us he wants to go out. I really like the washable pads as Ernie started to tear up the disposables. Plus, the disposables were getting expensive.

I bought the washable pads from a company online called " T. Bumpkins & CO." They have a lot of cute patterns.

Ernie loves to chase rabbits out of our yard. He can't figure out how they get thru the fence. He chases our cat too. She has been pretty patient with him as she seems to know he
is a puppy. She knows where to go to get away from him. Hopefully, they will be great friends in time.

I can't wait until the summer months are here. It has been hard to get used to the cold weather here in Colorado as we are from Phoenix, AZ. We are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon

with our 5th wheel camper this summer. We plan on meeting some friends of ours there and camping together. It will be so fun to bring Ernie camping with us! We'll be sure to get
some good pictures to send to you!

So, I'm attaching some pictures of Ernie for you to see how he is growing! We are so thrilled with him! He is just a little love bug! He loves everyone he meets!

Again, I hope you both will soon recover from the set back from the flu. My prayers and good wishes to
you both!


Ernie's Family in Pueblo West, CO.