Wednesday, June 21, 2017

"Shane" from Oyster Bay.....5/5/2010

HI Susan:
As Shane grows, he is starting to get the cutest smile. I call it a Cocker smile.
Here is a pic, although a little blurry. (Please Don't feel you have to post everything I send.)
But all of us here are so very happy with Shane (Oliver), and I think we all grin all day thinking about each other.
I walk Shane each evening at the local ballfield, and he is so happy running around the bases, outfield. The grass. He loves chasing balls.
I keep him on a leash at all times. It extends to almost 40 ft. Shane doesn't know the difference. When there is slack, we sometimes run alongside--ahead--behind, if you get the picture.
All the while with a pocketful of "treats" or "Cookies".
Shane knows both words now. He is very smart.
In fact, he will pick up his leash and shake it if he has to go out.