Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Miss Bella" and "Miss Bethany Willow" from Tuckasegee, North Carolina~

Hi Mama Sue,

Guess who? It's Bella and Bethany from the mountains of your new state! Mom told us about your huge move and we were sad and happy at the same time! We hope you, Mike and all your family are doing well and will have a great Christmas. Our Mom hasn't had a very good year, she's been very, very ill! It's been scary because she has to go to a place called a hospital and they're trying to fix her heart! We're so glad to have her home with us and we hope you and our High Calling Families will say a prayer for her!

Mom is sending you two photos, we were sleeping but Mom told us she wished there was sound because we were snoring! Can you believe that? She said we were dreaming about Christmas and what is wrapped in all the boxes. Some smell really good!

Anyway, we think of you every day and Mom always says a prayer for you! She said she'll send more photos after Christmas.

With much love and tail wagging happy thoughts,

Bella and Bethany